Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR MANDATE

By: LazerKim         Kim Hyun Joong arrived at Incheon Airport yesterday afternoon and as usual many of his fans waited for his arrival and welcome him, handed him their personal letters and presents. This time, watching Hyun Joong carrying those bags of presents really looks like he had gone shopping!! I would assume those are birthday gifts since June 6 is just around the corner!!

I just love watching scenarios like this, because of all other artist I know, it’s only Hyun Joong whom I have seen receiving so many letters and presents from his fans!! I remember, one of the staffs of KeyEast was saying, Hyun Joong receives more gifts than their boss Bae Yong Joon! Now I can prove this is true!!!

Outside the airport Hyun Joong got in his car, roll down his window and waved at his fans. He went straight to the venue where Kyu Jong’s Fan Meeting was being held to bid farewell to his fans and at last after two-year the group SS501 finally made it as all members attended the Fan Meeting.

Hyun Joong obviously was haggard, looks tired after his tour in China, but it never matters to him, just wanting to be with his members since Kyu Jong will soon be leaving for the military training. The four member were at the stage and one was at the stage wing refraining to go up stage that might cause complications with his agent which I think is wise not to appear during a public show.

The members did not stay long which is quite understandable since it’s Kyu Jong’s show, giving all the chances to his fans to be with him for the last time before he gets to the military training. The group met again after Kyu Jong’s fan meet event, had dinner and spend quality time together.

I may not be a fan of SS501 since I started following Hyun Joong in 2011 when he was already a solo artist. Although I first had seen him at BOF that I barely knew he was a singer and being the leader of this group SS501. I may not know the other members as much as I have known Hyun Joong, but I know the feeling of being together as brothers living in one roof for years.

I have only watched them being together from so many video clips and it showed how much Hyun Joong loves his members and how important they are with each other. This early morning as I was browsing, fans of SS501 were truly delighted and touched by the event that at last they have finally watched them together again like a reunion. I’m truly happy for the fans of SS501 that their wish had been granted finally!!

To Kyu Jong I can only wish him the best. Two years in the military service may be a long period of time, but his fans and so with the SS501 fans shall be waiting for him to come back on stage, after he had completed the mandatory military training.

When I first read about Kyu Jong’s enlisting for the mandatory military training, I can’t help to react as in “What??” This mandatory military training is gonna be for two years, but what can be done but to abide by their law. It’s just that in my own personal opinion, Kyu Jong is still young very talented, handsome that there are a lot he can develop in himself for two years being an artist. The mandatory military training is given to all Korean male citizen upon reaching the age thirty. Kyu Jong is barely 25 years old, so I was thinking he might have self volunteered to be enlisted at early age.

For some reasons, it reminded me of Hyun Joong getting to this training when he reached his age thirty. I posted my article Time Line again which talks about Hyun Joong’s future and this mandatory training after I have read about Kyu Jong’s intended to get in to military next month. Last week as I was busy following the updates while Hyun Joong was on stage at Chengdu, I happen to come across an article about this military mandate on male star celebrities, since they are not excluded from the said mandate. The article is like a proposal or something to reconsider the mandate for Korean star celebrities. Well, if this is so, I would gladly support this proposal!!

One of the fan at the twitter said, if this mandate would come upon Hyun Joong, his fans would be totally at lost!! This statement made me stare at an empty space that I was asking myself, what would I do if his time has come to abide to the mandate?? In my article Time Line I mentioned that I’ll be going back to watching dramas as I normally do before I met Hyun Joong. Now that I asked myself the same question, I think I found another answer. Bae Yong Joon, Hyun Joong’s boss, a none professional writer, had written a book about Beauty of Korea for a year and a half. And he dedicated that period just to write!

How I wish to be able to do that, to write about Hyun Joong all about his life in the military camp!! Oh don’t get me wrong, I don’t need to be inside the camp to be able to write how life is to be a military personnel. Probably I just have to know where he’ll be assigned!! And research from Korean Military books!! How I really wish to do this, otherwise I’ll be forced to stop writing all together as if his life story had stopped, well in fact this period must be the most challenging part of his life, just in case!!

What about his career path? I have mentioned again in my article Time Line that Hyun Joong have at least four years, since he’ll be turning twenty on Wednesday June 6, I think there’s a bit plan detour from his original career plans. I wrote that previous article in February 23rd, at the same time Hyun Joong was in his cocoon while his fans were restlessly missing Hyun Joong and getting bored, so that time anything can be talked about just to kill time while waiting for him!

I felt as if I have written that article years ago!! Because Hyun Joong had been running so fast that he’s always been on the go, while his chain of success had been on his tail remarkably uncontrollable. Hyun Joong is quite prepared in building his own legacy before he steps in the military camp. He’s going global this time and now I can clearly see where he’s bound to after each plan is starting to surface and materialized. At first I thought four years is not enough for him to attain what he wanted to achieve, but now I would say Hyun Joong would probably the first Korean artist to be able to build a legacy in the shortest period.

If Kyu Jong’s fans were shocked upon reading the news and of course this is such a sad news for them, I could feel what they are feeling right now by just imagining how it would be if it’s Hyun Joong’s turn to abide the mandate. Many of Hyun Joong’s fans do follow him anywhere he performs and I think it’s a wise decision as they’re capable of doing so. Keeping all the memories as much as we could and there are many ways of doing so to the best ability we can. Hyun Joong will provide those memories as we collect them through our simple support and remain steadily at his side.

Well, there are many more chances in four years time but let’s face it for Hyun Joong this four years is just around the corner since his career phasing is too fast!! But I would say that would be very advantageous that before we know it he’s already up there. Others would say for as long he won’t change, meaning if his feet remain firmly on the ground then Hyun Joong will gain even more support. I’m quite confident about Hyun Joong’s modesty and humble trait. The only thing that keeps on changing is Hyun Joong is his image but his inner self remained locked up.

I would admit I was affected by Kyu Jong’s decision to abide the mandate at his early age that I can’t help to write the mandate again. Many of you might have read that article I have read about the military mandatory training for male Koreans. It’s a part of reality in Korea where Hyun Joong is. At this early stage I couldn’t imagine how it would be without Hyun Joong around! I remember from February till the period he got out on this Asia Tour, I have observed how his fans could be so missing him during the period he was in his cocoon!! That even Hyun Joong himself wrote a letter to his fans like somebody from the prison and knowing he was just as bored as they are!!

Oh well, these are just my thoughts that I can share with you for today’s article. There may be a long way to go yet for Hyun Joong to reach this mandate, but upon seeing Kyu Jong being enlisted at such age, it somehow gave the thoughts it can always happen to any of our Korean idols. Time change and so do people change, and I hope people from their government would change their minds pertaining to this military mandatory training. Ten days without Hyun Joong feels like ten year. What more with the two years with totally not seeing him??

Kim Hyun Joong provides memories for his fans to keep in their heart, as we fans collect as much memories as we can……

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks.


22 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR MANDATE

  1. HE is UN ambasador,will do everything for HIS country. But,to tell the true… I really dont know what to do without HIM around,for 2 years?oh God… Sist,pleeeaase make it sure you will still write, we count on you LK,God bless .

    • LOL we all feel the same way!! You’re most welcome to join me in my tent while I write about HJ by that time comes!!! Thanks lng have a great day take care and see you again….God bless…

  2. Well LZ dearest, a man got to do what he is got to do for his country, but I loved your idea of camping near the military camp, you are not alone on that for sure. He will do great and will be bigger till his time to join the army, so let’s think about this like he will take a long vacation (like two years). By the by I’ve read something beautiful today about a fan account/meeting with KHJ –
    when you read something like that you just feel like, how can you not love this guy as always beautiful inside as outside and so considerate toward that fan, really a beautiful gesture. Loyal LZ can’t wait to see your article on the 6th….:)

    • LOL I’m still laughing as I imagine myself putting up a tent within the vicinity of the military camp with telescope like a spy and write whatever i see HJ doing!! There’s a long way to go though but probably by the time he gets enlisted I’m already well equipped!!
      Oh I love reading fan accounts specially fan’s experience at the fan meeting concert and reading from them makes me feel as if I was there beside the writer feeling what she felt during that particular moment and it feels so good really. Well the birthday boy will turn 26 tomorrow but still very young to have achieved a lot for himself! I wonder what’s in store for tomorrow!!
      Thanks Noya, oh after four year from now I hope we can all meet up and join me as we build the tent outside the military camp!!! LOL….I would love to have everyone there!!! See you again…have a nice day take care God bless

  3. To earned the title leader is not simple and not everybody can be a Learder, I mean a real leader. Kim Hyun Joong is called to be a leader of SS501, a leader is like a shepherd , a good shepherd love his sheep and keep them. A good shepherd will never allow his sheep to gone astray, Kim Hyun Joong alway keep his words and since he has proclaimed it he will definitely make it to past that SS501 will come back one day, it might be very soon, it might 5 or 10years time, it might be after all of them had married and have children and come along to unite together with their fans as a big family, Patience is word to everyone that looking forward to their return.

    Kim Hyun Joong born a korean will definitey wants to go and fullfill his duty in the military service.
    he is patriotic to his country, and i believe that he is not afraid to enter the military service even at the hight of his popularity because when he complete his service he comes out dignified. And his family, friends and fans will be proud of him, likewise all his SS501 members will be the same.
    so you all his/their (SS501) fans who claimed that you all LOVE kim hyun joong and SS501
    should encorage him/them and wait for him/them to complete their military service one by one
    and look forward for the day of SS501 stand united on stage with all his fans.
    All you his/their fans should also manifest YOUR LOVE to them no matter how long ,you people will hold fast to that love and wait patiently for them, till the day they come back united (let none has gone astray) than these is the POWER OF LOVE that united you and Leader and SS501.

    Im looking forward to this day, i have that emotion feel deep down in me when i saw leader came to kyu jong fan meeting to meet the group. God Bless Leader Kim Hyun Joong , Hao Young Saeng ,Kim Kye Jong, Kim Hyung Jong , Park Jung MIn

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts, you have different views but you’re right that I agree about the military training it’s patriotism that every citizen should take pride after getting through with it…sigh….yes i think two years is not long to wait because I truly love the person worth to be waited for.
      And yes i agree with your idea about SS501, in Hollywood many legendary groups came up with reunion concert and it was very memorable Letterman, Beatles, Bee Gees they were already senior citizen when they came up on stage again it was beautiful. I am truly happy to have known the group came up together for Kyu Jong’s FM before he leaves for the military training.
      thank you again, and have a nice day, see you again God bless….

  4. hi sis.. miss you.. thanks for the wonderful article…

    i am a follower of Kim Hyun Joong but not of his members (sorry about that), though i have learned to love them too as well as the people around him that he loves (even the fans he loves whom i don’t know too).. and i can see how much he loves his dongsaengs, giving way for them to shine too.. giving time to be with them and show his love and support for Kyu Jong though he is dead tired from the FM.. watching the SS501 old vids, they all made me laugh too, but im really into Kim Hyun Joong-ssi.. lols.. but seeing them together yesterday, i felt so happy, a warmth feeling in my heart seeing them all together again.. watching them from chin’s blog site, i was telling myself, they all grew up to be such handsome guys.. lols.. and also very happy too to all of their followers especially the TS fans who prayed hard for them to be together again.. and because some of my sisters in the uzoosin world are really SS501 fanatics, i feel so happy for them 🙂 daebak!

    the night before i read about the twits on Kyu’s joining the military, i was talking about it with some of KHJ fans too.. i was kidding about it and not really paying attention about it.. until i woke up reading about one of SS501 member which is Kyu Jong joining the military.. and it hit me so hard that all i can do was cry.. cry at the thought of Kim Hyun Joong joining/enlisting in the military.. Just the thought of it, 2 years without KHJ, i know for some it is just short time but for some like me, it seems like forever.. maybe i am overreacting.. maybe, but it’s my feelings, and i feel so sad about it.. when i have talked about it to one of my sister in uzoosin world, i just told her while i was crying that i don’t want to think about it, and i just want to enjoy now.. the present.. enjoy every moment with my Star Prince.. while he’s not yet in the military.. i’ll just cross the bridge when i get there.. but honestly, i am fighting about that thought.. reading twits reminds me about it.. and even though i am fighting not to think about it and brush it off my mind and just think of the happy things and his upcoming events, but once in a while it still comes to mind 😦 and now, reading about it here on your article, made me cry again 😦 but as they say, there’s always rainbow after the rain.. so i will just concentrate on the rainbow.. because of Kim Hyun Joong-ssi, my life is like a rainbow.. so colorful that just the thought of his smile makes me smile too, i always feel so happy inside.. so as much as possible, i will do my best not to focus on the bad things or the things that will make me sad but more so, focus on the happiness that my Star Prince is giving me 🙂

    i will just cross the bridge when i get there.. when that time comes, then its when i will face it.. but now, i will just enjoy life to the full with my Star Prince and everyone he loves and that loves him too.. together with my uzoosin family..

    take care my namdongsaeng Hyun Joong-ssi.. i will always be looking up to you as my Star who gives shine and color in my life.. forever in my heart.. saranghaeyo HJ HJ!

    take care sis LazerKim.. miss you.. love you.. God bless always!

      • Hello Fanjoong!! Don’t worry I’m seriously considering camping in a tent within the vicinity of the military camp where HJ will be assigned bringing a laptop to continue writing about his life in the military, and bring all his fans daily dosage as i normally do everyday!!! LOL Oh how I wish i could do that!!! Writing about him became my life! Have good week ahead of you…Thanks for reading as always…see you again!!!

    • aawww!!! I was surprise to see my name on this comment box! hoohooo this inspires me to make a novel-like comment! XD hhahhaha i soooo miss you eonnie!! *kiss kiss* we haven’t taLk so much (not as we normaLLy do.. EVERYDAY! ^^ ) these past few days .. When I read the news about Kyu Jong confirming his enlistment for military I was at lost! He’ll be having his FM in Seoul at June 3, and some news says that He’ll be releasing another album by July, but why so soon? 😦 coz of this, I immediately think about KHJ.. Kyu Jong choose to take his military service at his young age.. I was thinking “How about Hyun Joong then?” I keep on thinking that KHJ will take the enlistment when he reached 30!! (hope so! coz I’m not ready if he did it right now or maybe a year after!! >,< ) on the other hand I'm thinking about SS501 reunion at Kyu Jong's fm. oh well not just thinking but PRAYING! I keep on teLLing this to eonnie Jean! Then morning of June 3, after another KHJ's successful fan meet in China, eonnie Jean DMed me and said that Leader (this is what eonnie Jean & I used to call Kim Hyun Joong) is in the Guangzhou aiport already.. I was like "huh?? Leader??? at the airport?? is he going to attend Kyu's FM?? or just send his fareweLL??" still on state of shock but still manage to sent sms to eonnie Dan (she's in HK) to tell her the good news about our 501 boys hoping-for-reunion at Kyu jong's fm.. :)) hehehe as these things keep flashing on my mind while watching updates on my TL.. News are really fast as I expected! Someone tweeted that Leader already arrived at Kyu Jong's FM!! :)) b4 Leader came, 2 other members are already there watching at the audience.. Jung Min and Hyung Jun.. As you all know, SS501 fans, Triple S were all gone wild seeing 2-3 members together! but this event really made things all possible! KHJ had his own fan meet in china flew back to korea, Young Saeng whose having activities for his comeback stage, Hyung Jun and Jung Min having their drama which is currently on air.. Who would have thought that these people would set aside their own activities for the sake of one of their members.. and the moment that we;ve been waiting for, our 5 superstars on stage! I can't actually help myself but cry so hard especially when Kim Hyun Joong went on stage and introduce himself as " I'm SS501's Leader.. Kim Hyun Joong!" am so happy that time and Leader made it more COMPLETE when he said that! and the epic 501 greetings "Anneyeohaseyo Double S Oh Gong Il imnida ( + bow)" ^_^ this is reaLLy the MOST MEMORABLE day to us.. Thank you so much ('nay) for writing these.. much Love to you.. You know how much SS501 means to me… I Love you ssoooo heLLa much!!! :))

      • You know what? You’re the very first person who popped out from my mind after reading the news about FM I wasn’t around that time i was at a children’s party!! I wrote this article at dawn since I came home past midnight, I’m so happy for you that i know this is one of your wishes to come true. Bunso just remember this there are legendary groups that even they have retired they group again and perform for their fans, that’s likely to happen with SS501 they are friends forever they have gone through a lot that will remain in their hearts. i’m sure we’ll see another such performance from them in due time. And you may never know they still see each other, that i’m very sure.
        For some reasons upon hearing the news about Kyu Jong made me sad, i barely know the guy but I know how it is to be a fan of an idol, that I can’t help writing this article. Keep that memory of the fan meeting of Kyu Jong in your heart, you’ll get to see them together after he has completed his service. You know what i’m sure HJ will visit him there, remember he visited him when he was doing musical drama? I have no doubt he and other members will visit him.
        Thank you for reading have a nice week ahead of you and see you around!!! take care love you bunso God bless..

  5. Hi LK…
    I was going 2 mention abt the 20 instead of 26, but I saw anonymous already gave you the heads up…LOL! Thxs her for that!
    I got one questions..they say that in Korea ur 1 yrs older, by number not really by age so if thats true…will that means that KHJ is going to b 27 over there n will it b 3 yrs or 4 for him to do all his dreams? Or do they use the american age n we still got 4 yrs or 3? how does it work!
    Any way 3 or 4 is still great to have in around but like anonymous say I just can’t bear to think abt that not now not never! Someone that I’m trying to enter HJ world n to c how great of person he is ask me this…it’s it really mandatory? What if they move to another country? I told her that’ll never happen, but if he does live in another country does he still need to go? I must do a research on that cz I don’t really know how that works, but we got Koreans, Japannese and even Chinnese in my country that don’t know if have gone to training?
    Well one think I got clear is that when that day comes….Oh God make that day far away we’ll show our support as always true fan do! We’ll make him feel that he’ll b missed and will b waiting, that in the meantime his over there our hearts, love and support for him will stay the same and when that time to come bk home will b there to recieve him with open arms and award him for his bravery and dedication to his country! It will be hard for both parts, but we must make him feel that 2 yrs will move on faster if we all truly believe that he has left is with a heart full of memories!
    God Bless him now n always until that day comes lets just keep supporting, loving and protecting the prince!
    Thxs LK for the article n the pass article also I’ve read the only couldn’t comment cz some issues u know me right…hahaha

    • hi..LOL! you think KHJ gonna go to other country? haha….we all share the same sentiment regarding military issues,anyway lets advance anticipating what will gonna happen to us fans when his enlistment comes on that day.I think fans would stay the same as ever loving HJ and would be famous as ever i tell you.Being secluded w/o any news from him could create severe impact to the Alien world and so expect the unexpected!!..i remember when they have gone solo(SS501)HJ did not appear for almost one and half year and when he did he explodes..and so this 2yrs we are talking about is nothing…but only create growing passion for him…anyway still a long way to go so we have more time for him..thanks to you
      bfanofkhj4ever..fighting! God bless u always!!

    • Gov’t mandate is a mandate, even HJ gets to another country he will be called upon. If you try to get away from it, you can not go back & if you do you go straight to prison. About the age they are trying correct that so they follow the basic counting on age. By the time he get to the camp I’m planning to camp myself nearby so that I can update you guys about HJ!! LOL and start writing a book My Military Days!! LOL
      Oh that kissing incident now turned out to be true!! That night sriz & dinu were on line 7 of course what do you expect them to say!! I’m pretty sure they are Chinese I don’t think international fans would have the guts to do it!
      Hey thanks bliz you drew again i miss those thanks a lot it brightens the article even it’s all nega written there!! LOL Take care and Have a great week ahead of you!! Oh i’m sure you have read the 10M smiles!!! God bless

      • If HJ goes to another country to avoid the mandate, he couldn’t raise his head to see any one.
        No, HJ plans the time to go to the army. He knows his responsibility and will follow it.

        • I know he won’t move to another place…someone ask n I told them is mandatory for all, so I don’t think u understood my point of view! I was trying to clarify that person that even if they move they will do it cz is part of their tradition n no matter where u move ur tradition never change is part of you! I only was worry abt the age changes n that it could be 3 instead of 4 nevertheless I’ll b supppoting him and waiting for his return! For him is something he nust do and as all he will do it with honor and hardwork and with his hand on his heart to do it for his country! Just as other have he will be fine and we all are going to b proud of him no matter what! Sorry if you all misunderstand of me trying to make him run away of his duties…I’ve been watching HJ for years n 1 thing I positive abt him he don’t run of any responsibility he confronts them with honor, hard work and plenty of patience!

  6. Hi LZ thank u once again for this wonderful article!..well we’ll be seeing HJ thru your article when his enlistment time for the miliary will come *wink*.,for now i dont wanna think about it, it gives me feeling of nothingness….am still savouring all the good news that happening in his life right especially this exploding news about this presale of his upcoming drama *City Conquest*..thats proven HJ’s name is on HIGH DEMAND.Well not all are even serve as good news to us as many are circulating were quite confusing(true or false!!)but no matter what we will stand by our man ,we know very well what sacrifices he is putting aside just to give his best part for the sake of his fans and to all the people he loves.I was really touch by all his effort regarding these matters as we can see him almost dying of exhaustion with all these on going FM an yet look at him..Lets show to them that we are with HJ and that united we stand for him.And for those fans who are able to meet and shakehands with him,we have given a chance already to have an up close with him and able to touch and yet we still have the guts to STEAL A KISS FROM HIM!!!!!!!…for me doing that is like we are not respecting at all our man KHJ,its so embarassing to even act like that!! i,ve met him,shakehands with him but my feeling was mixed by then i was filled with joy and yet more of RESPECT to him.Cant we simply act as a truly fan of him,respect his privacy,make an allowances of being too close to him so at least he could breath of something like… fresh air ,i mean HJ’s breathing almost ladies smells wherever he goes..LOL!!! love our man and please dont let us take advantage of his closeness with us!.
    anyway..LZ some wrong typo again..pls check your *twenty* it shoud be twenty six(KHJ’s age) right? sorry.Have agood day to u!!God bless us all!!

    • LOL got it thanks for the correction!!! The 10M USD prior to filming of City conquest is another record breaker I’ll have that for tom’s article! And that girl was what i mentioned in my article Fly High gggrrr yes you’re right not all news are good there should be balance!! Oh well everything about HJ is just so overwhelming!! Thanks sis for dropping by, i’ll see u around I’ve been busy researching lately and I’m just glad what i’m researching for came out to be true one is that about City Conquest, there’s another one just waiting to come out!
      Take care have a pleasant week ahead of you!! Meanwhile i’m so zzzzz!!!

      • that’s why you are even retweeting somebody else there in your can check carefully who is that..i thought you have another man…LOL!!..ok have good nap ..see you later!..

        • LOL yeah that’s right !! hahaha I misread!! But actually i included Joo Ji Hoon & Kim soo Hyun in my article for tom. King of Kings!! They are KE artist. Don’t worry i’m a loyalist!! LOL

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