Kim Hyun Joong… [article] GOD OF RAIN

By: LazerKim         Kim Hyun Joong leaves Taipei today at earliest flight in the morning 7:45 flight CI 160 bound to S.Korea. Thank you Taiwan for taking care of the Prince and for making a remarkable memory with Hyun Joong that again every fan will keep in her heart forever. Thank you for the hospitality you shared with the international fans and for taking care of them too.

I just read a bunch of goodies were given to the international fans who attended the Fan Meet Concert on both show slots. That’s indeed very thoughtful of you. Taiwan in behalf of the international fans I would say, “Till we meet again on one rainy day with Kim Hyun Joong”!!

This photo below is a taxi cab in Taipei!! We can see how passionate his fans are!!

I would like to thank OnlyKHJtimes for sharing with us the updates of this fan meet concert last night. Your effort is very much appreciated by us who were monitoring you from up far, thank you very much. We fans at the twitter enjoyed the show as you described every moment of the event. And for those who shares the beautiful photos from Taiwan thank you very much, these photos are really great. Your effort is very much appreciated.

From weibo as the source, ahlia who was there in Taiwan shared a lot of photos, KHJean14 who has been tireless with sleepless nights sharing the update photos and to all fans who are active in posting updates sharing to other fans on line, thank you very much. Without the updates, everyone else will be completely at lost as to what’s going on with Hyun Joong. Keep it up, your great efforts are well appreciated by all other fans.

(Updates on Hyun Joong’s departure from Taipei written after this article below.)

May I just mention another co-incident. Last night at the concert Hyun Joong said this, “I am very touched by fans support and I know I am being called God of Rain, cause it rains every time I come.” Yesterday, at the very end of my article Alien World, my parting shot was “When it rains it pours…….it pours all the blessings on Kim Hyun Joong.”  

I mentioned this because if you notice it rained in every country Hyun Joong stopped during this Asia Tour. It rained in Singapore upon his arrival, same with HongKong and now in Taiwan!!  And yes I remember last year when he visited Taiwan, there was heavy rain with thunder storm during his High five event. Hyun Joong even joked out that every time he speaks over the microphone, thunder strikes at the same time!!

I just found out that some international fans came to attend both show slots, on the 18th and 19th, and according to them both slots were in full packed, but the audience last night were more jolly. As I was monitoring the show last night at the twitter, it’s the first time I felt moved by the finale as Hyun Joong stated,

Today’s time flies really fast, it seems to fly faster than I could have thought. I would stay longer if I have more……it’s really hard to leave, this is the last song tonight, If You’re Like Me”.       

As Hyun Joong stated in Singapore,  “I waited for so long for this and it takes only two hours to have it done with our togetherness,….. my last song, If You’re Like Me”.

It feels like the show is too short for this Fan Meet Concert event because everyone enjoyed every moment of the show. I wasn’t there, but watching from the video clips of each country he performed, the response of his fans was indeed remarkable. There was not a single second of dull moment within the show and that is why it appears to be short.

The MC from last night’s show stated “I have hosted many fan meet for so many times but  not one as grand as this. It only shows how much Hyun Joong loves you, this is like a full concert”. The fans truly enjoyed the show just as much as Hyun Joong enjoyed performing the show for them.

Now I would like to talk about this show, because I agree with what the MC stated. This is the first time a fan meeting is being held as grand as Hyun Joong prepared. To put up a show like Hyun Joong did, just by the production cost itself is not a joke for a fan meet kind of show. It is practically even more than a concert and a fan meet event!

And it is one of a kind that had not been done in the past, as I have mentioned in my article Concept Change, Hyun Joong will lead to these changes especially that it proved the effectiveness in organizing such kind of unique event. Will other artists be able follow through?

It’s a huge advantage for Hyun Joong to be at the edge since he is a versatile type of artist. He’s very talented, although he may not be the best singer, dancer, actor, but he has everything in one package that can put up a show by himself. As I always say Hyun Joong has so many ideas stock in his mind and this is the chance he can bring it out and execute the changes of concept in every stage he performs. I read from another blog as the writer ask, why does Hyun Joong puts up on this effort if he can make a fan meeting event easier

Hyun Joong was given the liberty by KeyEast to do as he desires for his show. He grab that chance given to him to innovate a quality fan meet event and it brought the company an excellent result. Hyun Joong loves his fans so much that he always steps in his best foot forward for them. I’ll say it again, his message to his fans….“I hope I can always be the kind person whom you will not be criticized because you’re my fan.” Hyun Joong statement said it all for the same reason, because he loves his fans so much.

Yesterday in Taiwan, Hyun Joong was all over local TV news, showing sneak previews of the Fan Meet Concert event last Friday which brought the country into hurricane by Hyun Joong’s performance!! Then last night’s show the media reporters both local and international were there again at the show as Hyun Joong acknowledge their presence and thank them for the good report they brought in to Taiwan News. Hyun Joong is a solo artist, he may have his back up dancers, but he is basically by himself performing the show. To be able to gather his fans this much is remarkable for a solo artist.

Hyun Joong stated many of his thoughts last night, and here it goes:

Today is my second performance, maybe it would feel tired, but seeing so many of you came to support me today I feel so energized. I thank the fans yesterday and reporters who came yesterday and brought good reports today.”

The fans sang the birthday song in Korean, as Hyun Joong will be celebrating it on June 6.

Many people celebrated my birthday for me, I feel I should live longer. As long as I can, I will continue to sing on stage for everyone. So I will take good care of myself. I have received the gifts (birthday song) from everyone, I am now feeling very good and with this feeling I want to invite five fans to join me on stage.”

At this point of the show, Hyun Joong chooses a fan to be his bride in bridal gown as he sings Marry Me!! He chose a twelve year old fan to kiss him on his cheek. May I just share my personal opinion about this song Marry Me, that Hyun Joong gave this song to his fans as a Christmas present in 2011. I won’t take this literally but significantly instead. I think Hyun Joong will stay married to his fans.

Marriage is a lifetime career basically to any couple. With Hyun Joong’s career, whom does he work hard for, isn’t his fans? These shows he’s been performing, for whom is he performing it for, isn’t it his fans? Hyun Joong’s loyal fans are with him practically working without pay check!!. Fans who have been doing the updates religiously everyday, and fans who had gone out their way in support for him. Looking at them as they do this for Hyun Joong out of love, it’s like just the same as working in their career. The strong connection between Hyun Joong and his fans exist that can not be denied.

 Hyun Joong will stay with his fans no matter what happens and so with his loyal fans too. And probably even Hyun Joong gets legally married, I think his fans will stay and so he will as well. With or without the limelight both Hyun Joong and his fans will be in each others heart. And I wouldn’t wonder not a bit, if he settles down in his later age same as other dedicated Korean artists.

This is how I see the connection between Hyun Joong’s collective fans and Kim Hyun Joong the God of Rain!! I think every fan can testify to this fact specially those who have experienced meeting him in person lately. As I have mentioned in my article Alien World, may I say it again. Hyun Joong had built a world for his fans away from the pains of reality. I think this is very true to every loyal fan. And this as a co-incident…

When it rains, it pours……it pours all the blessings to Kim Hyun Joong …… as he is The God of Rain.  

                                                                                                    LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, thanks.    Updates on Hyun Joong’s departure below…..


(Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14 thanks)

It seems to me Taiwanese fans did not sleep!! They were all at the airport to see say goodbye to Hyun Joong at early this morning! Thank you very much Taiwan for taking care and Protecting the Prince!!

Take care Hyun Joong, sleep well when you get to your flight!! Thank you for your visit in Taiwan, for sharing a spectacular show, and a memorable moment with us your fans. You will always be loved.

Now I truly believe and convinced that Taiwanese fans are remarkably passionate about Hyun Joong. Those fans were there at the show last night! I wonder if the fans who took these pictures had even taken a nap from last night!! Thank you again, now I’m short of words to tell you, we are happy and we appreciate your great effort in updating us.


Hyun Joong’s flight landed safely at the Incheon Airport thias morning around 10:30. As expected, his fans from his home country were at the airport to welcome him back home! Hyun Joong is finally back home, now he can take a bit rest. Tomorrow I’m pretty sure he’ll be back on his toes again to prepare for his much bigger event is China.

 (Photo credits as tagged, KHJean14, thanks)                        LazerKim here reporting!


7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] GOD OF RAIN

  1. Hi,
    Again very thankful for effort all fans of TW did to share all with us fans to create more memories of our prince HJ! Also thx 4 Lk always writing daily of each update and infos related to him too!
    I think that even if the FM lasted 3, 4, 10 or even a complete day will never feel is enough and not even HJ cause the time we share 2gether is so memorable that no one will like to let that moment go!
    KHJ God of the Universe got control of our heart, feelings and emotions and now the God Of Rain also, they said here that the waters of May always comes with blessings and KHJ is very bless and he have share them with us!
    Kim Hyun Joong on every interviews his made and has been ask he has always choosen his work and fans and that is an honor for us for him 2 have us in his dreams and his inspiration to keep on working hard for us!
    Thxs All n God Bless and let the rain keep falling if the effect will be KHJ happiness and success

    • At this time, it’s silence again, HJ went back to his cocoon to prepare for China. At the same time fans from update can take a rest. But I admit I’d rather have long sleepless & tiring nights that I truly enjoy, than nights of staring blankly at one corner trying to figure out what happened these past days!!LOL well we just have to look forward to China and Japan and the drama ect!!! Thanks as always and see you around!!! God bless.

      • Yeah me too. Seeing him every week this month was amazing a great gift indeed…sad now bk to his coccon work until June! Will miss him so much. Looking foward to the next FM and hopefully on many more projects that we can see him more often.

  2. After reading your article today,I remember the words said by HJ in a showcase with SS501 while he was asked by the MC, whom do you like more,hwang bo or triple S? He said he likes HB but he loves TS and also said He married his fans first before marrying HB making the fans scream and happy.Yes,his fans married him first.They love,care and do anything for him without expecting anything in return. HJ’s fans are simply the best of the best fans.

    • I agree with you 1000%!!! That’s very true to Hyun Joong, as I have mentioned in my other articles in terms of his fans he embraces everyone regardless who for as long as you’re there at his side and that’s how couples are right? How do you say it….for richer poorer, till death do us part, those were the wedding vows. With HJ fans ups and down we have each other nothing else matter, I think that’s gonna be fans & HJ’s vows!!! It may appear like a joke but it’s practically happening in our fan community, right?? Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And thanks for reading, see you again and God bless…

    • You worked so hard and everyone appreciates your work out of love. Thank you so much for being there in sharing updates with us. I salute to the way you share your love for Hyun Joong and sharing it with us always. Please do keep it up but do take care of yourself, we need you……thanks for dropping by, see you around and God bless.

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