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By: LazerKim                This is so unfortunate that when I was about to write my article for the day I just lost my connection! And considering this is one of my important day since Kim Hyun Joong is out there yet to perform in Taipei and here am I totally at lost from the alien world!! I feel so disoriented because it’s the first time for me to lose connection while I’m in the midst of having a good mood to write and excited to share with you what transpired at the Fan meeting Concert in Taipei. Now I got no least idea what was going on since I lost touch from the alien world!!

Nevertheless, what I can share with you is what I have in mind. Before I lose connection I was at twitter browsing for updates from the venue preparation. And I got very little information, like how the venue looks like, pictures of uzoosin merchandise to be sold before the show and that’s it. Please allow me to say this, but among the countries Hyun Joong ever performed, I think it is in Taiwan that I got very limited information update.

Unlike in Singapore and Hongkong updates just flow as fast, and anywhere Hyun Joong was there’s always update being posted. But in fairness, photos of Hyun Joong in Taiwan are just really great. Although information updates are important too, of course.

Like for instance, the press conference that Hyun Joong attended upon his arrival in Taipei has not been released as yet. I was just about to think maybe Taiwanese fans has limited access or maybe language barrier became a hindrance to post for updates. Or maybe I’m getting worried as to what is going on in Taipei!! But I’m very sure to feel a bit frustrated over losing connection and with hope my co-fans from the alien world were able to get updates!!

Anyway, while waiting for updates, I don’t know what came to my mind that made me post some photos of Hyun Joong and wrote short captions. Then all of the sudden I remembered the music which Hyun Joong listens to before he sleeps until he finally dose off. It was the same music played while he was reading his letter to his fans in June 7, 2011 at the launching of his first album.

Right after posting the music I went back to Twitter, and a fan posted the same music to me! I laugh at that and wrote her saying, ” I just posted that music”, Hyun Joong’s fan do feel and think at the same time, amazing!! Of course it was a co-incident. She wrote, “Sometimes I think you’re the best in understanding Hyun Joong”. I replied back, No all of us Hyun Joong loyal fans do understand him.

I listen to the same music every time I write my articles. It somehow helps me pull up my inspiration, that even I’m angry or hurt I would still write with love that it helps tone down my emotion and be rational. I would just think Hyun Joong does not want confrontational argument and so he would avoid such thing to happen. I’m not saying Hyun Joong is a saint who does not get angry. It’s just that, I have not seen him angry. There may be times his smiles are rare and yet I couldn’t tell if he’s having a not so good mood.

At Hyun Joong’s press conference in Singapore, he was asked if ever he has kids, would he wants his kids to follow his footstep of being a star. Hyun Joong stated that he would let his kids decide what they want for themselves for as long as they do not do anything bad. This reminded me of his past.

If you remember, during his high school days he became passionate to music but his parents were very much against it. I would think Hyun Joong will be a very supportive parent to his children’s dreams. I reviewed his documentary, and there was a part in the video clip as he was saying relating what his father said to him as, “try to raise a kid like yourself, let’s see if you can make it.” Hyun Joong said, “No I don’t think I can raise a difficult kid like myself, that I sometime could not understand myself.”

I was trying to analyse what he just said and his high school days story. Of course this is just my opinion, Hyun Joong had admitted that he find it difficult to express himself or to disclose his emotional feelings, especially when it comes to declaring his love to a single person. I think Hyun Joong grew up having fears of rejection.

When he was young, he has a dream but his parents whom he had hoped to support him in his dream, disagreed and refused his idea of becoming a rock singer. Neither would I blame Hyun Joong’s parents, because as a kid he was a model smart student to end up a rock singer could be frustrating to any parent. Especially Hyun Joong’s parents are religious and very conservative.  Definitely there’s a generation gap. But Hyun Joong was stubborn and persistent to what he wants for himself.

From that period of keeping his dreams to himself, he had gone used to keeping his feeling and thoughts as well. That probably for him, to disclose whatever he feels might be rejected by others. This fear surfaced when he read his letter to his fans. Until now Hyun Joong still does not know why people are drawn to him, he does not know why we like him.

In one of his video interview, he was relating that he would look at the mirror and would loudly say “I’m handsome”. He’s trying to convince himself what already appears to be a reality to everyone except for him.

Hyun Joong was asked, what do you think is the most beautiful part of your body? He replied, “They said it’s my eyes.” Then he was asked again, what part of your body that you do not like? He replied, “I take and appreciate whatever my parents gave me and live with it as it is.”

As Hyun Joong matures, little by little he starts to be a bit open about himself and shares his good and not so good traits to his fans. It’s because Hyun Joong wants his fans to accept him for what he is as a person for real and the Kim Hyun Joong on stage. He now starts to talk about himself and had outgrown that fear of rejection because his fans showed the love they have for him. And that love gave Hyun Joong the strength to bring out the best in him.

He had built a world for his fans filled with love, compassion, and sense of belonging. This is how I describe Hyun Joong’s community of fans that unites in one Alien Prince. Hyun Joong built a world for his fans away from the pains of reality, a world full of music, happy thoughts and hopes for a bright tomorrow. Hyun Joong made the connection between himself and his fans.                This is the Alien World of Kim Hyun Joong………..

                                                                                     LazerKim here writing.

(Photo credit:  KHJean14, ahlia, thanks)

Here are two music that Hyun Joong listens to before he goes to sleep that I mentioned earlier:

Toki Wo Koete – Click here>(

Be With You – Click here>(

When it rain it pours…….. it pours all the blessings to Kim Hyun Joong…. ”


11 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ALIEN WORLD

  1. LazerKim,

    You mentioned twitter here, which twitter did you get updates from? How can I get info on twitter too? What link?

      • Tity please visit the google, type twitter account, there’s an item there that says create your twitter account. I tried to copy paste the link but it’s not working so please try this, go to google. If you already have an pls let me know through this blog, or if you encounter problem you can find me here in this blog. thanks hope to see you again!

    • hi.. lazerkim mentioned to me about you.. do you have an account on twitter? if none you have to get one.. then you can follow people there that lazerkim follows or we follow.. most are Hyun Joong-ssi addicts..

  2. Hi All,
    It was a bit sad KHJ being in Taiwan 2 days and we didn’t get as many updates as SG & HK, but we still are very thankful for those that made their 1000% effort to share some pics and some videos also they were great images and videos and we love them very much. We also knew that he was treated with a lot of love and they gave him all the support and admiration as he deserve for being the greatest human being he is and for his hard work in giving an excellent performance filled with love to all his fans.
    I think KHJ is still overwhelmed by all the success he has gain and all the unconditional love he has recieve from his fans, he still don’t know y and it’s because he don’t thing of himself as greatness but a normal human being fighting to obtain a dream like any other person will do. But he is not like any other but only KHJ we all have seen his effort, his non stop struggle to get where he is now and never giving up and when his was feeling down what many things he did and do to get back up ! He is one of a kind. A complete inspiration.
    He say when he is off stage with friends and family that playfulness comes out again and he loves playing games and making pranks to his friend but he also know that it’s been hard for him too. We hope he can always be like that when his off stage and on stage we’ve seen it this day with his playfulness and interactions with fans at FM..we love to see him happy!
    We struggle with many barriers in life that sometimes makes us wonder and keep so much to ourself and sometime create that wall of protection for not getting hurt or as you mention not get rejected, but there are moments we need to get loose and stop being afraid and fight for our believes and make some changes that can be very postitive in our lifes and if they turn out to be negatives .. are we going to not do nothing about it? No we need to do as KHJ did… fight, dream and make things happen come true.
    I believe his realizing many things now and he is letting his wall and feeling of rejection lower a bit now.. it’s stil hard cause there is still much to do that’s what he say and think but if we keep supporting him he will feel like there is nothing to be afraid any longer that we love him the way he is and we are proud of him and we will be there for me no matter what.
    As for his parent and him having keeps and supporting their carrer choices.. well I think all parents want the best for their kids but the best is not always what makes them happy and some parents want to live on their childrens what they couldn’t do in their earlier years and want them to pursuit a carreer they might have choosen for themselves but what about the feeling of that child.. as he said before on one of his interviews when he got to performace or do any drama or any comercial he don’t see it as hard work or endless night wihtout sleeping he see it as his his dream coming true cause what he does he does it with so much passion cause that is what he likes being on stage, performing for his fans, seeing all of us smile and that for him is his joy that carreer makes him happy and that’s why he love it so much.
    I think thats why he will support his kids in any carrer decision making they pick that if it don’t harm them or harm others cause he wants them to live their dreams and make their own mistakes in life not make them live his.
    Thanks LK for the artilce I miss u last night i quickly told MC.. Oh gosh it’s something wrong with LK no article and no show on twitter we were all worry. Take care always we love ya!
    God Bless and sorry for the long reply is that i just can’t stop writing when it comes to KHJ..
    LOL again sorry and God Bless

    • Oh gosh I hope i haven’t misunderstood the word overwhelmed here or somebody might think i did I meant to say his still “moved” by the success he has gain…..

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