Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SHARED EFFORT

By: LazerKim          Home sweet home!!  Kim Hyun Joong boarded his flight from Beijing to Incheon Airport Seoul yesterday morning and as expected his loving fans were there at Incheon Airport to welcome him back home! Now I wonder can Hyun Joong really take a rest? Well that is taking a rest from exposure, but it won’t be long he’ll be in his toes again and start working. Hyun Joong has so many up-coming projects, and we know very well it takes a lot of preparation to accomplish each project as if time is not sufficient to give himself a real break or a holiday.

While I’m writing this article I monitor the movements at Mnet voting polls and it’s 2:30am magic do happens at this hour!! A few days ago Jang Geun Suk was at Hyun Joong’s tail with the gap of 3,500 votes having Hyun Joong at no.3 and JGS at no.4. It was at this same hour that JGS came up real fast until the gap slim down to 2,000 then down again by 1,500, and at this hour from yesterday it freeze down to 1,100 to 1,200. I monitor the votes every 10min, and list down the figure to see the difference.

Yesterday all I did was to monitor and investigate the voting polls like this. I asked the veteran fans, how the voting used to be since Hyun Joong has always been a winner and we have witnessed how he brought home the bacon. I was informed that this time Hyun Joong’s votes were noticeably slower than the past voting polls. Well obviously Hyun Joong this time is competing with giant idol groups with large scale of fan base. In his previous nomination Hyun Joong competes with soloist like him. Well of course the weekly Music Chart is different from being nominated for an award.

A fan emailed me and she was saying I should bear in mind that not all Hyun Joong’s fans is capable of voting because they are not as active as the teenagers!! I can’t help to think hello, excuse me!! Fine, not all fans is up to voting in polls, but I know a grandma who can still vote and monitor Mnet ranking everyday. For me, if a person wants to do something no matter what it takes she’ll just do it. I think what we missed here is encouragement, instead of concluding. No matter how busy a person is if she wants to vote she will. How much time will she lose? Less than 5min just to vote, that is if she wants to.

Another fan wrote in my comment box as she said, it’s sad that not all fans are up to voting. I agree with her I simply replied,” yes it’s sad, how is that, cheering in times of triumph and retreat in times of fight?”This voting polls can be a test to Hyun Joong’s fans, how much are they paying attention to him. Voting is supporting, and this is one of our roles as a fan. Hyun Joong is being nominated, this was not even his choice but his name is there, He was selected among other artists and it’s an honor to be nominated, and so we vote for him, this is our role as his fans.

I think it’s high time to put out acts together and start voting. Let’s get involve with the activity in supporting Hyun Joong. Anyway, it’s been our daily routine to check on Hyun Joong’s update everyday, then let’s give a few minutes to vote before checking on updates. What have we got to lose, it’s the same daily routine, the only difference is sparing some minutes of voting before we check on updates. That’s just it I guess, it does not require any longer than five minutes to vote, in your daily routine.

Hyun Joong may be on the third rank and it seems tough to get to the top rank considering the figure is just so huge. I will be realistic about this, but I don’t think we should allow him to drop any further than the third rank. Let’s accept the fact that this competition or whatever we call, seems to me is a mismatch, but it does not mean we can not take the challenge. We just keep on voting everyday, because this is our role as a fan, we support Hyun Joong any where he is. Let’s be at his side. Just keep on voting everyday and before we know, it he’s already on top. We take this as a challenge and we’re not giving up without a fight.

And then this fan who wrote to me was saying Hyun Joong doesn’t have many fans. Well maybe not as huge as Super Junior, quite acceptable for now just for now. But to say Hyun Joong has very little fans, with all due respect, I think the fan needs eye glasses. Since she’s a stranger to me and she wrote me so I’m not sure if she’s a genuine fan. Oh but she attended most of Hyun Joong’s fan meeting, which I believe she did. I just can’t understand why she said Hyun Joong has little fans, or maybe it could be she’s comparing with the fans of SJ. Oh well, I do encounter such emails pretending to be genuine fans just to mess up, and I’m getting use to it!!

Oh by the way one of Hyun Joong’s fan mother informed me that a fan was not aware of the Mnet voting polls. Please do post the link from Mnet below as much as you can. I asked a fan as a favor, if she can post a video clip of Hyun Joong like an ad at You Tube. I think this is necessary specially for those fans who does not have twitter account, just to be aware about Mnet. I think it would be best if we can help each in spreading the word about Mnet and that Hyun Joong is being nominated as Global Star. Many fans may not know the existing voting polls, so let’s encourage them to vote.

I’ll be posting the reminders in voting st Mnet for the new fans to be aware. Do not be discourage with the ranking, instead take it as a challenge to bring the number of votes up. Just keep on voting everyday and before you know it he’s already on top!!This is just a matter of helping each other, let’s give our share of simple effort to support Hyun Joong, he needs us this time, let us be there for him.

Kim Hyun Joong has been sharing a lot of himself to us fans, what more can be sweeter than sharing effort among ourselves as we support. He may not always win but, it doesn’t matter because we all know very well he is already a great winner in our heart and no one nor anything can ever change that…..

                                                                                           LazerKim here writing

                                                 Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks as always.

Guide lines in voting for the new fans:

1.)   In order to vote log in to any of the following, Twitter and Face Book. If you still do not have an account from any mentioned above, you may create an account by visiting the Google and choose any of these two social network you want to log in. Or you may sign up at Global Mnet and create your account directly from the Mnet voting, (pls refer to the LINK bellow)

2..)   Voting is once a day per ID. So if you have multiple ID’s, meaning with different username and password, then you may use them any time within the day.

3.)   There are at least 17 categories and Hyun Joong falls on the 13th category which is GLOBAL STAR. You can see his picture and simply click on the picture.

3.)    Please be reminded that you are required to vote on all categories to complete the voting process otherwise your vote can not be validated. You may vote any of the celebrities on each categories depending on your choice. But of course, the most important thing is to vote for Kim Hyun Joong at the Global Star category.

(The LINK is invisible due to black wall. Link is within open/close parenthesis.)

Mnet 20’s Choice LINK CLICK HERE>(   VOTE NOW!!                   VOTE FOR KIM HYUN JOONG


36 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SHARED EFFORT

  1. Hi lazerkim, I really love reading your articles… I am a new fan of Kim hyun joong and I do join in the voting.. If you are a fan of him, I think you would be happy to see him to be at the top. He may not win but at least we try…. Do continue to use your articles To encourage more fans to vote…. Thanks…

    • Thanks for reading and welcome to the alien world of KHJ. Thank you for doing this, I appreciate it very much, please do keep spreading the words.See you again! Have a nice day….God bless.

  2. Good evening LazerKim, I see you’ve been busy (same here started voting as soon as got home) saw the pools and ….a big sigh here. But cheer up, tomorrow is another day so, have some faith girl! Those comments …. well… disappointing that they don’t see the main issue here, but, that’s life, sometimes you loose sometime you gain. You can not convert or make people see eye to eye with you, accept them as they are. Head at least we are trying our best here till the end. Look forward for a hot July, it should be and please, please keep smiling (twitting as well…). Take care and God Bless. 🙂

    • Noya tomrrow we’ll be there again would you like to join us in voting? It’s the same time like a while ago. It would be fun even it’s disappointing!! LOL we’re fighting over the machine the robots LOL. Just bat in tom you’re most welcome could you please follow dinu, mc, bliz KHJean, we’ll be together tom I actually mention you to them.

      • thanks LazerKim, I am voting now as well (my evening/night) doing what you’ve taught me (you know opening accounts etc….) trying my best here. I will continue to follow you guys on twitter as well. Noted your mood changed, but don’t give up, sunny days are coming soon. And by the way those M-net guys put him in that category just to give us a headache…lol. Go have a good rest now. Tomorrow is another day. May the force be with us all. (I was thinking to post a comment on KHJ youtube chanel to open a Twitter account for non chinese fans, maybe someone will monitor this, at least I am trying! lol) good night:)

  3. Thanks Lk,how the way you comfort me is just like I know you before,is realy magic feeling.You are right,you just call all alliens to work together for HIM,because we love and care about HIM. My daughter just sms me,she done her duty… Very tough battle,but still don’t give up. Actualy,voting is my dream,since last time I’m not active in internet,I only buy ss501 cd n ofcourse HIS album n drama, so voting to bring HIm up was really my dream….once again,thanks for your spirit.God bless.

  4. yes we love HJ so much that we wanted him to win or we wanna see him place on top..either from supporting his album,concerts,endorsements ,dramas’ and so does voting of any categories or anything else!..i believe everyone is doing their best for HJ no matter how little things they can contribute still *little act shows great love*. I myself is not even an expert voter i admit but i do make sure i can do something for HJ if not for voting then for others..but of course we ALIENS are in crucial time to bring HJ on top..^^.and so am voting for him in a way i can,so lets do it SOLDIERS!..if we have a million fans of HJ with 1 acct only thats more than enough for us to bring him on top in one day only!..Lets ACT NOW thats already a big help for him and much appreciation !!…READY!!!…LETS GO and VOTE!!…

    • Yeah it looks like a real holiday seeing everyone busy voting! Well it feels good having unified effort isn’t it.? Who’s an expert isn’t it I’m also an illiterate with technology LOL!! Hey thanks and see you around!! Let’s go see at the twitter and vote!! Take care have a nice day see you around!!

      • Loving you for your effort LZ for KHJ!..monitoring and voting at the same writing an article..whaaa…are you ok?…a million love for KHJ ha^^…’like idol like fan’ hardworking!!..Please take care yourself,i know how much you care for him but of course “health is our wealth “…keke..LOL!!..
        And thank you for ur understanding always!!..fighting!!..

        • Thanks sis. Let’s just say this is what HJ has done to my life!! LOL but just love it Yeah like idol like fan. Tell me who your idol is & I’ll you who you are!! Thanks for being thoughtful always, don’t worry doing this is such a joy for me that I can only share with you. Hey see you around!! Fighting!! OOppss it’s voting time!!

  5. Just because you didn’t vote for KHJ doesn’t mean your not a true henecia. TBH I’ve been a fan of KHJ for two years ever since I saw him in BOF, and speaking in general I think he doesn’t have a great voice but what I love about him is his personality, honesty to fans and his humble nature. KHJ took this path, and I’m sure this goes for all idols/artist out there, they know how much hard work it takes. Dancing for 8hrs, Gym for 2 hrs with other activities on top, KHJ is prepared for this because he decided to take this path.
    What I’m saying is that not all fans need to vote on whatever shows/websites etc. that KHJ is associated in. They can support KHJ in other ways too.
    I don’t think KHJ is expecting all or even most fans to vote for him, because being no.1 on charts/polls does not matter to him but what matters is that he’s fans only one.
    If you think that voting for him and putting him no.1 shows you how much you love him, well I think thats sad.
    BTW Lazer Kim, I hope you understand I’m not directly pointing the arrow at you because I never said anything wrong about what you write, I’m just trying putting my comment on here, because it frustrates me how some fans are referring that if KHJ doesn’t win they’ll blame on others who didn’t vote. YOU DON’T HAVE TO VOTE , JUST TO SHOW YOU CARE.

        • oh~~maybe it’s a matter of how your heart dictates to show you care..for some who may shared your opinion voting is not essential bcoz as you said HJ doesn’t care about being on top in every poll.Sure he doesn’t but in my opinion getting him on top w/ the combined effort of his fans is not just a showing of how you care but “MAKING IT BE KNOWN” on how this HJ effects to his fan and he is not just an artist but as you said it’s his personality that most people draw to him.And me for one if voting will encourage more people to know him well then I will try my best to get him on top!.I am not after the award either but if that will encourage more people to get interested of knowing HJ then I will continue doing so.Because if one pays even a slight interest of knowing about this guy whom being adorned by his fans globally then it’s a way for them to determine themselves the man’s worth of having such passionate fans…in all walks of every genre..Sure you may show your care thru blogs,CD’ arts etc..word of mouth….I just wonder how come the way of voting doesn’t count to all these to you.I’m telling you the enthusiasm of fans in voting polls is way better to get closer to one another rather than being all alone showing your care.Did you ever experience working as a team?The kind of feeling that everyone share the same passion to keep the fight in order to get the goal?That no matter how slight the chances are w/ joint forces each and everyone put w/ a strong determination,is a worthwhile experience.For me I am not just doing this for HJ but more to myself because I do really respect and adorn this guy so much.And it gives me happiness to support him in any way I can.That is what my heart dictates.

    • Thank you for reading. I’m sorry I lost connection while typing. Where am I , oh so how do show you care? My dear reading from your opinion gave me an impression that you had a bad experience being a fan in the past because you said it frustrates you how some fans blame each other who didn’t vote. Who said that? Why should they blame each other? That’s childish, voting is self decision. While this article is encouragement and enlightenment. No one is forcing anyone here. you said in bold letters “Don’t have to vote just show you care”

      If you’re miles away from HJ and you’re penniless, you can’t afford a CD or travel to go to his concerts, then how will you show you care? Letter writing? which he can not understand English? What else?
      HJ had received many awards coming from these organizations, what he receives is a certified recognition which money can’t buy. It is one present a fan can give him which is priceless. If he won’t be able to make it what does he gets? The effort of every fan to vote for him and unity. Just like at MAMA that every fan prided for sharing the effort of voting. Win or lose the essence of this voting is unity in one effort for KHJ.

      Please don’t get me wrong dear, I think you just a have wrong perception about the voting. No one blames anyone here, believe me. We’re all matured here. Why don’t you join us for you to experience a friendly atmosphere, and you are welcome here. There’s no harm in trying. I think you’re still young I also have young readers who enjoys it here. I just want you to know, you are welcome in this blog.
      Well, thank you again, have a nice day and I hope to see you again, take care God bless.

      • Blogging, CD’s, Merchandise, Creating Banners, Making GIF’s, Word of mouth.

        People show different ways of liking caring about Hyun Joong. Even if they didn’t go to concerts/award ceremonies fans spend time looking for it all over the internet. They might wanna write an account about it or create GIF’s with it. I think thats a type of caring as well, because your putting time and effort into it.

        I don’t dislike Hyun Joong in any way.I also run a blog dedicated to HJ because he’s the only bias I have now and he will always be the only bias I have.

        Take Care xxx

        • Oh yes I agree, but then Hyun Joong couldn’t understand if it’s in Eng. and then blogging yes, he still can’t read, the rest needs money merchandise, cd, it’s fans benefit. It has to be HJ alone will benefit that is priceless, not material things. that’s my point. and that is the essence of voting.
          Hey see you around…thanks for coming back!! How I wish to know your name.

        • hi Christina,thank you so much for your piece as a way of sharing how much u care and love HJ..2 yrs of being a fan of HJ is already an achievement as a true fan plus blogging for!! wonder you’re a veteran fan of him.I myself respect your point of view regarding this matter about voting for KHJ.Well no matter what the article is conveying here it is only for the sake of KHJ.Vote or not thats alright because its our own will that’s prevail..Hope you dont mind me commenting here,hope i can visit your blog too..:D!..HWAITING!!..good to see you around christina..*wink!*..

            • wow!..good to hear that from u Christina dear!,,well i hope we’ll gonna have more sharing in the future..of course about THE ONE AND ONLY KHJ!!..*smiling*..i say it again HWAITING!!..^o^..God bless u dear!!

            • Hi Christina,
              I don’t understand your support for Hyun Joong.
              If you cannot motivate other fans, please not let comments here.

  6. Sist,I keep on read your article,but I don’t know how to join you in this battle.Till know,I still can’t vote,but my niece and my daughter already take over my duty. They always report to me every day.ah… My heart not really pain now, but if only I can vote HIM by my finger,that will be complite for me.Anyway is that posible if we vote HIM via mobile?please LK let me know. Bring HIM up! Cause HE deserve to be up.thanks sist… Waiting your rply, god bless

    • ling by simply being there observing is already a great help that means you care. I appreciate letting your daughter do the voting for you, that’s great,! See? This is what I’m saying if we want to do something we will. If there’s a will there’s a way, I really hope other fans can read your comment. I’m proud of you bcoz you find find ways it you can’t do it, simply because you want it. So your daughter votes for you and that will be fine. Don’t worry I’ll always be here everyday and I’ll keep you posted about the voting. I won’t lie to you good or not so good I’ll bring it to you.
      I think you can vote via mobile, just try it first, if you have prob come back to this blog & I’ll let somebody help you ok?
      Take care now, have a great hyun joong day!!!! see you again God bless

    • Hi Ing,
      Just to let you know your doing a good job just by caring and wanting to give all your support to him and by having family voting and giving you the updates! I don’t think you can vote by texting or nothing like that don’t see that on the web, but if your phone have internet and you can use a browser like going in the internet you can access the page from there go to the link provided by all fans or even provided here by lazerkim and sign in! its a bit hard cause the phone screen are small but if you do want to vote thats an option, I have place mine via phone that way, also! Again don’t feel bad cz you can’t vote we do appreciate your effort and your love for him!

  7. Kim Hyun Joong -ssi never get tired to perform infront of us and make us happy with dancing and singing… So don’t ever feel tired to VOTE for him.. He might never expects from us to make him win in this poll, but isn’t it our responsibity? Isn’t it a way of showing our love and paying our gratitude? SO PLEASE VOTE HIM..

    UNITY for KHJ can do this!!! FIGHTING ALIENS!!!!!!

  8. LK! I am so happy with this article you made about voting! I hope all HJ fans will be enlightened of all the things you said! Well done! God bless you LazerKim.

    • Oh I really do hope so everyone can vote!! But we can not insist, it’s alright nothing matters. For as long as we’re here facing the challenge. thank you for reading see you around!! take care God bless.

  9. Let’s keep it up! We can’t never give up! NO RETREAT….NO SURRENDER! This more than making him #1 is more abt showing our love and support for all his hard work and what he has giving us by just let him know he can count on us always! I’ve even have been leaving message on video posted on YT cz we all see video of the FMs so its a good place to thanks the people that upload them and promote the MNet vote as well!

  10. hello ms LK! this so serious i just check the rankiing KHJ is only hve 312 ahead of JGS…gosh im so stressssss! plssss calling all khj fans lets vote.

    • Yeah we just have to work together nothing else matter just go on fighting and prayers please I do believe in prayer can create miracles, he’s a good man deserving the prayers for him…..thanks see you again!!

  11. HJ has time to dance 8hrs a day, go to the gym for 2hrs, hold FM’s, hi-5’s, interviews, preparing his Heat singing&dance+Saitama concert, take acting lessons, now he will go to that ‘action’ school, practice City conquest script plus he got the huge boxes with his fans’ gifts for him and will check them one by one. If a fan tells me she doesn’t have time to vote for him, which is 3 minutes then I’d tell to her: you are not a true Henecia.

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