Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CHINA TALKS

By LazerKim:         Kim Hyun Joong’s updates are a bit at rest after the busy weeks that his fans post and share a lot of good news about Hyun Joong. He must be at work mode at this time preparing for China, while these succeeding news about the Oricon Music Chart placing Hyun Joong’s DVD on top rank, the huge success in Hyun Joong’s recent fan meeting concert are airing all over China TV news.

The most anticipated fan meeting concert event is to be held at Chengdu China as Hyun Joong’s first stop on June 1. Hyun Joong had a one on one interview with Sina which is currently airing in China for promotion. I got the English translation of that interview that Hyun Joong had spoken about the fan meeting concert that I would like to share with you. I pick some of what Hyun Joong had spoken of, since some of the questions were already mentioned in his other interview.

1.) Kim Hyun Joong said:     I haven’t seen many fan meeting by others, what I heard most fan meetings are talking concept. Mine will be more concert fan meeting concept rather than talking concept. There will be more singing songs involve in my fan meeting, so there isn’t a lot talking period but I’ll be able to show a lot within a 15 minutes time frame. A concert with many lights and laser shows. I prepare a show like that. For everyone who come to my fan meeting wonder if this is a fan meeting or a concert. I have prepared many things for it.

2.)   Question: Do you have time set for interaction with fans?

KHJ said:    Yes there will be fan interaction in the part of the show. What I prepared may change and be different. I have heard fans can’t get up on stage in many shows, I listen to those things, came back to Korea to prepare many things and practice a lot to bring back so don’t be disappointed. I hope you guys look forward to it. There will be many new and exciting things to show.

3.)   Question: Do you have worried about your stage preparation?

KHJ said:     I can’t learn Chinese language over night so there are interpreters in most places I go. I’m going to try not to make my fans get bored by telling funny stories. There are my staff to join me on stage. Don’t worry too much I’ll do my best and give all and work hard in putting a good fun show for my fans.

4.)    Question: Will you be giving benefit shows like in S.Korea here in China? If opportunity comes, would you perform a show like that in china?

KHJ said:     I like to do benefit concert but that won’t be all, I like to do a Chinese charity concert. If we did something like for the kids, I would accept something like that. When that day comes I hope many guests will help me. I think there’s a good chance it can happen in China.

5.)    Question:  Besides today’s show what’s your next wish you like to come true?

KHJ:     If I had another wish besides being in China, I’m working hard to try new things and be able to move forward beyond Asia. Also to show my thankfulness to my fans for always supporting me and giving me as much happiness. Even if I put out one album I want to do the best I can, and become the best I can be.

6.)    Question:  For drama BOF and PK were more pretty boy image, for your next role        City Conquest will you be different?

KHJ said:     For City Conquest I had to get rid of that smooth next door looks. It will be more tougher rugged image. What can I say a role with more attitude. My feelings are towards that, so for fans who’s expecting a smooth image will be disappointed. I want to be able to give and show a new image. I’m working hard to do that, I hope many fans will be contented and supportive of this new character.

Like City Conquest and all dramas and roles are different and the person role can be a 180 different from the previous project. I may have some idea of a role but I need to work at it and make it on my own. The personality is more tougher and rugged more edgy. I’ve been working hard practicing on getting the character right.

LazerKim Viewpoint:

When I first read the news about Hyun Joong’s Asia Tour Fan Meeting, the first thing that came to my mind is that this is another chance to get to know Hyun Joong better. Second I was imagining Hyun Joong to be sitting on stage with an emcee for a Q & A and that most of the questions will be coming from the audience and I can imagine Hyun Joong to be singing just for a few songs. This was what I expected out of a fan meet event.

After I have watched his first stage fan meeting concert in Singapore, I was bewildered because it was more than what I was expecting. I watched a few fan meet event of other artists just to see the difference. And as I was expecting others have the same concept pattern. Hyun Joong is right after all, his fan meeting event is one unique concept. He made this concept totally different, this time he made his fans to be a part of the show, in a more intimate way that fans can have the chance to come up on stage to have an up-close with Hyun Joong  in a form of a game that other fans can enjoy.

And the most highlighted of all is the chance given to all his fans who attended to have an up close and hand shake with Hyun Joong. And honestly, I wish Hyun Joong would be able to have this kind of fan meeting event repeated in other countries that was not included in his current Asia Tour itinerary. And also to fulfill his wish to go beyond Asia and try more new innovations to make the difference among the rest of the artists.

Hyun Joong was asked about his worries in stage preparation and he said he has interpreters on every country he steps in. For me this doesn’t matter at all. While his fans speaks of different languages can gather in one of his concert can understand each other despite of the language barrier without having to interpret, everyone knows why they are gathered together in one purpose and that is for the love of Kim Hyun Joong.

He was asked about giving benefit shows in China and Hyun Joong stated it’s not only benefit shows that he want to do but he also want to do a Chinese charity show. And specifically said a charity for the kids. I never doubted this as I have written in my article yesterday about his way of supporting the charity for homeless kids. I don’t know but every time I hear or read this from him, it always reminded me of Hyun Joong childhood story. I’m not saying he’s an orphan or a less fortunate when he was a kid, he’s just so close with kids specially the orphans and less fortunate ones.

Hyun Joong’s next drama was mentioned again which I’m sure it is one of the most anticipated by his fans. My attention was caught as he stated that he’ll be doing the opposite character he had done in his previous dramas. He also mentioned that for those fans who are expecting a smooth image from him will be disappointed. Well this is gonna be a long discussion so I’ll reserve this topic on my next article one of these days.

In every interviews and press conference Hyun Joong has, his drama project has always been mentioned. This only goes to show majority of his fans if not all, has been anticipating this project, not to mention the media’s curiosity awaits the up coming drama. Although Hyun Joong’s Asia Tour has yet to be completed which will end at Mainland China, there’s still the anticipated concert in Japan before Hyun Joong steps in to his drama stage, City Conquest is already getting much attention from the international media!

We have a long list to look forward to from Hyun Joong and every fan is just so eager to wait for all the huge events coming up in just a few days as China is well prepared since Hyun Joong’s next destination is Chengdu China. Another history is set to unfold as Hyun Joong shall be the first Korean artist to step on their stage for a fan meeting event. As this China Talks are becoming louder that can already be heard in every corners of the world, Hyun Joong is set to make another explosion that every fan will once again treasure forever.

Kim Hyun Joong once said to his fans, “I will keep you interested in me always”….. and that’s exactly what he’s doing!!

                                                                                             LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14, thanks.


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