Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FIRST IMPACT

By: LazerKim                       Yesterday as scheduled Kim Hyun Joong attended his press conference at the Formosa Regent Hotel Taipei, but unfortunately there was no press releases nor video clip about the conference. Actually I’m expecting Hyun Joong would be doing TV appearances after his press conference, to promote since the Fan Meet Concern shall be held be tomorrow evening. There were already advertisements flushing on Taiwan local TV, and he was already at the news last night about his arrival and the upcoming fan meet concert. Then I would assume he’ll be attending to his technical rehearsals at the venue tonight.

Yesterday after he arrived in Taipei, unexpectedly there were news pertaining to Hyun Joong’s upcoming activities in July in Japan. There is a good news about his DVD First Impact, and the unforgettable Japanese magazine Anan. Hyun Joong is currently in Taiwan but the news followed him from Japan!! Sigh…such a very busy guy!! Here’s the first news that I would like to share with you:

Launch event to be held is Kim Hyun Joong, “HEAT” has announced the long-awaited video works!                                                 (Source: CD Journal)


Japan solo debut CD single KISS KISS/ LUCKY GUY (dated 24 January), a big topic, such as to win second place in the record the highest ever number of sales the first day of the debut song singer overseas, Oricon Daily Single Ranking have caused Kim Hyun Joong. (Water) is the long-awaited video work May 16, five fan finally FIRST IMPACT released!

This work, the Yokohama Arena from tour success of the largest as a solo artist in Korea, the 20,000 people who have been selected from the group consisting of video and live at the concert the Tokyo International Forum, of applicants exceeds the through 60000 is invited Premium live footage recorded only in the single buyer. To finish his debut in Japan was to condense the impact.

In addition, housed as well as behind-the-scenes footage and interviews adhesion of last year’s tour, deep friendship (how to play off between using the tour he is known for its love football – Initirai Naoto Mi and valuable also a figure, too!). You can see the face of such an image in the currently published in the “FIRST IMPACT” teaser.

Kim Hyun Joong is, 2nd single of the long-awaited (Wed) July 4, also HEAT decision to be released. Moreover, it has provided the music this time B’z ! As is also B’z song lyrics that provide the first simultaneous, but a lot of attention already hot. First of all, from “FIRST IMPACT” video works, let’s experience the charm of the solo No.1 Korean artist.

Also revealed the buyer and benefits of holding events commemorating the release, “HEAT” in addition. Big events further than previous performances at Yokohama Arena, to invite a total of 32,000 people at the Saitama Super Arena! Details such as how to apply the official site ( Kimhyunjoong.Jp to).


FIRST IMPACT (July Concert)

This is such a good news that Hyun Joong will be holding a concert, that’s gonna be on the 15th of July at Saitama Arena which is much bigger in terms of sitting capacity at 32,000. Surely this event must be something big and to the luckiest Japanese fans, they will have Kim Hyun Joong again, at least twice this year!!

Indeed the first concert Hyun Joong held in Feb. at Yokohama Arena did a good impact to the Japanese fans. I’m truly proud of Hyun Joong, and knowing his first DVD came out to be at the top rank, what else can I say? He did it again, he made it to top as he always does. Hyun Joong worked hard in any task given to him, and always at his best in fulfilling. And his second single Heat will be released in July as well, I think the music goes well with the season of summer which is a very good timing to release this certain music.

One scenario that I can never forget, is his concert in Yokohama Arena and all the events transpired within the short period he was in Tokyo last February. The 20,000 fan crowd that I have seen at Yokohama is the scenario that I would like to see again, or even bigger fan crowd. After reading this news about First Impact and his upcoming coming concert, I can’t help but share it with you right on the dot!!

This time a bigger crowd is expected since the venue where his next concert will be held is much bigger. This time it’s not my utmost desire of seeing Hyun Joong up close that makes me feel eager. But to watch him from up far and view the big crowd of fans following Hyun Joong.


Do you remember that incident at the subway station in Feb. and huge posters of Hyun Joong pictures were posted at the subway station that had created a crowded commotion as passers-by stopped to look at Hyun Joong posters and took pictures of it. Hyun Joong pose for the magazine publisher Anan.

After three months the publisher post another set of Hyun Joong’s pose on subways and any place where posters can be posted again and made a huge sensation out of his pictures. This again would show how passionate Hyun Joong’s Japanese fans are! Hyun Joong grant a one on one brief interview that I would like to share with you and here it is:

ANAN KPOP SPECIAL EDITION                      Source By:


Article:    We open unpublished pictures including the ones we used in the poster which we showed at Omtessando metro station. In February this year, we got a tremendous responses which we have never received before from readers. Therefore, we have picked up another beautiful pictures for you. In addtion to the new pictures, we added another pictures we used in the poster which also created a sensation at Omotesando metro station, in total 7 extra pictures. Please enjoy together with a new message we got from Kim Hyun Joong.

Q1: Referring to your stay in Japan in February, what do you remember most ?

KHJ: Of course, it is the concert where I met many Japanese fans who came from different local area ! But if you mean a bit different image of memory………I went to the shopping street where I used to go when I lived in Japan as I could stay in Japan for a longer time than usual this time. I dropped in a restaurant (or shop) and went to the ramen restaurant I like. This was really deeply emotional.!

Q2: In your Japan-Debut DVD, which do you want your fans to see most?

KHJ: The experiences as solo artist, I’ve got a bit of breathing room. I hope that you can feel the difference. In the past, I put full energy from the beginning, not being able to perform perfectly with little energy left. However, I can maintain the balance now on the stage, which makes me work well together with the audience. I now enjoy the stage much better than before.

Q3 : After Japan Debut, how have you been spending your time?

KHJ: I read the scripts of the drama, thinking of the image of the role I act. I have been very busy with shooting for CMs, participaing in drama OST of the Korean drama. After the Asia Tour which started this month, I will have an opportunity to see all of you in Japan. Please look forward to it !

>>>>> END <<<<<

I know, at this point I should be discussing Hyun Joong’s activities in Taiwan since his Fan meet Concert shall begin tomorrow. But I couldn’t resist not to share this good news with you about Japan!! In this very brief one on one interview with Hyun Joong, he express one of his memorable moments which is his concert in Yokohama. It was his first concert and the exciting thing is the huge success it created. At the same, if there are happy moments, there’s also sad moments he spent in Tokyo. But the best thing is, Hyun Joong may not forget some of not so good experience in his past, but those memories had brought him to where he is at present.

I wonder where was I during those times? If on those times this blog had already existed, I wonder what can I do for him? What can we fans do to comfort him during those times when he has to endure his feeling of being home seek and uncertain of his future? But I guess that time it was meant for him to experience those feelings, for him to be strong at present. Sometime life can be so mysterious, like what they say, whatever is happening to us at present has a reason for the future.

Hyun Joong talks about his performance in the past as soloist. I can compare Hyun Joong’s performance at the same place in Japan different area though. In November when he performed series of shows in seven cities, yes he was quite different back then. He was a bit uptight, which I fully understand since it was his first showcase as soloist, the feeling of a bit strange back then is just but natural to any artist who is starting a new field.

And When I have seen him in February’s concert and during this Asia Tour, a very different Kim Hyun Joong appeared before us, who’s totally confident, relax and in control of such a huge audience. We can see a lot of improvement in Hyun Joong every time he appears on stage, and he’s just getting better and better every time. I can’t help but feel very proud of Kim Hyun Joong, as we follow him further in his journey, the more love he receives just from anywhere he goes.

I remember his latest letter to his fans, saying Hyun Joong was getting bored by staying home in his apartment and that he mentioned he was reading a book which he hadn’t read Back then I was thinking maybe it’s not a book he was reading!! I would have guess, he was reading a script or a drama plot!! Hyun Joong wouldn’t say so, because he always surprise his fans! But I was smiling to myself as I was reading that message to his fans. I was trying to guess, Hyun Joong was cooking something in his mind!

Well, tomorrow night will be another big night that we can look forward to again! I’m pretty sure fans from the twitter will be so eager to twit about the event tomorrow as it transpires And no matter how many times we watch Hyun Joong’s performance, for some reasons I just couldn’t get over with it. I love seeing him perform and interact with his fans. I love the moment when his fans literally sing with him during the concert.

Gosh, he’s just so in control over a huge crowd of fans. And even watching the video, I couldn’t even wink or turn my attention to others because I wouldn’t want to miss anything. What more if I was actually there watching him perform live and meeting him up-close. Like other fans said, I might just faint!! I would probably do the same thing!!

While we wait for another big night, Taiwan might be on count down by now and probably couldn’t wait to be there with Hyun Joong. Now I wonder again, what could possibly be the First Impact Hyun Joong would bring to his fans in Taiwan?? I got no doubt, fans from two countries Singapore and Hongkong where he recently performed are still in cloud nine after the fan meet concert. It is very likely that same feeling may experience by Taiwanese fans after the event!!

This event is also the first time for Taiwanese fans to experience. You have only today to prepare yourselves, buy the ticket now if you have not gotten it yet. Just don’t miss this rare chance of your life. Allow the first impact of Kim Hyun Joong’s presence in your life….

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing.

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7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FIRST IMPACT

    • Hello! Thanks for the compliment I’m glad you liked this blog. The pictures of course came from other fans who are active sharing pictures of KHJ, then the format of layout came from wordpress. They will guide you on how you can create your own wall and headings. There are many designs you can choose from. But since I dedicate this blog exclusively for KHJ I definitely would place memorable photos, like this ones you see it’s his photo from his first album Breakdown and this was the period that I first decided to write articles about him, that i don’t have any intention to change it ever.
      He’s just so inspiring, I think that’s the secret of boosting something out from his fans. I just love this guy!! Thank you for reading, that I hope you enjoyed. See you again take care and have a nice day! God bless..

  1. Lazerkim those ANAN pictures, OMG – you are tearing my little heart to pieces….. soooooo handsome…wow. Loved the article as usual but those pictures, those pictures just make it beautiful. yummy, yummy…and the Taiwan pictures, OMG he is drawing power from those FM as well, because this is what he loves most to make music and to share it with his fans. How can you not love this gorgeous person (inside and outside). 🙂

  2. Thxs LZ for the updates and a big shout out for OuR PRIncE: We LoVe U and wish U All the success in the World! Fighting we support U and hope u sell many FIRST IMPACT DVDs!

  3. Yes ..many good news is happenning at the moment that even updating can bolted my work to a stand still..wish not to be terminated because of HJ..aiyoo..what to do!this is addicting as time goes by..As if i did not meet him in person..those moments is still lingering…the concert and the handshakes!!..Fans if you wanna feel HJ’s baby soft hand..aaaahh!! you’d better get ready for your ticket now this is no turning back instead HJ will gonna bring you into another place you’ve never been before…its an awesome place that you’d wish not to wake up in another 2,000 yrs and be in the alien world…LOL!!…no wonder i heard many fans saying “DIE seeing him!!” ..hahaha..HJ killed many fans already without his knowing so we’re all ZOOMbies now following HJ everywhere..kudos!! but actually my first handshake with HJ was surprising so when we’re queueing up as we are the first in line to do so i never had the chance to even glance at him longer than i wanted to as i thought when we reach a certain door..there were bunch of guards lining up as well near the door without my knowledge HJ is with them yaaa..waiting for us and ready to extend his beautiful hand…aiyoo and could only utter “thank u with a bow” and so i did not see all the reactions!!…wonder why they did choose to do handshaking at the backdoor where fans cant even have a time to take photos..well nevermind over all i was satisfied!!…as long as for the sake of Hj’s protection…the most interesting part i think was the overwhelming response of fans in HK FM..why so???..aiyoo we became the the back up singers of HJ..LOL! i could feel the love while singing with HJ and so does HJ at the same time..”AND I WONT STOP LOVING YOU…KISSKISS..KISSKISS!!:..forgive me if the lyrics is not fans get ready and enjoy the telling you this is “no regret”…if not for my job i certainly go and follow HJ everywhere,without job of course we cannot support HJ and my job does not allowed to go anywhere difficult!! till now am gonna wait another good opportunity for next time..Thanks LZ no matter what..lets move on and support him.. HJ fighting!!

    • thxs Omega for sharing with us the joy u felt and will b feeling for more than 2,000 years as u said! Thxs

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