Kim Hyun Joong… [article] GIFTED STAR

By: LazerKim                    Kim Hyun Joong attended the wedding of Jung Jun Ha at the Shilla Hotel yesterday afternoon. This explains as to why Hyun Joong changed his flight to early morning to be able to attend this weeding event. Hyun Joong had the chance to appear on a TV show Infinity with Jung Jun Ha during the time he was still with his group SS501. There’s a certain picture circulating which is for me is a bit doubtful. Many media personnel were there to cover the wedding event which was star studded.

Hyun Joong was so handsome in his grey suit, looking fresh as if he did not come from another country in which he had just exploded after a successful performance, as he left his fan in Taiwan completely mesmerized!! The media reporters which covered the event last Saturday night, released their current news having Hyun Joong as their news cover story all over Taipei newspapers and magazines! As I have already mentioned in my recent articles, Hyun Joong became a news maker!!

In the news yesterday, it was stated that other than the Taiwanese and Korean fans, many fans from Japan, Mainland China, Hongkong and the US had traveled all the way to Taipei to attend Hyun Joong’s Fan Meeting Concert. I was thinking then, Hyun Joong is not only a news maker, he is also a tourist attraction to any country he visits and perform. And if there are tourist in any country, it would mean revenue on tourism to the host country, in terms of hospitality services such as the venue where Hyun Joong performs, hotel accommodations, restaurants, shopping malls, and possibly the host country’s tourist spots.

And I think it’s becoming a trend that wherever Hyun Joong performs, his fans practically follow him to support his activities. Take for instance, it was said there were fans coming from Hongkong, isn’t it he just performed there and a week after Hyun Joong proceeded to Taiwan!! Then fans coming from the Mainland China, isn’t it Hyun Joong will be performing in China come June?? This only goes to show, his fans can’t just get enough of him.

In another related news, during the high five session, a 70 year old elder fan from the US handed a red pocket of US$3,000.00 to Hyun Joong, which I believe to be a birthday present for luck to Hyun Joong. He was totally surprised by the gesture and had refused to accept. The grandma stated that it is inauspicious not to accept it. Hyun Joong must have felt awkward but accepted it and immediately decided to give it to charity for the kids, as Hyun Joong is actively supporting.

I have already mentioned that Hyun Joong was able to capture all different age bracket of fans from different walks of life. There are the elders, the grandmas, mothers, career individuals, professionals, teenagers, students and now even the minors. Many of his fans are, should say are well off or affluent that can afford to travel as much as they can, specially the elders. Which I am sure Hyun Joong is very pleased to see his grandma fans to be enjoying his shows too.

Maybe many of his teenage fans might be wondering that grandma fans can still attend to Hyun Joong’s concert and we all have witness the look in their eyes filled with joy upon seeing Hyun Joong. And they truly enjoyed his show, as they joined other young fans in waving the uzoosin light stick and chanting for Hyun Joong’s name. The elders do enjoy Hyun Joong’s music. The Breakdown is definitely a teenage kinda music, but grandma enjoyed watching Hyun Joong as he sings and dance with it, because it’s Hyun Joong’s music, that no matter what, he created it.

That’s how the elders appreciate him like their grandson. I’m happy to see the elders truly supports Hyun Joong no matter what others may think. And where do you see elders attending to concerts of the young artist or idols? Hyun Joong has them, and I think this is good, because it somehow breaks the age generation among young teenagers and the elders. Grandma fans, the elders and mother fans do collect the uzoosin items, photos and posters of Hyun Joong as well.

Teenage fans do these things to their idols, but it doesn’t matter at all, that teenage fans should understand that even grown-up would also want to be happy just the same with you guys. It’s their stress release, it makes them feel young, vibrant and Hyun Joong has been a great help to them. So do not be surprised that every time Hyun Joong will have a concert, expect some elders to join you in attending the concert. I think it’s nice to see the elders and the young ones get together in sharing moments with Hyun Joong.

And you should be a proud teenage fan, because even the elders and the minors appreciates Hyun Joong, that means he’s different among others. At the same time Hyun Joong creates his music that can be appreciated by anyone at any age bracket. Hyun Joong started singing a lot of ballads which I think is good that can even be appreciated by his elder fans. It even makes him more versatile not only in his style but in his choice of music he performs.

I remember when Hyun Joong’s grandma passed away that he was totally devastated, since he’s very close to his grandma who took care of him when he was a kid because both his parents were working. Now Hyun Joong is blessed with many grandmas through his fans who are truly supportive, love, cared for him and will protect him at all cause. I can’t help to think, back in his past maybe what he missed most that time was his family would be supportive to him in his dream. This is of course is just my personal opinion.

And now Hyun Joong has that support he needed most, not only from his real family but from his fans as well. He practically created a family out of his fans, there’s the grandma, the elders, the moms, the big sisters, the teenagers and minors. I wonder if he ever thought about this, Hyun Joong is truly gifted with people who will support him all the way. The grandmas and moms can not be swayed no matter what happens, they truly love Hyun Joong and would protect him at all cause.

Is Hyun Joong just a lucky guy to be able to conquer the different age bracket of fans? But the way I analyse his story from his past and present, I think HyunJoong is a Gifted Star. I do believe in love be gets love. Hyun Joong is a truly sincere person to whoever he deals with. In the past he had to struggle by himself to attain a dream, that time when he needed support it seemed no one was there for him, and he was very young that time. But he never gave up to work his guts out. Hyun Joong was being tested by fate that made him strong.

Now Hyun Joong gained the support he needed from almost everywhere. From his agent, from his friends and most specially from his fans. What Hyun Joong invested for himself is pure sincerity that people sees and feels from him.Thus, Kim Hyun Joong is truly a Gifted Star…..

                                                                                                       LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks.


14 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] GIFTED STAR

  1. He is more than lucky to capture all ages bracket He is BLESSED.. blessed with a beautiful heart! That’s the main reason he got so many fans of diferent ages. In his eyes his fans don’t have ages but one heart that is full of love for him. And for that he is very thankful and he never stop thanking his fans for the love and support he receive from us.
    Kim Hyun Joong is really a gifted star… one tha shines by itself!
    Thxs all & God Bless

  2. Agreed . He is a gifted by GOD. GOD sent him to us to make happy not only by his music , songs, n dance but for his inner heart n his eyes n smile …..all sincerely from him. Make me not able to resist not supporting him. Only GOD knows what inside me for him…

    • Oh yes I agree with you 1000% HJ had touched our lives and God has been very kind to us to share him with us that eases down the life struggles we have. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for reading…see you again Have a nice day…God bless..

    • totally agree, with every word. thks LZ for another wonderful article. (the pictures, the pictures are driving me insane….. you are using the most beautiful ones…)..what can I say. must start praying to win the lottery soon in order to be able to attend at least the Chinese FM otherwise I will still have to keep dreaming on and work harder, maybe next year in Singapore, who knows. 🙂

  3. what you all mentioned here about aged bracket of Hyunjoong fans..I remember seeing some middle aged couples… family w/ a small kid…young teenagers that makes me smile seeing two or 3 boys wrapped a “Uzooshin” towel ’round their neck,hahha..maybe they are doing it for their girlfriend…all enjoying at the fanmeet.^^..:))

    • Wow! That’s really great to know, it’s the first time for me to read such good news and I’m happy to know even male gender do enjoy HJ show, that’s really nice!! Thanks for sharing I’m sure readers would be happy to know this too… Have a nice day and see you around!!! take care!

    • Hello Dan,
      Thanks 4 sharing more again.
      I believe his music appeals to all even to boys cause his songs are so versatile. We sometimes think that cause his a guy only girls will follow him but the world has change, and peoples options and taste also. Many boys are now freely making a choice on what to like and how to express themselves without no fear of being tag as strange for liking or going to a FM,Concert or event of a male artist. We support females and males Idols why can they right? Maybe they did go with their gf or not the important thing is that they lived that experience not only them but all that were there and now they will spread the word and maybe next time they will go again but with more friends.
      Thanks for sharing all u saw and the great people u saw that went to support our prince.
      Take Care

      • oh hi there^^!

        I hope I didn’t bore you w/ my rumblings~~hahha…it just happens that Lazer’s article always makes me remember something~~..^^:))..

        take care :))

        • Oh No Dan never u’ll bored us…we want more and more all u can share we appreciate! Wish more come and write like u do! Thxs really I’m hungry 4 more…..hahahaha

  4. Thanks for sharing and i agree that he is a gifted star….but may I ask what picture it is that u say was released but looks a bit doubtful to u? I’m intrigued.

    • Hello! This morning one of my readers shared a fake photo of HJ together with his two members at the wedding yesterday, & it says it’s fake it’s like a work of photo shop. Thanks for reading and see you again. God bless…

      • Oh yeh I saw that picture too. It was photoshopped as I saw the original photo. They took out the guy in between HJ and YS. LOL but No harm done. All 3 attended the wedding so whether or not they stood together in the photo, we know they were together at the event, good for the 3 of them to be able to catch up. They’ve remained good friends. Though I may just be an HJ fan, I’m sure a lot of fans were happy to see them together.

        • That’s precisely my point the three were there so why mess up & make people doubt. I have that news in this article that I have to edit bcoz of that photo!! So instead I’ll have that news tomorrow now that I have confirmed the truth plus Jung Min’s case filed w/c is so disappointing that other agents take advantage of these artists working hard. I’ll see you tomorrow, Hey thanks for coming back!! With HJ friends for him are forever what more with his brotherhood w/his members. Thanks again!

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