By: LazerKim          Being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong, I was happy and proud that once again he was nominated at Mnet 20’s choice which he was awarded in 2010 as Most Influential Star and we fans of Hyun Joong takes pride by the award, with the belief that Mnet 20’s Choice is a prestige organization. Last year 2011 Hyun Joong chose to perform rather than be nominated. And this year Hyun Joong is nominated under the category Global Star.

I would like to address this article to Mnet 20’s Choice, just to bring out my sentiments pertaining the ongoing voting polls being conducted by the said organization.


We fans are delighted by Hyun Joong’s nomination. However, I couldn’t help but wonder as to why was he being nominated at the category Global Star together with the idol groups? There are five nominees, three of which are idol groups namely Super Junior, Girl’s Generation, Beast and two soloist Kim Hyun Joong and Jang Geun Suk. Isn’t there any other Kpop soloist that can be a contender for Kim Hyun Joong and Jang Geun Suk? I think this category is totally mismatch. I have been writing about this matter since day one in June 7, which I regret for not having address to the concern organization.

Since the name of my idol Kim Hyun Joong is being nominated  and posted in the Mnet chart, I see this competition in this category as Kpop idol groups vs. solo idols or group of artists against soloist artist. What can the fans do but to vote even the competition is mismatched. I wrote several articles pertaining to this Mnet 20’s Choice voting polls and motivate other fans to participate in the polls.

I have been hearing rumors that Mnet polls are bogus, and that a lot of cheating transpired in the past polls. I did not believe in it and still thinking Mnet is a prestigious organization. For me, bogus or not, since the name of my idol is in the chart, I can not abandon the fact that Kim Hyun Joong is being nominated and I do vote for him, even I’m convinced that this category is a mismatch.


I wrote several articles motivating other fans to participate in this voting polls. As Mnet polls started, one of the rules in voting is to vote for all 17 categories, regardless as to whoever the artists are, otherwise the vote shall not be validated. Unfortunately, I’m not familiar with the other artist’s names or I do not know them at all. Maybe this ruling should only be applicable if the polls is being conducted locally or in S.Korea only, but not in the international voting polls like this one we’re having at Mnet!!

Nevertheless, rules are rules that we have to abide, but if this polls will be a gauge or basis for popularity of other artists we barely know, I don’t think this polls is not so credible enough, since most of the fans would just pick on any names that they have not heard in their lives but voted anyway, just to abide by the rules because we wanted to vote for our favorite idols!! And I’m one of those fans who merely guess and pick randomly!


As the voting polls is taking place, there are times I find it hard to log in at Mnet and I have hearing from other fans who experience the same problem. And quite recently I have been experiencing that after I fill in the category boxes and votes to be confirmed, it state “please retry”. It would take hours before my vote would finally confirm. But I kept my patience and simply vote everyday.

Every time I vote I make sure to check on the ranking status before and after voting. At first days of voting I just check on Kim Hyun Joong just to check if my vote was validated. Until I discovered that I can actually monitor the movements of the vote by simply refreshing the Mnet page. One time, Hyun Joong was at rank no. 3 with the gap 5,000 from contender no.4 and all of a sudden in just a matter of minutes Hyun Joong just dropped to no.4 rank. This matter had caught my attention and started monitoring the entire process of counting from rank no.1 to rank no. 5 on Global Star category where Kim Hyun Joong is being nominated.

I am a computer illiterate, I’m quite ignorant with this automated on line voting. I voted last year at MAMA and Yahoo Buzz but never had the chance to monitor the ranking and scrutinize. This is the first time for me to do it since I was very surprised by the increasing votes in just a matter of minutes. And so I started observing the ranking. I have notice that once I vote Kim Hyun Joong, he gets the points but other contenders get points too, in fact they even get higher points than Hyun Joong!! It’s like voting for all five contenders with inconsistent points depending on the time you vote.

In June 21, Thursday night time at about 9pm, the ranking was Kim Hyun Joong at no.3, Beast at no.4 and Jang Geun Suk at no.5. The gap between Beast and Jang Geun Suk was over 50,000 votes. And in less than 30min. over 50,000 vote was eaten up by no. 5 contender over no.4 and took the rank no.4 for Jang Geun Suk. That time I was at the twitter as one of the fan announced that no.5 was fast tailing up no.4. I observed closer on how much no. 5 scored over no.4. And it’s unbelievable how fast it was like 1,000 votes every 30sec or what, but it was less than 30min over 50,000 votes gap had gone.

Honestly I couldn’t understand how this scoring goes. If you watch closely all the ranks you would notice how the contenders scores even you don’t vote it moves, it changes with different score inconsistenly. You may try observing by simple refreshing the page of current ranking and observe how it moves.

Yesterday’s rank status from Hyun Joong no.3, Jang Geun Suk was no.4 Beast was no.5. Kim Hyun Joong at no.3 has a gap of 137,460 votes at 3:17pm from rank no.4.  But this gap dropped to 45,643 at 4:12pm. Meaning 91,817 votes had been eaten up in less than 1 hour?? And during this period there was even an incident that one of the fan voted and she said as she voted Hyun Joong scored 160 votes while Jang Geun Suk scored 4,894 votes!! Many of Hyun Joong fans have been monitoring this polls ever since that incident when he dropped to no.4 in just a matter of minutes.

Another example of my observation is that Super Junior had been sitting at no.1 rank for such a time with a huge gap of hundred thousand. And as I woke up one morning everything just changed as Super Junior dropped to no.2 rank!! Is it that easy to be eaten up by hundreds of thousand votes in just a matter of short time?

I can hardly understand how this scoring goes, but is this how Mnet machine works? I don’t think it’s the fans doing this since the time is so consistent in increasing the votes. It’s like at this hour rank no.1 gets higher score, next hour no.2 gets higher score, next hour no.3 then no.4 and no.5. Every second at this Mnet polls moves none stop and the way I see it number of scores depend on the ranking. And it seems to me this polls will end up in this ranking status.

I would like to clarify that I am a fan of Kim Hyun Joong but I got nothing against his contenders in this category Global Star since I barely know them. My point of questioning here is the system of Mnet. I would like to know how does Mnet count the votes and I would like to know why is it that every time I vote, other contenders scores too and in fact even much higher than the artist I voted for. I checked on other categories and it seems to me it’s the same system.

I’m Happy though for those whom I voted randomly that they are taking the top ranks, I picked on those with lower votes and now they are picking up, but believe me, I do not know any of them!! I just voted for them just to abide by the rules set up by Mnet. I don’t even know if they are popular or deserving to be at the top rank on other different categories.

For Mnet I really do hope the organization would look into this matter and I would appreciate it very much if the said organization would explain how does this counting works for my better understanding of this system. And another thing, may I appeal to Mnet not to include my idol Kim Hyun Joong in your future polls if this is gonna be the system, since for me Mnet had already lost their credibility after seeing this counting.

The fact that I being a fan, I can not leave my idol’s name on your chart, that I have to vote for him no matter what. I have been hearing not so good rumors about Mnet, but I still chose to participate in the polls since my idol is being nominated and vote for him. I think it should have been better if Mnet 20’s Choice disregard poll voting in the criteria of judging if this polls is not clean. I sincerely hope Mnet would consider this matter in the future Awards.

Oh by the way, it surprises me too that I think S.Korea has lesser votes at only 8% than China which is at 55.3% and Japan was not included among the countries? Just my observation, S.Korea did not even get half of the vote rates, so I would assume the other artists whom I voted randomly are not that popular internationally??

Well, I can only speak for myself, I will continue what I ought to do as a fan of Kim Hyun Joong to continue voting and continue with the fight. I would still encourage other fans to continue voting, this time the more we should not leave Kim Hyun Joong in the hand of Mnet.  I will not leave Kim Hyun Joong in that Mnet polls, win or lose, because for me he is already a winner in my heart.

I would just want to emphasize that I’m aware of the polls movement in every minute. And I would still try to find answers to this counting system that Mnet has. I would like to keep our awareness every time we vote. We have four days left to vote and let’s give our best shot for Kim Hyun Joong, we just have to keep him where he is currently rank if we can not bring him up further. We just have to be on guard with our votes and Protect the Prince.

Kim Hyun Joong fans the Aliens are fighters and never quitters. We are fighters and that is what we are! Aliens soldiers, again let’s Protect the Prince….

                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14, thanks.



9 thoughts on “KIM HYUN JOONG … [article] @ MNET 20’S CHOICE

  1. No worries. Mnet only gives awards to those who do come to the awards show.
    They’re just making it look like the fans have a voice but really, it’s all predetermined.

  2. Dear LazerKim, i could not agree more with evry single word you wrote here, thank you for doing that for all of us thinking the same (I have a real disgust for the M-net). M-net are tampering with the votes, what is the reason have no idea, but it is so unethical and so dissapointing. Why take polls if you are going to do exactly what want and is not free? I will keep voting for HJ as I am a fan and,as you taught me I need to show my support, but M-net is so FAKE.
    Now, those pictures darling, they are healing my anger against M-net and make my little heart flutter, a bit thank you for those pictures (damn hot!!). Fighting Aliens:)

  3. Oh and just in case some of you didn’t know Mnet allows you to log in with several different accounts for one IP address. I think it’s 10 accounts for one IP address that you can legally use to vote with. No cheating involved. They allow it.

    • well, i tried logging in more than 10 ids and i was allowed… i was able to vote using all my ids.. i checked the scores and i think it is counted as well.. so let us not give up the fight, let’s continue FIGHTING till the end.. keep on voting! God bless!

      • A lot of people thought you could vote only one time per IP address so I was just letting them know you can vote more than once. I also have more ID’s but so far it has only allowed me to count the 10 per IP address that Mnet allows for their votes.Trust me I have tried to use the few others that I have but it just won’t confirm the vote. If you can get more to count that’s great! Makes up for those that can’t seem to log in and vote at all for some reason. Oh and I don’t ever give up. I always keep voting and fighting so no worries about that. 🙂

  4. Sorry to say this but most are cheating. Especially JGS fans. They are notorious for cheating. They’ve been caught cheating at the Yahoo Buzz Awards and Seoul Drama Awards but still continue to do it without shame. They use voting bots and software that let you hack and cheat. They deny, deny. deny but we know they cheat because many of us have proof of it. I’m 100% sure the other fans that have miraculous jumps in their votes are doing the same things as the JGS fans do. It makes me angry that these sites keep using these ridiculous voting polls. If you are going to have fans vote you should out of respect for the honest fans find a cheat proof method but sadly they don’t. Well except the Yahoo Buzz Awards did last year. About killed us all voting on it but it worked. Also because Yahoo did change the voting method anyone with any common sense could figure out that it proves that cheating did happen the year before. All we Kim Hyun Joong fans can do is continue to work hard and vote even though we may lose out in the end but at least we have kept our integrity, honesty, and respect.

  5. I do vote as much as I can each and everyday, but well… I believe that many of the popular polls are not so transparent and mnet is not the exception ._. But nothing can stop us!

  6. NOW IS NOT THE RIGHT TIME TO QUIT!! QUITTERS ARE LOSERS!! I WILL FIGHT FOR MY PRINCE HYUN JOONG-SSI TILL THE END!! I’M A TIGER TOO.. I DON’T GIVE UP THAT EASILY.. wwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooootttttttttttttt.. I don’t care about the cheaters!! i only care for my idol Star Prince Hyun Joong Kim!! i will support him all the way!! FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!! KEEP ON FIGHTING TILL THE END!! God bless everyone even the cheaters that they won’t ever cheat again!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. OMG! i’m lost reading your article because i’m disturbed by the hotness overload photos of hyunjoong! those were taken a year back but still i’m mesmerized! lol

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