Kim Hyun Joong… [article] GLOBAL UNITY

By: LazerKim        Kim Hyun Joong arrived Beijing this morning to perform tonight to complete his Asian Tour Fan Meeting Concert. Last night in Shanghai Hyun Joong did a successful fan meeting concert, having the same show format in other cities in China but had truly enjoyed by Shanghai fans.

Tonight shall be another night as Hyun Joong as his finale for this season’s concert tour and shall be returning to China next year for another round of all new music and dance concert! Beijing make the most out of the fan meeting concert tonight as Hyun Joong bids his farewell for this season and look forward as he comes back to you next year. May I remind once again, that Hyun Joong’s comfort is the most important, do Protect the Prince.

Last night I happen to read a post about fan’s collaboration between fans of Shinwa, Big Band, G-Dragon and Kim Hyun Joong in voting support at the Global Mnet. And as I woke up this morning I read some post about this collaboration had not been confirm as yet. Here’s the post that I would like to share with you.

RT @Shinhwa_updates: We will be collaborating with Big Bang and Kim Hyun Joong fanbases for Mnet 20s voting. 

BigBang is nominated for “Trendy Music” and Gdragon for “20s Style” and Kim Hyun Joong is nominated for “20’s Global Star” while Shinhwa is nominated for “20s Performance”. 

The voting will end 27th June. 1 vote per day but you can create multiple twitter, facebook and mnet accounts to vote. 

So lets all spread around to vote for Shinhwa, Big Bang and Kim Hyun Joong. 

Do feel free to tweet @shinhwa updates:>(@shinhwa_updates @shinhwa_project @JojTOP @triplechangjo) if needed ^^

I think this collaboration is a great idea since these artists are from different categories, I’m actually voting for them from day one. With Big Bang, of course TOP is with the group as he’s Hyun Joong’s friends same as G dragon is also his friend and Shinwa is a legendary group.

Many fans specially new ones may not be so familiar with these artists or not even other nominees. Instead of guessing whom to vote, I think it would be better to suggest these artists who are deserving. But as far as the fans collaboration is concern, this has not been confirm as yet.

As for me I wouldn’t mind supporting these artists, but to call for a unified voting, well, there has to a mutual agreement among the fans of respective artists. Meaning as we Hyun Joong fans call for unified support, fans of other artists has to support Hyun Joong as well.

I don’t see anything wrong with this, in fact this is a wonderful idea, since these artists are from different categories anyway. It would be nice that fans of different artists can unite in supporting votes for Global Mnet. I think it would be best that these four fan camps would talk and hopefully can agree on such joint forces.

I can only speak for myself since I have already been voting for these artists since day one. I can even campaign and call for support for your idols, for as long as there would be assurance that the other camps would also support Kim Hyun Joong.

I hope this can thought about among the camps and come up with a more productive way of supporting our idols for this Global Mnet. We’re all tied up with the Global Mnet rules that we have to vote for other categories before our votes would be validated. Again, this is just my personal opinion.

I believe in collective power is even bigger than the giants, Kim Hyun Joong fans get together once again, as we join hand in hand in global unity in supporting Hyun Joong. And as we get ourselves busy voting, we also join in prayers for what we are aiming for to achieve. Prayers can move mountain…. while sharing is loving….

                                                                                               LazerKim here writing

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                VOTE  FOR      KIM HYUN JOONG   FOR  GLOBAL STAR



18 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] GLOBAL UNITY

  1. Dear LazerKIm, after reading all the comments it seems I’ve made the right decision, in the end i am voting for KHJ and the rest I am picking the last in the line. If others do not support us why to support them. I do like SHinee they are good. Now a period of “calm” will start so waiting for your updates, meant that Hj will be preparing for Japan. I do hope that Chinese fans will start lending a hand with the voting, we really need it. Have you any ideea if any fans from Taiwan are involved in voting as well? Going back to voting (still using my friends facebook accounts for voting, even made new mail account, this is so crazy and fun). 🙂

    • I never thought i would be able to create 40 acct. i kept monitoring the ranking JGS came back to no 4 he’s racing too fast, i got 2000 diff now. last night it was still 3,800, now i lost 1,800 diff.just awhile ago. And so i voted using all my reserves but jgs is just too fast. i haven’t written yet i just keep monitoring the vote ranking.
      I don’t think it’s period of calm!!! Bcoz i won’t give up without a fight. Hey noya thanks how i wish you have a twitter. yeah it’s fan making ID’s & before I knew it I already have a bunch of it! See you agin I’ll go back to Mnet. take care ok? God bless

      • Lazerkim – I don’t have 40 accounts, but please you have the power to put the word out more strongly, push the people to vote, JGS is very close to HJ, we have to do something, we are losing ground there. People wake up! we need to prove that KHJ is OUR Prince and we have the power to move the Earth to put him in front! Help is needed from all. Unite the forces gal’s. Fun but this is stresfull. I would start a twitter it seems i need it. I will look back for your twitter, in one of the articles you gave yours, i didn’t want one, but need to follow up and it is driving me crazy this voting. Yeah i imagine you have a big smile, or even a good laugh….on a.m. (i agree) United Forces for HJ.:)

        • Oh yes definitely I will encourage fans to vote, have you noticed from day one my articles are just full of topics pertaining to this Mnet, I’ll have another one today. I’m not giving up without a good fight but I have to stress out some things that i can see is wrong.
          Someone said some fans can be lazy in voting, I agree with her I’m not expecting a 100% fans would vote. And some could be so pre-occupied with their career which I can not blame them, most onnie are working ladies, so I’m just doing voting for them!! Just put it that way. I’ve been keeping an eye on the ranking and fast moving happens at night time on my time, that’s what I noticed.
          I just have to do what I have to do so that I got nothing to regret about in the end. Like this collaboration if only people can put some trust on both camps as I’ve said artist are from different categories anyway. But then I do not want to insist.
          I’m a peace loving person I love unity I love unified effort win or lose we’re still the winners because we worked together. that’s been my principle.
          Don’t worry I can only do my best in encouraging people but not to insist, that’s not me. Once I said my piece then I think I’ve done my part. It’s 5:30am I’m still
          finishing my article for today deadline is at 12noon!! LOL.
          Now go get that twitter I got lots of friends there who are as nice as you with the same time zone with you too. i love it if you meet them.
          Oh well, it’s good morning now….take care & see you again!

  2. Hi LK ,
    I’m new about all the articles that you’ve written about KHJ.They were really great!Keep up the goood work 🙂 regarding the chinese fans of KHJ in China,may I suggest that a chinese translation of the Mnet voting be made known to them as we know that our chinese friends are fluent in mandarin but not english.Thank you!

    • Hello Hoon nice meeting you! I think everyone in China are just so busy couldn’t even talk to them!! LOL Yeah I guess you’re right no matter how we post Mnet at weibo Chinese would just ignore if they can barely read. Oh well, thanks for the suggestion and I’ll bring it up to our community. Although the highest country who have cast their is from China, they rank no 1 over Korea. So i really couldn’t understand what’s going and still trying to find out!! Something is just not right from somewhere!!
      Thank you so much for reading my articles. Please don’t hesitate to write on my comment box if you have any suggestion or just about anything please feel free to write you are most welcome. I appreciate your suggestion and I’ll bring this up to weibo holders in my community.
      Have a wonderful weekend and see you again…take care…God bless.

  3. I too feel little upset unnie.. That news we got yesterday made up really happy and we all (Our Aliens) refreshed with the news.. But it goes like this.. This poll is really unfair because even we keep voting in other categories for the ones we don’t know and and that is unfair for those fans..And in return we have to face the same thing! But this is the nature of it and we can’t change..What we can do is voting as much as we can by creating IDs..
    While posting the news in twitter I found some fans retweeting and now one of Chanjo (Shinhwa’s fan base) is my good friend and she keeps tweeting our HJ name too.. There are some who are collaborating with us but she doesn’t belong to the majority, I guess:(..
    It’s alright we haven’t lose our courage in a single bit, it only grew.. Our KIM HYUN JOONG compete ALONE even with some groups of 10 members, so why do we lose our courage?..All our aliens when united together..we have no game..:) But still we aren’t getting weibo votes that’s our problem:(..
    Our prince completing a SUCCESSFUL ASIA TOUR today.. So we must send him OUR LOVE MORE!! Everyone keep matter who are with us, all Our Aliens are STRONG enough and COURAGEOUS enough to FIGHT BACK and get the crown!!!

    • That twit last night came from a fan from Malaysia and may I just say I’m sure she was as excited as you are when we read it last night. My hats off to her because they were able to think of this collaboration since these artists are nominees from different categories. This is just a matter of trust.
      I’m not giving up without a good fight, whatever storm there may be!!
      Thank you dinu and see you around. Have a great day and take care God bless..

      • Of course unnie I really appreciate her, because I think it was the best way to do it as we have to vote others not only HJ.. it’s alright unnie we still have the chance.. so LET”S KEEP FIGHTING!! Have a wonderful day !!

  4. I also chose to vote for Shinhwa naturally, since I know them since 2003 xd and I was surprised when HJ said a long time ago, that he actually admired Minwoo and used to watch his dvd’s lol. Obviously in the other categories I just pick random ppl xddd I do hope that the chinese fans start voting as ‘monkeys on redbull’ when HJ finally leaves their country. Sometimes I feel some fans are just there to receive what HJ gives to them, but they are a bit lazy when it comes to support him in things like these ._.

    • Oh well, what can we do with this mismatched competition but to ride on, since nobody from Korea seem to take notice on how the artists are being categorized! And yes now I decided to vote for those below ranking instead!! LOL, I was all willing to support these artists I mentioned but if their fans can not support HJ then I can’t do anything but to vote for low ranking other than Hyun Joong. What choice do I have with this …..ruling!!
      Well I just hope the Chinese fans can get to their monitors and vote. 300,000 Chinese follows at weibo where are you??
      Thanks for reading!! And see you again!! take care God bless.

  5. I think we should just vote for who we really like in each category since we will not know if they will be voting for Hyun Joong any way. It is kind of not a sure thing. just my opinion…

    • Yes i agree with you too. Voting is self decision anyway, I can only humble myself about the post I’ve read last night about the collaboration and appreciate the thought from a none fan of Hyun Joong. Now it seems it will not materialize then it’s alright, I’m still thankful to the person who thought about the collaboration. But then again you’re right voting is still our own self decision.
      Thank you for reading and see you again! Take care and God bless.

  6. I made a fuss about this collaboration this morning with a good reason. As far as I know Shinhwa’s fanbase tweet about them join BigBang’s fans and Henecia to support each other (they have this twitlonger for the details). but then, I read the similar twitlonger from BigBang fanclub about collaboration but didn’t include Kim Hyun Joong in the details. It just pissed me off cos I know many Henecia now voting for BigBang and GDragon cos they think VIPs (BigBang’s fans) are voting for Kim Hyun Joong as well. I talked with some BigBang fanclub’s admin and they admit that this is just misunderstanding. VIPs make a collaboration ONLY with Shinhwa Changjo, while Shinhwa Changjo make a collab both with VIPs and Henecia. They should make it clear about this deal, not that I won’t vote for BigBang (I love them too, trust me!) but it just feels not right with this unclear statement. But at the end, I’ll just let if off, we shud just focus on voting for Hyun Joong, right? ^____^

    • It’s alright Kiara not your fault, that collaboration thing did not come from our camp, that’s why i post this twit, it’s alright we can just focus on HJ and we can make it. I wrote this article since Hyun Joong’s name was mentioned, we can only have good intentions in our most humble way. As I have said I can only speak for myself, I would just want to let them know that I do appreciate the thought of collaboration. Now if it will not materialize then it’s alright, I still would thank them, it doesn’t matter at all.
      Kiara you’ve been doing a good job I know you do have that good intention and I’m sure they know that too. The collaboration is such a good idea, whoever thought about it I think has also a good intent that I appreciate.
      It doesn’t matter now, we’ll still be doing our best in voting for HJ as always.
      You take care now, have a great Sunday and see you around!! God bless.

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