Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SHOOTING STAR

By: LazerKim        Have you experienced seeing a shooting star in the darkest sky? The other night I did saw a shooting, and upon seeing it I recognize the feeling of excitement. A shooting star can only be visible at night time of course, as it just pop out up in the sky in a sudden glimpse and vanish in seconds but, you still stare at the sky hoping to see another one. I would probably describe Kim Hyun Joong as a shooting star. I think it is the brightest star ever been seen in the sky to compare with other stars that stays as it twinkles.

And when you have seen Hyun Joong once, your desire to see him again ignites that you couldn’t get enough of him. Same with seeing a shooting, you can only stare at the dark sky and wait hoping it comes back or hoping to see another one. And then they said, once you get to see a shooting star, close your eyes, make a wish and it will come true. Isn’t it anything that Hyun Joong’s fan wish from him he always grant it?

His fans wants to see him up close, and so he did grant it in his fan meeting concert. There’s a high demand for him to do drama this year, and so he accepted the drama City Conquest. In February after his concert in Japan, he knows there’s gonna be a long gap in his public exposure before he gets out on his Asia Tour, and so he volunteered to sing the OST If We’re The Same.

During this gap he wrote to his fans saying he’s getting bored!! He wants to go out there on stage and perform. Hyun Joong tries to fill the gap or period when he is not seen by his fans, and so in his own personal way he writes to his fans. Letting them know he’s doing fine and that he’s just there. He treats is fans like his friends showing his thoughtfulness in his own simple way of communicating and giving importance too.

Last night Hyun Joong wrote a message of thanks to his fans for all the birthdays greetings that he read. Here’s that message:

To fans which I most wish to thank: 
Because having so many greetings from you, I have a very happy day~ I will work harder to be a better person.

This message was personalized, hand written by Hyun Joong and translated. This again is a humble message coming from the Prince, as he stated he’ll work harder to be a better person. This reminded me of a fan who left a message at my comment box yesterday in my article Born Star, and she said, “For Kim Hyun Joong his fans are blessings while other artist fans are burden.” I fully agree with her statement, without being comparative but realistic.

I wouldn’t be pertaining to Korean artist alone but even Hollywood and even in my country. Big celebrities can sometimes be arrogant and one Korean actor which was one of my favorite stated “I’m an actor, people do watch my dramas, why do I need to share my personal life with them.” Actually he can be rarely seen in talk shows because of his own views. I was turned off by his statement and now I don’t see him anymore nor hear anything about his projects if there is. My point is, every fan has their curiosity over their idol as to who he is in reality, how would you love a person if you barely know him?

Hyun Joong takes his fans as blessings, he gives importance to them, he takes them as his family, and he provides the needs of his fans. We all have witness how he treats his fans with equal respect, and he humbles himself to them always. Some fans would say for as long Hyun Joong wouldn’t change and would be keeping his feet firmly on the ground then he gain even more.

This is very true, and I am confident while his mentor his boss Bae Yong Joon is there to guide him, and whom he looked up to. My hats off to his boss who has been in showbiz for so many years as a veteran actor but never have I heard of him being arrogant at his highest status as the highest paid Korean actor. But until at this time his fans remained loyal to him even he is rarely seen these days. I would think Hyun Joong is very likely to take from his boss as he treat his fans as his own family.

Hyun Joong knows what his blessings are, and he gives importance to those blessings by returning it back, and so many more blessings kept pouring to him. As I have written yesterday, his virtue of charity, that whatever he has, he shares it to others. In terms of his works, Hyun Joong is blessed with many projects, in return he gives his best shot in any project given to him. Even the most simple ones like his commercial modeling that would only require him to pose for pictorials, he takes care of himself by looking good, taking care of his skin since he is a cosmetic product endorser.

In his singing career, he was given a chance to do a fan meeting , but he gave more than just the stereotype of fan meet. He had gone out of his way to innovate the old fan meet concept. With Hyun Joong if he’s given a 1/4 chunk of a pie, he’ll give you back an extra half to satisfy his audience!! That’s how Hyun Joong works.

As Hyun Joong was eating in an ordinary restaurant, he was saying, “make sure you get the best benefit of what you pay for in eating in a restaurant”. He has that principle in mind, and so being an artist he will perform more than the price of the concert ticket you pay for. In my opinion, I think he is a good businessman, for not being greedy for profit. He make sure he gives the best to his client and in a reasonable negotiation.

Yesterday was Hyun Joong’s day that feels like a festive day, the atmosphere around the alien world was like there were balloons everywhere, a loud music playing, cotton candy, hot dog on sticks, stuff toys, fun rides and everyone seem to be screaming everywhere!! This kind of atmosphere was what it felt like yesterday!! Kim Hyun Joong opened his official weibo account on his birthday yesterday and everyone was getting crazy to register. Those who has already the account were busy teaching those who still do not have it!!

Kim Hyun Joong opened the weibo account at 10am yesterday and as of 12 noon, it was said that there were over 50,000 fans followed his account, and in less than an hour it climbed up to over 70,000 followers!! And this figure just keeps on going up, I was thinking maybe I can use this as a gauge as to the number of fans being actively following him through internet although this number is just an average. At 7pm he gained over 130,000 followers, and at 4am today it went up over 200,000,  this is in less than 24 hours.

Hyun Joong mentioned in his press conference in China that he will open up an account at weibo on June 6, that’s yesterday, for his Chinese fans, and they responded remarkably. The interesting part here is that, a huge number of international fans opened an account yesterday and followed Hyun Joong’s account. It seems language barrier is insignificant considering weibo is a Chinese web site, all you can read is in Chinese character.

And yet Hyun Joong receives an overwhelming response both from Chinese and international fans on the weibo social network. Now everyone at twitter is requesting Hyun Joong to have a twitter account!! I wouldn’t be surprise one day he’ll give in to this request!!

And talking about China, Hyun Joong is scheduled to leave for Shanghai tomorrow June 8 Friday with the following flight schedule:

June 8 – Incheon Airport departure 10:30am (KE897)   Arrival Shanghai – 12:25noon

June 10 – Shanghai departure – 9:00am      Arrival Beijing – 11:20am

I’m sure many fans have been asking themselves, why Kim Hyun Joong?? His critics and detractors must be wondering too, what is it that fans do get addicted to Kim Hyun Joong? I know a blogger who is a critic of any artist. She’s not a fan of Kim Hyun Joong but she came to one of his High Five session out of curiosity.

And she stated, one can openly criticize Kim Hyun Joong but you’ll feel sorry for doing so after knowing who he is. His critics and detractors barely know him, that’s why they openly criticize him. Or they are just that hesitant to know him because they will surely swallow their words against him.

As to the question why Kim Hyun Joong, I can’t find other words to express his description except he is unique one of a kind. For me, he is a shooting star, and a shooting star is very rare but it is the brightest star among all other start. If you look at the sky with many star, you can appreciate them but soon you get tired looking at it. But a shooting gives you an excitement, it’s fast moving yet so bright and you want to see more….

This is how I see Kim Hyun Joong, the brightest star……a Shooting Star…….

                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

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17 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SHOOTING STAR

  1. Thank you LazerKim, went to Mnet and voted of course, that’s the least i can from that afar. By the by can you really recomend a safe site that europeans can order the Heat? This is a must have. thanks:)

  2. The one thing that I have noticed about our beloved Prince is that he treats his fans like his girlfriend or in a personal relationship with them. It is a beautiful feeling to know that he cares about us that much.

    • Hello!! Please vote for Hyun Joong for Mnet Global I post the link to the article. Thanks for reading, please your vote is needed, Have a nice day God bless…
      See you again!

  3. and well i forgot to mention about his promise to fans telling he’ll do his best and be a better person, i think he is awosome right now and can’t imagine how much more it’ll be. should give a thought about it. 😛 Yeah he has a big heart and also willing to open it and share it with his fans generously. wish i’ll be able to see him oneday!!

    • Hello!! Please Vote for Hyun Joong at Mnet global your vote is needed, I post the link at this article. Thank you for reading, your vote is needed, see you again Have a nice day god bless..

  4. hi lazer, thanks for quoting my comment on your article from my reply to your yesterday article. well he is something more than a Shooting Star because he is all bright and full of talent and also much more warmer than a shooting star. of course he suits to be the ruler of his alien world. to say the truth earlier i was bit sick about kdramas when they began to air in my country but to say the truth KHJ in BBF made me to fall in and well to say the truth i am trapped by KHJ’s charm,music and acting moreover his one in the million personality as a famous idol in the world. thanks again for mentioning my comment. god bless and have a nice day!!!

  5. It was a WONDERFUL day yesterday! It’s my first time of celebrating his birthday and it was like New Year! To see how all his fans were busy in celebrating it as a kind of Universal Birthday, I was very happy.. I’m glad to know that he too was enjoying the fans’ celebrations 😀
    I would like to suggest Hyun Joong-ssi to register an own social network site for himself… the number of followers fast growing like bacteria!..LOL..

    His happiness is what most important to us… He is receiving so much of love everyday and wish it could grow more… In the morning I watched a video by AlienPrince, I think Lazer unnie wishes to post it here.. It was really touching that I burst into tears as everyone who watched it… It truly and perfectly shows the unconditional love and bond between fans and Kim Hyun Joong.. I wish the people outside our u: zoozin world could watch it to know that, still there people in this world with warm hearts and connected with souls unconditionally for LOVE… But no one can feels our bond as much as we in our KHJ world feel…
    All for the Love of KIM HYUN JOONG…OUR ONLY ONE…. Kim Hyun Joong-ssi, I hope you had a great day..: )
    Thank you Lazer unnie..Take care.. May Triple gem Bless You!..

    • you know what? i cried over that vid i almost wasn’t able to finish this article i couldn’t write i was practically crying…my goodness.!! that’s gonna be my topic tom and yes i ask permission to the owner of that vid & she agreed she’s also my reader so i was allowed to post it here. so i’ll have that for tom ‘s article. Hey happy anniversary for Breakdown kekeke. I remember buying a bunch of that album & gave it as xmas presents to my friends who now my readers! kekeke…
      yeah i think its high time HJ should have his own site. Fans needs it too specially if he’s not our in exposure at lease we get to hear fr him once in a while. His weibo account is already in the news today, i’ll have that too for tom.
      Thanks again dinu….see you around and pls do take care God bless…

      • Happy Break Down Anniversary unniie!!! 🙂
        WOW!! last year unnie had given gifts to your friends..see now how many fans all over the world are gifted by unnie with these articles..and have to mention our daily

        thank you unnie once again.. Have Break Down Day!!

  6. i’m not chinese x.x lol i’m half-italian half chilean, my 1st languages are english&spanish n my italian is just basic, but someone gave me a weibo link in english kekeke xd I agree with you. If the person i’m a fan of is not kind, that’s a no for me. I also use this to choose friends: instead of payin’ attention at the way they are with me, i see how they are towards ppl who are not their family/friends. That’s how you realize if a person is good, kind and thoughtful. I kinda laughed when i read his message ‘i’ll try harder to become a better person’ xd kekeke as if he wasn’t already XD that has always been my wish ever since i was a little girl, and to find happiness too… though i gave up on that one… now i think about having happy moments and enjoy them to the fullest since happiness itself is not constant. I’m glad HJ cares about being a better person, not even my family cares about that ._. just me an my sis >_< I'm proud of being his fan for so many years and i hope he gains more and more fans everyday 'cuz he totally deserves to have 'em.

    • LOL hello ms owl! I read your twit last night about what were you thinking using Kpop!! I laughed at that!! You know what HJ was honest bout saying he doesn’t know why people like him. And yes I laugh too upon reading his message we have the same idea, he thinks he’s not good enough and so he works harder to prove he’s worthy. But you what? Even his talents & good looks is taken from him I would still like him. It’s his heart that is even more beautiful than anything else he has.
      Thank you Ms. Owl I’ll see you again, oh please don’t forget you have a family here too within Hyun Joong’s world…have a great day and take care, God bless. see you around!

  7. hahahah that’s right lazer unni…yesterday i was going crazy over weibo….i am chinese from
    Indonesia but i can’t barely read chinese character…yesterday i was desperaterly trying to sign up for weibo but don’t know so I had to use the online translator from the internet to read all the chinese character…Finally succeeded to have a weibo account…yeaaayyy!!!

    • hahaha…Hello!! congratulations!!! I’m half Chinese too, my dad was. But I don’t know how to speak or read Chinese!! i’m happy for you!! And then I did not mention the trending last night, it was the first time for me to participate and I really enjoyed it was fun!! yesterday was really a festive day, I’m happy for you, you can now get 1st hand update fr HJ. Good luck and enjoy your weibo!
      Thank you so much for reading and see you again! Have a pleasant day ahead of you and God bless…

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