Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ULTIMATE FORCE

By LazerKim:            Kim Hyun Joong performed his Fan Meet Concert Finale in another huge success last night in Beijing. As expected the venue was full packed and his Chinese fans obviously enjoyed the night of fun as Hyun Joong performed on his last stage for this Asia Tour. He promised to come back next, and so sad it may be, his Chinese fans showing a passionate kind of admiration to Hyun Joong can look forward for next year’s concert. As for us here, well it was a month full of excitement that we get to hear from Hyun Joong almost every weekend. The photo below is Hyun Joong writing in Chinese character to thank his fans in China. Such a thoughtful guy as if writing to his lover to bid farewell!!

Sad it may be, since this June we may seldom see him again, because his next project shall be in Japan to release his album HEAT on 4th of July and shall be performing a free concert on the 14th and 15th at the Saitama Super Arena. While waiting for his next exposure, we fans have a task to do. And that is to focus our attention in voting for Hyun Joong at the Global Mnet, which had started a few days ago.

This voting polls shall be opened until the 27th of this month. Awards ceremony shall be on July, same month when Hyun Joong performed the unforgettable water splash as King of Pirates held in Sheraton Walker poolside. This time he will not perform since he is nominated for Global Star category.

Yesterday, the video clips of Hyun Joong’s fan meeting concert in Shanghai was already out and so I watched those video clips. Hyun Joong indeed had performed a fantastic show in Shanghai and as I watch his fans from Shanghai were truly passionate about their admiration to Hyun Joong. After watching I came across some video concerts of other idol groups like CN Blue, I think it was a concert in Japan, and then seeing from the video titles, like TVXQ, JYJ, 2ne1 and all of those videos were concerts abroad. I asked myself as to why are these groups not nominated for Global Mnet?? Aren’t they qualified for this match?

Many fans have been sharing with me their sentiments over this Mnet voting polls which I myself can’t help wondering as to why is Hyun Joong being competed with the idol groups again. I wrote this in one of my recent article, and from day one, my mind have been asking the same question over and over, why again? I have been trying to convince myself it’s because Hyun Joong doesn’t have a contender with the same category even I know from the start that this is totally mismatched.

Even Jang Geun Suk is there to compete with or maybe it should have been better if the two just compete with each other and have the idol groups on separate category. I was even wondering why these groups 2ne1, Wonder Girls, JYJ, TVXQ, CN Blue were not included in this voting these are the most qualified ones to compete with Super Junior, Beast, Girl’s Generation, and there are a lot more idol groups who have been actively performing abroad.

But having these thoughts in mind I will never give up without a fight till the end. I’m just wondering didn’t anyone in Korea noticed this mismatch? These are just my thoughts. Now that Hyun Joong had ended his fan meet in China I sure do hope his Chinese fans would give attention to voting. And this makes me even wonder his weibo followers is now over 400,000 fans I wouldn’t be looking for all the 400,000 but at least a hundred will do coming from weibo. I just feel something is wrong from somewhere. And yes a fan actually reminded me of Japanese fans too.

Although, on line voting is not the only criteria to win but it’s at 50% on line voting, 30% research and 20% special judging. Still Hyun Joong has to get at least more than a half of the high ranking position if not the first rank. Votes for Hyun Joong is still important.

Oh well, I can just do my very best and just keep voting as much as I could, encourage more fans to vote, disseminate information to the new fans about the existing Mnet voting polls on how to vote and post the Global Mnet link for convenience in voting. I’ll be keeping an eye monitoring the ranking which is driving me crazy!! I honestly do not know what’s up with weibo, but the highest votes are coming from China, only second to Korea. I just hope thing would change for the better after Hyun Joong activities in China.

I just remember, whenever I watch action movies, the hero of the movie is always the under dog, he gets all the pain, he’s given too much to challenge about, or being in  a difficult fight against all odds. But in the end of the movie the hero wins them all. What more can be sweeter than a gaining something out of hard work. What more can be relieving than a job well done in the end. And it’s a great joy to be working in a unified effort, facing a challenge with a good fight. It may be a difficult fight but if we’re doing it for the sake of love to Kim Hyun Joong, then nothing else would matter.

One of the fans at twitter posted a vote motivation and I quote “spare a little of your time to vote for Hyun Joong”.  Hyun Joong doesn’t need a little of your time, he needs a quality time for you to vote. If he works rehearsing 8 hours at the dance studio, 5 hours to the recording studio and 2 hours at the gym, how much time is it to bring out the best in himself to please you with the concert he performs? And how much time does take a day to vote for him? If I vote for a single ID that gives me less than 5min to accomplish my vote. Hyun Joong may not ask us verbally to support him in this voting polls because this activity is sole for the fans, none of the artists will campaign to support them.

This is the best time to support him, to put him on that stage to receive an award is not his but us our effort in putting him up the rank. As I have said this is a fight of David and Goliath, idol group vs. a soloist. We are Hyun Joong ‘s strength and I think poll voting is the most simple support that we can give him. No money involve, no need to travel and nothing that may push you to get away from your daily routine. Just a simple type and click, everyday until the 27th of this month and your done with this task of voting.

A unified effort among us fans, and working together hand in hand is what it takes to win as simple as that. Win or lose, we’re still winners because we shared the effort in working together for the love of Kim Hyun Joong. What more is sweeter than seeing Hyun Joong getting on that stage to claim what he righteously and deserving to be his as the Global Star. Today’s ranking may not be so good, but it even pushed me to be motivated by the challenge.

May I say this again, sharing is loving….. sharing effort, sharing time spent, and sharing our little prayer for Hyun Joong. I think this is everything that Hyun Joong needs coming from us in our own simple way of voting for him together as an Ultimate Force to win.

Kim Hyun Joong deserves to be up there, he is one artist deserving to be a Global Star.

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks always.




18 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ULTIMATE FORCE

  1. Thanks Lazerkim, this is great article, 500k users at weibo, nice, wish for one mil. I do hope that someone will translate to Weibo users or push them to do something. Well it doesn’t look good, but at least we don’t give up the fight. Finally managed to open a twitter (this is going to be crazy) @Michaelajor. Which is yours? now i am going back to voting, as you’ve said till 27 will give my best and utmost. Keep Voting Gal’s! 🙂

    • just to say i am already following you. tough match on m-net, going back to follow and vote. there goes my night again…..night owl should be my new name, thank you LazerKim, keep strong and voting:)

      • LOL oh im very glad you made it at twitter now you have to join me in monitoring Mnet the time you come to my blog is the most critical period. a while ago I almost had a heart attack!! JGS was eating my votes I was trying to control dropping down the gap. I lost!!! TTT so see you around! My user is LazerKim too. take care!

  2. Lazier Kim I ‘m quite frustrated because I cannot vote in Mnet since every time I log in to Mnet I get service unavailable dans failure.pleases try again later. You know how many I have already vote. Only once since since it started.. Really something must be really wrong. I’m wondering if I’ m the only one getting this message. I was thinking maybe many fans of KHJ aren’t able to vote specially international fans, by the way I’ min the Middle East.

  3. Unnie from day I started to read your articles, this the first thing I open in my browzer when I turn on the pc..even for today it’s the same.. But these days before I read I do my voting first.. I’m soory unnie..but you know who I am:)

    Let’s keep good hope.. Voting is done like meditation coz there are many IDs..:p

    WE CAN Do THIs…Please keep praying and keep voting Aliens!!!

    • Dinu the voting polls can not wait, my articles will stay at the internet forever so you can read only if you have time. This does not matter at all, the most important above everything is our support to HJ. He needs us and so we respond. You’ve been doing a good job thank you for helping me out. I’ll see you around take care now…love u….God bless

  4. i am voting in batches of several IDs for the love of hyun joong! this is one way of showing my support for him aside from buying his album. wish he would come back to our place to just rest and relax. love this man not only as an idol but as a person with heart oozing with honesty, transparency and love for his fans!

      • Thank you very much for your effort. And your thoughtful ways of supporting him. I do hope we can encourage more fans to vote for HJ. Actually this is needless but I was thinking maybe some may not be aware the there is an existing voting polls. Thank you again for reading, see you again, take care have a nice day. God bless.

  5. if only every fan that folow him in weibo will vote he will be in first place. where is all of them?its not hard to vote there so why they not voting?

    • Those followers are already over 400k, even just half of it would vote he would surely win. We have the same question!! Thanks for reading and see you again!! Have a nice Monday! God bless.

      • arghhh i know it’s so stressful monitoring the poll….i also wonder where are they? i just checked his weibo account, it’s already 500k followers….i wish i could tell one of them just to vote once then we could have a good nite sleep….Don’t they know about the poll?or they just don’t care about the poll? argghhhhhhhh….
        How i wish i could tell them, this is the time where we can repay all Hyun Joong’s hard works…after all that he has done for us,all his efforts, all his love to his fans…don’t they want to give him this award as a present for him….
        I really envied those fans in Korea who could give him present on his birthday, for us fans that’s far away like me, this is only thing we can do to support him…keep voting and voting everyday…hoping that we can give him this award as his 27th birthday present.
        please…please….anyone who read Lazer unni’s article please spare your 5 mins time to join the vote….we really apreciate it…Thank you

        • Why are you down here? There’s a better space up there in my comment box!! thank you for sharing your thoughts. i love watching HJ’s airport scenes yes specially whenever fans hand in their letters & gifts, I’ll probably quit thinking about the weibo it only disappoints me.
          Thank you for reading & see you again sharing have a great day…God bless.

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