Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ROCK STARTER

By: LazerKim         The HEAT is on for summer and Kim Hyun Joong brings out the best in his other side of himself, the carefree one that he’s been keeping to himself for many past years. Seeing the video clip teaser of HEAT, I can’t help to smile and the very first thing that popped out from my mind was that, this is him, this is the real Kim Hyun Joong.

He was simply wearing a a white shirt as if he’s there just to jam with his friends in this music and enjoy it as freely as he can. It’s saying like, let it loose and be yourself, express what you are. This was first impression and I just love this music HEAT.

I have been searching for a right chance to talk about Hyun Joong’s other side which we seldom see. His being a rocker. The story that was most known to us about Hyun Joong’s history was from the time he debuted with his members SS501 under his previous agent DSP.

Before Hyun Joong could ever stepped in with DSP, he has another agent and with  another group. This group is band as Hyun Joong is a bass guitarist, they are rockers. This groups was disbanded for reason that the agent wanted this group to debut in China which the group disagreed and eventually disbanded.

I have written an article Twisted Fate, which mentioned this part of Hyun Joong’s career life. Being a rocker is where Hyun Joong started and fate had taken him away from his origin of music which is rock. And brought him to a totally different world of music but it was here he became successful.

During his SS501 days, there were times in some events Hyun Joong was given the chance to perform his type of music which is rock. And this time, at last he was given the free hand to have an album of his very own type of music with the collaboration Bz, a Japanese rock duo. For Hyun Joong this is another dream came true and I would say this music suits him perfectly, because this is his original forte.

I’m sure many of you have watched and listened to Hyun Joong as he sings live on TV talk show as he sang Love and Fortunate on separate shows. He sang these two songs live with a live 4 piece band and for me these two songs are my favorite. If you listen to it you would say he excels more if he sings with live band. And as he mentioned in one of this talk shows, he said he’ll find a chance on different stage to sing with a live band. And that I shall ever look forward to.

Now going back to history of Hyun Joong being a rocker, we all know very well that Hyun Joong grew up as a diligent kid, a typical high school student who is studious and had transformed into a rocker. The least expected from him by his parent who are both conservative and religious type of parents.

They totally disagreed what Hyun Joong wanted to be for himself which is to be a rock star. I was thinking this feud between parents and their kids are just but normal. In Hyun Joong documentary he was relating that his father once said to him, “try to raise a kid like yourself”. And Hyun Joong said, yes it’s difficult to raise a kid like himself, because there are time he can not understand himself.

A rocker will always be a rocker. I truly believe in this, being one exist within himself even he had matured in time. I have so many readers who are elders and mothers and I think this would be a chance for us to understand the other side of Kim Hyun Joong, which we seldom see in him.

Rockers do have their own world, they have different way of thinking because they are freedom lovers. They are uncomfortable with restrictions given them to their limits of freedom. It is in music that they can freely  and comfortably express themselves. But they do keep their feelings to themselves as they will not express in words.

I grew up in ballet, from prep school to high school, and switch to jazz in college until I graduated and ended up as a professional choreographer. Classic music and rock music are totally the opposite of each other. Classical ballet is discipline and rock is freedom, but we have one thing in common, depth.

Rockers are not after popularity. For them self expression in their own free self is enough to be on that stage and perform in boundless freedom to be heard. Rockers do meet eye to eye and understand each other that they belong to the same world. freedom means a lot to them. This is the other side of Kim Hyun Joong as a rocker, where he started.

May I interrupt your reading for a while. As I’m writing this article, I started at 1:30 am and while doing so I was monitoring Mnet every 30min. I just want to take note of this I’m having a situation here. At 10:58pm (my time Ph time) the gap between Hyun Joong and Beast was at 34,426 votes and still going. I’ve been having fever the whole day until at this time, so I resumed monitoring at about 1:15am and noticed the drop by 29,000 votes gap.

I cast one vote but beast got higher score than Hyun Joong. I checked again at 1:44 am 19,290 and again at 2:14 am 17,087. I tried to go back to Mnet and it says they’re for maintenance. I asked help from twitter if someone can check out on Mnet, two fans responded and they can’t get in anymore, it’s error. Mnet resumed at about 3:15am. We’re now down by 11,538 votes.

I’m so sorry to give you this bad news, we’re back to no.4. At around 7am Beast kept moving so fast it’s like gaining vote by the hundreds every 30sec. But then again this should not be a discouragement to us, on the contrary let this negative vibes be our strength to fight over what we lost. We’ll keep fighting.

Keep yourselves busy voting, if you have multiple id’s so much the better, vote as much as you can. As I have mentioned in my other article it’s robots we’re fighting against. We just have to keep voting everyday.

And with that news, I decided to focus my entire attention to Mnet polls, for this day onward until the 27th of this month all you can read in this blog are results and updates all about Mnet polls. My apologies, I can not do two things at the same time.. Nevertheless I’ll post my other articles, that’s over 170 articles, you may check it out whatever you have missed to read. I’ll still be here everyday and report to you whatever is going on at Mnet, but that’s all you’ll read from this blog for a while until the 27th of June.

We will fight for Kim Hyun Joong till the end, we will never retreat but strengthen our force and beat you, rock you till you’re done….  ALIEN LET’S ROCK THEM OFF…VOTE NOW!

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14, thanks.




3 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ROCK STARTER

  1. Dear LazerKim – you are so right once a rocker always a rocker and that is how HJ is. I had the same feeling when I first saw this MV, that this is the real Kim Hyun Joong, this is the music he likes to do this is his style, vene though the ballads are heart smashing and they are my fav as well, but this is IT for him. I hope in the future he will cooperate more with BZ’ and more songs as this will be. He is free under KE to do exactly what it suits him and I think he knows best what to choose and how to do it, chapeu to KE for that. I do hope you will recover fast as we need you to push the forces for the M-net vote, we are all with you. Take care and please keep healthy dear. God Bless and thank you for my daily dose 🙂

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