Kim Hyun Joong… [article] IMAGE ICON

By LazerKim:           Recently there was a voting poll conducted with the title The Best Magazine Cover that Kim Hyun Joong had two or three cover magazine entries, and he won the first rank for the magazine Kan Fan winning by 60,715 votes. This is another Hyun Joong’s side specialize in posing for magazines in which he is so much in demand by different publications in Korea and in Japan. He has so many contenders in this poll voting, both from Korean and Japanese celebs.

Hyun Joong is an excellent model for these magazines and he has that aura in changing his image depending on the concept required  and this fact about his versatility can not be denied even by the media themselves. And talking about image, I think this is this the best chance for me to touch on his up coming drama in which he had mentioned in his one on one interview in Beijing China. Yesterday in my article China Talks I did not elaborate the last topic in that interview which is about City Conquest.

For a briefer here’s the last part of the interview.

Question:  For drama BOF and PK were more pretty boy image, for your next role City Conquest will you be different?

KHJ said:     For City Conquest I had to get rid of that smooth next door looks. It will be more tougher rugged image. What can I say a role with more attitude. My feelings are towards that, so for fans who’s expecting a smooth image will be disappointed. I want to be able to give and show a new image. I’m working hard to do that, I hope many fans will be contented and supportive of this new character.

Like City Conquest and all dramas and roles are different and the person role can be a 180 different from the previous project. I may have some idea of a role but I need to work at it and make it on my own. The personality is more tougher and rugged more edgy. I’ve been working hard practicing on getting the character right.

We know very well Hyun Joong is a versatile type of artist. He’s quite restless when it comes to his physical outlook, that he change his image particularly his hairstyle as often as he changes his clothes!! Today you see him blonde a long hair, give it a few weeks he’ll surprise you in short dark brown hair, and give it another few weeks he changes to blonde short hair. That’s Hyun Joong’s personality. At BOF do you know how many times he change his hairstyle? BOF was being aired about two month or so but among the F4 he was the only cast who was able to change his hairstyle as often, while the other maintained their outlook from start to finish.

Hyun Joong will be doing a totally different character in his next drama City Conquest which may be aired for two months more or less. Hyun Joong will never stick to that same character forever!! As soon as the drama is over for sure he’ll change image again. We have witness this for so many times. In Breakdown he was totally different but the black short hair did not even last for more than a month, because he changed to blonde short again. And a lot more version of Breakdown image came out. Which is just so unique for a person to possess and whatever image he does to himself he still looks as handsome as ever!

For those who do not know him particularly his loving critics, would brag about plastic surgery on Hyun Joong! The guy admitted he had his nose fixed due to his childhood accident. Still his critics were  busy finding out what other surgeries he had, and I couldn’t help laugh at them!! It’s Hyun Joong’s hair styling that makes him looks different. Whenever Hyun Joong change his hair style it seems as if you’re looking at a totally different person. He is one of a kind that makes him a unique individual. Here are some photos bellow, that shows as if you’re staring at different faces.

And so for Hyun Joong’s critics and detractors, it seems to me that they’re all dying of jealousy and envy that their idols couldn’t make it to gain much popularity and success as Hyun Joong does. So they’re finding faults in Hyun Joong even in his physical outlook and his talent. But this is one thing I noticed, they couldn’t attack his personal attitude, because they know very well Hyun Joong is just so nice to criticize his attitude. While Hyun Joong’s fans rejoice with his success critics can only watch his fans full of envious that they got nothing to be rejoiced about in their choice of idols!!

And in his changing character, we should be proud since Hyun Joong has the power to change his character that is very rare actor can attain. And the fact that he has the ability to bring that character on and off cam is a big thing for an actor. Hyun Joong stated that he’ll get rid of that smooth image because for his next drama he’s character shall be a rugged image. It’s like from Christopher Reeves transforming to Bruce Willis kinda thing!! Hyun Joong would like to portray different characters in his drama projects, and I think this is one way he can develop himself further in his acting career.

We as his fans ought to understand that whatever Hyun Joong may decide for his career as an actor is his life. All we have to do is to support him all the way. We may have our own personal preference on how we would like to see him on dramas, but it is Hyun Joong who will work on this drama project, he knows best what he is capable of doing more anyone else. This project is his come back screen and he’ll be needing our support, so let’s be there for him. This will be a challenging project for him and we all know we fans is his strength. And needless to elaborate, his fans is his inspiration.

Hyun Joong mentioned that some fans may be disappointed, probably because they still want to see the boyish flower boy image in him. But don’t worry, it takes only a few months to work on his drama until it will be aired and soon after which he’ll back to his normal image. Be at peace and get used to his changing image from time to time. And besides no matter what Hyun Joong does to himself, he still looks as handsome as ever.

I can only speak for myself, after I have been researching about Hyun Joong and have known him as a man in reality as he had shared so much about himself that a fan ought to know, I have learned to love him for what he is. It’s not his physical outlook, not his talent or for what he has but Hyun Joong as a person. His inner self even glows bright more than anything else in himself. As I always say in my previous articles, it is not enough to see him in person, not enough to watch him perform as he sings, dance and act on screen, since anyone is bound to know more about him to realize what a special person he is.

Hyun Joong’s growing popularity would mean more detractors his fans will encounter along the way. Celebrities who are successful are bound to attract attention of those who are jealous. And that does not exclude Hyun Joong, if he’s not successful then there’s nothing to be envied about. A tree bearing good fruits are bound to be stoned down. I would like to take his detractors in a positive way, that they can not accept that in such a short period of time Hyun Joong had gained this much. But in reality, it took a lot of hard work on his part to be where he is right now.

Well, we fans can just laugh it out, because every time his detractors get on their attack mode on Hyun Joong, the more Hyun Joong boost his popularity the more he is successful in such a speed!! And so we fans can just take a look and smile at those detractors. Hyun Joong has so many activities for these coming months so expect these detractors to be there watching closely.

Hyun Joong has been taking care of himself, he always surprise his fans every time he changes his image and still look as handsome as ever. We fans are so lucky to have someone we admire so much that we take pride. And Hyun Joong does this for his fans. He’s such a unique artist that you’ll never get tired of because seeing him is as if you’re meeting a different man every time, but the same Ki

Kim Hyun Joong indeed is a sole artist, a unique individual who has the power in changing image yet handsome as ever, a truly Image Icon……

LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14, thanks.


16 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] IMAGE ICON

  1. An artist like KHJ is very refreshing to see. He does things because he loves it and I am deeply in awe of his awesome personality.

  2. I love all Kim Hyun Joong images his non stop changes have made him what he is UNIQUE in all he does. A true fan should be used to see this from him by now. He has shown us many times his new images and we always love him cause that’s him that’s his style and underneath all that images we still see him his personality it’s still there the person Kim Hyun Joong is still there. No matter if his hair is red, brown, blonde, black and his image are boy next door, new kid on the block or the bad boy or mainly look it all comes down to one thing ..HE IS KIM HYUN JOONG.
    I can wait to see him on his new role.. we should know that he always wanted to do this kind of role in a drama some action he even has shown us that mainly side of him when he came out with a bang on his new look on Break Down and we all love it. All actors love to portray many types of roles in ther career of acting is time we give him the opportunity to make that wish come true and as true fan will support him and watch it like all the dramas we have support and watch of him by now. Plus his going to be like an oreo cookie hard and dark in the outside and sweet and soft in the inside. LOL..sigh can’t wait to see him… Oh gossshhh can’t it be sooner.
    For those that keep being a pain in his career and still can’t open there eyes to see how talented he his and how much he have done… well God made one day after another and one day you’ll come to realize how wrong you are hopefully that day is not to late.
    Kim Hyun Joong like any other warrior has his armour and shield to protect him for this non stop haters out theres… his armour is himself cause he and only he can and has prove to the world that he is good on what he does and that he will keep working hard to always give the best of him and of course his shields is his fans that will stand in front of any critic to protect him at all cause.
    Kim Hyun Joong is like the cupid on earth when he aim his arrow to you… you can’t resist in falling in love with him…
    So haters better stoppppp! Our love and KIm Hyun Joong success is more powerful than your words.
    Thxs LZ for your articles
    God Bless

    • I should read always first before i posted but sometimes you just get so excited to write what comes out of your heart that you mispelled some words in this case for all readers in meant “manly side” where i wrote “mainly”… hahahaha I get to work up when speaking about our prince..excuse me for my typos

    • Typographical error is my favorite mistake!!! Which i always commit!! it’s alright.
      Have u tried reading a media print article that looks like a good one & that gives u the 1st impression that it’s filled w/ praises but when u read it again & absorb the contents it’s actually sarcastic & insulting? I read an article similar to what i’m saying, twice from sg. Many fans were victimized to re-post. I know your fond of reading Bliz if ever you happen to read such article please let me know. Many journalist can be so clever in putting words together to hide criticism, just have to read between the lines to understand the intention. Sigh….
      When my mom was still alive she used to say, in weighing the popularity of a celeb, look for his critics. If he gained as much critics that means he’s good enough!! Because his popularity is becoming painful to others they tend to destroy!! Sigh…
      Thanks for reading Bliz as always thanks for sharing your views that I happy many do read your thoughts. Have a nice weekend and see you around. take care God bless..

  3. how i wish those termites ,insects ,critics and so on could hear my laugh and wish to tell them how immature could someone be like them towards KHJ.The poor guy is so innocent to be attacked by those mindless minders.Did HJ do anything wrong to them?Is it a sin to be a famous one?Of course he has fans all over the world who’s supporting him to the max,why do they like to attack him?eventhough he would do anything in his power to be at the top if he is not destined to be there then there will be no KIM HYUN JOONG that is competing versus TOP STARS.But I am sorry to tell you whoever you are who against HJ the reality is… HE IS ONe of the TOP now.
    Oh anyway may i tell you mindless minders that you’ve acted too late to bring down KHJ .. he’s too long way now,dont you think?Because whether you all like it or not he has made a lot of HISTORY already. Of course we fans are pretty much aware even the STAR himself said that he will not remain forever as a shining STAR,thats so true.But what a story to tell about this guy KHJ..that once upon a time,there was once a STAR name KIM HYUN JOONG who RULED the earth,who has a BIG HEART to the unfortunate and feed them,who collected AWARDS until almost there’s no more room for him to place them,a man who have been called a WALKING STATUE.a man who always getting #1 scores,,,well..well..well..i apologize but the space is not enough for me to tell you all everything…just to remind you that these achievements of KIM HYUN JOONG is only the beginning of his journey at this very moment and by the time he will slow will be a journey of him that CAN NEVER BE FORGOTTEN in his land and to the rest of the world…Please deal your feelings correcly with that JEALOUSY that is about to explode in you mindless minders is no good,it will bring you all down instead…PEACE!!..

    • Oh some wise words you just said here.. pretty nice. He has become a story to tell but not a fairy tale but a true STAR story that will live for ever in all his fans hearts, memories and lifes. There is only one way Kim Hyun Joong dreams are headed right now and it’s always on top where he belongs and nothing or no1 can’t bring that him down not even in their dreams.
      Thanks again for your words and support for our prince.

      • hi dear,thank u ..when comes to HJ some wise words just come out from nowhere and yet its TRUE right? that way we will gonna let those against him know that we are in FULL FORCE defending him matter what torns and thistles comes in KHJ’s way..let us them know that WE ARE UNITED for KHJ…see you and thanks..*wink* have a nice day!!

  4. i can’t help but pick up the words of yours ‘constantly changing’. i agree with you KHJ loves to change his image that suits his mood or event. i think it’s part of gemini trait you were talking about a couple of months ago. gemini cannot be one type of person his whole life; they love to create new images, be it pleasant or not to other people’s view. he is the kind of person who cares of what he thinks and decide on his own accord. i am lucky enough to know some of gemini who help me to understand KHJ better. mind you, gemini has the power to charm and i cannot deny myself has been trapped in KHJ’s world.

    and as for his new drama City Conquest, i have no worries whatsoever. i have been waiting for this kind of role to land on his lap. his 2 previous roles had not challenged his acting skills the way this drama might be able to give him. i think he is going to surprise us with his look as well as his skills. KHJ we knew back in 2010 would be much better this time. he is well prepared and organized, so we won’t be disappointed. i can’t wait for it to start and watch prince Hyun Joong takes the centre stage.

    • Hello sazs! Thanks for reading. Yes Hyun Joong has that gemini trait, I can’t help smile as you mentioned you ‘re lucky to have known some gemini who help you understand HJ!! That’s really nice of you taking the initiative of getting to know more about Hj in some other ways. I agree, if you notice even in his work he always want to have a touch of something new. And I share with you the same thoughts and looking forward to his next drama, Thank you and see you again, have a great weekend!! God bless..

  5. thanks sis Lazer for this wonderful article..

    my Star Prince will continue to soar up high like an eagle.. and no matter what his critics do to put him down, it will never happen, let them die of envy and jealousy..lols.. because good man like our Hyun Joong-ssi can never be put down that easily for God is with him. and for his hardwork, he will always be blessed.. he’s an inspiration to the world! to the universe! for me, my Star Prince Hyun Joong-ssi will always be PERFECT!!! Saranghaeyo my dongsaeng Hyung Joong-ssi ! FIGHTING!

    take care sis Lazer.. have a great weekend! God bless! mwahugs.. kiss kiss

    • Thank you it’s my pleasure sis!! Alleluia!! i agree with you One can never put a good man down….for the insects bugs,termites, ticks and fleas Baygon, Solignum,Front Liner, these are the best solutions insect killers!!!
      See you around, thanks for reading and take care…God bless..

  6. thank you lazer kim for always writing such a good article everyday for me to read ^^
    i’ve been reading your article everyday for the last few months…
    it seems that you really understand us, Hyun Joong’s fan, how we feels about him, how much we love him, how hard we support him….
    I am so excited to watch his new drama…airing in about 2 months for me it such a long time to wait…kekekeke want to his new image as bad boy…must be very interesting and handsome of course….
    When the drama air….this is the time….the time for those people who had been criticizing Hyun Joong during BOF and PK time to open their eyes and find out the this guy can really act…He’s not only good-looking guy but multi-talented artist…
    He’s not just a guy with the beauty outside, but his inner beauty and personality that make us his fans love him even more day by day, month by month, year by year….forever….
    our the one and only, The Alien Prince…..^^

    • Hello!! thank you it’s my pleasure writing about HJ to bring it to his fans and fans to be. Yeah I fully agree with you, this is a test in his capability of transformation and a real challenge that we take pride as always.
      I do understand the fans because we all feel and think at the same time when it comes to Hyun Joong, for some magical reasons I would say!! we’re just connected with one another in only one KHJ. I take pride not only with HJ but also every single fan. They are all very nice people.
      If you notice these past weeks HJ’s critics are in silent mode, they can only watch the huge success that HJ has been gaining.News covers all about HJ & I mean every parts of the world he’s in the news!!
      Thank you and see you again, have a great weekend ahead of you. God bless.

      • Dear LZ, of course his critics are in silent mode, they are at some dark place eating their hands out. KHJ was good on BOF he portrayed a good Jihoo for a beginner and in PK he was a huge success outside SK so what is the problem here, it seems that they are so narrow minded in SK only as HJ is such a huge success everywhere outside. I don’t remember (not that i follow any other) any other SK solo artist making it into the five places on the american billboard. KHJ is an artist, as an artist he should change as often as possible it is his “Job” afterall to offer different faces to his public and we love him to bits for that and for staying the same INSIDE. Never a dull moment with HJ and as always he is as beautiful inside as he is outside (nevermind the color of his hair). I am so proud of him and will keep supporting. Have a nice week:)

        • Well, I thought his critic is in silent mode but I was wrong, there’s one who’s trying to conceal the criticism. But one has to read between the lines and pick the foul words concealed with the flowery ones. Do you remember that news print from The Strait Times? It’s similar to that write up that looks good at first sight but stare at it it mean different thing. I’ll have that in my article tomorrow, I mean today!! It’s 5:30 am & haven’t slept yet. Now I will!! Good night morning!! Thanks for reading..Why do you write way down below!!?? LOL I almost missed your comment box!! Have a nice week too. Take care see you again God bless.

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