Kim Hyun Joong… [article] RULED BY RULES

By: LazerKim                 Kim Hyun Joong is back to his cocoon again, as expected he’ll be busy preparing for China. Yesterday’s update was still about the wedding and the grandma who gave the red pocket of USD3,000.00 that Hyun Joong decided to give the cash to the kids charity which Hyun Joong is actively supporting. Hyun Joong truly has a big heart for the less fortunate that he never forgets his support to them. More blessings to Hyun Joong for all the kindness you have shared.

Yesterday I have mentioned that there’s a photo circulating that stated its fake!! I was doubtful about the picture and so I made some inquiries. The photo that was said  to be  fake was a pose of Hyun Joong together with his two members. Indeed the two members of SS501 Kyu Jong and Yeong Saeng were at the wedding yesterday and it’s good to see even just the three of them.

I think the five members SS501 were invited but the other two members were abroad that they can not make it for the wedding. But at least the three of them finally had time to get together even in occasions like this. And I’m happy for them. Friends are friends no matter what happen they will remain as friend. Specially the five of them had experienced living in one roof, they treated each other as bothers and one can not take away that brotherhood they had whatever occur in past.

I have been keeping this news article in my file that I would like to share with you. I was a bit hesitant to talk about it yet since it was untimely for obvious reasons Hyun Joong was out there on his exposure and so I focused my attention on his updated activities. Here’s the news article:



SEOUL: Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) announced Wednesday that they will step up checks on talent agencies, and create a database containing information on all talent agencies in the country, reported Korean media. This move will allow young aspiring entertainers and their parents to verify if the agencies they are dealing with are legitimate ones.

Created with the help of the Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association, the database will apparently contain information like how many employees the company has and how many artistes it manages. There are currently between 500 and 1000 talent agencies operating in Korea, which take in young trainees and groom them into stars.

Under the new rules, only those agencies which are able to prove they have the required assets to groom artistes, can register in the database. Unregistered talent agencies will not be allowed to operate. This announcement comes at a time when Korea’s entertainment sector is booming, as entertainment companies reap hefty profits on the back of Korean pop culture’s popularity overseas.

This has resulted in an unprecedented increase in the number of Korean youths who want to join a talent agency and get their shot at fame and fortune. But they grossly outnumber the professional talent management agencies in the industry, and in their eagerness to go into showbiz, many fall prey to con artists who pose as talent agents.

The announcement also follows in the wake of a recent police investigation into a Korean talent agency head, who allegedly abused his position to sexually assault his company’s female trainees – a case which had sent shockwaves through the Korean showbiz industry. A spokesperson for the MCST said this initiative aims to create a “more responsible” entertainment industry without any “unqualified agencies” causing harm to aspiring performers.


LazerKim Viewpoint:

I was quite surprised when I read this news article because I wasn’t expecting that Korea does not have a government regulatory system in the entertainment industry local or global, after seeing how huge Korean wave had been growing. Now I do not have to wonder as to why many Korean pop stars has to go to the court and express their sentiments over their managing agents to be taking advantage of them. Actually one of the members of SS501 Jung Min recently filed a case against his current agent for not giving Jung Min what is rightfully his as his earnings and this is so frustrating for an artist like him.

This case is just one of those court cases filed by other Korean artists that I have been reading a lot.  As I have written in my article Artist Agent, I have mentioned basic responsibilities of an agent to their managing artists. Agents should be the artist protector and not to destroy these people who makes money for their company. There should be a clear give and take basis. As I have mentioned, in this kind of business there’s no such thing as I owe you kinda a thing that agents should take advantage.

As this new article stated there were even rape cases from some trainee female celebs, and this is just so sad. If you remember one of the cast in BOF, one of the three high school girls who were trying to bully Jandi, committed suicide due to depression. And it was said she was being raped by her agent, and had kept it to herself with fears she might not be able to get booking projects.

I’m thinking then, that time Hyun Joong was in Japan in 2007, I wonder if he and his members ever experienced being mistreated? What I mean by mistreated is working beyond what was written in their contract as a group. Since it was only this year and very recent that S.Korean government thought about licencing the agencies, therefore during the time Hyun Joong was in Japan, there was not a regulatory body that rules Korean entertainment industries. It’s short of saying, the artist definitely were not protected by the government back in time.

If this was the case back in 2007 anything can happen to Hyun Joong and his members that they can’t do anything about but to follow whatever DSP tells them to do. Watching from the video clip of Hyun Joong’s documentary and for him to say there’s that scar in his past in Japan that is still there in spite of his current success. And since Japan that time was the group’s training ground, Hyun Joong was saying, they were successful in Korea, and asking as to why do they have to come to Japan?

It’s pretty obvious he wasn’t happy that time. But nevertheless, it’s over now I just can’t imagine how he had gone through with all the struggles and probably miseries back in time. Although I admired Hyun Joong for enduring those period in his career life and we don’t hear anything from him that is not so good about his previous agent, although I have read much about DSP. And now I do not have to wonder as to why he decided to move in to another agent when his contract was terminated, which I think is the best for him and his members.

And now one of his members, Jung Min is having problems with his agent, that I’m glad he had filled a case against his agent otherwise agents would continue taking advantage of their artists. These matters has to be brought out not only for Jung Min’s sake but for the other artists too. It’s just so sad that artists has to go through court hearings and all that, just to claim what is righteously theirs to begin with. It also adds up to artist’s stress while working their guts out. I hope that S.Korean government would look up to these matters too because it’s becoming rampant cases between the agencies and artists.  I’m glad they’re putting a regulatory body hopefully to protect the artists.

I sincerely hope Jung Min would be able to over come the stress brought to him by this agent. Like Hyun Joong, he did experienced different trials in his career that made him strong. I would take it Jung Min will soon get over with these hassles and eventually he’ll soon be in smooth sailing again. He’s doing good in his career and remained cheerful which is a positive vibes on him that his career should not the least affected by what this agent had done to him.

May I just share a similar situation in my country, in which overseas workers and artists are prime revenue yield in my country. We have a regulatory government agent that takes care of artists. For a private agency, upon applying for a licence a certain cash bond is being raised by the agent and deposit it to this government agent through an authorized bank.

In cases of none payment to workers and artists by the private agent, claims can be done through this government agent and artists does not need to get through the hassles court case. And the government agent immediately suspend or cancel the licence to operate of that certain private agent. Provided that the artist has to legalized his or her status being an artist, then the government can take care of them.

I’m not through with this matter actually!! Since very soon from now Hyun Joong will be working on his come back drama on small screen, one of these days we’ll talk about some matters that we do not see that actors do experience behind the scene off cam while working on TV drama series.

Anyway, I’m just so glad Hyun Joong landed in a better reputable agent to take care of him and his career. And for us fans I think we ought to know matters like this that we do not see nor we may not be aware of. With how Hyun Joong’s career is going, I think we can be at peace that he is well taken care of. However we will not forget that the prime protector of Hyun Joong is his agent KeyEast.

As what the news article Korean Authorities to Regulate Talent Agency had stated, I hope these rules would be successfully executed and to develop the rules further. Korean wave has gone global, and it is just right to protect the Korean artists that many local and international fans had learned to love. Korean agents now are being ruled by rules that they have to abide. And we fans has to make sure that agents do abide by the rules on their managing artists!!

As always, Kim Hyun Joong shall be protected by his loving fans….

                                                                                            LazerKim here writing.

Photo Credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks.

May I just say,  these photos are really great, Kim Hyun Joong is ssoo very handsome…       Jean thanks for sharing.


13 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] RULED BY RULES

  1. Hi LazerKim,

    It is simply marvellous to see how well you wrote articles and your info is always an eye opener to us. At times I wondered how you managed to get all the info eg the girl case in BOF. (considering you are also quite a new fan of Hyun Joong). Thanks for all the info. Good writing and good insight!

    BTW, any ideas on the relationship between Hj and his father. Looks like he is closer to his mother. I imagined his father being very strict, (smashing his guitar and scolding him in earlier days) .Anyway, HJ did buy a car for his dad, meaning he loves him very much too. Also, Mr Jeong relationship with him. Any ideas? I like to see them together. Like someone very protective of his son. LOL.

    • Hello Tity thanks again! HJ is still awkward with his dad but he loves him so dearly but as most of youngest son is always been closer to their mom and so w/HJ. About Mr.Jeong I don’t think we can ever hear from him, it’s a part of their mandatory as a professional body guard not to talk about their subject, but Mr. jeong is quite sincere about taking care & protecting HJ. There was a vid clip from Jaksal that Mr. Jeong joined in with HJ & his friends just like a buddy, so I think they do have a good working relationship. And knowing HJ treating his staffs as his family what more with the person he’s always with Mr. Jeong his manager & Artmatic captain.
      BTW, Tity someone wants to meet you, she’s Dinu she’s from your country too. She’s very nice, so if you have twitter account it would be nice it you can follow me & follow those whom I follow she’s one of them. You’re wondering how I get information as fast, join me at the twitter & you’ll get to meet many nice friends who are fans of HJ too, they are all die hard fans. you can read many info from them as they are very active in doing so. Try the twitter & meet many good friends there, we do welcome everyone.
      Well, thanks for reading as always and see you again, take care. God bless..

  2. very,very handsome! i think he’s in the very front row when GOD created handsome faces…effortless in every angle! wagas ang ka.gwapuhan uber!!!! thank u miss LK i never miss ur article everyday!

    • LOL corek!! This handsome guy is a very good daily vitamins keep us strong!! who wouldn’t fall for him he’s ssssooo handsome!!! Thanks for reading, many more handsome pix coming up!! LOL Take care! Wagas!!! yes that’s right!! See you again…God bless.

      • and he deserved to be named…HEALING IDOL! I’ve been sick for a week sa pinas maybe cuz of d weather,but i make sure that i’ll be back on tym sa fanmeet nya here in hongkong…bingo after i watched him….tanggal ang sakit q lol! thanks again LK!

        • LOL!!! You actually do not need medicine by just simply looking at him makes you feel great again! But please do take care, bawal magkasakit!! You’re not allowed to get sick bcoz we still have China & japan to look forward to!! take care

      • Darling, my daily Valium after a crazy day…. just to look at those pictures and i can smile…big smile, healing of the soul and heart. My anti stress pill KHJ. 🙂

    • Thank you very much, oh but please do not be sad, we have lots to look forward to from Hyun Joong. His dark moments are now we can only rejoice with him his current success….. have a smiling day!! See you again and God bless.

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