Kim Hyun Joong…. [article] ROCK STAR

By LazerKim:         Kim Hyun Joong’s second Japanese album HEAT  Music Video was shown at You Tube late last night. This music is a totally different among the music from his first two Korean album and the opposite of his first Japanese album Kiss Kiss. This time Hyun Joong projects the image of a rock star seeing from the music video. He was so carefree and sexy as he sings HEAT with Bz, a legendary Japanese rock musicians. His moves are quite different, no dance routine simply an expression of himself.

For pre-orders of the CD, you may refer to this link below, it is not visible because my wall is black, but the link is within the open/close parenthesis. Again, this is another way of supporting Hyun Joong as his fan, so go and grab this chance to support him. The HEAT is on, you may place your pre-orders and why not grab one for your friend too!! Loving is sharing!!


The lyrics of HEAT are by Mr Inaba, while the melody is composed by Mr Matsumato, the legendary musicians, popular rock group B’z. They have had some 24 years of history in music, but this is the first time that the duo is writing and composing songs for others under the name of B’z.

Mr Inaba recorded the chorus of the song, while Mr Matsumoto lent the superlative sounds of his guitar into the melody. It is truly a single that has much to be looked forward to, on top of being quite a historic piece of musical collaboration!

This music HEAT is truly suitable for summer season, as Hyun Joong mentioned in one of his interviews, he based his type of music that can co-relates with the season! Watching Hyun joong from the video, reminded me of his high school days!!

As we all know Hyun Joong started with band as he played the bass guitar that until at present he still desires to perform as he was in the beginning and his first dream of becoming a rock star. Seeing Hyun Joong performs his latest single HEAT, has somehow fulfilled his dream to show his carefree expression of himself, it’s Hyun Joong. This is what he wanted….

Here’s a good news, Hyun Joong is set to host another Fan Meeting Concert in Bankok Thailand on the 29th of July at the Impact exhibition Hall and pre-ticket sale shall open on June 23. This is just gonna be a one night date with Kim Hyun Joong so fans from Thailand, you’re so lucky to have a date with Hyun Joong. This is gonna be another chance for fans who were not able to attend the recent Fan Meeting, and so be prepared for it.

And as an update on Mnet, for the first time since day one Hyun Joong lead by over 8,000 votes, it dropped down to 7,500 by 5:00am, but soon recovered. This result is not too painful unlike the previous nights, that the robot practically eats up as much as over 3,000 votes for three consecutive nights!.

We keep on voting to increase this gap, then we can probably go back the your usual schedule of voting. Somehow we can control from gap votes. Alien, indeed that was a good job yesterday, I can see a good team work among us that I’m so proud to be with you. I felt the strong unity yesterday as many fans responded eagerly cast their votes diligently. Thank you very much for your effort, this is the start as we unite and continue to vote and Protect the Prince.

And we continue with the battle, we maintain the passion to win for Hyun Joong. Honestly, I really think I got hooked at Mnet monitoring and guarding our vote from the cheating schemes, that until now I did not know why Hyun Joong went to Japan!!! And today he is coming back home to Korea, as he boarded his flight back to Seoul!! Oh well, whatever he did there, I’m glad he’s safe and had recovered from his sore throat!

Summer is here, the HEAT is on as we support another Japanese album of Hyun Joong. So many activities to look forward to from Hyun Joong and we as his fans are most lucky ones!! As I mentioned in my other articles, being a fan is not only cheering for Hyun Joong, or it’s not only autograph signing.

We as his fans have our responsibility to support him in every way we can. Vote for him whenever a voting poll is being conducted, attend to his fan meeting, concerts, or even TV shows, and of course we support his albums. Now we start saving for his album HEAT as we still have time to do so, we may do some cost cutting if it is necessary.

Let us treasure Hyun Joong’s music, these albums are a part of his memory that he worked hard for.  And for those who can afford more than a copy of his CD I would advise you to get one extra and share it with your friend. You may never know it can also gain a fan for Hyun Joong.

It’s summer and the heat is on as Kim Hyun Joong displays his hottest new image that will surely brings another new Rock Star Kim Hyun Joong in our lives!! A totally different image from the same man we ever love!!  The heat is on that I hope those robots heat up till it burns to malfunction!!  We fight as we VOTE FOR KIM HYUN JOON….

                                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged KHJean14 thanks.


Mnet Rank: (as of 6/15/12 at 12noon)

1. Super Junior………… 465,200………/36.4%vote

2. Girl’s Generation…….337,779………/26.4%vote

3. Kim Hyun Joong………186,710………../14.6%vote

4. Jang Geun Suk………..175,894………./13.8%vote

5. Beast…………169,175………./13.2%vote

Vote difference or gap – 10,816 votes….Keep fighting Aliens, Good work!! VOTE MORE!


7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…. [article] ROCK STAR

  1. hi lazer, just read the article cause i was busy these days with college. but yeah i did listened to HEAT as soon as it was out in youtube and no doubts i do love it. the mv is just normal and shows KHJ’s normal way with that simple and sexy out fit of his.
    i love soft rock (no hard rock, never i feel it is so noisy) and yeah his voice suit it sooo well. i was just looking at him and listening and i think i reaped the replay button 😛

  2. LK thanks for your time in writting these articles, they are beautiful. The HEAT, I am already hooked, loved the genre and it is soooooo KHJ, there’s a sort of breeziness to it that makes me feel like i’ve just warped into a cosmic strip. Imagine if HJ had a guitar in his hands he will go wild. Loved it and i wish for it to became a summer HIT, so fresh. I respect other artists but you have to hand it to HJ, he is doing the right music not repeating himself it is never boring, he is in a class of his own, way up there. (the pictures are hot as is the MV) as you said go people go and vote we have to be there for KHJ. take care:)

  3. I’m a rocker myself so I was waiting for this moment! The last months I’ve been involved in doing rock concerts promotion in my country, such as Panic at the disco, Black veil brides, All time low and The pretty reckless requested by a popular promoter from here. I went nuts after seeing the mv. He fits into it. I know its a jap soft rock song, but ‘it’s something’, I loved it. He feels so comfortable singing these kinds of songs I just can’t help but feel happy about this. I have to confess that the only music I listen to is rock,’kpop’ (KHJ, Shinwha, Cn blue, Ft island) and some dance music. And rock is the kind of music I play on guitar too, just that and KHJ songs. I always wear sth black, my eyes are always smokey with black eyeshadow…So try to imagine how frozen I was when I listened to Break down (the song) in a negative way D: I was like ‘wtf is this?’ x.x I had to learn to love that song though my fave one on his 1st album was and will ever be Let me go. Then I found a metal cover of break down on YT and I liked it lol! xd When the 2nd album came out and I listened to it, I was damn happy! Lucky guy, Do you like that got me crazy ❤ That's the kind of album I like to listen to from him, plus his voice fits perfectly onto them. Now when I heard HEAT, omfg I was totally happy, crazy, nuts! ❤ that song is perfect for him, his voice matches it totally! I hope in the future, he keeps on doing more songs like these. It sucks that he has to do pop-rock just for the japanese audience 'cause they are way more open-minded ppl than the korean fans x.x I swear I've never seen him more happy on the mv's than on Heat&Lucky guy vids.He truly loves that style and it's time that he stops doing what his fans want, and starts doing what HE wantsinstead 😀 and so far, what he wants to do literally rocks! ❤ ❤ ❤

  4. OMG
    I’m so impressed by HJ’s Heat.
    Love his simple but sexy outfit, his voice.
    Step by step, HJ realizes all his dreams.
    So happy to see his performances

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