Kim Hyun Joong… [article] VOTE ESSENCE

By: LazerKim            Yesterday morning I just found out Kim Hyun Joong was sick and was on drip. After Hyun Joong arrived Shanghai, he already has a sore throat. I would think it must be the weather since it’s season changing to summer. While Hyun Joong was in China he barely ate, well considering having a sore throat of course swallowing food can be painful. I think he’s over fatigue, plus the fact he’s on body building program that means it includes his food diet, his immune system just drop down. But I think he’s alright by now.

Next week he’ll be starting with his action acting lessons and I think he’ll be spending the rest of this month training before he gets to his album launching in Japan. As I have mentioned in my other articles Hyun Joong shall be releasing his second Japanese album HEAT on July 4. Many fans are worried about this album for whatever reasons I think Hyun Joong’s Japanese fans can take care of it. There are only limited countries who can place pre-orders since international delivery are also limited. Well I haven’t made inquiries about the album and whose album shall be releasing at the same time as Hyun Joong.

Here’s update on Mnet voting polls. Unfortunately Hyun Joong dropped to no 4 last night, after gaining a slim gap of 1,900 the whole day yesterday it just slide down at 12 midnight. We lost the two thousand votes. We need to vote more, we’re fighting over a machine generated robot as I call it!! There’s the current ranking at Mnet Voting Polls as 4:15am

1. Super Junior………323,721     /37.9%

2. Girl’s Generation…….253,508   /29.7%

3. Jang Geun suk……..114,227    /13.4%

4. Kim Hyun Joong.…..113,078    /13.2%

5. Beast…….106,394   /12.5%

Many of voting polls similar to Mnet are said to be bogus, well I wouldn’t pretend that I do not know or not aware about this bogus on-line voting polls, they do exist and some are being manipulated, even in beauty pagent.Unfortunately there is no way to prove it., be it bogus or not where Hyun Joong’s name is posted I follow him.

What can we do Hyun Joong is one of the nominees, we can’t just leave him there and ignore as if we we’re not aware he’s nominated. It’s not even his choice to be nominated on contrary Hyun Joong was selected among the most popular idol star. Of course to any artist it’s an honor to be nominated for a title, and considering Mnet 20’s Choice is a prestigious organization. Actually Hyun Joong had already received an award coming from this organization in 2010.

Yesterday in my article Shared Effort someone wrote her comment saying “You Don’t Have to Vote Just to Show you Care”. This statement caught my attention, but the first question popped in my mind was, “so how would you show you care”. Voting is not the only way we can show we care for Hyun Joong, yes I very much agree, because there a lot of ways we can show we care. But what is there about voting, what is the essence of voting for Hyun Joong.

Global Star category: (As of early this morning 4:15am)

1. Super Junior………323,721     /37.9%

2. Girl’s Generation…….253,508   /29.7%

3. Jang Geun suk……..114,227    /13.4%

4. Kim Hyun Joong.……113,078    /13.2%

5. Beast…….106,394   /12.5%

As I have said earlier, Hyun Joong was nominated which is not his choice. Take a look at that chart, you can see Hyun Joong’s name appears before your eyes and imagine his name without figure no numbers, meaning nobody voted for him. While other artists has huge figures displayed, as fan how would you feel? And what do you think Hyun Joong would feel? Hyun Joong is a human being too, he has sensitive feelings just like us.

Don’t think he wouldn’t wonder as to why nobody voted for him? It’s not his fault to be on that chart. As I have said he was chosen as one of the most popular idol star which is true. So may I ask again how would you show you care for him. Wouldn’t you care what he might feel having been not voted for him by his own fan? I find that strange, the guy has feeling in fact he’s so sentive, if you do not know it, I’m telling you now he is and he is even sentimental, but kept those feeling to himself.

I borrowed this statement from my comment box, and I quote:

If you think that voting for him and putting him no.1 shows you how much you love him, well I think thats sad.

Last night as I was monitoring the voting polls it’s already past midnight, as I watched his contenders figure rise my heart just crushed, and I felt the disappointment of two other fans who were with me to monitor. I know right at that moment as it dropped many fans are watching over us. Because I posted for RED ALERT meaning Hyun Joong is in critical condition and a lot of fans responded, and re-twitted my post. We kept on voting to control it’s drop. The feeling was like I was at the hospital ICU (Intensive Care Unit) that I have to save a life that I couldn’t do anything, until the heart monitor goes flat line. That’s how it felt last night and I’m very sure those who were watching our twit felt the same way.

Honestly, this isn’t suppose to be my topic today, but with what I felt last night, and this comment flashed in my mind, I know now how it feels to vote for Hyun Joong.  In voting for him, it may not show how much I love Hyun Joong, but I felt how much I love and cared for him. There are a lot of ways in showing our support to Hyun Joong as a fan and voting is one of the ways. For others may not know the essence of voting, I think this is one thing that we can give to Hyun Joong exclusively for him which is priceless, that he alone can benefit from and not his fans. Win or lose we are still the winner  because it is in voting we unit in one Kim Hyun Joong.

For any artist to be able win an award whichever way it may be is an honor. Some may think Hyun Joong doesn’t need an award. Having been awarded is a certified recognition that marks the artist’s credibility. Of course Hyun Joong will be honored to receive an award, and it is one thing that fans can give him specially in this Mnet voting poll, since 50% of the criteria comes from his fan’s votes.

There are many ways a fan can show her support to Hyun Joong and it’s an individual prerogative. Another fan wrote in my comment box in response to the first fan and I quote:

 “Sure you may show your care thru blogs,CD’ arts etc..word of mouth….I just wonder how come the way of voting doesn’t count to all these to you. I’m telling you the enthusiasm of fans in voting polls is way better to get closer to one another rather than being all alone showing your care. Did you ever experience working as a team?The kind of feeling that everyone share the same passion to keep the fight in order to get the goal? That no matter how slight the chances are w/ joint forces each and everyone put w/ a strong determination,is a worthwhile experience. For me I am not just doing this for HJ but more to myself because I do really respect and adorn this guy so much. And it gives me happiness to support him in any way I can.That is what my heart dictates.”

Thanks Dan, I share the same thoughts and feelings as Dan has.  In voting, win or lose the fans and Hyun Joong are still the winners. Having the chance to unit in one purpose, in one aim and in one love that binds Hyun Joong and his fans. This is the essence of voting. It’s priceless and something worth to fight for the person you love and worth to have unity in one. This is the essence of voting….

                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, thanks KHJean thanks.

Mnet Ranking Status as of Today 2:17pm  (6/13/12)

1. Super Junior ,….   344,132   /37.7%

2. Girl’s Generation……265,516/29.1%

3. Kim Hyun Joong……123,981/13.6%

4.Jang Geun Suk……122,965/13.5%

5. Beast …….112,968/12.4%

My apologies to delay in posting. I had connection problem, thanks for waiting.



10 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] VOTE ESSENCE

  1. I will support KHJ whatever it takes I’ve gain 25ID to use, to vote HJ, I’ve asked my friends and work mates even my family and relatives if they can create an Mnet ID inable for me to vote HJ and they gladly do it, bcoz they know how much I love and care for him. This is how I show my love, care and support for Him, I will do everything for him to get this award, because I want him to be happy.

  2. Thank you LazerKim (i see you’ve recovered well in time to post this article) – you are doing such a great job for the REAL fans, not only updating on twitter (yes another addiction because of KHK but You are a big part as well) but writting those wonderful articles. Through you i have came to understand what a REAL fan is. Do you remember in the begining when i have started to read your articles I didn’t know how or what to do but you’ve pointed out those things, vote when is needed, buy the CDs try and (i keep dreaming) be at the FMs that is a Real Fan and it is Fun. It puts a bright spot on day to day life a smile on my face and I find new friends regardless of the distance, Earth it is a small village after all. I kept voting (don’t ask how i am using my friends facebook accounts, they think i am nuts, but it is fun) via facebook, Mnet account (opened two) and of course twitter and so on. The Hangten pictures today were wow and the Haneda arrival as well. So let’s keep the party going and do our best. Good bless and thanks for all:)

  3. Hi Lazerkim,

    I have been followed your aticles for sometimes now . you know what ? I become addicted to your articles as same as addicted to Hyun Joong ‘s update. I have been addicted to Hyun Joong for almost 3 years and my life never be the same. He is really a special kind of human being I just can’t help but to end up loving him as who he is not only as a singer or an actor. The more I know of him the more I fall in to him.

    Thank you so much for all of your articles I have not read all of them yet . I really enjoy reading it so far and have not passed a day without visiting your blog.

    Becuase of your articles I manage to vote for Hyun Joong for Mnet 20 with 2 ID every single day. It really made me feel so good after doing this for him. Thank you very much for your effort and encouragement.

    For those who do not start voting yet i would like to encourage you to do it I guarantee you will feel really really good after you have voted for him. Actually the good feeling already come since I start doing it the outcome will be the big surplus especially to see him smile with confident and happyness.

    • Thank you very much for reading my articles. You’re doing a good job in voting just keep doing so and before you know it god willing HJ will be up there. We’ll never give up without a fight! See you again, take care, have a wonderful day and God bless…

  4. hello ms LK! probably my heart wont be back in normal beating till this voting finish.its freaking me out…waiting 4 the nxt day so i can vote again,checking the ranking every now and then.evryone here at home said im crazy,u know what i told them”walang basagan ng trip hahaha! let me use all ur acnt kesa nangengelam kau lol!thank u ms LK. PLSSSSSSSS LETS KEEP ON VOTING!

    • Why don’t you make another ID, it’s so easy then, just sign up to yahoo, or Gmail then you can sign up to Mnet for an account we do it so we can vote more than once. Mnet allows that. Don’t worry everyone is doing it at any poll voting. LOL you’re so funny!! thanks! Wish me luck we will be on battle with Mnet machine tonight!! Cast your vote before midnight Do not vote after midnight, andun ang magic, you may vote again after 4am. Hey thanks always, and see you again, take care!! God bless

      • thanks 4 sharing me the magic ms LK…cash my vote b4 midnyt i set my alarm before 4am…kaloka hahaha! just lyk wat u said”NEVER GIVE UP W/0 A FIGHT” thanks again God bless!

  5. Don’t ever try to make boundaries for being a fan.. Can we ever find a definition for being a fan? Or qualities or responsibilities of a fan? NO we can’t.. Because if we love someone truly, passionately that feeling is a heartfelt thing and it’s not like fulfilling our duty after giving an oath or something.. I agree voting only doesn’t mean that she/he is a true fan, but still if she/he vote with great passion and commitment I would still accept them as true fans.. If you have money you can buy CDs, merchandise those are bought by fans and even non-fans, because there are people who collect them. But when it comes to voting poll, only aren’t we the fans that remain there? And as Lazer unnie said when we aware that an important poll goes on, can we just leave him there.. If people say that they buy CDs and merchandise and that’s enough, yes those are enough for their happiness..But true fans go far beyond that they will pay their gratitude towards the idol whenever they get the opportunity.. Anyone can have any opinion but still they can’t condemn the sincerity of the other fans.. because we are in a big family of fans, many ages many countries but ADORES ONLY ONE KIM HYUN JOONG!!
    I always remember his GENUINE SMILE towards the fans and I want to see it always…

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