Kim Hyun Joong…. [article] FULL FORCE

By: LazerKim          I hereby call for full force among the Alien Soldiers, let’s join hand in hand as we raise the Prince Kim Hyun Joong to the top where he deserves to be on the highest rank. This is a competition between the idol groups and the soloist idol Kim Hyun Joong, this is a fight between David and Goliath the giant. Let us put our acts together as we do our best to beat the giants.

The idol groups consist of 10 members for each group but Kim Hyun Joong is by himself alone as a soloist, in short it’s 10 against 1. This is a great challenge for us fans, and I believe in each and every fans effort. This is the best way we can show our support to Kim Hyun Joong. The voting polls shall end on the 27th of this month, so we have all the time to vote for as long as we vote religiously everyday.

Here’s the latest ranking status as of 2:47pm today:

1. Girl’s Generation (39.5%)  86,210 votes

2. Super Junior (36.9%)  80,429 votes

3. Kim Hyun Joong  (13.4%)  29,192 votes

4. Beast  (12.9%)  28,119 votes

5. Jang Geun Suk  (11.4%) 24,926 votes

Kim Hyun Joong may be on the third ranking, the gap from Hyun Joong and Super Junior may be a huge one, but we can not just give in without a good fight. This is just my point. I think many fans are still not aware about the Mnet, so may I suggest that we keep posting the Mnet LINK from time to time so that everyone can have the chance to vote.

Again here are some guide lines in voting for the new fans:

1.)   In order to vote log in to any of the following, Twitter and Face Book. If you still do not have an account from any mentioned above, you may create an account by visiting the Google and choose any of these two social network you want to log in. Or you may sign up at Global Mnet and create your account directly from the Mnet voting, (pls refer to the LINK bellow)

2..)   Voting is once a day per ID. So if you have multiple ID’s, meaning with different username and password, then you may use them any time within the day.

3.)   There are at least 17 categories and Hyun Joong falls on the 13th category which is GLOBAL STAR. You can see his picture and simply click on the picture.

3.)    Please be reminded that you are required to vote on all categories to complete the voting process otherwise your vote can not be validated. You may vote any of the celebrities on each categories depending on your choice. But of course, the most important thing is to vote for Kim Hyun Joong at the Global Star category.

Mnet 20’s Choice LINK CLICK HERE>(        VOTE NOW!!

For those who would wish to have multiple IDs, you may register at Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail ect. and may create an account at Global Mnet. You may use this LINK below, there’s a sign up at the right hand corner of the page.


Do not be discourage with its ranking this is just the start, instead be strong and let it be a challenge for us fans in bringing Hyun Joong to his title Global Star. He deserves to have it and we fan all over the world knows this. While we show our support to Hyun Joong and let us not forget to pray for him as always…..Remember, prayers move mountains….believe.

Please keep on re-posting or re-twit the Global Mnet LINK so that everyone can have the comfort in voting.    In Full Force of the Alien soldier we can bring Hyun Joong to the top. Again, we fans are not giving up without a good fight….VOTE NOW!

LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14, thanks


10 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…. [article] FULL FORCE

  1. Dear LazerKim, thank you for the last days articles (read them all today), beautifully written as usual, the pictures the best (the ones with the new muscles….wow! manly totally!). M-net voting is crazy, I am using my friends id’s to vote, they have no idea who is who, between me and you I don’t know the others as well, every time I am choosing another picture the only constant is KHJ of course. as you said he is one against like ten/twenty. Really not fair at all. I do hope the effort will pay in the end. I managed to order Heat, yupee. till next time:)

    • Hello noya! Fans from other artist and us Hyun Joong fans has decided to join forces in voting since they are from different categories I’ll have that topic for tomorrow’s article. It’s Bing bang, Shinhwa, G-Dragon and Kim Hyun Joong. I actually have been voting for these artist since day 1. They are credible artist I think plus the fact they are HJ’s friends too. I think this is better way than guessing who to vote might as well give it the deserving ones.
      Thanks as always, take care and see you again. God bless.

  2. I’ve asked my 2 daughters and my partner’s facebook acct to vote. They have friends and i will make them vote. What’s the point of being a mum? Otherwise, no allowance. Hehehe. They actually love him so no need to coerce.

    Go Hyun Joong, go!!!

      • As you said full force!

        I silently laughed at my daughter’s reaction when i asked the use the neighbor’s kids accounts. She groaned, “oh mum”?!? But it’s a yes. They come to the house to watch movies. Might as well do something productive.

        Full force for the one and only Kim Hyun Joong!

  3. Ah,how frustasy I’m.I cry like a many time I try to vote HIM but fail.This my first time to vote,really feel painfull,how…? Thanks lk for your spirit,I will keep on try, wish that I still have time.pleeease,miracle will exis again for the GOOD MAN. Thanks sist for everything you have done.God bless.

    • Ok don’t cry now, we have to be strong and we keep voting. I hope you’ll back to this article and let’s if I can be of any help. But here’s what I want to know, do have any account like FB or twitter? If so that will be easy. Now you don’t have it go to Global MNet that LINK stated in this article above. All you need is your email ad and you can create your account at Mnet, then you may use it every time you vote.
      Sincere prayers can make miracles so always pray for Hyun Joong and that will help him a lot. If you have any problems, pls do not hesitate to write it in my comment box and I will surely respond to you the soonest I can.
      We have to fight this lng this is a great challenge for us. Believe!
      Thanks for your cooperation and see you again…fighting!!! take care God bless.

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