Kim Hyun Joong… [article] GLOBAL STAR

By: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong boarded his flight in the morning yesterday and arrived in Shanghai at noon time. There was a crowd of fans waiting for him to welcome him but Hyun Joong was escorted to VIP exit as expected. Well, it was in Shanghai when Hyun Joong was almost crushed by the crowd of fans the last time he visited the city. Hyun Joong was wearing an unusual outfit in sleeveless shirt and vest, showing his muscular arms, and may I say he looks so fresh and sexy!! I think he is fully recharged after the hectic schedule he had in Chengdu and Guangzhou.

As Hyun Joong rode his car and drive off from the airport to his hotel, it was said that at least eight cars followed him. The number of cars is too much to call it his escort, Hyun Joong is not a government dignitary of Korea, he is just a star to be escorted by eight cars, and it was suspected to be stalker fans or maybe just fans following him to his hotel. I really do hope they are not stalkers, but if they are, then I would say, here we go again!!

I would just like repeat, the safety and comfort of Hyun Joong is the most important thing where ever he goes. Let us respect his privacy, let us give him some space to appreciate whatever he sees in your country since he’ll just be staying in such a short period of time. Shanghai please do take care of Hyun Joong and please do Protect the Prince. For those fans who are tailing at him, I think it would best for you to stay home and get busy voting at Mnet, there a proper place and time you can see Hyun Joong , so I think it’s better for you guys to abide by the schedule of High 5 and the Fan Meeting Concert event.

Yesterday while I was waiting for updates, a picture of Hyun Joong was posted and it’s his passport picture, if ever you have encounter such post please do not re-post and whoever got it from weibo please delete it. Also yesterday an important notice was circulated coming from KeyEast and it says that someone was trying to use Hyun Joong’s personal information particularly his phone number. I think this happened in S.Korea, here may I share with you the Notice:

[Keyeast Notice] Request to all fans of Kim Hyun Joong

Translator: Wonderrrgirl

Hello. This is KEYEAST.

We would like to thank the fans who have been providing unwavering support for Kim Hyun Joong’s activities.
This notice is regarding Kim Hyun Joong’s personal information and issues related to it.

Recently, a situation in which someone who shares the same name as Kim Hyun Joong and this person’s personal information (Contact number) has become victim to widespread dissemination.

Due to the fact that victims have raised this issue to us, we have no choice but to release a notice with regards to this matter. Please do not be deceived by false information, and please practice restrain with regards to one’s personal information.

Once again, we would like to sincerely apologize to all victims who have been inconvenienced by this matter. At the same time, we also hope that the fans will not be mislead by false information. We hope to see mature fans who gives upmost mutual respect towards one’s personal information.

Thank you very much.


Of all Hyun Joong’s exposure I think this time we have very minimal updates, and it was said that his security tightened. I was already expecting this after what happened in Guangzhou, if you remember I wrote in one of my article about a fan stolen a kiss on Hyun Joong’s cheek, during the High five session. That time I wrote about it, I wasn’t sure who or if indeed it happened and I wouldn’t want to pass judgement if I wasn’t sure since the fans from our community at the twitter did not see anything. But after Hyun Joong had gone back to Korea it was already in the news.

Therefore it was true, it was said that it was a a foreigner of China which I’m not so convince. For me, if you are in another country I don’t think you’ll have the nerve to do such thing in public on the contrary you would behave as properly as you could since you’re in another country with a bunch of strangers. So whoever she is I just hope she had gotten the dose of her own medicine coming from other fans. And as expected a fault made by one fan may affect al Hyun Joong fans in China. And we can not blame the handlers of Hyun Joong since his protection and security is vital.

So Shanghai fans, I understand the passion you have for Hyun Joong, but the guy is helpless once you touch him, he will never hurt you nor he will not allow his security nor his bodyguard to hurt you just to protect himself. I think it is just right that we control ourselves and respect him as much as he respects us. Do not put him in an embarrassing situation because it will only affect your personality as a decent lady. I don’t mean to generalized, but some fans can be so out of control that can sometime looks ugly. So I do hope Hyun Joong will be taken care of, and I repeat comfort and space is important to him and to us fans too. Shanghai please do protect the Prince.

In another update, yesterday was the second day for Mnet Golbal Star voting and Hyun Joong came up from the 4th rank to the 3rd, but the gap was too close and in the late afternoon Hyun Joong dropped again to 4th rank. But of course the Alien Force will not allow this and so about an hour Hyun Joong went up again to the 3rd rank. The other day Super Junior was leading and yesterday Girl’s Generation took the lead the whole morning. But in the afternoon I just found out Super Junior was there on top again.

Many of Hyun Joong’s fans were complaining about this category Global Star, since Hyun Joong has to race with the idol groups. And I agree with the fans sentiment, it seems to me this competition is like David and Goliath, it’s idol groups vs.soloist. It is a fact that Hyun Joong does not have a stronger contender within the solo idols. And so Jang Geun Suk came into the picture as his contender. Still I consider the contenders for this category is a mismatch. But as we fans couldn’t do anything about it and so we have to face the challenge head on. They said if there’s a will there’s a way.

The fact that the organizing team of Mnet included Hyun Joong to compete with strong contenders, that only goes to show Hyun Joong is capable to compete with the giants!! I remember the recent polls Hyun Joong participated with, he was at number 17 and yet he was able to get  to the top and won the winning crown!! I’m confident Hyun Joong eventually will get there to the top. This is just matter of we Alien troops has to work it out and keep on voting everyday. We still have all the time to do that and let do our best for Hyun Joong.

Many of Hyun Joong’s veteran fans are holding on multiple IDs to be able to vote as much and this is being allowed. For those who are new like myself, I started creating more IDs so that I can have more chances of voting. Other than this I was thinking since Hyun Joong is in China, I would assume his Chinese fans are still busy with the events transpiring in China so they have a divided attention. Maybe after Hyun Joong’s activities they will be able to focus on the voting polls. China is the second ranking among countries participating in this voting polls.

Tonight is another big night for Hyun Joong’s Chinese fans. And while we’re busy monitoring the updates from the fan meeting concert, please do not forget the Mnet and vote. Hyun Joong and the Beast is quite tight neck to neck race. Hyun Joong has to get further from the Beast before he can race with Girl’s Generation and Super Junior. We just have to keep on voting and if we can have more IDs the better more chances we can vote. And most of all, prayers, there’s nothing more powerful than prayers. They said prayers can move mountains. While we are busy creating another account and voting, please include Hyun Joong in your prayers.

Kim Hyun Joong may be alone by himself as a solo artist to complete with the big idol groups, but people around the globe knows he is deserving more than anyone else to be  on top being the biggest Global Star….  VOTE NOW!!

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing


Photo credits as tagged and updates KHJean14, thanks.


11 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] GLOBAL STAR

  1. :/ that lady wasn’t too decent and it seems she doesn’t know the meaning of the word RESPECT. But as someone said, maybe she was too crazy and she could not think clearly xdd but even at those times one should behave. It’s sad that things like these happen, HJ wants to interact with his fans but ‘cuz of this, they put more bodyguards and don’t allow ppl to take pics at the hi-5 which truly sucks. So I do hope there won’t be more crazy fans out there so he can share more moments with his fans without being scared. As for the voting thing, I’ve voted many times even though is difficult to do that on the phone. Hopefully my laptop will be working again tomorrow and I’ll continue voting as a robot ^^ I do hope the FM is a total success =) Can’t wait to ‘rejoice’ with all the updates on twitter :3

    • Hahaha now you have the terminology ROBOT that’s how I see myself these past days!!! I just keep going making accounts and vote. i’m glad there’s a much better gap now than yesterday, it was really worrying!! I think there will be lesser updates this time due to what happened in Guangzhou.
      Thank you for being here and share your thoughts I’ll see you around!! Take care have a nice weekend and God bless..

  2. i agree with u ms.LK this competition is lyk david and goliath…c’mon guys lets do our very best 4 HJ…go go go!

    • Right you we all know David is such a smart fellow to beat the giant, and that’s what HJ will be doing with up behind him always….thanks as always have a great weekend and see you again! take care God bless…

  3. these days as soon as i get up and switch on my laptop firstthing i do is voting and checking the mnet ratings. 🙂 Yeah i do agree with you lazekim, it is pretty bad to behave like that and trouble KHJ when he is giving his best to the fans. in one of his airport clips i saw him collecting all those letters from his fans without any hesitation and also giving a slight nod to all the fans in thanking them. he is really a great star as i earlier commented he never consider us,fans as a problem but as his blessing. so why some want to give him hard time?? i really don’t get it.
    yeah he has become more sexier and when watching those clips i was just wondering how can someone be such handsome and also sexy 😛
    thanks for your article. now reading your article became a hobby of mine 🙂

    • Thank you so much!! Yeah you know what you’re very right he’s so accommodating and some couldn’t just control themselves it’s so frustrating! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. It’s weekend we can have all the time to vote. Oh yes if you have time pls try to spread the word about Mnet. I’m sure many out there is still not aware about it. Thanks.
      Have a great weekend ahead of you and see you again! take care God bless.

  4. Good read. I, myself sitting here thinking why on earth would you risk your idol’s safety and yourself of course, for the sake of one or two snap of photos. if you are lucky you may be able to touch him by his skin, but whatever that for? we only make them uncomfortable and feel insecure. those stalkers should put themselves on KHJ’s shoes and imagine what it feels like when we are trapped in that kind of situations? I will definitely be frightened and traumatized for the rest of my life.

    I’m a fan of KHJ and I would love to see him in person but it doesn’t mean I have to barge in to his private space. I agree with you Lazerkim, we don’t need to push him in the airport to show our love to him. we buy his album -not in bulk coz it’s considered cheating- attend his concert, fanmeet and other events would make him even happier.

    on other side of story, did you notice how he dresses these days? he’s getting sexier; not afraid to show his muscles. He must be working hard on his new drama. it’s good to see him out and about so we can see more photos of him 🙂

    • I agree with you 100% HJ had given us too much for a fan to have why else would some wants more to the extend of disrespecting and putting him in the most embarrassing situation….oh dear I’m just holding back my emotions!!
      Oh talking about his attire yesterday he looks so sexy in it simple yet radiates appeal!! See these picture he’s so handsome as ever! God gifted beauty inside out!! What more can we ask for he basically had given himself to us.
      Thanks for reading and see you again! Have a pleasant weekend ahead of you and God bless….take care!

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