Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HELLO CHINA!

By: LazerKim          Last night at Incheon Airport Kim Hyun Joong boarded his flight bound to Chengdu China. As expected some of his fans waited for him to see him off and as usual they handed him letters and presents. In a mean while a crowd of fans in Chengdu China prepared for Hyun Joong’s arrival to welcome him, unfortunately the airport security management escorted Hyun Joong through the VIP exit.

Hyun Joong safely arrived at the airport of Chengdu at around 11:30pm. I just hope his fans will not get disappointed after waiting for hours at the airport. But seeing from the crowd of fans, there was no barricade no security measures, there’s no way Hyun Joong will be allowed to squeeze in through that crowd. China had learned their lesson from Shanghai when Hyun Joong was almost mob by his crowded fans.

As Hyun Joong was escorted to the VIP exit onto his car, this was about  past 12mn as Hyun Joong was taken straight to his hotel. But his entourage and their luggage were being help up at the custom!! It was said that Hyun Joong did not pass through the custom for formalities, to have his passport stamped procedures! And Hyun Joong came back to the airport at about 1am to abide by the airport rules. I would think there was confusion among his escorts since they should have guided him to the proper procedures for VIPs, probably they were such in a hurry to get away from the airport crowd of fans!

It’s funny that at the costume, Hyun Joong was waiting for custom personnel to finish up his documents procedure, he was spotted dancing! Actually he was memorizing his dance routine at the middle of the confusion at the custom procedures!! Somebody at the twitter posted that he looks as if he was not in a good mood. May correct that, even Hyun Joong is tired, he’ll try his best to pull himself together, he was actually dancing while waiting so how could someone say he’s not in a good mood?

It’s surprising that his fans were still at the airport lobby since Hyun Joong came out from the costume at around 2am after the costume procedures. His fans waited for him patiently until he’s done with the formalities. Hyun Joong still manage to smile at his fans despite of the hassle he’s been through, which was not even his fault.

I think Hyun Joong’s escort got panic seeing the huge fans crowd at the airport, and rush Hyun Joong to his car!! Hyun Joong must be so tired since he stayed up till 5am yesterday filming his music video. It was such a long day for him that he look so tired. I just hope he had enough rest since there’s another long day today ahead of him.

Hyun Joong will have a tight schedule from today onward to attend to his rehearsals for his first performance at Chengdu Sichuan Gymnasium on Friday June 1, and the high five session. Then move to his next stage at Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium the following day June 2 Saturday. I remember he was saying he would love to visit Chengdu and have the chance to see the pandas! I wonder how he can squeeze in with his tight schedule. Not unless he goes back from Guangzhou after the event.

In another update, a magazine in China as Hyun Joong is the cover will soon be released. Everyday Hyun Joong has been the cover of different magazine releases. The other day he was the cover man of Choa Magazine from Japan and this time he is the cover man for Easy Magazine from China which is to be released on June 5, the day before his birthday!!

Hyun Joong’s face is just all around, in Tokyo at the subway main station he was there in every pillar of the station as the endorser for Slim Beauty, a leading Japanese cosmetic product. This guy is just filled with many endorsements and it’s quite overwhelming and every fan is just so thrilled to see him every where!

In China every billboard there’s always Hyun Joong’s face. Posters of Hyun Joong’s Fan Meeting Concert is all over even the areas that does not cover his itinerary in China. He’s also been on TV advertisement for a month now, this is how passionate Chinese are over Kim Hyun Joong. His fans have been eager and so excited to see him and as expected they were at the airport to welcome Hyun Joong.

They waited at the airport lobby even they knew Hyun Joong was already escorted at the VIP exit. I think somebody tipped that he’s coming to the airport and so they patiently waited. I salute to these fans who are truly passionate about Hyun Joong, waited for him making sure he’s alright. Thank you China for staying with Hyun Joong even at wee hours at dawn.

Here’s a funny polls voting, the Arirang News had their voting polls with the title “Stars Who seem like they would be a Terrible Drunk”. I truly laugh at this because Hyun Joong ranked the first on the list!! Oh please don’t misunderstand, Hyun Joong is a terrible drunk because he sleeps after drinking and anyone will find it hard to wake him up the moment he falls asleep!! He would practically doze off anywhere when he gets drunk!!

In a talk show, Hyun Joong admitted to have fallen asleep in bar at Jeju Island!! At first, he went to the wash room and came back in a wrong room where he thought his friends were, and just doze off. When he woke up, he was in a total darkness and he couldn’t guess where he was! He went out of the room looking for anyone but he was being left alone in the bar.

He found the telephone and as ha started to dial, the phone at the kitchen rang!! The phone was an intercom, therefore it does not connect outside the bar!! When he finally got out of the bar, he tried calling for his friends but they were all asleep!!

In Japan, last year in November during his first concert, Hyun Joong was asked how he is if being drunk. Hyun Joong said, he just sleeps after getting drunk, and he said he would invite his fans for a drink to prove to them that he actually just doze off after drinking!!
Well, this is better than being noisy or troublesome.

If you are to drink with Hyun Joong be prepared to carry him, because when he gets drunk and doze off you’ll find it hard to wake him up and go home to sleep!! At least he’s being honest about it!!

It’s alright, he does not drink everyday anyway!! He drinks occasionally only after work to unwind, but normally he finish his work at dawn or early morning!! Just like the night before he boarded his flight bound to China, it was said that he finished his Music Video filming till 5am. Well I wouldn’t be surprised, he normally works at night-time!

And so how much time is there left for him to have a normal drinking session with his friends!! I think I have mentioned in my other articles that people from showbiz lives in a rather opposite the normal people. If normal people wakes up early morning to go to work, people from showbiz would be still sleeping or just in time to doze off!!

Oh well, these are just bits and pieces from yesterday’s update, plus the weather forecast in Changdu China yesterday, it rained late in the afternoon!! Now I would believe every where Hyun Joong goes in his Asia Tour, it always rain!! Indeed Hyun Joong is the God of Rain, more blessing to come despite of the hassle he encountered at the airport last night!

But my hats off to the Chinese fans who were at the airport last night and stayed until Hyun Joong got out to the airport lobby to greet them still with a smile even he’s so tired. The fans assured themselves that Hyun Joong was alright as they patiently waited at wee hours of dawn. And for the fans who stayed up late last night to update Hyun Joong’s arrival to Chengdu, thank you very much, you know who you are!

And so the count down in China starts from now and tomorrow is the big night for Chengdu as the most anticipated event takes place. We have seen how Hyun Joong’s Chinese fans has been preparing and how eager they are to attend the Fan Meeting Concert event.

Kim Hyun Joong had a long day yesterday and today but he still manage to sincerely smile to his fans at the airport and still manage to say………Hello China!!!

                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

Photos credits and updates to KHJean14, thanks.      



5 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HELLO CHINA!

  1. hey LZ – you know what, HJ is human after all if he gets upset, even though he didn’t show it, he is still very civil and is taking everything in his stride. But really those organizers should know better, the man just got off the plane happy to see a bed insight and hit the sheets, he did looked tired when he boarded, and then just go back to the apt, wouldn’t you be mad? I think I will kick some ass, geez, and yet HJ made the dance moves to unwind. Till next time, I hope there will be less hassle in the future. So I gather you are from the entertainment, that’s how you have so many insights, good. till next time, our Healing Idol needs some love healing from his Fans. 🙂 i wish those China fans will brighten his day and shower him with lots of love:)

  2. Hi LK, Hello Hyunnies and Hello World!
    I’m glad 2 b bk just in time 4 the China FMs! Coming bk the first news I read was abt the airport incident that I couldn’t believe cz is not HJ and his staff first time in China, but well this kind of things do happen in the real world that shows that even BIG celebs like HJ has to follow procedures and that sometimes some people make some errors in this case one that cause our prince some issues, but like everything in HJ life he takes it out a lot of patience and deals with the issues, solve them, say thanks and walks out with a huge SMILE! Its he wonderful! Still will need to check on those that make it hard for our prince and pull some ears for next time won’t happen again!
    In one of thw video I saw the same HJ was dancing there was a part he was speaking on the phone and his bodyguard got in front of him don’t know if it was for KHJ privacy while speaking or just a casuality! I don’t think HJ would have look in bad mood, but if it was me I might b a bit upset cause all the stress that might has cause, but not HJ!
    KHJ is everywhere….wooohooo! Every one wants a piece of his success and by making him the front cover how can they not be successful too! Well he does deserve front cover, first news and the best press cause he works hard for it!
    Oh HJ you can’t invite me drinking cause i don’t drink I’ll be ur designated driver…hahahaha just dreaming!
    Well China enjoy this 4 FM have fun, make some grear memories, make our prince happy and God bless you All!
    Protect our the prince and make his birthday one he will never forget!
    Thxs LK 4 the article, take care

    • I was worried sick last night while I was writing this article I was monitoring the twitter. And when hj left for the hotel I started writing then there goes fast running post at the twitter at 1am, i have to stop writing again and monitored. Oh well i just hope this incident won’t happen again. And yes somebody post that hj was having a bad mood, how am i suppose to believe that knowing the guy!
      About Mr.Jeong, it’s routine, and he always does it even those fancam are harmless. He did that too at Incheon AP his manager forgot something & while waiting at the entrance of the immigration he covered up HJ while he stood there. It also happened at the wedding that vid he was with his members.
      Well busy days are here again!! Enjoy it!!! Take care brenda, i miss you i find it hard to catch u at twitter sometimes, just the time zone I guess….Thanks and see you again as always.and have a nice day ahead of you…. God bless.

  3. then I guess I’m a celeb then?! I go to bed by 9am D: and sometimes i wake up by 3 or 4pm… shame on me LOL I’m a club party&gig planner and a VJ so that’s why LMAO My sleeping schedule sucks, but it’s been like this ever since I was 12 years old D:
    But what sucks more (LOL) is the producer of the event! As a producer, you have to have all things ready when the artist comes… that’s why you have months to prepare and get every paper thing needed! So I won’t forgive the producer XD That was a great ‘fail’…. I have never seen in my life a producer that has to take the artist back to the airport and that didn’t even get his artist without immigration procedure and customs X_X but well, the thing that matters is that he arrived safely and as I read on twitter he was in the Hi-5 session about a couple of minutes. Hope all the chinese ppl enjoy this, they are very lucky =)

    • LOL so you do understand what I’m talking about!!! I think we’re just at the same boat, your field of work is also in the entertainment world! I agree with you, of all the things to forget is the immigration & custom procedures. Come to think of it this isn’t the 1st time for HJ!! It’s the organizer and the escort’s responsibility HJ will only follow wherever they are taking him.
      Yeah he had his presscon & hi 5 there and settle down with stage technical rehearsals. Another long day for HJ. i just hope the organizers would pay attention to HJ’s needs during his stay.
      Hey thanks for reading Ms. Owl!!! Welcome to the club of late sleepers!! LOL
      Have a great day and see you again!! Take care God bless…

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