Kim Hyun Joong…[artilce] KING OF KINGS

By: LazerKim         May I salute KeyEast for creating Kings out of their managing artist, my hats off to the agent company for doing a good job as an Artist Agent!! Yesterday I have read from the news that Joo Ji Hoon a KeyEast Artist, shall be portraying the lead role King Sejong in a new drama entitled “I Am The King”. Filming for the drama had started and will be airing in Korea on August. Another KeyEast artist Kim Soo Hyun portayed the role King Lee Hwon had successfully completed another drama The Moon embracing Sun which resulted in an excellent TV rating. But the real King in reality among them is Kim Hyun Joong!!

For a short briefer: Joo Ji Hoon played the lead role as a Prince in the drama Princess Hour or Goong. After Joo Ji Hoon was released from the mandatory military training, Joo Ji Hoon had signed a contract under KeyEast as his official managing agent and this drama shall be his come back stage. Kim Soo Hyun portrayed one of the lead role in the drama Dream High also a KeyEast artist

Yesterday the good news has been circulating as KeyEast revealed that City Conquest, an up-coming drama for Kim Hyun Joong had gained or already signed contracts for 10M Million USD of copyrights from international TV networks, prior to broadcasting. The said countries are Japan, China, Hongkong, and Taiwan. This is another record breaking in the Korean drama industry, again created by Kim Hyun Joong.

Since the filming have not started yet, but upon confirmation of cast actors, commitment among the international TV network had already been settled. Kim Hyun Joong is scheduled to start its filming in Japan by the beginning of July as estimated period since there’s still Hyun Joong’s album launching on July 4 and the up-coming concert by July 14.

During the period of Hyun Joong’s Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert event, there’s always been a press conference in every country is performed, and as we all know Hyun Joong will only talk when he is being asked questions. In all his press conference and interviews, the question about his up-coming drama has always been raised up. Hyun Joong merely answer the questions being thrown to him about City Conquest and I don’t think he intend to promote as yet since filming have not been started nor casting haven’t confirmed. As soon as casting was confirmed, booking for copyrights started flowing!!

Only Hyun Joong was confirmed to portray the lead role in which this drama had been sitting in his apartment couch and read the plot if he has time!! It was said that the drama proposal had been existing and only waiting for Hyun Joong to say yes!! Until he finally did so before he started his Asia Tour!! Meaning the producer of this drama reserves this right to Kim Hyun Joong to portray the lead role. This is another phenomenal fact that Kim Hyun Joong is indeed a record high breaker!! With simply attaching his name on to anything it just simply turns to gold!! Such an amazing guy, the real King of all Kings indeed!!

What else is there that Hyun Joong sets the record high? In Japan, his First Impact DVD lead the top at Oricon. Hyun Joong’s up-coming single HEAT in five versions hits the first top five in ranking for pre-orders. The Royalty in Hyun Joong’s name had already been tagged and this has been overwhelming that any fan can take pride as we always do. And had proven his Hyun Joong’s overwhelming popularity boost is just so uncontrollable!!

I can see the band wagon, as they call it in politics, will start rolling sooner or later. When people who not fans can see how Hyun Joong’s popularity boost, that he’s always been the cover story of leading local and international newspapers and magazines, these people tends to be curious as to why is Hyun Joong becoming this famous or popular. They start to read the news stories, they start to watch him and crave for more until such time they read more about his life story and finally become a fan. This is the phenomenon of band wagon, and that is why publicity is important to any rising star.

At the same time Hyun Joong had proven himself, the media have known him better through the press con and interviews. In fact the media has the first hand knowledge as to who Kim Hyun Joong is, since they have a direct interaction with him. Once they print out the interviews, the publishers now get to the heights of doing business since many people now starts following Hyun Joong’s chain of success.

And talking about City Conquest, why is it that despite of the fact that filming have not started, nor casting had not been confirmed and yet international TV networks took the risk in buying its right?  And as soon as casting was confirmed that Kim Hyun Joong will play the lead role, they grab the drama. And not to mention that history can tell how Hyun Joong’s critics had been down grading his acting ability, which I’m sure those critics are not happy to read this news about City Conquest!! And yet international TV networks grab the drama.

So let us go back to history. Hyun Joong has barely two dramas, the first one is Boys Over Flower and Playful Kiss. History can tell that BOF gained a huge success, and in all fairness Hyun Joong may had just played the second lead and yet he gained that huge attention. Among the F4, he was ale to conquer a bigger chunk of international fans. His second drama Playful Kiss suffered a low TV ratings in Korea, but when this drama was brought out in the internet and to the neighboring countries, again it made a huge success. Hyun Joong again played the second lead, since the drama is focus on the story of a young high school girl. But who gained the bigger attention? Isn’t it it’s Kim Hyun Joong?

There was a good history on Hyun Joong’s drama despite the fact that he is not even the best actor back then, due to lack of experience as an actor. But people who watched him in these dramas love him. Even Hyun Joong has been wondering why people liked him that pushes him and inspire him to be worthy of that love people gives him. He is being modest to accept what is lacking in him and work on to make him better and improve him craft. He did not take this fame as a burden but instead he took it as an inspiration to give more of him as an artist. We have witness this fact in his recent fan meeting concert.

And talking of fan meeting concert in China, may I just share a lighter side of my observation. At the portion of the show where he allowed his audience participate in the game portion playing as a baker of birthday cakes in which he decorated a steamed rice cake with chocolates, nuts and fruits ect. And the last cake he decorated, Hyun Joong put his personal possession like his pair of ear pierce and his ring which he’s practically wearing and the lucky fans have it as Hyun Joong’s birthday present!! What a unique and romantic to give someone a present. A teenage fan Scriz said “Is Hyun Joong setting a record breaker as a baker too??” I really laugh at this statement!!

This is just a simple but creative way of entertaining Hyun Joong’s audience that not only the participants are enjoying but also the audience watching. I wouldn’t be surprise if the baker industries imitate Hyun Joong cake decor and sell and I’m sure international fans would just love to buy some!! This is the magic Hyun Joong has, anything he touches just practically turns to gold!!

In other Hyun Joong’s interviews, he clearly stated that China is also his target market in terms of music and dramas. And seeing from the success he had in his recent fan meeting concert in two cities in China, the entertainment industry of China now focus on Kim Hyun Joong as their next Korean artist to actively promote. I would assume after Hyun Joong’s drama there will be projects for him since China was one of the countries who signed their commitment for City conquest. I wouldn’t doubt Hyun Joong doing an album in Chinese similar to his Japanese album. And besides Hyun joong already experienced singing a Chinese song in Guangzhou if you remember the Asian Games Opening Ceremony as he participated with.

Kim Hyun Joong’s global intent slowly on its surface at least in Asia and once he starts his World tour next year, then that’s gonna be another episode in his career life. I hope other countries had already realized that Hyun Joong is becoming a tourism figure, that in any country he visits for a performance, it is very likely that his international fans may follow him specially fans coming from countries which are not included in his itinerary on his up-coming world tour next year.

Hyun Joong is bound go beyond Asia as many fans from other areas in US, Latin America, and other European countries. Hyun Joong was taken by surprised as was interviewed by CNN during the time Playful Kiss was viewed by US and the European countries. And until at this time fans from these part of the world demands for his presence for a visit in their respective countries.

Well, tomorrow is Hyun Joong’s birthday and I’m starting to wonder what could be his birthday wish for this year’s birthday. Many of his fans shall be celebrating his birthday, others are preparing presents for him. It’s been a year since the debuted as a solo singer and my favorite music Breakdown is already one year old. Within this span of time Hyun Joong had already accomplished so much that no other artists had achieve this fast. Racing to the top now comes in so easy for Hyun Joong since he had already marked his Royalty the name Kim Hyun Joong.

The King of all Kings was born to conquer the hearts of many in different parts of the world that seemed to unbelievable. But Kim Hyun Joong made all of those possible through his music and his unvarnished sincerity to share his love to those who love him in return.

 We are the lucky fans take pride that the person we admired most is the ONLY ONE deserving to be King of all Kings, Kim Hyun Joong….

                                                                                       LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged KHJean14, thanks.


10 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong…[artilce] KING OF KINGS

  1. Hi lazer kim…
    great article….i love khj..but i would like to believe that BYJ is the king of kings:-)

    • Hello!! I think HJ can beat that with his first album for the 1st week it was 100,000 copies placing his debut album on gold record. And then with HEAT it top the first five pre-order meaning from 1-5 Heat ranking monopolizes the chart for pre-orders alone. There’s a free concert at Saitama Arena so i think that would be a good marketing tool. While JGS has 88,000 copies sold in a week for his album right? But HJ got his for 100,000 on first wk.
      Yeah i already placed my order for HEAT 5 orders, I’ll give the others to my co-choreographers that they can choreograph a unique concept. Yes i got the album of Breakdown, Lucky Guy and First Impact DVD, I’m still waiting for Marry Me. Oh i also got Kiss kiss Japanese version. I always support HJ’s albums.
      I think HJ can make it. Thank you for reading and see you again! Have a great day and God bless….

    • Ha, those news, not for long dear, wait for HJ, he will do much better!
      How can i order Heat on line? The cover is sooooooo HOT….. LZ thank you for your daily dose of love, it is beautiful. And as in SK is already 6th June – HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our STAR – KIM HYUN JOONG – may this year be a even better one than last year and MAY all his wishes be fullfiled. MAY he will receive the Love Energy from all his fans! A Great Day! :):)

  2. i said i wasn’t interested but i’m dying to see how much he has improved LOL! ❤ and obviously will watch and re watch each and every episode to delight myself just by looking at his eyes and hearing his warm voice *O*

    • I read comments of some TripleS, they said that Hyun Joong is les talented in SS501.
      But his voice attracts me the most.

      • In a basket of red apples one can not identify because they are all red, but if one red apple is taken out from the basket of apples and place place it in a basket of oranges you can easily identify. i met HJ he was already doing solo i like his voice the first time i heard him sing solo.
        Thank you for reading and see you again have a nice day!

  3. You know after reading this article, I kind of remembered that there were some tv networks that aired BOF but I don’t think they had the right to do it (South american & central american countries) D: since the original watermark of the korean tv station was still there D: and even though I said i wasn’t that interested in watching him act again LMAO xD I have to say that I’m totally happy that everything’s going this good =D Hopefully the drama will be successful and I know that my baby is such a workaholic guy, I know he will do his best to make us fans feel proud of him. I hope he continues learning and as he said once, there are some things that he cannot learn fast, but I’m sure he will improve as an actor ’cause he won’t ever give up ❤

    • Hello kpop!! Your baby has been with his acting coach since Feb after his concert in Japan on regular basis, he’s really serious about it. I agree with you acting is another field and yes you don’t to learn it over night. City Conquest is good break for him and I honestly hope he’ll have more chances of doing drama it is by then one can develop further.
      About TV network you were saying I think I heard about it I’m just not sure which country. But cable TV channels in my country there is still a mark of Korean TV station. But the local BOF was already dubbed in my language there’s no mark of Korean TV network anymore.
      Thanks for reading, and have a pleasant day!! See you again God bless…

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