Kim Hyun Joong…. [article] BUSY BODY

By: LazerKim         I came to realize that I have been writing articles all about Kim Hyun Joong since last year in December 24, 1011 none stop everyday for six months now, no Sundays and holidays I just kept going on and on everyday writing all about Kim Hyun Joong, that it’s becoming my life now. I remember Hyun Joong was saying he works all year round!! I wonder, will I be able to write about him all year round? I certainly do hope so! It’s Sunday today, I wonder if he works on Sunday too!! Well I think so!

We’re off the hook now at Mnet polls I think it’s safe to vote between 1am -5am KST unlike the previous days.  You may vote on those times and may check on the ranking before and after voting. Thank you for your cooperation. Please do keep on voting. I stayed up all night to observe the movement and so far the 10,000 gap stayed intact, I just hope it will increase further this morning since many will be voting by the time fans wakes up.

In the update pertaining Hyun Joong’s schedule, it was said that Hyun Joong shall be starting filming his drama City Conquest in Japan on the 11th or 12th of July, before his scheduled concert in Saitama Arena on the July 14. What I’m curious about is the leading lady for this drama, who could it be?? In the news it was said that the cast had been confirm but it has not been revealed yet.

Well, whoever it might be I just so much looking forward to watch this drama and of course, I would like to see Hyun Joong portraying another side of his manliness. These past days though little by little Hyun Joong’s sexiness starts to surface and you can notice his muscles in his arm that’s starting to firm up. I remember Hyun Joong was saying whenever he has a drama project he adopt the character he’ll portray on and off cam. And I think he’s slowly practicing to that character he’ll be portraying for City Conquest.

In the comic book the main character rides a motor bike and that is also what I want to see. Remember at Boys Over Flower Yoon Ji Hoo has his motorbike? This time the flower boy we have watched at BOF riding the bike will once again be seen, as a well grown man, the opposite image of a flower boy at BOF.

Hyun Joong shall be attending the acting school come this week as a part of his preparation for this drama, since City Conquest is an action drama. Honestly, I’m so excited to watch Hyun Joong in drama which is quite different from his previous characters he had portrayed.

There are so many activities of Hyun Joong to look forward to, in his different image. Prior to his drama is his second Japanese single HEAT which I’m sure many of you had already watched the teaser. The rock star will again take the stage after seven years from Hyun Joong’s high school days. That high school boy had grown up to real man and this time in a real rock star. Another concert to look forward to in a different image of Hyun Joong as rock star.

Hyun Joong shall be staying in Japan a bit much longer this time, since he’ll be promoting the much anticipated album HEAT, his upcoming concert in Saitama Arena and his first scene filming of his drama City Conquest to be held in one of the seas in Japan. Hyun Joong’s Japanese fans are lucky to have him in their country longer.

I do hope Hyun Joong would at least take a rest or a holiday for himself, with all work and no play is not also good for his health. But Hyun Joong is a restless and a busy body type of person that he always want to be on the go!!

And with I’m done again with daily dosage, it’s Sunday, it’s church day, please let us say a little prayer for Kim Hyun Joong for the success of this Mnet polls, his second album HEAT, his up-coming drama, City conquest and most of all Kim Hyun Joong’s health. As they say health is wealth.

LazerKim here wrtting

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MNET RANK STATUS ( AS OF 2:00PM  June 17,1012)

1. SuperJunior……… 618,738……………/33.7%vote

2. Girl’s Generation………..496,957………./27.1%vote

3. Kim Hyun Joong…………276,891………../15.1%vote

4. Beast…………..265,294…………./14.4%vote

5. Jang Geun Suk………..235,360………../12.8%vote

VOTES GAP…………11,597 votes


5 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…. [article] BUSY BODY

  1. 안녕:

    Thanks LK! U know I always read ur artucles and I’m happy that all has been motivated to keep on voting and fighting for HJ! We all want him to take care of himself and wish him a healthy life so his dreams can keep on going! Like he mention he still want to do much more for himself and to help others! He is blessed with a huge heart full of love to give to all! Amen for his prayers and Good health to all! God Bless you All
    lets keep it on THE HEAT IS ON!

  2. toinks.. sis, nag advice ke Hyun Joong-ssi, “health is wealth”.. try telling it to yourself too.. lols.. you work like him too, don’t know the meaning of rest.. coz while resting, i remember he said, he is still practicing.. lols.. and you’re much like him sistah.. hahahaha.. gosh, like idol, like follower.. sigh..

    oh well, ill be praying not only for Hyun Joong-ssi’s health sistah but also for your health too .. God bless sis and take care always! love ya.. mwahugs…

  3. Thank you for the article lk, keep on waiting everyday…the day wasn’t complete without your article.wish HIM SUCCESS in all HIS WORK. And for you,pls have time to long as HE is up over jang geun suk,it’s fine… Sorry, but battle still go on,
    God bless sist’.

    • Hello FanJoong!! Thank you for reading and I sincerely hope to see you again you are very much welcome in this blog. Have a blessed Sunday take care and God bless…

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