Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FAN CODE

By: LazerKim         Kim Hyun Joong has always been the content of every media news print these past weeks since Hyun Joong started with his Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert. And he created a huge talks and gained a lot of praises from the different newspaper publisher all over the world. We fans take pride seeing Hyun Joong in the cover magazine reading about the huge success he brought through his fan meeting event.

Not everything we read from the news print media are good though. So far, from the latest news that I read I have only encountered one that caught my curiosity. Two of Hyun Joong’s fans actually had shared with me a news article. At first I felt excited seeing Hyun Joong’s picture almost covering the magazine page, and since every news write up that I read recently are all positive and so I was assuming this one is another good news.

The name of the magazine is Asia 360 seemed to a reputable magazine. And I was glad to see that it was written in English, the article was entitled “Decoding The Kpop Code” then there’s Hyun Joong’s photo in Breakdown. I could hardly read the body of the article since it was a scanned page. I can only read its caption that says “It is a contradictory appeal: the stars are different from you and me, but just the same, all the same.” 

I said to myself, wait a minute, I can smell something here. I went to Google to research for a better text that I can read and found out this Asia 360 publisher is from Singapore. The more I felt there’s something in it. I admit after I came across the article from Rachel Boon a Singaporean writer, gave me the feeling of always on guard to any news write up that I read. And finally I got a more readable text of that Asia 360 write up. It looks good as to how the words are put in together to hide the negative insight of the article.

I pick some portion from the article that I would like to share, and state my personal views and opinion to the writer which unfortunately the name was not stated. Here it goes as I quote:


Asia 360:   (Paragraph 1)    Korean pop is about as arresting as home shopping television programs – repititive, often unbelievable tacky and always with just one more innovation/offer amazing fact coming if you will just stay on the channel, making it virtually imposible to tear your eyes away from it all. And that is just for detractor. For fans, it is an OBSESSION.

Asia 360:  (Paragraph 2)    If old-school celebrity is about looking effortless, then K-Pop is all about showcasing the grit with the glamour: the harder you have worked for your fame, the more, it SEEMS you deserve it. “If you want to be that one in a million […] you need to wake up earlier and practice more than others”. said Kim Hyun Joong in a TVBS interview last year. Kim the latest idol to leap out of the COOKIE-CUTTER K-Pop factory, is just one year after his well-managed solo debut, one of the fast-rising stars in Hallyu (or the Korean Wave for the uninitiated).

Asia 360:  (Paragraph 3)   Critics responses to his singing and acting abilities have been lukewarm but the singer-actor (Kim Hyun Joong) continues to have a CULT-LIKE following. Fans charmed by his declaration of hardwork no doubt, rush to his defense saying that his talent is steadily maturing and he will only get better.

So what makes a KPop star? Hard work for a start, a sprinkling of talent and a lot of promotion, it seems. There is no such thing as a sullen Kpop star and every single one of them appears to be a multi-hyphenated talent of some sort (singer, actor, dancer, SERIAL WEEPER)

In china, budding athlets go to grueling gymnasium accadamics. In Venezuela budding beauty queens go to grooming schools. In Korea budding stars undergo a training that sounds like a TERRIFYING mixture of both.


To boost arrivals further in the capital of Seoul there is Kim Hyun Joong “Very nice to meet you” he says, in the latest advertisement flashing a dazzling smile near the landmark N.Seoul Tower. Even at the height of their fame, it would seem unimaginable for Anita Mui to become the tourism ambassador for HongKong or for Ayumi Hamasaki to do the same for Tokyo. But in the WEIRD AND WONDERFUL world of Hallyu, it seems somehow apt for Kim to welcome you to Seoul.

LazerKim: (Paragraph 1)   I understand that reading from the title it speaks of general views on Kpop. But since it’s only Hyun Joong’s photo and the Artmatic that you can see on the magazine page it somehow gave me the impression the article talks about Kim Hyun Joong. The writer calls Kpop fans way of admiration as OBSESSION. With all due respect to the writer or to the publisher, is there any other nicer word that you can think of that you can use to describe fans specially matured fans?? There are numerous fans of Kim Hyun Joong who are professionals and that includes myself, not to mention the number of elders Hyun Joong’s fans has.

I think Obsession is too extreme to call Kpop fans this way. Or do I need to spell out the word and its meaning? I think this is totally insulting, mind you!! I don’t mean to be harsh to the publisher, anyway this is my blog and I can only express my thoughts.  If you say Kpop and fans this does not only pertains to your country men, because Hyun Joong has quite a huge fan base in where Asia 360 is base, it also pertains to his international fans all over the world, mind you with all due respect. You’re hitting a lot of people here, professional unnie, mothers, grandma, would you call them obsess??

LazerKim: (Paragraph 2)   I tried researching how showbiz industry in this country where Asia 360  base is and I couldn’t find anything interesting, except similar write ups about KPop, and some kind of local celeb immorality. What I’m looking for is a school or training ground for aspiring local artists. Because this statement really surprises me that is giving me an impression that this country probably have a primitive showbiz entertainment industry. Then calling Kpop training ground as factory, fine I can take that lightly but this statement….the harder you worked for your fame the more….”it SEEMS you deserve it”.    This statement is like praising and insulting at the same time.

LazerKim:   (Paragraph 3)    When I first read this article from Asia 360, I don’t know if I should feel happy or what, and so I read it over again and trying to appreciate but instead I felt bothered and somehow confused. The writer of the said article is like praising KPop including of course Hyun Joong and insinuating something else. That appears like misleading. I think we’re all entitled to express our thoughts and so my dear readers please just allow me to spill out what I think about the said article.

The writer mentioned three countries China, Argentina, and Korea. So may I ask Asia 360 what do you have? What can you contribute to improve your countrymen’s aspiring talents if you have any?? The entire article from Asia 360 gave me a clear impression that your showbiz industry must be at the edge of downfall or totally jealous and insecure because of the rising Kpop?? I’m picking these words in bold letters and turning it back to the article writer of Asia 360, and please allow me to do so with all due respect.

It seems to me people from your showbiz are really getting nervous, and worried because your countrymen are being poured by a CULT-LIKE following as you call it, to Kim Hyun Joong. You’re saying Korean budding is TERRIFYING or are you the ones who are TERRIFIED of losing your own countrymen’s interest in your own celebrities?? You call Kpop SERIAL WEEPER or you might end up the serial weeper instead, for losing!! And for calling Hallyu WEIRD how dare you. You’re just so scared to be eaten up by Hallyu Stars, that you can not accept.

This article Asai 360 is another misleading write-up. My apologies I don’t mean to be harsh here, anyway this is my blog, as I’ve mentioned, I’m just turning back those words to Asia 360. I’ve gone used by Hyun Joong’s criticisms from his critics but to criticize his fans all together is one thing I can not let go, no matter how discreet it appears. I think the writer does not know that Hyun Joong has a number of fan elders. The writer mentioned earlier, “For fans it is an obsession.”

Ms writer, you should have researched further before spilling out your words. I’m sure you have watched the Fan Meeting Concert event of Kim hyun Joong held in your country which is all over the local and international news and I’m sure you have seen two elder ladies in wheelchair. And some others in Hongkong and Taiwan. They are loyal fans of Kim Hyun Joong, would you call them obsessed since you generalized KPop and Hyun Joong is one of those KPop artists.

This is way beyond foul. I’ll say this again, when you say Kpop and fans this does not only pertain to your local nationals Kpop fans but the entire Kpop international fans and they are not only teenagers, their fans cover all gender, all age range, and people from all walks of life be it from the highest society to the less fortunate ones. These are the coverage of  Kim Hyun Joong fans.

If you criticize the idols, particularly Kim Hyun Joong you may criticize by all means, because as the writer mentioned Kim Hyun Joong fans would rush to his defense and we fans will protect him at all cause.  But the elder fans can not defend themselves from you Asia 360 over calling them Obsess since they are Kpop fans.

This is strike two for me, that I was almost being deceived by well-organized pattern of words to cover up the true intent of this write-up. I still have not forgotten The straits Times and Rachel Boon who bluntly criticize Hyun Joong, and this time from Asia 360. And both publishers are from Singapore.

I can not just let this go in passing, since it’s not only KPop and Hyun Joong and fans being criticized here that I find this writer to be arrogant full of envy and jealousy over the global success Hallyu Stars. Why? What have they done to you to deserve this write-up from Asia 360?? And trying to conceal your intention to criticize by your flowery words? Did any of the Hallyu Stars ever criticized your local celebrities who are not even known to your nearest neighboring countries?

This is just my personal opinion about the said article from Asia 360 which I think I’m entitled to. This is how I understand this article, there are worlds used that seems to me a bit foul, no not a bit, it’s really foul. And in my opinion it’s misleading that tends to play safe and so this is the impression the writer left after I read the said article.

Nevertheless, looking at the brighter side of this news article which was written in May 25, 2012 three weeks after Hyun Joong’s Fan Meeting Concert in Singapore, I would think the writer was so alarmed seeing how Hyun Joong made a huge success after the event. Yet followed by another two succeeding fan meeting in HongKong and Taiwan both of which were huge success too. As that writer mentioned Hyun Joong is one of the fast rising Hallyu Star giving the writer some weird creeps!!

When my mom was still alive, I remember what she said. You can weigh a celebrity’s popularity by his critics and detractors, which means the celebrity is becoming a threat to others popularity of being surpassed. There’s a video clip of a Japanese celeb who bluntly ask his countrymen to boycott the Korean Wave and saying Japanese should patronize their own. Now I could not locate that video anymore, that seem to me no one listened to him. The human freedom of choice still prevailed.

What makes Kpop or Kim Hyun Joong a subject of likeability? First is his looks, no one would deny it. His handsome face, the totality of his physique is perfect. Second, his talent being versatile, as a singer his music captured the general acceptability and truly loves his music. Being an actor, his ability of transformation makes him a unique actor that no other actor has.

Third is the totality of his personality, his being modest, well mannered, gentle and his utmost sincerity to his fans. Hyun Joong is one of a kind, even if others may say there are lots more handsome artists who are much better talented than Hyun Joong, but not as good as Hyun Joong’s heart. There’s a big difference when we talk about untainted sincerity.

As I have mentioned in my other articles Hyun Joong is bound to encounter people like these that he can be the subject of envy jealousy and insecurities of other artists and their fans. Now, since Hyun Joong has been successfully conquering fans from different parts of the world, local celebrities from the respective countries sees Hyun Joong as a threat to their current career. Now I can see that quite clearly. And human freedom of choice always prevail no matter how much you control. With the collective strength of Hyun Joong’s fans, the last laughter is ours.

I think it would be better if we would be careful with the media news print that we read. In spite of the good news brought to us about Hyun Joong there will always be at least one news that can be misleading or blunt attack. As for me I can always brush it off my shoulders after I respond to the attack if it is necessary.

In the near future, Hyun Joong will still encounter different detractors, and we fans would of course Protect the Prince as becoming a Fan Code.!! Protect him from insect bites that might harm Hyun Joong’s flawless skin!! Other than the fact that Hyun Joong hates insects!! We forgive those insects for they know not what they are biting, but we do not forget and learn from them.

This is just a matter of casting them out through the magic Love net of Kim Hyun Joong as the magic star will prove himself as he always does…

                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged KHJean14, thanks.

Decoding The KPop Code CLICK HERE>(          Credits: HyunAe-Chin, KHJean14, thanks.


9 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FAN CODE

  1. Hi LazerKim,

    I hate that writer. Obviously he/she doesn’t like Joong Joong. Why people can’t stop giving out negative remarks on his singing and acting. Do they really know or they just followed what some people said about him. To me, his singing and acting is fine. He is improving and working very hard. I love his voice and I love YunJihu role.

    Oh! Heard the news about him being detained in the airport again due to custom procedure. Poor him, second incident already. The first time he was detained , he was so mad that the happiest moment for him is being released from the airport. I wonder how he feel this time round. What more with hardly a wink of sleep earlier on. Hope someone have more news on this.

    Still trying to get into twitter so that I can talk to you on line instead of talking something else in your article. (Like the above, – so not related to the article). Tried what mc said, but it always says website not found. Just now, tried again, managed to go 3 quarter of the way when the message suddenly appear again. So, be patient ok, will try and try until I am successful.
    The other day I typed a long message on your article but it disappeared . I tried 3 times until I finally gave up. Woosh! Talking about dinosaur Me here!!!

  2. you know, I kind of agree with the article you quoted :O I think he just gave the wrong example… if you ask me, I think SM TOWN is almost a factory of Kpop Idols. Many of the SM TOWN groups have no talent, lots of promotion and so… Kim Hyun Joong is quite different from a regular korean idol… maybe the person used him to attract “readers”? LOL I’ve met many ppl that are OBSESSED but obsessed in the wrong way with Kpop :S they are mostly fans of SM TOWN’s artists… elf’s from my country, sones, etc That’s what I love about HJ.. everytime someone call him the king of the hallyu or whatever he says he doesn’t feel like he is a big star, he doesn’t feel comfortable hearing that… but what about the other IDOLS? those who are said to be conceited, apathetic? from Kpop the only person i follow is HJ, because he’s totally different…. that’s why he doesn’t have many idol friends I guess, ’cause he wouldn’t get along with them…. but look at this, if you use the line he said about talent…. Super Junior…. I have not seen any improvement ever since they debuted D: they have not got better at anything… and it’s sad =( but that’s the truth… but this ASIA 360 person put HJ as an example… how dare he write that! My gosh… I know HJ from 2006 and he has improved A LOT! his signing voice was quite limited when he sang Warning…. and now he has improved a million times! he sings a million times better than before! When the sound system died at his FM omg his voice… was absolutely perfect, technically speaking! the notes he sang, perfect! So sad this guy from ASIA 360 is such a cheap blogger LOL that they don’t even get acredited to watch a HJ show hahahaha LOL XD so he will never hear him sing LOL but definitely he had no right to talk about him…

    • Hj doesn’t even know why people likes him!! He doesn’t put his fame in his head.and that makes his even brighter. Oh well, maybe this writer used HJ but not a good idea to sensationalized their article…sigh… these Asia 360 makes me tired!! LOL. Just like what noya the fan below this comment box said maybe the writer did not get a complimentary ticket for the show!! LOL Ladies you make my day, thanks for reading!! see you around!!

  3. Darling LZ, isn’t the Boon woman that wrote something similar not long ago or I am mixing the names, but those Singaporean really bitches about something that I think they are so biased of not seeing the hard work KHJ and other K-pop artists are putting in showing a good show. Jealousy pure and simple, why, most probably she didn’t get a free ticket to KHJ FM in Singapore, so instead of crawling in some hole she is taking out all her venom, but, who cares. WE are proud Fans of Kim Hyun Joong – WE Love HIm, are Obsessed with him, Our Daily Love Pill, Our Healing Idol and we can continue. But still there is a lot of reprocicated respect between KHJ fans and him and if he is A STAR is because he worked damn hard to be there and he will continue to work harder and WE will continue to support him regardless of what little nobody is writting. KHJ I am your FAN and proud to be part of the flock! so Girls head up! An artist without critics will not be an artist anyhow, but she is still a little nobody and will continue to be so always. Have a good week a new FM approaching, can’t wait to see it. 🙂

    • Noya i remember was it you who said Rachel did not win HJ for a dat that’s why she criticized him instead!! LOL What else can i say? thanks for giving me a good laugh! Now i’m done with critics, i can get back to my writing and write with happiness and love as always!! Hey thanks, see you again, busy days are here again HJ is leaving for China tom late evening so that means we’re staying up late to see him off. Take care have great week ahead of you!! God bless.

  4. calm down sis, your blood is boiling hot, i could put the egg near you and it will be cooked in less than a minute.. lols.. kidding aside sis, you know me, i just want to make things lighter.. 🙂

    thanks for always protecting my Star Prince sis LazerKim, thanks for being there always for our Prince 🙂

    this is solely my opinion.. my personal opinion.. lols.. well, to the critics, i address this to you, all of you critics out there.. i don’t give a damn on how you call me as a fan, call me obsess or obese as you may like, lols. but i don’t really give a damn.. if i’ll be called an obsess fan who aspire to succeed in life like Hyun Joong-ssi, to work hard like him to fulfill my dreams and ambitions in life, to be like HJ who has compassion with the less fortunate ones, to love people unconditionally like him, to do good things and work hard to be a better person just like him, to be inspired by him to do all those… then by all means call me obsess fan! i don’t really give a damn.. coz i would rather be an obsess fan than to be a critic like you whoever you are and to those who only knows how to criticize people around them so they would earn for a living or succeed in life.. i would rather succeed in life doing good things than hurting or pulling down other people to fail.. or stepping one’s foot to get to the top..

    well, mr. or ms. critics whoever you are, our Star Prince Hyun Joong-ssi will soar up high like an eagle and he will be the brightest star among the stars in this earth, in the whole of universe because good people like him who has a golden and pure heart will continue to go up and soar high because God will bless him more and more.. his brightness will continue to shine to all of us his fans and other’s too who’s in the dark.. keep on throwing stones on him but that stones will not reach him because God is protecting him as well as us fans and those stones will just bounce back to you.. and i hope when it hit you, it will hit you hard for all of you to realize that its better to do good things for our neighbor and see the good things of others than find things to criticize..

    jealousy and envy will only eat up your soul and you will die early i tell you… lols.. i am not trying to frighten you but it is the rule of the universe.. it is indeed.. because of that too, different kinds of illness will form in your body and will slowly eat up your soul and your physical body.. it is well tested.. lols.. you have 2 things to choose from, would you want to die with a smile in your lips and heart (so be hooked with our Star Prince HJ) or die frowning with jealousy and envy in your heart.. lols.. as for me, i don’t wanna die ugly and frowning.. lols…

    oh well, to all the critics.. may God bless you, i hope next time all of you will see the light.. lols.. and see the beauty of life other than the ugly things that surrounding you.. lols…

    and to my Star Prince, HJ, don’t mind those pests, they are just bored and have nothing to do for their lives.. lols.. so, JUST CONTINUE BEING YOU MY STAR PRINCE! I WILL SUPPORT YOU ALL THE WAY! WE WILL ALL GROW OLD WITH YOU HJ! SARANGHAEYO!

    sis LazerKim where are you now? still having problem with your connection.. miss you and the gang.. lols.. take care always of your health.. love you and God bless! mwahugs

    • ok ok sis you guys know me now & i guess can’t hide my emotions anymore, lessons learned never write if I’m angry or emotional!! I’ll press that in my mind! sigh….i think this was the most tiring article i have written so far! And this connection issue, in one thunder storm it ruins my internet connection just like that!! Thanks sis, you’re always been comforting me all the time. And I appreciate it. MC either laughing or crying, i met you first in this blog you were crying while doing your laundry & reading my article & listening to HJ’s If You same with Me!!! I shall never forget that comment box!!! I still laugh over it every time I get reminded of how i met you!! LOL It’s unforgettable sis!! Hey tanks again, and see you around….take care God bless love you too!!

  5. Lazer,don’t be bothered by those annoying critics media.They make their livings by insulting many other people.Shame on them.We are not crazy nor obessed.They don’t know the meaning of the word and boldly used to insult us.But I don’t really care whatever they call me.If I am happy with what I am doing,I will continue it. This is not the first time for me being called as obessed or crazy about HJ.I am so used to those words. LOL
    People think that we are so crazy that doing crazy stuffs and wasting our time on some useless things.but we all have our lives too and we all know that very well. Hyun Joong is some part of our lives that we enjoy.We may do some crazy things that they call but we don’t do our livings by insulting others or we don’t find our happiness by disturbing others.We do buy his albums,merchandise,and do all that will support him and his carrier with our own money.Not with theirs,so what’s the big deal ??

    • Thanks for reading, i think my regular readers knows me already, I couldn’t lie or conceal my emotions from you anymore no matter how much I tried to be as diplomatic and calm over this article!! LOL Thank you, I alright now, and yes you’re right I’ve been bothered since that article was posted and the word critic kept surfacing on my other articles after I read this asia 360 that was why I decided to burst it out for once and for all to get it off my chest! Now I’m ok happy writing again!!
      And you are very right I shouldn’t be bother by those insects!! But please do not allow yourself to be called obsess because you’re not. Smart people do not get obsess and you’re smart. You’re right, be where you could be happy and nothing else matter. I will always remember that. Thank you and see you again! Take care, God bless.

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