Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BUILDING STAR

By LazerKim          Among all the scenes that I love watching most is the airport scenes of Kim Hyun Joong.  Be it his airport fashion, his dark glasses, the way he walks and most of all watching his fans hand in their personal letters and presents. And I guess we’ll be seeing more of Hyun Joong’s airport scene.  From tonight as he’ll be leaving for Chengdu China and onward he will be having a busy schedule this month of June in completion of his Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert which will end in Beijing China by June 10 as his last performance in China for this Asia Tour. Well, China it’s your turn now, please do take care of Kim Hyun Joong and Protect the Prince!!

After which Japan comes next in the month of July since his second single HEAT shall be released in July 4 and the most awaited concert in Saitama Arena in July 14. It was said Hyun Joong shall be staying in Japan a bit much longer to promote his latest single. Right after his concert in Japan, Hyun Joong shall be starting his filming schedule for his upcoming drama City Conquest.

The update yesterday stated that Hyun Joong shall be filming in five countries namely, he shall start in Japan, next would be China, Singapore, Switzerland, and the US. Therefore, we’ll see more of Hyun Joong’s airport scene. Lucky fans from the said countries I hope you can be able to visit him in his shooting location.

I have known Hyun Joong as an actor when I first saw him at Boys Over Flower that I never thought he was a singer, and a good one. It was much later that I found out he belonged to a group SS501 when the group was no longer around. After watching him at BOF I was still looking forward to another drama that I can watch, then he did Playful Kiss. I think I really didn’t have the chance to recognize him as a singer except when Hyun Joong already released his first solo album Breakdown. It was then I started following him.

In my country, there’s a very good music composer, he’s also a very good singer and eventually he ventured in acting as a comedian. He is quite successful in his career and still at his peak until this time. In Korea, Kpop artist are now in demand in doing dramas which I think is good. What more can be better than being a versatile artist.

There are a lot of singers who goes to acting schools to expand their endeavor and they became success in it. Hyun Joong had been an actor since 2009 and apparently he has successfully gained a lot of attention. And considering BOF was his first acting project I would say not bad, not bad at all. In fact back then, I didn’t know that Hyun Joong was a first timer actor with totally no experience in acting!!

Many of Hyun Joong’s fans has been following him ever since he started in 2005, and they  witnessed how he grew up to be a star as where he is at present. I have watched his video clips back then in time during his school days when he started with his guitar. Even in those days he already had that talent as a musician, he auditioned under DSP and the rest is history. But what does it takes in building a star??

In showbiz there are two kinds of artist, an artist with a gifted talent and an artist with an acquired talent. If you remember the history of Hyun Joong when he first auditioned under DSP just before he can strum his guitar and starts to sing or before he can do anything, he was already accepted and was informed that he has to come back the following day to start with his training. In showbiz reality, physical outlook in an artist is priority over talent. But in the case of Hyun Joong he already has the gifted talent being a musician. And a huge plus for his gifted handsome physique. Nevertheless, he went through with rigid training to develop his gifted talent further.

In my article Artist Agent I have mentioned that it is the responsibility of the agent to train their managing artist. The agent should be well facilitated and equipped needed for training including professional training staffs like music coach, choreographers and acting coach. The agent is responsible for grooming their managing artists.  Hyun Joong’s official agent KeyEast provided the liberty to Hyun Joong in creating his music and enhancing his talent to bring out the best in him that needs to be cultivated, specially his creative ideas that apparently brought excellent results.

If you happen to be an aspiring artist and you’re reading this article, then be guided. If in case you already have an agent and does not provide the proper training for your talent then start doubting the agent’s credibility. No matter how a good singer, dancer or actor you are, it is still necessary to undergo training for further talent development or enhancement.

Specially actors, the veteran ones, they still undergo training, specially on skills like martial arts, horse back riding, motor bike riding and even cooking or baking. Whatever character the actor has to portray, training is still necessary. Education is a continues process, same with showbiz, training is a continues process, it doesn’t stop no matter how much awards an artists had received it does not exclude them.

There are also agents that even artist who does not have the talent but having good looks still accepts them and ending up as a commercial model or ramp model.  There are also models who venture in acting, and many of Korean celebs does it or started being a model and eventually as an actor.

Hyun Joong is a singer or a musician, and acting was totally out of his line of work, and yet the producer of BOF still placed him as second lead actor to the drama. It’s because the producer had seen a good potential from Hyun Joong.  Admittedly Hyun Joong was not interested in acting back then, knowing he does not have any experience in that field to accept the offer, but he has the willingness to learn and so he took the offer from BOF.

But what else does the producer of BOF had seen from Hyun Joong? For me what Hyun Joong has that rare actors can do is the ability of transformation. To act can be learned or acquired but to transform in a different character can not be learned or acquired. I’m pertaining to the physical outlook of an actor. Maybe even Hyun Joong himself is not aware of that ability he has. But as a producer for him, Hyun Joong is a very good potential in creating a variety of character out of himself and has the potential of becoming a big star.

Another factor in building a star is the public awareness of the artist existence. Of course how would we public knows that a certain artist exist if there will not be publicity. What are these publicity? For a starter, a good strategy to start is through TV appearances, guesting media news print, magazine articles ect. In the case of Hyun Joong, he was from his group SS501, he was already popular when he was discovered at BOF. In a basket of apples with the same red color, you couldn’t identify which one is good. But take one apple from that basket and place it to another basket of oranges, you can easily identify the difference.

After Hyun Joong did BOF aside from gaining huge popularity, he gained a number of commercial product as endorser until at present as a solo artist. Any project he does or any activities for his exposure, Hyun Joong is always at the public eye through publicity. The hotter he gets the more challenge he has. Hyun Joong worked his guts out to perfect his craft. The more noise he creates the bigger popularity gain he receives. Hyun Joong did not just sit and let these events unfold.

Contentment was never been in his dialogue, learning is what he greed for. He gained his fame but he never puts it in his head and all he focused on is to improve himself that is why he never stops. But he never go beyond his limits to be a try hard fellow. Hyun Joong is a realistic type of person and he knows what he is and what he is not capable of doing. He has dreams and his dreams may be bigger this time, but that dream made him even a better person and a better artist as he is at present.

Korean drama producers now are venturing into the Kpop artist to be actors and I actually appreciate the strategy of developing singers into actor towards versatility. In showbiz way back in the past, if you are a singer, you stick being a singer, if you’re an actor stick to it. But as time goes, this primitive idea is slowly changing and currently a huge hop just pop out that we do see a number of singers specially young ones do venture in acting.  KPop has been remarkably boosting globally and I think the drama producers are in the right track to bring these idols to the small screen in doing drama.  And it showed excellent results.

Admittedly, the Korean artists has better earnings outside their home country at the same time it helps S.Korea yield a better revenue out of their tourism and entertainment industry Apparently Hyun Joong is one of the fastest rising solo idol globally in less than a year. He has been an excellent model as a solo artist and being the leader of KPop solo artists. What makes Hyun Joong grow so big and his popularity boosting is just so remarkable?

Let’s take it as the right ingredients for becoming a star has already been in Hyun Joong’s possession right from the start. Hyun Joong got what it takes to be a huge star, but above everything else, it’s his sincerity to his fans, sincerity in anything he does and his modesty. That he knows exactly how to handle his fame. The more he receives love from many people, the more he work harder and provides what his fans needed from him.

His fans needed more music from Hyun Joong and so he creates more music and he sings for them. His fans needs to have a closer look at him and so he allows each and everyone of them to come up close and even a touch of his hand was granted for at least three countries. His fans need to see him on small screen doing TV drama series twice a week and there you go he’s on his way to provide that needs. Hyun Joong will continue to reach out for his fans as it grows in numbers and sooner or later he’ll reach out in every corner of the world where his fans are.

Building a star just doesn’t happen over night, or if it does it easily collapse. As I mentioned earlier, Hyun Joong is one of the fast rising Kpop solo idol, but everything that transpired in his career life did not just fell on his lap by luck. Hyun Joong had been in a lot of struggle in his past for years, and what you can see now are the fruits of what he had struggled for.

Kim Hyun Joong created a dream, a dream that made him better artist, in building a star within himself…..

                                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

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4 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BUILDING STAR

  1. Thank you LazerKim for another article. You are so right in what you are writting “Hyun Joong got what it takes to be a huge star, but above everything else, it’s his sincerity to his fans, sincerity in anything he does and his modesty. That he knows exactly how to handle his fame. The more he receives love from many people, the more he work harder and provides what his fans needed from him.” it is so true (I am getting more sure you are an insider from KHJ team or you read him so well…you have one mind with KHJ!!). As you said he is first a musician and afterwards an actor – but he is doing both beautifully and he is continuing improving, we just have to look forward for even better. By the by the latest pictures from apt leaving Inchon to china – he looked soooo tired, I do hope he is just overworked, he is really pushing the limits here, and not coming down with something. It is his birthday next Wednesday so maybe it is the low energy prior his new year start, as they say with your birthday you start a new cicle (new year/new energy). Wishing him a good rest before the gruesome schedule he has in China. till next time, thank you again for my love pill.:)

  2. I love Hyun Joong’s style in airport too.
    Lazer, you are really very good in writting.
    Thank you for your articles

  3. One day I asked myself, why did it have to be Kim Hyun Joong?….. But I failed to come up with a specific answer..My heart knows the answer, but my mind is not good enough to collect it..because the answer is too wide that my mind can’t identify..

    As Lazer unnie, I also got to know him first as an actor, but in Playful Kiss..I thought, probably he shouldn’t had done many drama projects, not because he looked new to acting..But he was TOO YOUNG!!..For me he was like 19 or 20 that time!!..I really fell in love with Seung Jo and I believe it’s because how well Hyun Joong portrayed it..

    Rhythm is something that we all human beings have in common..It’s in built with the pulse rate. But to become a singer, dancer or an actor that’s not enough..The capability of being a good singer , dancer or an actor depends on how you polish your rhythm.. And we know how hard Hyun Joong works and dedicated to his carrier..It’s not overworking that is called commitment..

    I like to quote something that Lazer unnie says “He might not be the best singer, best dancer or best actor..but he got them all”…and again out of all the idols KIM HYUN JOONG is still UNIQUE…because No one can ever beat him for his Humility.. Genuineness and Generosity..
    Thank you unnie..Have a Wonderful KHJ Day!

  4. Thank you,Lazer for your wonderful article.I really think you are so wonderful and amazing to write these beautiful articles everyday.I truly appreciate your love for hyun joong.Thanks for writing about hyun joong for us who miss him everyday.

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