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By LazerKim:           Kim Hyun Joong is back to his silent mode again, after the three-week dazzling events he had created in three different countries. His fans had gone in silence again trying to reminisce memories of the Fan Meeting Concert events. Well, we’re not done yet, since the much bigger events is coming our way and again fan updates will go busy bee again!!

May I just touch a brief update before I go on with today’s article topic. Hyun Joong’s  DVD First Impact, remained its status at the top rank no.1 at the Oricon Weekly Chart as of yesterday. From the day it was released until at present it’s been in the number one rank. I’m so proud of Hyun Joong!

Hyun Joong will be holding a free concert in Saitama Arena Tokyo on July 14. This is after his 2nd single Heat shall be released. It was stated in the news that in every purchase of Hyun Joong’s single album gets a free concert ticket. The concert shall cover as much as 32,000 fans as the capacity of the venue. This venue is much bigger than the Yokohama Arena. I think this is a promotional concert under the sponsorship of Universal Music.

And I guess this is already in preparation for much bigger event for Hyun Joong in his future major concert next year. Since Hyun Joong had already started working on his full length album little by little. This guy had been remaining silent but as you review all his recent interviews, he slips on his plans for next year already!! After his China fan meet, he proceeds to his promotion of Japanese single in July, then on to his drama project City Conquest. And this is where this article is leading to!!

During the time I was still on research about Hyun Joong, I kept an article from another blog posted last year in December entitled The Dark Side of Korean Dramas. I have been watching Korean dramas and I would say I became an addict to it and just stopped when I already started researching on Hyun Joong and eventually into article writing about him. I was about to write my opinion about this article but I decided to research further about it.

I’m sure some of you must have read this article and for those who have not, I’ll share the link with you before I sign off. That article talks about the working conditions of the actors, censorship and the audience of all Korean dramas, meaning the TV viewers particularly of course the local once the Korean viewers. In that article a lot was said about the working condition of the actors. Meaning not only the physical environment where the filming takes place but also the responsibilities of actors to fulfill the expectation of TV viewers on them.


We international fans do watch these dramas on later period after it was already been aired in Korea. In my country, whatever Kdrama with good ratings in Korea are being dubbed to our language and air the drama on our local TV. It is being shown daily for 30min. In my country because we watch him everyday in his two dramas BOF and Playful Kiss that Hyun Joong became a daily guest in every household.

In S.Korea these dramas are pre-produced films but basically it’s being done somewhat live. While the filming is still going on, the drama is already being aired on TV. The first few episodes were being filmed in advance, since dramas are aired twice a week for two hours per episode excluding commercials.  For the drama actors, script writers and crew are given a week to prepare and accomplish the filming for the upcoming week’s airing.

There are times scripts are given to the actors on the same day of filming. They will only be given short period to memorize their lines and shoot!! This must be stressful for an actor to memorize and internalize every line. The production crew shoot the first few episodes of the drama, and the rest of the episode are being filmed while the drama is already airing on local TV.

I remember in one of HyunJoong’s interviews, he was saying that he wish the drama system of production would change. In that article Dark side.. many names of actors and actress were mentioned which I think  Hyun Joong shared almost the same experience like them.

If you recall, the days Hyun Joong was filming BOF, he barely ate at normal hours, specially when filming took place in Macau. He sleeps in his van on stand-by period or sleeps during filming on the set, until such time he had developed insomnia and his health slowly deteriorated which surfaced towards the end of the drama.

The main cast of BOF even experienced car accidents, apparently a result of over fatigue and sleepless nights among the actors. It was so much to endure and the most painful part of this is his heartless critics. But in the end BOF as we know turned out to be a huge hit and Hyun Joong gained a lot of attention.

At the end the day every hard work paid well. But then no matter what success had brought the actors in every drama they work on, I can not eliminate the fact that what the actors had gone through is just inhuman, that I think something has to be done.


The Kdramas as I mentioned earlier are half-cooked production that while drama is already airing the filming continues. Why was this being done? So that if ever the viewers doesn’t like some parts of the drama, the production staffs can easily make changes, particularly the script. It is the actors who suffers more since they are the once who are being viewed on screen, they are the ones being judged.

The script writers write the dialogue or lines that actor delivers, the directors guide the actor’s character and the producers are the once who calls the shot while monitoring the drama TV ratings and comments from netizens or TV viewers.There are cases in which the script writers has to be changed. To the extend of losing his job at the midst of  the drama.

If the TV viewers doesn’t like any part of the drama or even actors physical outlook, the drama producer listens to the viewers, discuss the matter to the director, script writer and immediately make the necessary changes base on the viewers comments!!

Most of the Kdrama plot are the Cinderella type of story, like a rich guy fell in love with a poor girl. This type of Kdramas are well accepted by the Korean audience so sometimes you can see some pattern in Kdrama. Producers are businessmen, they sell whatever is salable to the consumers, which I agree.


As the producers follow whatever demands they receives from the drama audience at the end of the day, it’s the actors who suffer the most, since the actors are ones seen on screen, they are the ones that viewers watch. And of course the production crew or people working behind the scene are also affected. One good example is how we have seen from Hyun Joong, that at the middle episodes of the BOF towards the last few episodes Hyun Joong obviously lost weight at 8kgs. This fact does not only goes to Hyun Joong but to other artists too.

There’s a trend chain reaction here, audience demand to the producers, from producers to the directors and script writers, to the actors. Of course the actors here are the receiving end before the producers who invest in the drama. And so what can be done to this problem which is becoming a trend? In the article The Dark Side, it was mentioned that audience tend to be spoiled. Well maybe because producers follow the audience’s desire!


First and foremost, I think it would be best for the actors to be given script of the entire drama plot before start filming. At least the actors can be given ample time to memorize lines and to practice their acting skills with their acting couch, so that on the days of filming the actors are well prepared and be given justice to the character they are portraying.

Second, if the producer or directors had the plot, he’s aware where the drama story is leading, then strictly follow the plot. If he would always listen to the audience and make changes every time the audience does not accept the story, then I would say, the audience here are the story writer of this drama!!.

If this will always be the case, then what we see on TV is no longer the original plot that was meant to be shown, to begin with. I think Hyun Joong is right in saying that there has to be changes in the drama production system.

I think some producers had the thoughts that without the audience, without the fans these celebrities and the entertainment industry can not survive, well I would believe so. But can you imagine a world without music? Can you imagine a world without TV, radio, that entertains us everyday of our lives? These are all product of the mass media and the entertainment industry, and people needs these entertainments too, that been a part of our daily lives.


I think it’s not the audience who are spoiled over the drama series they watch. Audience has the freedom of choice whichever they want to watch. I think it’s the producers fear of losing the audience interest.

I believe Korean actors are not as spoiled as the Hollywood stars. American actors would just walk out from the set while filming if there is something that he doesn’t want or if is being mistreated by the production staffs. Korean actors diligently follow their agents and producers. The agent is the prime protector of the actors. The producers are the businessmen, they would do anything in their power so as not to lose their business deals, fine. And their clients here are the audience, I think it is the producers who spoils the audience.

Any form of business is a gamble, sometimes you win sometimes you lose, and businessmen or producers should be open minded about this. The producers tends to please every audience at the expense of the actors and production crew, which I think is not right. I think it would be best to set everything before filming and whether the audience accepts the drama finish product or not is the risk the producer has to take and that’s business.

So before filming, producers should get the right people and right actors to work on the drama. It is the prerogative of every audience to watch the drama or not, you can not please everybody, but you can only try your best in the most honest way.

Another thing, there has to be a clear agreement between the artist agent and the producer pertaining to the scope of work the artist has to accomplish. Again the agent should protect the artist at all cause and that’s their job. Agent’s responsibility to his artist starts before signing the drama project contract.

Once the producer did not abide by what is written in their contract or agreement, the agent has every right to pull out their artists from the filming set. Unfortunately, what happens in Korea I think is that both the producers and agents became greedy, if not being paranoid of losing. I think it’s not the audience who are spoiled over the drama series they watch, as mentioned in the article The Dark Side…  Audience has the freedom of choice whichever they want to watch.


Yesterday my article was Ruled by Rules, which talks about the Korean authorities setting a regulatory body in protecting the artist. This is real good news and as I mentioned I hope this regulatory body would develop their setting rules further that will cover cases like this in the drama production system.

The Korean wave apparently is becoming competitive globally and I think it’s high time that Korean government take part in protecting their artists.Give them the importance because they are the gems of your country. Directly of indirectly they can bring about a good revenue results in your country in terms of tourism and entertainment.


And for us Kim Hyun Joong international fans, we can not just intervene in other country’s affair, rest assure that Hyun Joong is in good hands of KeyEast. Although I still do hope Hyun Joong’s wish in changing the drama production system would be granted. I’m sure other actors have the same sentiments. As we all know Hyun Joong is a diligent artist, professional in his own right, he will do just about everything to bring a successful drama production result.

Have I drag you in reading this lengthy article? My apologies but I consider this article an  important one since Hyun Joong will soon be filming his come back drama project and maybe it is better to keep our awareness about what we do not see surrounding Hyun Joong.

After getting addicted to Hyun Joong’s series of concert live, we go Drama Mania over his come back drama project!! Of course we will support to the best we can. Kim Hyun Joong knows and understand what his fans needs to fill in from being addicted to him, and so he provides.

Kim Hyun Joong is a man of few words, he delivers his love to his fans not in words but in deeds….                                                                      LazerKim here writing

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The Dark Side of Korean Drama CLICK HERE>(–part-1-36449.html )


6 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] DRAMA MANIA

  1. Wow LazerKim, is that what really happened in Korea? No wonder Hyun Joong made lots of NG during the shooting of Playful kiss. Can’t remember his lines cos` just received it. They really are inhuman to do such things. Luckily, they did not terminate him during BOF. There were many negative views on his earlier episodes acting in BOF.

  2. Now i just remembered that i have watched the “The World That They Live In (Korean Drama)” it is so realistic and frank about this whole bussiness. it is a very non-conventional drama about the behind the scene everyday life of drama directors, actors and other staff involved in drama production. try and watch this it is crazy:)

  3. Thank you again LZ, very insightfull article. May I wish for KHJ goodluck with the new drama and also that one day he will be able to have his Own production company and that way to be the leader on the changes in KDrama. He is a Leader after all. He proved again and again that when he wants something he is achieving it. Looking forward to the next FM’s (how I wish I can go to China, always wanted to visit now is a god oportunity it seems:)). LZ I must stress, those pictures that you are using, OMG, love them to bits. till next time:)

  4. as i’ve just read the THE DARK SIDE OF heart goes to KHJ, as of the moment he’s on the verge of finishing all his commitment before he gonna start his long awaited come back drama.*City Conquest*..For the love for his Fans he’s going to give another loling days for us to enjoy seeing him in the small screen..With all these good news coming around for being him always the #1 its almost unbelievable achievements he has since its barely a year when he became a SOLO and yet so successful..Congratulations KHJ!!..The coming up drama he’s gonna act up to is almost about actions and so little things i know for the rest part..yes..let us join hands in prayer for KHJ(for his SAFETY most of all), this is the most powerful weapon we could have to protect HJ..lets pray for HJ until to the lowest list involved in the production and this way there will be unity and safety arrangement in their working conditions be it to the actors down to the rest individual,surely big things is bound to change for good caused….it really made me goosebumps reading the article about the DARK SIDE OF KRDRAMA but i could probably predict that there ‘s gonna have more protection this present time than before especially when KHJ did BOF as a new comer(actor)..i believe KE will do everything to protect HJ because there was big differences THEN and NOW regarding whose agent is responsible for KHJ’s safety.this matter is really important because KHJ now is a BIG STAR…Lets continue to pray for him,support him and be satisfy of whatever things KHJ is gonna deliver in the small screen so then everything will gonna be proceed smoothly without any pressures/demands from us..KHJ fighting!!.LZ pls relax *wink*..a blessed to you dear!!

    • Thanks for reading! It’s HJ’s sentiments that has to be heard, that’s stated in this article. The actors mentioned in the article Dark Side are BIG star actors so I can not eliminate that producers can do whatever they pleases. And these matters are the ones we do not see but it’s happening. Come to think of it, only in Korea! Well one time in Japan it also happened but gov’t intervention had their stars protected. Have a nice day! see you around!!

      • I understand LZ but let us be POSITIVE for this one to ease this fear that is about to succumb us if….of course be positive again…HWAITING!!

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