Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HIGH FIVE

By: LazerKim        What an excellent morning to wake up with Kim Hyun Joong photos all over the local news paper in Chengdu. After the airport hassle on his arrival to Chengdu China the other night, Kim Hyun Joong is back in action!! He attended his press conference with the local and international media yesterday afternoon, then followed by the High Five session.

Hyun Joong was scheduled reservation to see and meet the panda as he has been wishing for, but it was cancelled!! He slept till the afternoon which I think is better, since he’ll be staying up late tonight again for his stage rehearsals. Anyway, the panda isn’t going anywhere, they will just be there waiting for Hyun Joong’s visit!!

Right after the press conference, Hyun Joong had some minutes rest while the staffs organized the high five session. There were 1000 fans who would take the opportunity to have an up-close and hand shake with Hyun Joong. As planned, the 1000 fans was done by ticket draw regardless of the ticket price.

As I was observing the updates, after the high five session, Hyun Joong was met by a crowd of fans along the building driveway. As he got in his car, he rolled down his car window, waved to his fans and drove off. I would assume he went back to his hotel to prepare for his rehearsals at the venue.

Yesterday there were a lot of commotions and rumors that somehow for me was such entertaining that I can only take it lightly and joke about it, or maybe I have gone used to the insects flying around!!

Yesterday as I was browsing the twitter, I read some post saying there were fans at the venue where the high five was being held, who were not able to make it or did not have the chance to have the high-five. It was said that the organizers did not allow them to get into the venue since the high-five had been finished. It was said that Hyun Joong did the high-five session in 30mins for 1000 fans??

Since the 1000 fans was done in ticket draw, I would assume, there must be a hi five ticket representing participation of the ticket holder. It was said allegedly, were informed that the high-five session was finished?? I think there was a confusion yesterday among the staffs at the ticketing area and other fans.

Then I read from some post that somebody complained about the alleged incident and that the head organizer would look into it.  That I hope something can be done to compensate with the confusion among the staffs. And then as I mentioned earlier, the organizing staffs should have collected the ticket for the hi five session and from there they would know if they were able to accomplished the 1000 fans who were suppose to be there.

Then after this commotion, there’s another post that say, a staff from the event organizer made a negative comment about Hyun Joong. But then again for the sake of argument, granting there’s such thing as this transpire It was said the a staff from the event organizer posted a picture of Hyun Joong, then somebody asked “who is that”? The staff replied, “he’s a Korean star who’s gone thru a plastic surgery”.

I can’t help but laugh because this negative comment sounds familiar since I always read it at drama beans blog! …hhmm..LOL..Then it was said that the post was deleted. these posts all came from weibo, and I believe the post were written in Chinese and somebody might have translated it in English.

I do not want to point on my finger who is somebody who might be innocent. Nevertheless, granting this is true. I think is it very unethical for a representative of a prestigious organizer to do such thing. How I wish I could inform the organizer or sponsoring company that there are scrupulous post circulating that may affect the name of their company. Who are the losers here?

It’s definitely not Hyun Joong, professionally speaking Hyun Joong is secured within the event contract. And definitely not his fans, because they will do everything just to be with Hyun Joong. The great loser here is the organizer, if indeed the allegations are true. Yes you may earn now out of the fan meeting concert but once even a single fan makes her complain it definitely reflects on your company and not to Hyun Joong, because his fans knows him by heart.

Reading and analyzing the entire scenario of this incident somehow reminded me of one incident in Taiwan. Do you remember, there was a complaint about ticket price?? I was so convince it was anti fans who pretended to be Kim Hyun Joong fans and they complained about ticket price. As a result, Hyun Joong had a very successful fan meeting concert event in Taiwan, that actually brought the international media on their toes and spread the success of Hyun Joong Fan Meeting concert!!

I am so convinced that these are anti fans who’s trying to mess up the event. They took advantage of that incident at the airport which I believe a totally negligence on the part of the organizer and Hyun Joong’s escort. I can forgive the negligence, no one is perfect and everyone commits mistake. But to criticize allegedly, your own company’s investment is I think a big mistake. Hyun Joong is the organizer’s investment, and his fans are their clients, shouldn’t the organizing staffs take care of both?

I do understand that this is the first time for Chengdu to have a Korean artist performing fan meeting concert in this area and first time for the organizer staff to experience fan meeting event. But professionalism does not excuse carelessness in every way you do your job. And for the antis who are attempting to mess up this event, let me see how good you are in putting a good man down. I tell you you’re just wasting your time.

You antis created a commotion and you gave us fans something to talk about yesterday that was quite entertaining!!  But you know what, the show must go on no matter what and no matter how you mess up, you’ll never be able to discourage Hyun Joong’s fans. So it’s a waste of your time posting malicious post!! But you gave me a good laugh yesterday!! Actually it’s the organizer’s name that you are destroying and not Kim Hyun Joong.

At the news in China local TV news this morning showed Hyun Joong’s press conference and the high five session. I couldn’t understand their language, but seeing from the fans expression, can tell that they really had a great time to be there to attend the high five session. The fans were so excited and delighted to have seen Hyun Joong up-close.

Some of the fans were interviewed after the event and they looked very happy, some were crying over joyed and moved by seeing Hyun Joong sincerity to thank his fans who were there with him. The look on their faces echoed the fans from three countries where Hyun Joong had been that everyone of them were over joyed.

Oh by the way, an international fan who is now at Chengdu was relating that there were black market concert ticket selling everywhere! Although I’m sure Chinese nationals are quite aware about this, but I think it would be best to buy the ticket from the authorized ticket outlet. The fan was also relating that she had met other Chinese fans too who are very kind and accommodating. She is traveling alone but meeting other Hyun Joong fans made her feel safe and secured even in the strange place. Indeed Hyun Joong fans is a one big family regardless of nationality.

There would be many other international fans who are traveling to China to follow Hyun Joong’s fan meeting concert. I think fans from Chengdu and other parts of China had prepared their gesture of hospitality for the international fans. There may be a language barrier everywhere since everything you can read in China are written in Chinese character, but the Chinese fans will be there to guide the international fans. Thanks you, your kind gesture to other fans is well appreciated.

Last night Hyun Joong had his stage technical rehearsals, there were some fans who sneak outside the venue, and just content themselves by listening to whatever was going on inside the venue!! Some fans were able to take pictures of Hyun Joong during the rehearsals which I believe were insider. The rehearsals went smoothly I think, because Hyun Joong was spotted at around 1am leaving the venue.

Tonight will be the big night that will mark another history since Hyun Joong shall be the first Korean artist ever to perform a fan meeting concert at Chengdu. Let the night be a memorable one that every single fan will always remember. To the international fans and to the Chinese fans from Chengdu please do take care of yourselves, enjoy every moment of Hyun Joong’s performance as he brings a night to remember.

Oh for the critics and antis, thank you for entertaining us with your wacky post, but please do bear in mind, “You can never put a good man down.” And you can never discourage a Kim Hyun Joong fans. As I have always say insects are always gonna be there around pestering, so to all Hyun Joong fans, Protect the Prince!! We fans may experience some rocky road along our journey with Hyun Joong, which is just natural, but let this experience be our strength in our love and support to him.

Yesterday’s High Five event at Chengdu may be such a short glimpse of Hyun Joong’s presence, but had brought the fans such joy in a much fun atmosphere and the up-close experience shall always be remembered by every fan. What more with the unforgettable soft hands of Hyun Joong as it touches every fan from her hand to her heart….

Kim Hyun Joong is fated to be a star of all stars, to be on top is his destination and no one can stop him to be there…

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged and updates by KHJean14, thanks as always.


8 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HIGH FIVE

  1. I complited read all ur article coz 12 days I away from u LK, I realy dying for HIS news.Again,huge succes HE get. I cry for joy. But again Lk,the antis surround him.ah…why don’t they leave in peace? I hate when they said HE done plastic rurgery.HE accept it,for HIS nose,HE never do it all HIS face. HE already have angel face by nature…they are really ‘dumb antis’who super jelouse with HIM.Lk,You said no one can put HIM down, coz HE IS UNSTOPABLE. Thaaank you for your article n God bless.;-)

    • LOL!! Congratulations on your marathon reading, that’s 160 articles as of yesterday!! And thank you very much for reading. lng, let’s just take it that Hyun Joong indeed is a big success he will always be surrounded by antis and critics simply bcoz their idols might have not attained as much as HJ did in such a short period of time for those who does not know him. I’m just being honest about what is actually going on around HJ for us to be aware that such people do exist. No, they will not go away, maybe it will be lessened as HJ proves himself further. As I have said HJ is already a subject of envy and jealousy, it’s a part of his career life that we have to accept and of course protect the Prince at all cause. If you read the next article Fly High, there were obstacles along HJ’s success in China and yet HJ succeeded. The article will help you realize that there are also unexpected rocky roads along HJ’s way, that we fans has to undergo as well since we’re following him. But nothing matters to KHJ fans that’s for sure.
      Thank you for reading and see you again….have a great weekend take care and God bless…

  2. You are right! You know in countries like mine, fanclubs aren’t a family =( XD they are so individualized that it totally sucks! xD when i see asian fanclubs making U:zoosin cookies for the intl fans, giving them things to eat, stickers and the like, I feel so happy that in some parts of the world it’s like that! =) nice article, and the FM from what I read on twitter was a total success! =)

  3. honestly i really want to…only that i dont have much knowledge sa internet,takot aq hehehe!and i dont have twitter acnt. yet.

  4. thank u again ms. lazerkim,this is what i’m waiting for 2 make my day…ur article! i think HJ needs to slow down he really looks so very tired…poor guy.anyway WAGAS pa rin ang kanyang ka.gwapuhan.God bless!

    • Di ba nga Wagas talaga LOL!! No matter how tired he get he still as handsome as ever!! We can’t stop the guy, he’s also preparing for his drama so he’s busy at the gym too. then preparation for his concert in Japan, he’s doing it all together. But you’re right he has to slow down. Hey thanks, if you have time why don’t you join us at the twitter? Simply look for LazerKim and follow whom i follow you get latest update as fast and everyone is so friendly! Thanks again have a great TGIF and see you again!! god bless..

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