Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CHALLENGE!!

By: Lazerkim     It seemed Kim Hyun Joong had recovered from his sore throat that he looked fresh and rested. Hyun Joong took the last flight to Haneda Japan last night looking vibrant. I still do not have further information as to why he was going to Japan.  Yesterday Kim Hyun Joong attended the Save The Earth campaign event sponsored by Hang Ten as Hyun Joong is the official endorser of the clothing brand. He revealed his shooting schedule for City Conquest in which the first scene shall be filmed in Japan on the 11th of July.

This must be a hectic schedule since Hyun Joong shall be launching his second album HEAT on July 4 and shall be promoting the album. Plus the much-anticipated concert in Saitama on July 14th and 15th. Hyun Joong’s filming for City Conquest shall start on July 11th or 12th, meaning before his concert. He’ll be staying in Japan much linger this time.

In the new update, Hyun Joong stated that everyone would probably thinking he’s taking a break after his Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert, but he’s not. I think I mentioned this in my article Vote Essence yesterday. He’s taking a rest from public exposure, but he himself does not have a break. Specially at this period that he has lots of endless projects, and as I have mentioned in each of these projects take a lot of preparation before he shows up in front of us. That’s how Kim Hyun Joong’s work. He never stops, of course learning is a continues process that he has to take to enhance his talents further.

There’s one of his photos I think he got wounded at his left elbow (5th photo)! And also he’s wearing a leather bracelet which was given by a group of fans, I think. This shows again that he appreciates the presents his fans gives him, whether big or small he treasures it.

If you remember in his fan meeting recently he was asked how he spent his birthday? And he said he went diving, what for leisure? I don’t think so, he’s so scared to death of sharks!! I think he went for a diving lesson, since the first scene in City Conquest is said to be in ocean or sea in Japan! Oh good it’s summer!! Japan sea is scary on winter!!

I’ve notice he lost a bit weight but he looks sexy in it. His muscles are starting to surface, and this was built-in a very natural way through the daily routine at the gym, no chemicals added, if you know what I mean by steroids that other actors used for instant firming muscles. Probably by today I would know why Hyun Joong is in Japan, and I’ll keep you updated.

Here’s the update at Mnet voting polls: Yesterday at dawn, Hyun Joong dropped at no.4 slot again and was able to recover yesterday morning onward. Last night there was a gap between Hyun Joong and Jang Geun Suk of 3,700 votes in favor of Hyun Joong, and it slowly went down against Hyun Joong by midnight till this early morning. Some fans are kind enough to stay with me as we observe the movements of the votes. I have been monitoring this on line voting since day one and I have noticed that upon midnight strikes something happens with the movement.

It’s like if we vote for Kim Hyun Joong his contenders gets the score too either higher or lower than Hyun Joong. Although I haven’t tried voting for Jang Geun Suk just to see if Hyun Joong gets a higher score. But I don’t think I’ll be doing that, it’s a waste of vote. Somehow I have proven to myself that indeed at online voting these manipulation happens. I will not pretend that I don’t know this I just have to prove it to myself, because this can not be proven in the court law, which others had failed to win over the case similar to this.

As I mentioned in my article yesterday, whether the voting polls is clean or not so clean I can not abandon that fact that Hyun Joong’s picture and his name posted at Mnet chart being one of the nominees. So the least I can do now is to advise everyone to refrain from voting between 12midnight to 4:00am Korean time. Because this is when the magic happens. What we can do is to vote at day time until before midnight (Korean time) but never after midnight. In my opinion we can not do anything about this since we are fighting with a machine or robot just like one of the fan said.

All we have to do is to play smart than the robot. My apologies but I think I would advice you guys to have another IDs.. One of the mother fan of Hyun Joong is quite smart, she demanded her daughters to vote for Hyun Joong, if not then no allowance!!! Don’t worry her daughters are also fans of Hyun Joong!! She just set her daughters some obligations to vote!! I find this cute!! It’s short of saying no vote no allowance!!

My dear fans, if there’s a will there’s always a way, I will not insist on anything since voting is self initiative, self prerogative, and self decision or whatever you call it. I can not lie to you about this situation, which is nothing new to me anymore since it always happens. As I have said, I can not abandon Hyun Joong at Mnet, the more I will fight with those robots!! Anyway this is just a matter of timing as to when is the best time to vote without being cheated. We just have to keep on voting, be smarter than the robot. And please check the ranking before and after voting every time you vote. Don’t be discourage instead take this be a challenge.

And as I always say prayers can help a million times. Just saving a little but sincere prayer for Hyun Joong is big help for him. Manipulators can evil but for believer of course no one is stronger than God Himself. Hyun Joong is a very honest man, and that is why he is always blessed. Even in this Mnet I have seen it how it happened as I mentioned in my article yesterday I felt I was at the hospital ICU. I prayed hard before I slept, and as I woke up Hyun Joong is back to rank number 3, God is good and God is great and God is almighty.

These are the challenges we fans have to face, but we take this lightly instead of getting frustrated. As they said it doesn’t count how much we fall, but it matters how much we stood up. Some fans may think this is bogus that will not participate. If only Hyun Joong has a choice but no, the guy has pride too. Bogus or not I can not leave him, the more I will stay and protect him.

And I think this is one way to protect him, by merely voting at the right timing I think this is just it. What have we got to lose? For me, I would rather do something about this, go on voting, at least win or lose I got nothing to regret about, knowing I have done my part as a fan. We just have to stay together and be at Hyun Joong side, nothing else matter.

They said life without a challenge is a dull life! This time our enemy are not the insects but the robots. But don’t worry, we just have to be smarter than the robots, and how I wish they go malfunction!! As one of the fan said, just one bomb, it’s over!! Just like the insects, it just takes one insect spray and they’re gone!!!

This robot won’t last, this is just until June 27, for the final on line count down! After this next is City Conquest, then we’ll be back with the insects!!! This will be the life of Hyun Joong’s fan as we journey with him. But it’s fun we learn to unite to protect the Prince! Therefore life with Kim Hyun Joong is never been dull, because there’s always something to challenge about that will strength us as Hyun Joong’s fans.

And with that, I’m done with the daily dose, may I sleep now?? LOL it’s 8:00am haven’t slept yet since yesterday! And also if I may delay posting my articles which happened in the recent days, please forgive me. But I will always post my article everyday no matter what happen, changes may just be time of posting.

Kim Hyun Joong will always be faced by different challenges as he climbs up his ladder, don’t be scared, don’t be discouraged instead take this weakness as strength to move on and fight. Nothing else matter for the love of Kim Hyun Joong, we stay as one…

                                                                                              Lazerkim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14, thanks.

Mnet LINK to vote CLICK HERE>(

REMINDER: Please refrain from casting your vote between 12 midnight till 5am or 6am Korean Time. You may do so from 6:00am onward until before 12:00 midnight. Korean time.

Mnet Global Star Ranking as of 12:36noon (4/14/2012)

1. Super Junior……….403,976…………/37.1%vote

2. Girl’s Generation……..299,016………./27.5%vote

3. Kim Hyun Joong……….153,931…………/14.1%vote

4. Jang Geun Suk…………149,653…………/13.8%vote

5. Beast………….138,516…………/12.7%vote



16 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[article] CHALLENGE!!

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  3. LK,How lucky we having you as sister,who always gear up spirit,and motivited to not give up till the battle end…all this comments here make me daughter still in this battle. Any way after all this you really need to take rest.God bless.

  4. really i also didn’t get this time difference fact. i’m from sri lanka and i usually vote at 5pm-9pm here. can any one tell me the time difference between sri lanka and S.korea???

  5. Lazer! Currently the other artists vote aren’t increasing that quickly, but if they do during early times in Seoul, then that means it’s gonna stay like this (as in rankings). Their votes go up in early times and KHJ votes go up in evening times…..:(

  6. Waah you are becoming an owl just like me lol! xd well, for a good reason kekeke! I’ve been voting lots at the right time and had convinced many ppl on facebook&tumblr 😀 plus I see that the gap is about 7k+, which is good! But of course-> we must keep on voting!

  7. I don’t get the part about voting between 12:00am-4:00am. I’m from UK and I’ve been voting around 4-5pm in the evening cos that’s the time it counts as a day for me on the MNET site, which you convert to Korea is in early times.

    • Anon: since I’m a pro when it comes to hour difference and you are in the UK, that means you must avoid voting between 6pm-1am UK time. At that time, super junior, jgs, etc’s votes magically increase when you vote for KHJ, that’s why you must cast your vote between 2am-5.30pm instead 😀 I see that you are voting by 5pm which is good! =)

      • Sorry to be annoying but what you mean by magically increasing other artists votes when we vote for KHJ? I guess all super junior. JGS etc fandoms vote around that time thats why KHJ’s votes seem less. But don’t worry when it comes to our time to vote KHJ’s will magically increase~kekeke

  8. wooooooottttttttttttt i’m so excited voting really.. lols

    thanks for your article sis LZ.. as always the BEST!

    all i know is i have learned to love this man, my Star Prince Hyun Joong-ssi.. love him like he’s a part of my family, my life, my inspiration.. and as for me, if you love someone, you want what’s best for them.. a family, a friend, a relative.. you always feel proud and happy for them when you heard of their achievements.. you want to contribute or support them all the way as long as you know it will make them so happy..

    giving a little of your time to vote though you’re illiterate when it comes to computers and internet.. giving a little of your time to vote even though you got a busy schedule at work, or in your life in general.. giving a little of your time to vote even though you hate such things.. coz voting can sometimes be really frustrating.. lols.. in short, a little sacrifice on the part of us following him, but those little time that we spend, on my own opinion cannot be compared to how much this guy loves us all his fans.. how he works hard to be better in everything he does just for us.. so he can give us only the BEST performance ever, whether its his dancing, singing or drama.. so when i think of it, i feel so little not even doing something for him… to get him on top as he only deserves it.. if only i have a wand, i will put a spell for him to be on number 1.. if only i can move heaven and earth and mountains and dry the sea, because having those power i can easily make him to be on top, to be number one on that Global Star category, coz no one deserves to be on top other than Hyun Joong-ssi.. but fair and square, i’ll just do everything i can to contribute and support him..

    though being in the category fighting with groups, at first i thought, that was stupid of those who put him on that category, 1 performer to many??? how can that be fair?? how stupid is that? how can 1 person win with a group who has a lot of artist/performer with different followers??? but then again on the brighter side, i realized, he’s such a big big star now that is why he’s been put in the category where he has to fight with group of artists.. and whatever the count of those groups are, divide them to the number of members of the group, and that is their score as individuals.. hahahahahahahahaha.. wooooooottttttttttttttt…. see, they can’t even get a half of my Prince’s score.. lols.. so as for me, HE’S STILL THE WINNER I CAN SAY.. NO MATTER WHAT THE RESULTS WILL BE, KIM HYUN JOONG-SSI IS CLEARLY THE WINNER FOR ME!!!! woooooooootttttttttttttttttttt………

    and even though others have robots or machines that multiplies their votes, i have my heart and sincere love for my Star Prince to make him the winner, whatever the results are, for me HYUN JOONG-SSI IS THE WINNER!!! yeahoooooooooooooooooo.. wooooooooootttttttttttttt.. party party.. party party…

    mc here commenting.. lols.. ( la lang ginaya ko lang end mo.. hahahahahahaha ) toinks.. love ya sis.. and take great care of your health always… you’ve been monitoring the polls now, but you need to better care of yourself too.. please please.. take care.. GOd bless always! mwahugs

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