Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ALIEN FORCE

By: LazerKim            I would think the month of June is such a memorable month of the year for Kim Hyun Joong and his fans, since a lot of unforgettable events transpired in this month specially in the year 2011 as Kim Hyun Joong debuted as a solo singer. It was in June 7, 2011 that Hyun joong launched his first album Breakdown and released it in June 8, 2011. It wan on this day that Hyun Joong shock the entire world on his total transformation. This article will talk about looking back to those days as we rewind the year 2011, and a very important task for every Alien Soldier.

But before I touch on this topic, please allow me to bring the latest updates. By the time you read this article Hyun Joong had already board his flight at 10:30am arriving Shanghai at 12:25noon. I’ll be writing the updates for tomorrow’s article so that I can post good photos of Hyun Joong at the airport. It’s Shanghai’s turn this time to take care of Hyun Joong, many fans were waiting at the airport to welcome him this morning. Shanghai are you ready for Hyun Joong’s big night tomorrow??

Weibo Social Network

In another update, as we all know Hyun Joong opened his weibo account and a mother fan kept monitoring on the number of followers on Hyun Joong’s weibo account and religiously reports to twitter from time to time from June 6 till today!! And yesterday she wants to hit 300,000 followers for Hyun Joong’s weibo account!! In the news yesterday Hyun Joong broke the record high at weibo as he gained 230,000 followers on his first day.

[News]Among foreign celebrities, Kim Hyun Joong’s weibo account gained the most number of followers on the first day

LINK Click here>( Credits: hyunnies pexers blog, thanks.

Microblogging Top Most Influential Person – Number 1 Kim Hyun Joong

LINK Click here.( Credits: KHJean14, thanks

Kim Hyun Joong’s Weibo Account Attracts Over 230,000 Followers in One Day, Beats Jang Keun Suk

LINK Click here>(         Credits: enews world, thanks

Memories of June

As I mentioned earlier, June seemed to be a memorable month for Hyun Joong and his fans other than the fact that it’s in the month of June when he was born. Let’s trace back in time, In June 8, 2005 the boy group SS501 debuted as Hyun Joong as the leader of the group under the management of DSP. After five years his contract with DSP expired  and in June 28, 2010 Hyun Joong signed under KeyEast as his official agent. And in June 7,2011, Hyun Joong debuted as a solo singer as he performed the showcase in Seoul as he launched or released his first mini album Breakdown in June 8, 2011. It was here when the ball start rolling.

These are the events in Hyun Joong’s career most significant and it happened on the month of June on different years. Hyun Joong mentioned in one of the talk shows Guerilla Date about the memorable events in his career and he mentioned first, his debut day June 8, 2005, second was his first day he performed solo in June 7, 2011 and third when he switched agent in June 28, 2010.  And so let’s talk about the events transpired on June 7, 2011, the day before he released his first album on June 8, 2011.

In June 7,2011 Hyun Joong hosted a free showcase for his fans in Seoul as this was his first performance as solo singer, which I consider the most unforgettable event in every Kim Hyun Joong fan. It was here that the whole world was shocked by Hyun Joong’s total transformation. From the BOF flower boy image in long blonde hair, to a totally grown up man in short black hair, in leather suit, well built muscle and dark glasses, as Hyun Joong sing and dance in a powerful music Breakdown. Who wouldn’t be surprised, his transformation was quite the opposite image people used to see him.

Disclosing Fears

In that same showcase, Hyun Joong wrote a letter to his fans and read it on stage in front of them. I would like to share with you the content of that letter which I’m sure most of you have already watched its video clip. This is just to reminisce what he read to his fans and here you go….

I have known everyone for six years. During this extreme long period of time as always believing and supporting Kim Hyun Joong as person like this really I am very thankful. Actually, during the time when preparing this album, although the time was not to look back at the path that I have taken I realized being together is so important. In addition, protecting me every moment.

Now I am to handle this by myself. In my heart, it is hard to avoid feeling worried and fearful. to overcome all this is so difficult. Over the past one year seeing so many fans quarreling among themselves, suspecting one another. But I could only quietly look upon all this. This has made me feel that I am so small and useless….

But once I think about fan’s excited faces after listening to my album, I start to feel energized once more. From today onwards, I hope to see everyone always smiling, being more blessed.  This is not my album but everyone’s album.

I sincerely thank everyone of you here. I wish to say …..I love all of you ……Thank you       I love you all……….   June 7,2011   Kim Hyun Joong

Tears of Joy

Every time I watch this video clip and read the content of the letter I can’t help my teary eyes until now. It’s been a year ago since he read this letter and yet it felt as if it was only yesterday. Hyun Joong had been through a lot of pain and I guess that night when he read this letter was the end of his sorrows, Hyun Joong finally put an end to his past and face tomorrow head on. From that day on until at present, he fulfilled his promise to his fans to be more blessed with happiness. It was here that all his joyful days started and now it’s been a year that all.

Kim Hyun Joong released his first album Breakdown in June 8, 2011, and as I have said earlier it was here the ball starts to roll. Breakdown ranked on any music chart for three consecutive weeks.  It was the same day today June 8, as Breakdown the entire album is already one year old but still hot!!

Hyun Joong made a lot of version of Breakdown in his image but the strong man is even getting better as time goes. This image became a signature for Kim Hyun Joong, that back then took Korea by surprised and gained such a huge attention in the international arena.

I came across a very touching video that really crushed my heart, which I have watched the other night as I was taking my break since I was at the middle of writing yesterday’s article.  I ask permission to the fan if I can post the video in this article and incidentally she’s one of my readers, which I’m so glad and she allowed me to post it.

I know you’re reading this article, if you can, I would appreciate it very much if you can let me know your name, through my comment box. Thank you very much for sharing such a beautiful fan video.The title of the fan video is “A Blessing to Each Other”. For those who have not watch this please don’t fail to do so, it’s really beautifully created. Thank you so much.

“A Blessed to Each Other””  Video LINK CLICK HERE>( Credits: The Alien Prince and Fallen for a star

Voting Polls

Mnet 20’s Choice is currently conducting a voting poll, and Kim Hyun Joong has been nominated on the category under Global Star. This time Hyun Joong’s contenders for this category are three idol groups that he has to race to reach the top. This is no longer new to me as Hyun Joong seem to be the only competitive solo idol to race with the idol group. Hyun Joong needs our help to place him on top rank which I believe he can. This voting polls started last night and will end on the 27th of this month.

The news has been circulating that Hyun Joong broke the record again, this time it’s at weibo as he was able to attain the highest number of followers at weibo on his first day gaiing 230,000 followers. The previous record was 220,000 followers for foreign celeb, Jang Geun Suk almost made it at 210,000, but Hyun Joong made it for the winning crown for gaining 230,000 followers on his first day alone. As of last night Hyun Joong hit over 300,000 followers both from his Chinese fans and the international fans.

If these 300,000 fans who were currently registered at weibo and those who do not have weibo account, can vote at Mnet religiously everyday, then there’s no doubt he can beat the three idol group who are currently on top three, Hyun Joong was at number four at the top rank as of last night. And so may I call on Hyun Joong fans to join force as we get our acts together and bring Hyun Joong to the top rank at Mnet. This is one way we can show our collective support to Hyun Joong as we vote for him together.

Voting Reminders

I shall be posting the LINK in this article and to my daily article from this day onward. Here are important reminders on voting:

1.)   In order to vote log in to any of the following, Twitter and Face Book. If you still do not have an account from any mentioned above, you may create an account by visiting the Google and choose any of these two social network you want to log in. Or you may sign up at Global Mnet and create your account directly from the Mnet voting.

2..)   Voting is once a day per ID. So if you have multiple ID’s, meaning with different username and password, then you may use them any time within the day.

3.)   There are at least 17 categories and Hyun Joong falls on the 13th category which is GLOBAL STAR. You can see his picture and simply click on the picture.

3.)    Please be reminded that you are required to vote on all categories to complete the voting process otherwise your vote can not be validated. You may vote any of the celebrities on each categories depending on your choice. But of course, the most important thing is to vote for Kim Hyun Joong at the Global Star category.

Mnet 20’s Choice LINK CLICK HERE>(        VOTE NOW!!    (As of this hour 60 votes to go to hit no.3 rank!)

Calling Alien forces

Honestly, this article is intended to focus on the commemoration of the first anniversary of the album Breakdown and debut day of Hyun Joong as a solo singer. But then as I was at the middle of writing this article, I just found out there’s already a voting polls going which had just started.  I think this is utmost important more than anything else!! And the earlier I inform you about it the better. Please do spread the word as much as you can. Every alien soldier has to be informed, and please help me to do this everyday until the 27th of this month. As I mentioned earlier, I shall be posting the Link together with the reminders.

My dear Alien Soldiers, the Prince needs us this time, he needs our support to place him at the top rank number one. I would admit his contenders are quite strong since they are idol groups, as follows,

1. Girl’s Generation  2. Super Junior  3. Beast  4. Kim Hyun Joong  5. Jang Geun Suk.

This was the ranking as of last night. I do believe Hyun Joong can beat these idol groups, we just have to help each other, make use of the collective Alien force that we have just like last year. This polls had just started so we have lots of time to vote, but we have to vote everyday!! And we have to keep others well informed about the polls so that everyone can have the chance to vote.

I believe we’re at the edge to advance seeing from the fan followers in weibo and those who do not have weibo I think there’s a huge number already. But of course this huge number of followers or fans is useless if they are not aware or well informed about the Mnet voting polls. Let’s help each other in spreading the words and encourage them to vote everyday.

Kim Hyun Joong deserves the title of Global Star for he is the most deserving one. I believe in the power of the Alien Force as we soldiers join forces to raising Hyun Joong to the top where he belongs…..

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

Photos and updates as tagged, KHJean14 thanks


16 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ALIEN FORCE

  1. Hi LazerKim, it’s TheAlienPrince here~ Sorry for the late comment ^^

    Thank you for mentioning my vid, I really really appreciate it. I poured out all my feelings into the vid and I’m so glad if I captured the feelings of every other Henecian toward our Kim Hyun Joong as well.

    I am not a regular visitor of your blog but I’ve read some of your articles firstly through other forum and I really love how much thought you put into each article. Thank you for always sharing your love and thoughts with other fans. I’ll try to visit your blog more often. ^^

    Thanks for always encouraging the fans to keep voting. I must admit that it’s quite impossible to win against the two huge idol groups with such massive fanbase, but we shouldn’t give up without a good fight. He might lose against the group as a whole, but if he were to go against one on one with any of the members in the groups, he’s the winner. I believe, to be nominated alongside the two huge idol groups is already an honor for him too.

    Keep fighting for our Alien Prince, and God bless you all!
    And of course, blessings, health, and happiness always to our only one Kim Hyun Joong ~

    • There you are!! Hello! thanks for dropping by you just don’t know please I am to
      hear from you. Alien I’m having problems I just found out that many of Hyun
      Joong’s fans specially those without twitter or not so active are not aware that there is a voting poll going on. Before I came in I happen to watch a video clip of other idol groups nominated for Mnet. And these video clips are only made by their fans. Alien please if you could find time, will it be possible if you would make a video clip for Hyun Joong? I believe more fans are up to watching videos please consider this idea, I’m sure you already have many viewers & for your viewers can spread it out.

      We lack info dissemination and i could only this could probably the reason why HJ’s scoring is surprisingly slow. JGS is coming up so close.
      I haven’t lose hope we still have 2 weeks to vote and I couldn’t to spread the words about Mnet. Please help, none in my community twitters does video clips even 30sec. will just to be able to spread the word, please.

      I know to race with idol groups with large scale of fan base is gonna be difficult to race with, but I don’t we think should give up without a fight, we still have time to vote and of course prayers can move mountain. Miracle can can probably make it happen to have HJ up there, but we can just try.

      Thank you very much I just hope you’ll understand I know it’s too much effort but please this one. By the way Alien, I call you everyday at the twitter like
      ALIEN RED ALERT!! Hyun Joong is going down VOTE NOW!! LOL so I call you everyday!! Thanks again for sharing and allowing me to use your video! Have a pleasant day and hope to see you again. Take care and God bless.

      • I understand your concern, I’ll try to do what I can. I can’t promise much since I’m having quite busy days in work lately, but I’ll try to do a quick one on how to vote. Not sure if it will actually contribute much to the votes, but no harm in trying ^^

        Take care and God bless you too.

  2. I didn’t comment on this article. Shame on me xd I actually did, but the comment vanished before posting it up xd and I got frustrated hahaha xddd You just made me remember how many nights I stayed up to watch both (breakdown & lucky guy) 2011 HJ comeback’s xd I didn’t miss a single live performance of his xd and I’m proud of it! \o/ and then I’d stayed up waiting for the .ts file to download xdd ahahaha xd omg, I do love this guy kekeke xd

    • Omg can’t stop laughing at the fact that he beat JGS’s record xd hahaha don’t ask me why xd

  3. Hi Lazer,
    Thanks for sharing the video clip. Can’t stop tearing while typing these words of thanks.
    To the fan who had put in so much effort in creating the clip: thank you, very very much..

  4. Annyeong every1 ♥
    June is and has been like december for us (christmas has come earlier) its a month full of happiness starting with his birthday that is the most important cz he was born a star was born and then all his achievements, dreams and success r on the month of June! Goodies, surprises, joy, excitment and happiness he has share with us his unconditional fans and followers!
    We just can’t be more happy and proud for him! Kim Hyun Joong was born a star, a leader, a gifted person with a huge heart strong enough to love so many as much as he love himself and strong to handle all his hardwork!
    For him Break Down was his hit as a soloist on June for us was that on June he being born! We celebrate his greatest achievement Break Down was and has been a success cz the album was a hit and cz nothing has Break him Down even some had tried! Its just his 1st years as soloist we wish him many many mores! Congratulations Kim Hyun Joong ssi…. we are proud of you!

    Now all get our beautiful fingers moving and voting For another title he deserve not that he already has earn it cause in our mind, heart and soul HE is a GlOBAL STAR!
    I have recruited more people to help on voting and had encourage them to learn more about him so any person that have and account give them the link and ask for that simple favor to help and lend a hand on making him AGAIN #1

    Thanks LZ

    Oh Lz I didn’t comment on last article Shooting Star, but i like the part where you ask Why Kim Hyun Joong?
    those out there should ask
    when they find the answer that we all now its impossible cz as soon as you know him you’ll just in fall in love with him it would b to late….LoL

    • gosh what am I thinking I must have skipped a lot of comments here! i’m sorry!! I don’t know what to say we’re racing against the giants but as I have said this is the challenge we have to face as fans. Thank you for doing this for Hyun Joong. And thank you for sharing your thoughts! See you around, and take care! God bless…

  5. whew~~’been out in the circle for a day…came back busy body w/ multiple voting..marathon reading w/ those articles that I missed…campaigning..alerting all the aliens whose still dozing off!!..Hyunjoong is really contagious keeping us all restless always on the move as much as he is, being a busy bee~~~~~^^..

    So~Alien soldiers…let’s joint forces….The “HEAT” is coming…and the poll is ongoing!!!..Let’s do it…vote consistently!!!!…KIM HYUN JOONG to GLOBAL STAR.!!.it’s our votes that counts to get Hyunjoong on top!!!get the attention of those being un-attentive!!..Fighting~~~~~!!!!!!

    Hey,Lazer^^…thanks for the updates in your articles..I don’t have much time keeping up nowadays~~~~^^see you around…”))))

  6. SuJu is first now in the mnet, SNSD second – both SM groups with huge number of fans. The difference with KHJ is almost three times, looks like very tough competition. But we shouldn’t lose the hope.

    • Hello there!!! Just don’t forget David and Goliath, so that we won’t lose courage to fight!! Even if we lose we’re still the winner because we step our best foot forward with our effort. Gosh my apologies I missed reading your comment box Thank you and see you again! Have a great day!! God bless

  7. yeah i already voted two times. yesterday and today. just finished voting. of course he’ll be #1 in it. by the way i saw that among 4 groups he is the only solo artist there. i was amazed and was “wow he’ll seriously beat the group artist”. yeah i think we can give month of June as the Month of KHJ or Month of Alien World-UZoozin 🙂

    • Hello! There are five contenders 3 idol groups and 2 solos. With solo artist its Hyun Joong and Jang Geun Suk. The ranking at this hour is as ff;
      1. Girl’s Gen.
      2. Super Junior
      3. Kim Hyun Joong
      4. Beast
      5. Jang Geun Suk
      I would think Jang Geun Suk is HJ’s sole contender even in Japan as far as popularity boost is concern. Although JGS is the same age as HJ JGS is already a veteran considering he’s been an actor since he was a child. But at Mnet it’s obvious now HJ vs. idol group. The group composing of 10 members, it’s like 10 against 1 but I believe we can get there. Having HJ nominated in such a prestigious award and title as Global Star is something we can be proud of! What more if we make it to no.1!! Spread the word dear every single fan has to know about this voting polls.Thank you and have a great Friday!! See you again!! Keep voting!!! Hwaiting!! God bless…

  8. lazer unni… we made it…we made it…omo so excited….finally our Prince reach #3…
    Lets join our force together soldiers…i’m sure we can make Hyun Joong to be no 1…
    for those who haven’t vote please vote…we need you there…
    For those who already voted…please make some more ID…i have 10 ID already….
    Full power soldiers…we gonna make it!!!!

    • yyyeeess!!! i knew we can make it even one step at a time! I’ve been monitoring this since dawn. Whhaa you got 10 ID? Ok ok i’l work on more IDs!! There’s over 30,000 to race to #1 but let’s get our move spread the word and we’ll get there! thank you for reading 7 monitoring too…good luck to us!!! more power! Have a good Friday and God bless us all!! see you!

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