Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CHENGDU PASSION

By: LazerKim         As early as 2pm yesterday, stalls outside the Sichuan Gymnasium in Chengdu were being set up to sell the Uzoosin merchandise. At the same time Kim Hyun Joong was already at the stage of the stadium for final show run through rehearsals for the first China stage fan meeting concert event. At 5pm dinner was served for Hyun Joong and his staffs and after which getting ready for make-up and costume preparation. Although Hyun Joong barely eat to appreciate Chengdu cuisine since he is in a strict body built diet program.

Outside the stadium a number of security personnel were being prepared and some barricade in anticipation of the fan crowd coming to attend the big night of Kim Hyun Joong Fan Meeting concert. Looking at the venue this is much bigger than the other three stages Hyun Joong recently performed. There is an area outside the venue that looks like a flea market, where the Uzoosin merchandise are being sold!!

Seeing the stadium from the outer part, it’s quite huge and grand! It rained in Chengdu and at around 6pm, fans started to gather and at around 7pm fans are already lined up outside the venue and starting to fill-in the audience gallery stadium. The show starts at 8pm local time, and so it did, Kim Hyun Joong rocked Chengdu for two hours while his fans chant for his name, scream on top of the their voices and the atmosphere around the stadium was filled with love and joy. Hyun Joong performed the same concert at other countries the only difference is the game with fans portion.

I have monitored and watched the video clips of his recent concert but this is the first time that I felt sad in the end or at the finale curtain call. Then there’s the picture of the stage curtain that says “Chengdu….Goodbye!!” Seeing this made me even lonely! What does this show made it different among others? I think it’s the atmosphere within the audience gallery because fans from Chengdu displayed a different kind of passion to Kim Hyun Joong. There’s a part in the show that the audience wore a panda cap and sang a birthday song for Hyun Joong in Korean. I was just reading the updates as the event unfolds but I can feel the passion of fans from Chengdu.

I think I would prefer the High Five Session to be done right after the concert, because it does not feel that the show ended, it does not feel as if Hyun Joong is going and it will take sometime to go back to that stage where he performed. But here in Chengdu, it feels that he’s actually going away and would not see him again, and that stage curtain at the end with the caption “Chengdu…Goodbye” really feels sad.

I didn’t feel this way with his other performances in other venues. There was no feeling of sadness and seeing the High Five after the concert even makes me feel Hyun Joong will just be around and would be looking forward for his next stage at the same venue. Well, this is just my personal opinion that the show last night was superlative and emotionally touching. Different from the rest of the shows.

There’s a Q & A portion in the show, and Hyun Joong mentioned, at first he was worried that his fans from Chengdu will not come and attend this fan meeting concert. But seeing from the crowd of fans, Hyun Joong said “In the future I will be here every year, I noticed that Chengdu fans love to smile. I couldn’t help but smile too. Chengdu fans are full of passion and I’m touched. I was worried that no fans will come being Chengdu for the first time.”

Hyun Joong remembered a kid girl from the High Five session who was sitting at the front row of the audience gallery and as he spotted at her, he dedicated the song I’m Your Man to the kid girl. Fans specially prepared panda surprise for Hyun Joong as he said “So many pandas!!”  Hyun Joong was asked Do you think Sichuan girls are pretty?

Hyun Joong said, “I think pretty girls is one of the trademark for Chengdu, I saw many pretties! I was in the car on the road I wind down my window I can see a lot of pretty girls.” Hyun Joong stayed in Chengdu for three days but he never had a chance to leave his hotel only for rehearsals and the high five event. He did not have to chance to play or experience sight seeing due to his tight schedule.

Hyun Joong mentioned that he will open a weibo account next week as he said “I will post concert photos on weibo as I’m opening a weibo account for the Chinese fans.” Hyun Joong was asked if he wants to work with female artist? Hyun Joong said “I usually pay attention to Chinese theater, the famous Chinese film will see me in the future.” I think he intend to venture on doing Chinese market for filming movies. Hyun Joong also mentioned that he will start his world tour next year.

Hyun Joong gave presents to lucky fans, a package filled with TFS product he brought from Korea. Hyun Joong baked cakes saying “this will be the only cake on earth that is baked by Kim Hyun Joong!!” Three fans are so lucky that they will get to received and eat the only cake by Kim Hyun Joong that he decorated by himself. The cake actually is steamed rice cake same texture and taste as dumplings!!

At the last cake Hyun Joong run out of decorations to put into the cake and so he took off the earings he was wearing and put it on to the cake. The cake was a simply white round shape as he decorate it like a human face! That was such a play that his fans truly enjoyed.

Many problems were encountered at Chengdu prior to the concert itself, since it’s the first time for Chengdu to have such event, the fans faced many unexpected problems from the organizers. Chengdu fans learned from the problems created by the organizers and for next time I’m sure everyone will be aware of the experience and would be careful. I just hope KeyEast had seen these problems encountered by the fans of Chengdu, that next time around hopefully a different organizers would handle Hyun Joong’s event activities.

Nevetheless, the fan meeting concert ended up in a huge success, as I have mentioned in my other article yesterday, no one can ever discourage Kim Hyun Joong fans anywhere in the world for following him. I just hope no one would attempt to under estimate Kim Hyun Joong fans and never never under estimate the power of Kim Hyun Joong.

Hyun Joong is set to leave Chengdu this morning as he boarded his flight to Guangzhou. Hyun Joong is wearing the same shirt, jacket and jeans as he arrived Chengdu. Gosh I can imagine the hotel laundry department must be busy doing laundry for Hyun Joong. If Hyun Joong will be using the same costumes as last night, then everything goes for dry cleaning right after the show and packed!! He has such a very hectic show schedule.

He once mentioned that whenever he travels he just bring underwear, pairs of socks, an extra shirt, tooth brush, razor, and his contact lens solution which he already got rid of since he already had eye laser treatment. He’s not a fussy guy over his off stage attire, as he always say, he’s just an ordinary guy just same as others. He’s not the type of artist who is flashy even off cam.

As expected Hyun Joong’s fans from Chengdu can’t get enough of him, they followed him at the airport to see him off. There was a huge crowd of fans but everyone behaved and they enjoyed taking pictures of him as he walked at the airport lobby. Some international fans are following him at Guangzhou taking the same flight as he does.

While I’m writing this article Hyun Joong’s flight had took off at 10am on his way to the next China stage to perform another explosive performance. And so fans at Guangzhou are now waiting for his arrival at the airport. Well, learning from Chengdu I’m sure organizers from Guangzhou knew all about airport hassles Hyun Joong has to get over with as he arrived late at night!! I’m sure by this time organizers are well aware of the past incident.


Well, what else can I say…..Chengdu fans thank you so much for taking care of Hyun Joong. You have displayed your sincere affection to him that Hyun Joong was touched by your gesture, from the time he arrived Chengdu airport that you did not leave him and instead stayed with him even at wee hours at dawn. That was very much appreciated by the international fans.

However, we heard your sentiments over the organizers, and we are here to support your sentiments. The international fans shall be watching over as Hyun Joong will be coming back to your city and be looking forward to it. Thank you for taking care of the international fans who followed Hyun Joong in your city, and thank you for your hospitality, your effort is very much appreciated.

As always, fans who actively monitored and share the events at Chengdu as it unfolds your effort is very much appreciated, thank you for sharing with us I know you have gone out of your just to share with other fans, and please do keep your updates because this is the only way we can watch over Kim Hyun Joong anywhere he is. We are not done yet though, tonight is another night to look forward to a we stay and watch over Hyun Joong. Again thank you very much for your great effort! You know who you are!

Chengdu will always be remembered as Kim Hyun Joong marked a history as the first Korean artist to set foot and perform a unique Fan Meeting Concert event at Sichuan Gymnasium. Fans may have encountered some rocky road but it only even made the fans love Hyun Joong more deeply and passionately. The strength of Chengdu fans has been stabilized even before Hyun Joong stepped on this city. And given this chance to meet him in person has brought them a memory that will always be remembered, that can be shared with others.

Many local nationals from Chengdu who are none fans had witnessed the power of Hyun Joong as local TV covered news all about Kim Hyun Joong. As he promised he’ll be back next year and by that time his fans will increase in numbers again coming from the fans from Chengdu. Hyun Joong may say “Chengdu Goodbye” for now, as he’s coming back in his mind he would say, “See you again”.

Kim Hyun Joong successfully brought his love to his fans, as the fans reciprocated the same love as much as the Chengdu Passion.

“It was said that it was raining in Guangzhou!! A way to welcome The God of Rain.”!!

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing

Photos credits as tagged and updates KHJean14 thanks.


9 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CHENGDU PASSION

  1. congrats again HJ! to all the critics,antis and all the insects always pestering hyun joong…just give up guys, you’re just wasting ur effort,time and whatever,there is one word that fits you all guys ”MAMATAY KAU SA INGGIT”lol.. tama ba ms.LK? thanks again.

    • KOREK!! They are all dying of jealousy and envy, simply bcoz it’s HJ who has the crown of history for Chengdu. Now HJ has another successful concert at Guangzhou, nobody dared to bug him as he was the 1st Korean artist to participate in the Asian Games held at the same city at the same stadium!
      Prepare your baygon, solignum and other insect killer!! For sure many insects will be around again once he starts with his drama!!
      Thank you and see you again, have a great weekend! Take care God bless..

  2. LZ beautifully written as usual, another succesfull FM of HJ and thanks for the Chengdu fans showing the love to HJ. as laways love the pictures, you are the best:)

    • Thank you very much Noya it’s always my pleasure to write all about HJ! I was so touch with Chengdu fans among other countries, they are really that passionate.
      HJ made it again a successful show at Guangzhou, he gave up his ring for a fan as a bday present!! TT many fans were so envy!! LOL But happy for the fan who got it. They’re having hi five at HJ’s hotel at present.
      Thank you as always and see you again…Have a great weekend. Take care and God bless.

      • OMG, he is so generous with his Chinese Fans, need to make a chinese visa and go to Shanghai ASAP, his ring?! now I feel that i am really missing it big time…LZ thank you for all the updates, you are just awsome:)

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