Kim Hyun Joong … [article] ONLY ONE STAR

By: Lazerkim          Kim Hyun Joong has still been the cover and center page of Korean magazines that I assume tells about his recent Asian Tour Fan Meeting Concert. I have not gotten any content  translation written in the magazine but i can tell just by the photos which were taken from the fan meeting event.

In connection with his fan meet, there’s a notice from KeyEast pertaining to the confiration of Thailand fan meeting which shall be held on the 29th of July at the Impact Exhibition Hall. Ticket reservation shall be opened on the 25th of June. Check it out.

Hyun Joong was spotted last night at Gimpo Airport as he arrived from Haneda Airport. It was said he went to Tokyo for a recording and had gone back home to Seoul last night.

In my recent article I have mentioned the cast of City Conquest that had not been reveled as yet, and yesterday one of the cast was confirmed and here’s the news update that I would like to share with you:

Nam Gung-Min Joining Kim Hyun Joong, Making Their Drama Comeback in City Conquest

Actor Nam Gung-min have been decided to be making his 1 year comeback in TV screen.

According to Nam Gung-min’s agency, Iyagi Entertainment on 19th June, they have revealed that Nam Gung-min will be casting in the upcoming drama ‘City Conquest’ and it is highly anticipated that this will be garnering a lot of Asia’s fans attention towards this drama.

The drama ‘City Conquest’ is adapted from the famous comic series ‘City Conquest’ written by Shin Hyungbin and the comic series had sold nearly 10 million copies and it is still one of the top comic series among the varieties.

In the drama, Kim HyunJoong who have been decided as the lead role will be casting as ‘Baek Mir’. Baek Mir leads a life full of resentment as a child towards his father who left Baek Mir’s mother, and eventually when he grows up, he enters the black society to seek revenge from those who have destroyed his family.

The drama ‘City Conquest’ is directed by director Yang Yunho who have also directed many dramas such as ‘Iris’, movie ‘Wind Fighter’, ‘Holiday’ and etc, with the drama script written by the scriptwriter for ‘Lie To Me’ & ‘Spotlight’ – Hwang Joo-ha.

What’s more, Nam Gung-min who will be casting as Cha Ji-ryong depicts a character that have lost his mother because of his father. Even when he is full of ambition & hatred, when he faces the female lead who resembles her young mother, he is totally different and humble man.

Additionally, before the first drama shooting starts, it is confirmed that the drama will be pre-sold to Japan, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong & etc for an approximate 11.8 billion won. Many viewers are looking forward to Kim HyunJoong & Nam Gung-min’s drama conquering Asia.

On the other hand, ‘City Conquest’ is predicted to be aired later this year and the drama shooting will start on early July.

Source: Nate
Translation: Stephanie (@5StarsAs1/
Please do not remove/alter/edit contents & credits when reposting. TQ!

I read from another news that the main casts for this drama consist of four characters of two male and two female. We already know the two male actors,lead by Hyun Joong as the main lead actor and Nam Gung Min as second lead, portraying the male lead characters. What is left to be revealed now are the two female leads and as to what Korean TV network will this drama be shown. Whatever and to whoever is gonna be with Hyun Joong doesn’t really matter to me, because all I want to see is Hyun Joong in this drama City Conquest.


The other night Hyun Joong gained a 34,000 gap away from the Beast, and yesterday at dawn up until early morning was eaten away by the robots that brought Hyun Joong back to no.4. We were able to recover slowly in the morning till the after to get him back to no.3, and it the evening we gained over 19,000 votes as Hyun Joong reached over 400,000.

In times we’re being beaten up, never give up just keep on voting and eventually we’ll have the numbers back again, just like what happened yesterday. This in no time to relax, we just have to do what we have to do. We have seven days to go, and let’s make the most of it by casting our vote as much as we could.

It’s still in a slim gap though, after being eaten with 34,000 votes. I’m starting to learn how to play the game of robots, Alien just one piece of advice don’t give up on voting, don’t be discourage if we are eaten up because we can eventually regained back what was being eaten. If you are a multiple ID holder, have your reserve so that at times we are being eaten up you still a bullet to revenge!! This is a game we have to play with the robots.

All of this is just a matter of timing, I think I was right from day one. The fifth place could hardly move that gave me the impression the fans had given up. Well not with Aliens force, we never give till the end, win or lose we will fight. We just have to play the game of the robots and we’ll be left behind. Just keep motivated, keep on going never give up on voting no matter what happen and eventually we’ll get there. The Girl’s Generation now takes the lead on top rank after being in the 2nd rank for a week they finally made it to the top!!

Well, it’s 5am now and it was peaceful night tonight, Hyun Joong’s had kept it stable and still increasing by bits. Unlike last night when everyone was asleep, a hurricane created by robots just came in messing up!!  I just hope it will remain as peace as this till everyone wakes up and vote. Our gap finally went up to 39,709 votes, and I just hope we’ll be able to maintain this till the sun comes.

Alien let’s bear in mind that Kim Hyun Joong is the only artist deserving to be the GLOBAL STAR. Mnet specifically created this title for only one star. Take note of the title, it’s in singular form without the “S” at the end of the spelling!! So that means there has to be ONLY ONE STAR!!  It’s not more than one person, not  two nor ten!! It’s only one star and that is Kim Hyun Joong.

Alien go on with our fight we will never retreat till the end, because we all know there is ONLY ONE STAR….KIM HYUN JOONG!!!                         LazerKim here writing.

                                                                      Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14, thanks.

Mnet Rank Status:    (June 20, 2012  as of 11:55am)

1. Girl’s Generation…………949,757…………../32.6%vote

2. Super Junior……….817,513……………/28%vote

3. Kim Hyun Joong………471,477………../16.2%vote

4. Beast…………419,649…………../14.4%vote

5. Jang Geun Suk………….314,312…………/10.8%vote

VOTE GAP>> 51,828 votes        VOTE NOW!!



3 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong … [article] ONLY ONE STAR

  1. I really really love you. Not only today but also forever more. 🙂 love you so much. My love, my life, my days, my nights, my prayers are all for you. Kim hyunjoong u are the best of my life.

  2. Hahaha xd I couldn’t care less about who’s going to be the female lead! XD Let’s keep on voting! oh, you forgot to write that Let’s party will have a MV ^^ Have a nice day, Lazer!

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