Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ROLLING STAR

By: LazerKim                  In Taipei, by this time the rolling star Kim Hyun Joong is set ready to rock the stage as he performs tonight for the first time as a solo artist. His Taiwanese fans anticipated this Fan Meeting Concert and with much eagerness to experience the rare chance to see the explosive performance and up-close hand shake with the Prince.

Taiwan are you ready for this? International fans from the internet who will be monitoring the event are as eager as those who will be there to watch Hyun Joong’s show live. This will be an exciting night for Taiwanese fans, so join Hyun Joong as he sets another remarkable memory for every fan.

As Hyun Joong arrived Taipei last Wednesday and attended to his press conference, news from Japan was all over the internet about his DVD First Impact as it was released last May 16 and yesterday First Impact ranked number one at the Oricon music chart. The DVD includes 3 CDs. The first CD includes Kim Hyun Joong’s touring 8 Japanese cities and holding concerts in November of last year and the second includes his premium live concert, whichi was held in Yokohama in February.

The last one is a special bonus for his fans. Since the DVD also includes rehearsals and behind the scenes footage, It is expected to draw attention among fans. And so it did by placing Hyun Joong at the top rank of Oricon Music Chart, while the rolling star kept shaking from one country to another!

While we are all rejoicing the continues success of Hyun Joong, last Wednesday as I was busy browsing for updates about Hyun Joong’s press conference, I read some short text about China Fan Meet having problems. I ignored it since my attention was at Hyun Joong’s whereabouts. Then again I read another similar text that it caught my curiosity as to what was going on. Then a fan shared with me a letter of complaint from a Chinese fan regarding ticket sales at Chengdu China. I’m not so sure about the validity of the letter if there is indeed a problem. But since the letter is at the internet, I would assume many had read it.

There were three concerns specified by the fan. First, it was stated allegedly that there’s a difficulty in buying the tickets. Second, it was stated allegedly there’s somewhat attempting to over pricing tickets, which I’m a bit doubtful. Third is, question on High five session. I’ll try to iron out these concerns on how I understood the letter. As I mentioned, I’m a bit doubtful about the validity of the letter as my reason as to why I can not post the letter in this article. Let’s just say in passing, if others may share the same opinion, then maybe I can enlighten up a bit about these three concerns.

First, difficulty in acquiring the tickets. During the press conference that Hyun Joong attended in Beijing China quite recently, it was said that the front seats of the venue were sold out in just a matter of 20min. It was not clearly stated as to what location or venue that front seats were immediately sold out. Since there are four cities where Hyun Joong is scheduled to perform. But the first stop shall be Chengdu China, and this fan is from Chengdu, as she stated that front seats were already sold out.

In any concert, or any show, it’s always in a first come first serve basis, if you’re buying it from the ticket outlets. Some do make reservations on line internet or by land line phone as soon as tickets availability are being publicly announced. Now, since this Fan Meeting Concert event had been advertised in China as soon as the booking for Hyun Joong had been officially confirmed which was sometime in April, by this time it is expected that tickets for front seat are already sold out. Normally group buying for concert tickets occur during the early stage of ticket selling, specially if the venue coverage is big.

I would understand the sentiments of the fan who wrote the letter, but in reality, if I sell concert tickets, of course I would gladly accept sales by bulk. Specially if the capacity of the venue is quite huge, the earlier I can sold out tickets at hand the better. And it’s normal that front seats are the easiest to sell, since everyone wants to get a perfect view of the stage and of course Hyun Joong. Early ticket buying is the best time to buy since you get the best seats available.

Second, there’s allegedly an over pricing of tickets. I’m somewhat doubtful about this. First and foremost, ticket prices are being stated at every advertisement or right from the start ticket prices were already been publicly informed. I would advice fans to buy their tickets at the officially authorized ticket outlets.

Once we buy tickets from the outlet, isn’t it a seat layout plan is being shown to you, before you can decide which seat you would like to take? There is a specific guide chart on categorizing seats and its definite ticket price as well. If fans are doubtful pertaining ticket prices, visit the internet ticket website or the organizing company and make the inquiries. There might be misunderstanding somewhere along ticket outlets.

Lastly, concerns about the high five session. It was decided that there will be 1,000 fans to participate in every venue which was stated at the press conference by the organizer in Beijing. I can still remember from the very start China rejected the high five session. And lately there were changes. I think the 1,000 fans will be done by ticket draw.

During Hyun Joong’s press conference in Beijing, a fan from China who was translating the press con, mentioned that there were venues with 9,000 seating capacity. This could probably the reason why the organizer disagreed to have the high five, since I don’t think Hyun Joong can make it, he might just collapse shaking hands with 9,000 fans!!!

May I just clarify, the high five session does not include in the ticket price fans are paying. I don’t think it looks nice to say a fan pays this much to have the chance for a hand shake with Hyun Joong. The high five or hand shake I would consider it as just a bonus to the fans regardless of the ticket price they pay. The fan complain letter stated the difference in Singapore and Hongkong since Hyun Joong made that challenge to hand shake all the 3,000, that he was able to carry on. The fan suggest not to have the high five session.

My opinion is, I think it’s better to have a handful fans to participate the high five session than nothing at all. For me either way would be alright except, for Hyun Joong to do it to all 9,000 fans in each venue!! That’s too much, have mercy on Hyun Joong!! Do you know that every time Hyun Joong performs he skips dinner, the only time he had it is after the show. So I can’t imagine how Hyun Joong would look like if he has to accommodate everyone.

Yes I know Hyun Joong cares for his fans and if he find out there’s a complain from his fans, he’ll probably give in to all the fans in China!! Maybe being considerate should be coming from us his fans. Who wouldn’t want to have a hand shake with Hyun Joong, who wouldn’t want to meet him up-close, but how many are we against one Hyun Joong? And Hyun Joong would just love to do it for his fans, but let’s be little thoughtful for his sake. I’m sure no one wants to over tire him, and I’m sure everyone cares for him.

And talking about China, I read from other blog that some were wondering why Hyun Joong has to be in Beijing for the press conference. It was some sort of ceremonial event that Hyun Joong shall start to venture on Chinese showbiz industry. There are a number of Korean artist who does, and some Korean actors already did some Chinese drama TV series.

Some has ventured to Chinese music industry. It is very likely that Hyun Joong would eventually be doing so. As I mentioned in my other article, China and Japan are one of the largest market in the entertainment industry in Asia and worldwide. I think this is a good chance for Hyun Joong to start rolling as an international star.

Hyun Joong is in Taiwan but the news updates that are coming out are about Japan and China!! I’m still waiting for news from Taipei since his arrival. And as soon as I get some news, I’ll write about it and share it with you. In the meantime, these are just a few that I can share.

The final count down in Taipei had already started, and eager fans may just be preparing as the clock starts to tick. Very soon from this hour Hyun Joong will be exploding on stage. Join Hyun Joong as he once again mark a history in Taipei as his first performance in Taiwan as solo artist.

To the fans, do enjoy yourselves and make a remarkable evening memory with Kim Hyun Joong, as he shares with you his love through his music, as the Star Rolling in Asia!!

                                                                                                       LazerKim here writing

Photo credits ahlia thanks.


6 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] ROLLING STAR

  1. He is the only star that i know of that will actually spend their time shaking the hands of their fans and i feel so proud that i like him. Go Kim Hyun Joong!!

  2. The PRINCE OF ASIA definiteLy ROCK our worLd!! ^^ He always touches our hearts in every way! Thank you for all the wonderfuL memories that you made in every fan meet that you heLd.. We wiLL aLways support you & be with you tiLL the end.. We Love you OUR ONLY ONE… KIM HYUN JOONG 🙂

  3. Hi LZ
    I read that letter I wonder what happen to that, but u gave some good explanation how things works and knowing how many fans are eager to see the Prince u had to move fast to buy the best seats on the FM. Like my grandpa always said for those that “wake up early God’s will help them” well i think it sounds better in spanish LOL..” El q madruga Dios lo ayuda” ! And the price sound affordable cause the FM is well pack with so many great and exciting moments or better say “PRICELESS”! Hopefully the letter was just a misunderstanding and and if not hope she was help and her issues got solved. We want all fans to be happy and support our Prince with happy fans as he will receive them and welcome them with a smile and happy face as well!
    Thxs 4 the article and let our Prince HJ keep Rolling all around the world!

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