Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PRIDED BY PRINCE

By: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong made another history out of his DVD First Impact having been on top rank for a week now at Oricon Weekly Music Chart. I wrote the article First Impact in May 16 as the DVD was released that time while Hyun Joong was on board his flight bound to Taipei. On its first day of release it already hit the top rank number one and had maintained its status until yesterday. This news was all over the internet and as expected Hyun Joong’s fans rejoice over the news scattered all over and of course every fan is proud of Hyun Joong success on his first Japanese DVD.

Yesterday’s news stated that Hyun Joong has become a record-breaking Kpop artist with his DVD “First Impact” and had sold over 16,000 copies for its first week marking another history in Japan as the second international artist to attain the top rank number one after Micheal Jackson’s Vision in 2010. It was also stated that many Korean artists have released albums in Japan but their ranking on the chart had stayed below the third place. That’s not all, the Blu-ray version was released at the same time and also ranked on top number one, on its first day and still maintain its rank at the Blu-ray Oricon Weekly ranking.

Indeed Kim Hyun Joong is not only a news maker, he is also a history marker, since Hyun Joong is the first Korean who ever attained the top rank in the Oricon Weekly Chart. And if you still remember as Hyun Joong debuted his Japanese album it also rank on the second place but the album was placed on the gold record status. Again it was said he was the first foreign artist who had attained such rank on first day album released, that had marked in the history of Japan Music Industry.

It was also stated that Hyun Joong’s first concert Premium held in Yokohama Arena in February gave a strong impact on Hyun Joong’s DVD released. As I always say every time Hyun Joong is out there on his exposure new fans from here and there just popped out and as a result anything attached to his name has been leading to excellent results, if not gaining more popularity.

Hyun Joong shall be releasing his second Japanese album Heat on July 4. As I have mentioned in my article yesterday Hyun Joong shall be performing a free concert in Saitama Arena near Tokyo. This shall be Hyun Joong’s second concert for Japan this year which covers 32,000 fans, and apparently this is gonna be a huge event since his first concert at the Yokohama Arena covered 20,000 fans. This concert shall be under the sponsorship of Universal Music. In every purchase of the album Heat a fan gets a concert ticket for free. Isn’t that great??

I think this is a way of Hyun Joong and the Universal Music in thanking his fans for the continues huge success, bringing Hyun Joong way at the top ever since his debut in Japan. All these news these past days after Hyun Joong’s chain of success in his Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert, is just so overwhelming for any Hyun Joong fan to be proud of.

What else can we do? Spread the word, that the Prince had won all over again. And take note, we’re not done yet!! There’s still more to that,  the most anticipated China Fan Meeting Concert for four different locations in China is already on count down as fans has been waiting for this big event.

And talking about China, the other night there were pictures being circulated at the internet on how China has been preparing for this big event for Hyun Joong. The Chinese fans prepared a huge giant balloon of Uzoosin character and it was said that it shall be distributed in every venue he’ll be performing. And some 2,000 pieces of green light sticks shall also be given to the fans during the event. There were also preparation for food for the fans which I believe is gonna be for the event at Chendu China which is Hyun Joong’s first stop. Obviously his fans from China were getting so excited about Hyun Joong’s Fan Meeting Concert!!

Last night as I was browsing I came across a very short video which was posted by a certain Ms.lyna through KHJean14. Thank you very much for sharing, I’m very sorry that I could not ask for permission personally to post it here in my article but I’m just dying to share it with others.

May I just cut and interrupt you from reading for just a second and may I call your attention to view this very short video. This is a very simple way Hyun Joong showed how important and how much he loves his fans. Here you go….

CLICK HERE>>(  (Video credits lyna and KHJean14 thanks)

This video was taken from the wedding Hyun Joong attended last Sunday and it’s a stolen shot or Hyun Joong was not aware a fan cam was focus on this incident. There were his two body guards walking with Hyun Joong side by side and I would say he was heavily guarded than usual during the wedding.  And since fans can not come closer to him, a fan from his behind hand in a letter to Hyun Joong that he secretly took the letter and accepted

This gesture may be very simple and you may say it’s nothing significant, but that simple gesture showed Hyun Joong cared for his fans. This is him, anything coming from his fans is important to him no matter how small it is.

How would you not love this man?? Would you still be surprised if his fans kept bringing him up to the music chart? Have you ever realize how sincere he is? Just take this upcoming event in Japan, giving away a free concert and this is for 32,000 fans that’s he’s giving away! I won’t play pretender that I do not know, yes he’ll receive his professional fee, but again he’s giving away a huge profit share because that’s a concert. If it wan’t for free he’ll receive his profit share just like in Yokohama. But where did that profit share from the concert in Yokohama had gone to? Isn’t it he donated it to the charity for homeless kids or the orphanage?

And talking about homeless kids, here’s another thing we do not know. An update article was shared with me by a fan blogger name Hyun-Ae-Chin. Take a look at this picture, and take note of the ring Hyun Joong is wearing on his finger.

The ring Hyun Joong was wearing symbolise his support to the “Save the Children”. For its 125th anniversary in 2009 Bvlgari launched a cause marketing program to support “Save the Children” rewrite the future initiative, an effort to improve the quality of education for the neediest children worldwide especially those in conflict-affected countries. Bvlgari recruited world-renowned photographer Fabrizo Ferri who developed a photo essay and print materials of celebrities wearing the ring.

Hyun Joong wore this ring in four different occasions, from his arrival to Hongkong, his departure coming from Taiwan, his one on one interview in China, and the wedding last Sunday. It was said the ring would remind the ring owner about the children who needs quality education but could not afford in doing so. Hyun Joong has been supporting many different charity organizations, but his favorite I think is the charity for the homeless kids. For some reasons, Hyun Joong is just so fond of kid and kids do like him too.

I remember, one incident in Taipei as he was promoting his first album there was a simple event gathered by his fans and towards the end of the event there was a picture taken I think with the event organizers or sponsors. And there was a kid boy on stage joining the group picture and as he held Hyun Joong’s hand, the boy couldn’t let go of Hyun Joong’s hand anymore!! I think the kid boy can feel Hyun Joong’s fondness.

And there was a charity event during his time with SS501, that the group visited the orphanage and Hyun Joong sincerely enjoyed his time playing with the kids. Hyun Joon simply has that special big heart for the kids and the elders. This is just base on my observation on how he is being naturally attached with them, even he does not know them personally. You can see the glow in his eyes as he spotted on them and so with the disabled ones. Hyun Joong is just so amazing.

Everything we hear or read updates about Hyun Joong are so overwhelming that every single fan takes pride of being a Kim Hyun Joong fan. From his talent we take pride as he ranks right on top of Oricon Music Chart, from marking a history for a Korean solo artist, to his effort of thanking his fans or giving back the support from his fans through a free concert, from having a natural compassionate affection to the homeless kids and to the most simple gesture showing that every single fan is important to Kim Hyun Joong.

Kim Hyun Joong gave each and every fan of his so much to be proud of being his fan.   We fans are being Prided by the Prince…                 To  Hyun Joong congratulations!!

                                                                      LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks,           News Update Hyun-Ae-Chin. thanks


10 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PRIDED BY PRINCE

  1. What can I say LazerKim? Only this…. What the man himself said once …that he wants his fan to be proud being his fan and not dissapointed in him.(something like that).

    Well, Leader, I am very proud to be your fan and I am glad that I made the right choice even though there are many others who don’t appreciate your singing and acting. I have hold on to my choice and I am having the last laugh now. Ha! Ha! Ha! I so love your singing and dancing. The ‘SMILE’ dance is so beautiful.

    • Ah yes that’s my favorite line HJ said “I hope that I can always be the kind of person whom you will not be criticized because you my fan”. I always get a pitch in my heart every time i quote this message from HJ. TTT Do keep holding tight and i promise you won’t regret for you have chosen the best among the rest. You’ll even get the biggest laughter of your life!!
      Hey thanks I’ve been thinking the title of that song SMILE i honestly forgot the simple title I just love this song!! Thanks Tity for reading, there’s so much more look forward to so do stick around with HJ. Have a lovely and God bless… see you again!

  2. Thxs LK for the awesome well detail article!
    He is incredibly amazing and I so proud to b one of his loyal fan! Like u said How can’t U not love♥ him! Btw thxs 4 the past article also, Drama Mania n Ruled by Rules!
    Oh N a questions? Some say 16,000 u mention 160,00 copies! Both r great but which is the correct one? Hopefully 160k but 16k is awsum too! Again there is only one way KHJ is going and its all the way to the top!
    And he being so generous, helpful and caring but the children, elders and fans are one of the main factors that makes u love him even more! There a non place in his heart that is not full of kindness!
    Thxs again n God Bless!

    • hi,bfanofkhj4ever,
      sorry but may answer your questions regarding HJ’s figure sales,,cuz i made inquiry about that too as it made me confused as well reading different articles w/ different figures..and was about 16,000 and above within the week sales ..hope it is clear to you now..anyway fighting for KHJ for being #1.. May god bless you always!..Lets bump each other here in Lazer’s blog..nice to meet you..

      • Hi Omega, nice 2 meet u 2!
        Thxs for clarifing the numbers I really appreciate ur inquiry and answer! And yes always FIGHTING 4 KHJ being #1♥

    • LOL yeah typographical error!! i already change it thanks for noticing!! I always make mistakes, the other time the title has the same mistake typo and sriz noticed it as soon as i posted that I’m so pleased to be notified at once before everyone can read it!!! hey thanks, you take care ok!! and see you around, God bless

      • Sure LK we’re all human and sometimes make some typos is understandable! I’m glad all is cleared up and like Sriz did let u know b4 the article had circulate more not that even matter much cz the rest of it was awsume! But its good to clarified ryt? I just got a bit confused ☺ Take care always

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