Kim Hyun Joong… [article] GENTLE HEALER

By: LazerKim          I would probably consider Kim Hyun Joong as one Korean artist who has the most number of photographs on different poses, different images and photo concepts, in the world of advertising. Be it in magazine covers and center pages or billboards posters he’s in it. Now many different items are coming out with simply having his name on these items or just his initial people do buy them and in fact very salable and in high demand specially in Korea, Japan and China among other countries that Hyun Joong has his own section of any store selling the Uzoosin merchandise.

Hyun Joong has been gaining multiple endorsements from most commercial products that showed excellent revenue results. The name Kim Hyun Joong is becoming gold to every CEO of these business entities. Aside from Hyun Joong’s signiture items, what makes these billboard, and magazine covers of Kim Hyun Joong attractive to the consumers other than his name being one of the hottest global star?

Hyun Joong has a natural way with cameras during photo shoots and he knows exactly what pose or angle that would look good for him. I have been watching Hyun Joong’s video clips of his photo shoots and it’s true that even in just photo shoots he emotes on whatever is required in a pictorial session. As I have read Hyun Joong’s history as trainee, it was said that he can hardly smile and he was just so awkward on photo shoots back in his past, that you wouldn’t expect him to end up as a commercial model in high demand.

Hyun Joong is a photogenic by nature that with or without make up, any angle of his face just look handsome on photos as he is in person. With just a bit move from one angle of his face or body makes a difference from the previous during any photo shoot. The look in his eyes makes the difference and emotes to whatever suits the photo concept. Hyun Joong had learned how his poses can be effective in photos that these photos earn millions of dollar for any businessmen as Hyun Joong endorse their products.

Quite recently his second Japanese album HEAT photos were released and he portrayed as a rocker, yet the softness of his face still surface no matter how rugged his outfit goes he still is very handsome in it. Many of Hyun Joong fans do have a collection of his photos and I for one collect them too. And as I gather those collection of photo, looking at them is just like looking at the faces of different persons. Hyun Joong’s hairstyle makes all the difference, that any style suits him and still looks handsome. But his face definitely change every time he changes his hair style in any photo shoot he does, either the hair color, the cut or styling it in straight or curls, his face definitely changes too.

In some interviews of Hyun Joong during his Asia Tour, the topic about Hyun Joong being on top as a healing star was brought up. Hyun Joong was asked as to what side of himself he thinks can heal others. Hyun Joong mentioned that his being blissful can be the reason. He sings, he dance, he acts being his job to bring joy to his audience. But I think it’s more than just that, it’s more than just his job as an artist.

Well, I can only speak for myself, and since we are talking about his photos, for me by just looking at Hyun Joong’s picture can make me smile. Whenever I feel so down in pain, I can’t help but look at him and what I see is an angel in front of me. The gentleness in his face can just release every tension from my mind and there’s an aura in Hyun Joong that feels light serene and free. Watching his playfulness and thinking how he enjoys his life to the fullest relieves my stress and spare me the energy to look forward to another day. This is how I feel about Hyun Joong as my daily stress reliever and a cure to my deepest soul.

I do collect his video clips too from different events he participates with, and my favorite scene to watch Hyun Joong is at the airport, because this is the easiest way being in public that fans can get near him to take a video of him. This is his natural way being in public place by just walking along the airport lobby for just a few minutes shot. His fans has always been at the airport whenever he depart or arrive his country to see him. He is always being well mannered to his fans smiling and bowing at them was such a simple gesture but it made me feel proud that my idol is so down to earth.

Hyun Joong also mentioned about the high five event in his recent fan meeting concert, that at first this portion was not including in the event for security reasons, but Hyun Joong insist that he wants to meet his fans up-close to sincerely shake their hands. One of his fans related that she then understood why Hyun Joong was called a healing star, because what can be seen from him is peacefulness and sincerity. This opinion echoed from many of his fans who had the same experience.

I wouldn’t be surprised as to why at the very young age, Hyun Joong had captured many of his elder fan’s heart and there were quite a number of them. Everything about Hyun Joong is gentleness and sincerity. He had taught his fans to take him for what he is not only as an artist but as a person for who he really is through his honesty. Hyun Joong is such an adorable type of person and his magical charisma kept capturing people’s attention.

I was thinking, if this small photo of him on top of my desk can easily make me smile, I wonder how it would be seeing Hyun Joong’s huge pictures on billboard of  busy streets in Tokyo!! I would probably  just be standing on the street sidewalks and stare at him at his billboard, would make my day!! It’s more than just his handsome face, the totality of his personality, his multiple talent, Hyun Joong is even beautiful from the inside. And most of all I shall never forget the soft spot in his heart that belongs to the less fortunate whom he actively supports that he cares so much.

I’m always proud of being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong, and always be thankful that once upon a time in my life, became my Gentle Healer….                                       

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

Photo credit as tagged, KHJean14 thanks.


Yesterday Hyun Joong gained over a 500,000 votes and over a 100,000 votes gap from the 4th place. Good work alien!! We have six days to vote, let us make the most and the best that we can to raise him up to the top.

1. Girl’s Generation………..1,114,356…………../33.5%vote

2. Super Junior………….923,848……………./27.8%vote

3. Kim Hyun Joong…………..554,467…………/16.7%vote

4. Beast…………445,520……………/13.4%vote

Jang Geun Suk………….342,696………………/10.3%vote




8 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] GENTLE HEALER

  1. Last year I was sick. Heart. I was shown a clip from our Kim Hyun-Joong. Today, I am healthy. He saved my life. Every day he gives me natsroenie. I thank him for that. And you for your words

  2. thank you LK beautiful as usual. you are so right about HJ always on the change but the essence remains same always, his inner beauty, this can not be changed, that is what it makes him so special, and he really and trully is a special person, look at his fans from all over the world they feel same. He is a Master today of the pictorials, those picture oh my, so beautiful. thanks and Keep fighting Aliens, we must continue fighting. 🙂

  3. You are spot on right in saying that Hyun Joong looks different in each and every photo (and yes i too am an avid collector of his pics and videos),and he looks like a different person with his changing hair colours/styles! I have always been amazed at his ever changing face and expressions, so much so that i had trouble distinguishing him among his SS brothers when i was a new fan in 2009. I got to know him through BOF,but more than his Ji Hoo image i was haunted by his voice when he sang the solo accoustic version of “I am stupid”!S,for me,he is truely a Healer-his voice soothe ,excites me ,heals me and his gentle face,eyes, sincere smiles and perfect body dulls and heals all my pains and lessens my sorrows…His hard working but humble nature inspires me to do the same..i think we,his fans are truely blessed to have known such a fine young man as Hyun Joong.

  4. Well, there was actually a video when you can see that he didn’t know how to smile and also the old strawberries photoshoot where u can see him smiling awkwardly D: it was pretty weird, maybe his family wasn’t too ‘easy going’? I’m not sure ._. But he did say he didn’t know how to smile and that he never really smiles o.o he said ‘I don’t usually smile. I just do that when I hear hilarious things’. You know, when I’m feeling uneasy, I usually watch vids of him laughing hard xd like Reds go together, when he rolls on the floor laughing xdd haha! xd or the Star watch vid where he’s next to Baby and can’t stop laughing when he hears Kyujong calling Jungmin ‘crazy’ xd it’s totally absurd, but HJ can’t stop laughing xddd hahaha xd I think his laughter is out of this world xd ❤

  5. I always wonder that why so many beautìul and excellent characters of human are concentrated in Hyun Joong.
    Really God gives him so much. So Hyun Joong gives his best to the fans.

  6. Nice to read your article. Really HIS ANGLE FACE can heal and bring the peace.LK my daughter can’t vote this 2days because her granny in the hospital. God bless Lk,you are amazing

  7. wagassss nga d ba ms LK!! when GOD created hyun joong he’s in very good mood lol! thank GOD we regain the no 3 spot just keep on voting alien. hope you doing well now ms LK take care!

    • When God created HJ we were all asleep so all the beauty on earth he got it God gave it to him bcoz we were asleep!! LOL Still fighting for HJ!! Thanks so busy bee myself at Mnet!!! Fighting against robots LOL!!

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