Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PIRATE KING

By LazerKim:        Tokyo released another Choa magazine having Kim Hyun Joong as the cover yesterday filled with Kpop article news items. A video clip of Japan’s  K-Pop Zone featuring Kim Hyun Joong’s short history highlights from the time he was with SS501 music videos till at his first concert Premium held in Yokohama Arena this year in February 5 which was a huge success that brought news breaker not only in Japan but the of the countries worldwide.

In the past weeks Kim Hyun Joong has been attending to his press conference and one on one interviews with the media in every stop he made during his Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert. Here’s one of those one on one interview from Singapore after his press conference, questions from which has not been asked during his other interviews from other countries he had been. Here it goes..

Kim Hyun Joong Exclusive Interview Singapore

Question 1.)   What kind of music is considered Kim Hyun Joong’s style of music? What do you want to express in your music?

KHJ:    I can’t say what my music style is exactly what I’m doing can be a Kim Hyun Joong music. In the future I would like to do different kind of music to show everyone what is Kim Hyun Joong’s style.

Question 2.)   Which Hollywood movie has left a good impression on you, and which Hollywood actor do you like?

KHJ:     I have watched many Hollywood movies since I was young. There are many Hollywood actors whom I like, among the Hollywood movies I find Titanic very interesting and I’ve watched block buster like transformer and Avatar. It will be good if I have the chance to advance into Hollywood, but for now I would like to spend more time with my fans in Asia. So I think advancing into Hollywood will be something in the future.

Question 3.)   Why do you want to be reincarnated as a lion in your life? What’s your fascination with lion?

KHJ:     Because I want to work hard and live without regrets in my life, so in my next life, I would want to be reincarnated as a lion, take afternoon naps and when I like. Yes something like that. And I won’t get eaten up by others.

Question 4.)   If you could be a character in any comic book you have read, who would you be and why??

KHJ:     My favorite comic book is “One Piece”a story of a boy who wants to become the pirate king. There’s a sword man character in the comic called Zoro. I think we’re very much similar in character. If this comic book is made into movie or drama in the future, I would like to take this role.

A while ago I was reviewing video clips from Hyun Joong’s recent Fan Meeting Concert, and it’s amazing that Hyun Joong’s fans do sing his songs together with him and they all know the lyrics which is in Korean. One of his fans said she has to memorize his songs so that she can sing with him when she gets the chance to attend Hyun Joong’s concert.

I would say Hyun Joong has different style of music that is well accepted and appreciated by anyone upon listening to his sweet voice. Every song Hyun Joong sings has different style, melody, tone and tempo that suits his voice range. He creates music suitable for any age range that creates variation, and the best thing of all is that, his fans can easily follow the song lyric even it’s in Korean and its melody. One can never get tired of listening to his music because each song is different from one another.

Whenever Hyun Joong steps on that stage that no matter how huge his audience is, he is totally in control and can touch the hearts of his fans no matter how far the bleacher of the stadium is. All by himself he performs as a concert king as he brings his music to the entire Asia and beyond, expressed by Hyun Joong through his heart and soul. That is Kim Hyun Joong’s style of music.

This one is really funny as Hyun Joong was asked why he wants to be a lion if ever he’ll be incarnated!! Hyun Joong’s sleepy head surfaced as he said lion can sleep whenever he wants to!!!  I can connect this sleepy head lion with the main character of his favorite comic book One Piece because the character is also a sleepy head!! Hyun Joong mentioned that the character has a similarity to his true self in reality. Since the character also loves drinking like himself besides being a sleepy head!!

I would love to see Hyun Joong portray the character Zoro who’s a bit weird and carefree who would rather sleeps than get involve in any war or trouble!! Zoro would only wake up when the war is done and over with!! As to how and why he ended up to be a skillful sword man is one thing I still have to research further. Since I just read the synopsis in passing!! As I was reading the synopsis of One Piece from the comic book, I find it interesting and it’s like a comedy story imagining Zorro as a clumsy easy-going fellow!!

I can imagine Hyun Joong in that character and surely he’ll be the most handsome Pirate King ever created!! If ever a writer would create a drama out of this comic book story, and giving the role of Zorro to Hyun Joong can bring something new to TV viewers. On the part of Hyun Joong, it will be a lot of work to learn martial arts, sword handing, and skillful horse back riding.

It’s a lot of challenge for Hyun Joong but worthwhile piece of work and a good chance to learn a lot being an action star. I would be looking for this and I wish this dream drama of Hyun Joong would come true.

He has been talking about this for sometimes and I wish he could have the chance to create a Pirate King!! Well, a pirate is perceive to be a thief, but in the comic book One Piece, being a pirate became the hero of the poor in defending their human rights from the elite and the wealthy.

Yes. the main character is like Robin Hood Prince of the Woods, who was actually a thief of the rich and the arrogant, as a way of revenge and help the poor and helpless, something to that effect. Although Robin Hood portrayed by Kevin Costner was actually a son of a wealthy man who was murdered out of greed and jealousy. I can imagine how handsome Hyun Joong could be portraying such similar role and a challenging one!

For us fans, we have our own personal preference on how we want to see Hyun Joong on his dramas and I think this is natural. Well I can only speak for myself, I would really love to see Hyun Joong doing a historical genre which is my favorite type of Korean drama.

I would love to see Hyun Joong with his hair in top knot in a Prince costume riding a horse like a knight in shining armor, a hero of the less fortunate or the weaker ones like Robin Hood!! Sigh….. My Prince charming would surely bring your knees melting like chocolate!!

Lately Hyun Joong has been reserving ample time to hit the gym everyday, even he was on his Asian Tour, he gives the two hours for the gym with his Trainor. He has been on strict diet low-fat, low salt, less sugar diet and eating more fruits, veggies and just bread.

Now if you noticed his last public appearance last Sunday as he performed for fan meet sponsored by Lotte Duty Free Shop, he started showing sexy firm muscles which is beginning to surface, as you can see from his photos in this article. Hyun Joong is developing more of his manly side that brings out even a more irresistable appeal which is quite getting obvious now.

Those firm muscles are developing in a natural way and not through fast acting steroid. Because Hyun Joong has been actively on body built training even before during his SS501 days. And came up to a more rigid training in the gym before he came out in black short hair in Breakdown. And this time we will see him on his up coming drama City Conquest. Hyun Joong will have a full two months rigid training in preparation before he steps in to his drama stage, which is very much anticipated by his fans even by the media.

It takes more opportunities in having drama project that can only have the chance for Hyun Joong to develop his acting skills. And he is right as he mentioned in his other interviews that he would like to have different characters and image on the different drama projects he has to work on in the future.

With his professional working attitude, and being a hard worker, he can easily attain the development he wants to achieve. As I have mentioned earlier, we may have a personal preference as to how we want to see Hyun Joong on the screen, but at the end of the day, it’s still Hyun Joong’s choice whichever character or image he wants to work on.

But for the mean while, as we wait for the most anticipated City Conquest which he’ll start working right after his concert in Japan. We are very lucky fans that our idol is a very talented artist that we have a lot to look forward for.

Hyun Joong will soon be leaving for China tomorrow, taking the late night flight OZ323 Airbus 321 Asiana Airline departing Incheon Airport at 20:15 and arriving Chengdu at 23:15. Hyun Joong will be starting his China tour in Cheng du China for his Fan Meeting Concert.

His Chinese fans has been preparing for this event and filled with eagerness to see Hyun Joong perform on their stage and to have experience the high five session, which I have read will be set on different schedule unlike the once he already did in other counties.

As the count down begins the more eagerness starts to build up in every Chinese fans and though it he will arriving China at late night, there’s a possibility he will be escorted at the VIP exit. So I think I wouldn’t be expecting much photos taken from the airport of Chengdu not unless clever fans can sneak through the back door!!

And so I’m done with my love pill, as one of Hyun Joong calls her daily dosage! As Hyun Joong soar up to his heights of popularity, he’ll continue with his dreams, a dream that every fan has in her heart to see him as an actor, since there’s a great demand for him to do dramas. And one of his dream drama is in the character of a Pirate King. I never doubt his capability in reaching for his dreams…..

With his fans as his inspiration, Kim Hyun Joong can achieve anything in his hands as we have witnessed his chain of success he had achieved and will be achieving…

LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, thanks, KHJean14 thanks.


20 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PIRATE KING

  1. Hi laserkim, reading your updated article has become a habit to me as well. Sometime curious how r able to know so much about him. Keep up the good work. Cheers

  2. Oh,I was so late to come here… You all have fun chatting…let
    HIM do since HE said that HE’S happy can meet HIS fans by doing acting or singing. We love HIM…so,support HIM.Thanks Lk, you are amazing. God bless

    • Oh no problem for sure someone will come in & chat with too, many of my readers do come back and read comments & chat with too! there are so many to look forward for with HJ, and we’re all lucky our idol is just so active in his exposure that we can truly enjoy him. Thanks for reading take care have a nice week ahead of you….God bless..

  3. good evening LazerKim, another beautifully written article, liked it, yes my daily dose of Love pill it is already having a good effect, forgot everything. But those pictures, darling they are Hot, you are talking about HJ becaming more manly well this namja is developing good, big drooling here..ha,ha.
    Anyway HJ he is a versatile singer who never cease to surprise his fans, he is not boring and is trying not to repet himself but to reinvent, for that he is more and more appreciated, He is learning all the time and improving as he said he wants to be The One. I have a lot of respect for his attitude to his work and must say he does what he loves most and now with KE he really has the freedom to prove himself and to reach his goals. But somehow his first love will always be Music and he is doing that beautifully.
    By the way how do you know so much about his eating habits/his flights schedule? are you working for KE by any chance?! that will be nice that way is like conversing with HJ, nice wish what do you say? God Bless, can’t wait for the updates…:)

    • It would be very nice if you can share your thoughts just the same as what you have written a while ago!! Honestly, I gained many friends in this blog and through this blog fans do make friends too from those who leave comments, it’s a chain reaction until we do not notice we’re becoming a family. and you are very right everyone here is talkative & friendly!! LOL kekeke it’s a joy really. wait for the others at night time they do sneak around & talk with you too!!! hey BTW, nice meeting you, you are very welcome in this blog!! see you again!!

  4. LOL!!..with his 4-Dness about the LION reincarnation and why?..what an answer from him having a total rest after all the hardworks he’s having at this very moment.Well HyunJoong ah..u deserve it man!!..Yes,with this current updating about his upcoming drama *Ciy Conquest*,oh man! i gonna die a thousand times and raise up a million times again by watching it!!..Yes, this could be the sweetest warning for us fans again,counting uncertain days when will it be able to start filming is almost unbearable waiting time as if years waiting.
    For the mean time,let’s focus on KHJ’s Single *HEAT* that is about to be released (4th of July).Lets just pray for a succesful impact and him being #1 again.LOL!!..I am not having a second thought of buying them all (*HEAT* 5 versions)but it would be a total sweet bancruptcy that am having for the LOVE of KHJ…gogogo… let’s order now!! Thanks LZ once again thanks for another dosage of the day!!..Take care always!.Your work is much appreciated because your articles becomes a bullet wall against possible attack aiming for HJ *bow*. and *hug* to you..Good day!..

    • Oh please don’t mention those insects again!!! LOL! Yeah i’m so much looking forward for City Conquest….busy days are here again since china will start tomorrow since he’ll be leaving tom.Welcome sleepless nights!! LOL but i enjoy every moment of his activities. Hey thanks for dropping by sis. And go point at the right target!! LOL i’m done with them!! See you around have a nice day take care and god bless….

      • hahaha..that’s a RELIEF to me..LOL!! well and you have so much things to think again for the next coming days ahead!…FIGHTING!!

  5. I just read your article. It’s good, and I love the unstoppable love you have for him =) same here! kekekeke but you know I don’t get why ppl are sooo looking forward and love seeing him act… ’cause it’s enough for me if he’s just a singer, i.e like a normal european singer…. it’s weird for me too see him in dramas since I dunno…. dramas don’t ‘fit’ him…. I’m a musician myself and I’d never act LOL that’s why I don’t get it D: I love his music, i love his songs, his sweet voice and his guitar/bass skills…. I wish I could see him more often playing guitar or bass… have a nice day! =)

    • Hello!! Thanks for reading! Well, majority of Hyun Joong’s fans had known him as an actor when he did Boy Over Flower in 2009, I myself had see him first in this drama, it was only much later in 2011 that I found out he was a singer. It was in this drama that he started gaining a huge attention worldwide. This explains as to why people looks forward to his acting career. Then another drama came out Playful Kiss which also made a huge hit outside Korea.
      Hyun Joong is a very talented artist and his fans would like to see him perform these talents. Same as you I would also want to see him perform with his guitar too and even play the piano that he looks handsome in it.
      So give him the chance to do drama, he’s a potential actor and this is also one of his talents that he wants to develop, and with that let’s support him. Thanks for sharing thoughts and see you again! Take care Have a nice day and God bless…

    • oh Hi,
      well am sorry but i have no rights to answer your comment but thank you so much for passing by and loving HJ *wink* .Yes you’re right he’s a good singer as well as having guitar/bass skills at the same time and many more that is about for us to witness soon if not very soon..He is a multi- talented artist and that includes his acting.LOL!..drama really fits him…Anyway,try to watch his 2 Blockbuster Dramas,here you are the titles *BOYS OVER FLOWER* in 2009 and *PLAYFUL KISS* in 2010.Please start and enjoy watching them and i tell you, you will never get enough of him..and his upcoming drama is a long-awaited one so we(fans) are all excited and over the moon right now..Thank you and may God bless you!..Please do drop by always..

      • hi xD well I already watched his dramas, I’ve been a fan of him ever since SS501 debuted,,, and he’s actually #1 on my list, on my heart, etc… but I dunno…. I get more ‘touched’ when I hear him sing or playing the guitar than when I see him acting.. and of course I will watch City Conquest and all…. but I’m kind of more interested in his rock song with B’z *O*

        • LoL!!…you are even ‘a veteran’ fan of KHJ than me..XD!..sorry for me LOL!..way back SS501 time..waaa!.congratulations!.Well thank you for that having HJ until now is something you can be proud of as a fan *salute you*.YUP whatever HJ’s activities in the future lets join hands together for him..Thank you again!…and yes let’s support his coming single w/ B’z…*shakehands w/ u*..

  6. Thanks, Lazer.
    Do you hear the song “Can’t have you”?
    I’m really crazy for it.
    Hyun Joong’s voice is amazing, so strong, much emotion,….
    Great done by Hyun Joong, much over my expectation.

    • You know what just before you came in I was looking for that song sang by HJ I head the version of Hyun Bin but I haven’t heard of HJ’s version, I’ll look it up again. And I’m glad Hyun Joong starts singing ballad w/c he sings so beautifully and any ballad for that matter! Hey thanks for reading and sharing Once I have found it I’ll include it in my article. see you again have a great day, god bless…

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