Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MOVING ON

By: LazerKim        Kim Hyun Joong attended and performed his Fan Meet event yesterday afternoon sponsored by Lotte DutyFree Shop as he is the official endorser. Although this fan meet event was just a simple one and not the grand fan meeting concert he recently had at his Asia Tour, the venue where the event took place was in full packed. From the video clip I think he sang several songs and the highlight of the show was the game portion.

Like the games Hyun Joong participated in his recent fan meeting concert, he did the same game choosing four fans from the audience who are celebrating their birthdays yesterday. Hyun Joong gave individual birthday gifts to the birthday celebrants and it was said there was also a cake for them. Hyun Joong serenaded them singing Marry Me while he hand in his birthday gifts for each, had picture taking. And with the last fan celebrant Hyun Joong got down to his knee and kiss her hand. There also this game to imitate the poses from the pictures shown, this portion was really up close and intimate.

There’s also this game to imitate the poses from the pictures shown, this portion was really up close and intimate. A picture pose was a piggy back, Hyun Joong really did a piggy back with his fan!! Another one was a pose from the drama Winter Sonata, as Hyun Joong hug his fan that really look so sweet.

Pictures were taken through an instant camera, as Hyun Joong affixed his signature to each photos and gave it the his fan. I was smiling to myself as I watched this portion because Hyun Joong was so candid in doing those poses with his fans, which is intimate and really up close. I can’t help saying to myself, this guy is just so adorable!

It was such an enjoyable fan meeting yesterday that obviously fans who attended surely had a great time. Watching Hyun Joong playing games with his fans seemed as if he personally knows the fans who joined the game. He had done this game with his fans from other countries in his Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert and it was very effective portion of the show that fan audience enjoyed it too.

Of course with every wish they were there on stage too and have a chance to play with Hyun Joong!! What more with the fans who were watching from up far, wishing they were there too and share the fun!

In another related update, just bits and pieces from yesterday news, it was said that there are plans of doing Fan Meeting Concert to other countries which was not included in Hyun Joong’s itinerary. I really do hope this plan can push through. Seeing from the results of the recent fan meet concert, I was anticipating other countries would respond to the chain reaction. It only take some sponsors to make this event possible in other countries. So that other international fans can experience such huge event with Kim Hyun Joong.

In Japan Hyun Joong’s upcoming single HEAT in five versions had hit the first five top rank on pre-orders. In other words Hyun Joong’s Japanese fans has been anticipating this single. It was said that Hyun Joong shall be working on Heat music video today as its shooting or filming shall start. It was also stated that the first filming of his upcoming drama City Conquest shall be done in Japan. Hyun Joong is quite busy, few days from now he’ll be in China for the Fan Meeting Concert event.

The other night, I read a news article from a media news print about the rising global popularity of Kpop idols. As I was reading the article, I wasn’t convinced about the reasons why Korean artists are being loved by many fans worldwide as what the writer stated which is too technical. Since I have only one solo Kpop idol that really captured my heart, beyond any other reasons, what Hyun Joong has that made me fell for him is his sincerity to his fans. I’m sure majority if not all share this same opinion with me specially the loyal fans of Kim Hyun Joong.

In reality, the first stage of fan admiration in a celeb starts from his physical outlook or if not it is his talent. I’m speaking in general about Korean artists, because not all Korean celebs are as good looking as Hyun Joong, but they have the great talent in their own right, as they also gained popularity rise. It was said that Kim Hyun Joong is one of the fast rising stars in Hallyu, which is very true. And when we start knowing more about Kim Hyun Joong, the more we fans get so attached to the guy.

I think what makes Hyun Joong so special is the way he gives importance to his fans in his most sincere way that his fans do feel a certain degree of affection from him too. We have witness a lot of times on how he connects with people, though it may be in his most simple way but filled with sincerity. His detractor may say he’s not that good enough in his talent, if it is so, then why does Hyun Joong’s popularity kept rising remarkably?

Because there’s much more than just talent that Hyun Joong has. For me, take away his talents from him even that handsome face and I would still like him. It’s his inner self that glows brighter than what I can see with my own eyes.

That incident at the wedding last week when Hyun Joong was heavily guarded by his bodyguards, he secretly took a letter from his fan without his bodyguards knowing it, was all over the news the following day! We always see Hyun Joong at the airport as his fans hand in presents and personal letters being handed to him or to his bodyguards as he gladly accepts them. He wears or make use of what his fans give him as a sign of appreciation. Or if not he donates those presents to charity. Hyun Joong appreciates anything his fans give him.

Hyun Joong may not be the best singer, dancer, actor for now. But Hyun Joong is simply the best man a fan can ever admire as a person for real and as an artist. Some media failed to understand Hyun Joong fans in spite they have seen through their very eyes how his audience responded to Hyun Joong’s performance on stage.

How his fans sing with him considering he sings in Korean and yet his international fans can follow his songs as he sings it. How his fans dances as he does, how they chant while Hyun Joong performs. The question as to why, will never be answered unless one gets to watch him perform on stage and one gets to know him better.

Kim Hyun Joong keeps Moving On forward and his fans keeps following him as he goes up racing to the top….                                                   LazerKim writing

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6 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MOVING ON

  1. Just another small point, I was just watching again HJ gesture with taking the letter from fan at Jung Joon wedding, HJ had such a mischevious smile doing that, it is like he is having a Love Affair with all his Fans. Now how can you not fall head over heels with this guy?:)

  2. Dear LZ – I especially loved the “In another related update, just bits and pieces from yesterday news, it was said that there are plans of doing Fan Meeting Concert to other countries which was not included in Hyun Joong’s itinerary” – a dream coming closer to my part of world maybe?! loved it. Re Fanmeeting re Lotte – somehow I think HJ already recognise his “home” fans by faces, they are so lucky to be able to attend every FM in SK. I heard is quite nice living there, maybe I should aim to continue my studies there? – isn’t that a thought? they do have some good universities there i think. well just a thought, as Ikeep dreaming….:) mu love pills for today, thank you:)

    • Hello!! What else can I say being in the Alien World where we think & feel the same for HJ is just so great that makes us one in HJ & I’m proud to be in our world! Thank you Fanjoong see you again and Have a great Sunday!!! God bless. Take care!

  3. Hello,Lazer I am the same as you.What I admire or adore about hyun joong is his sincerity to his fans proving that by actions not with words.I admit that I am first attracted by his look when I saw him in BOF.Yes.I like beautiful guys.ha ha There were many handsome actors that I used to like.But I’ve never loved anyone before.They are just actors that I like.You know what I mean,right?But I love hyun joong not because he is beautiful or talented.His pure and beautiful mind that makes me fallen for him over and over again.I think I will never escape from his world.
    By the way,I want to ask a question.Korean IDOL group that will release single as the same day with HJ is 2pm?? I heard a popular japanese singer and korean idol gp.Not know the name of the group.

    • Hello!! Yes I agree with you, I got a long list of korean actors as my favorite Song il gook did Jumong,& other historical genre w/c suits him the best, when he did a modern action I don’t know why i lost interest. Jo Hyun Jae did 49days, only you ect I liked him but when he did a chinese drama i lost interest. And when he said “I’m an actor I don’t need to share my private life with me fans” I just got turned off and have not heard about him anymore.
      Bae Yong Joon his boss stayed i still like him & will still support him if needed, but not as much as I like HJ. From BOF to PK to Breakdown and many other image changes in HJ I stayed & love him even more!
      Yes I read about 2pm the group rank no. 3 or 4 at the pre-order scale while HJ occupied no.1,2, 4,5 in all version of Heat. We can just wait and see but I strongly believe he’ll e able to make it to the music chart.
      Thank you for reading, I share the same feeling and thoughts with you. See you again take care and God bless…

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