Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FAN MEMORY

By: LazerKim                              Kim Hyun Joong is scheduled to leave for Taiwan today taking flight KE 691 arriving Taipei at 12:05 noon, with hopes to give updates on his departure from Incheon Airport and arrival to Taoyuan International Airport Taipei. Hyun Joong’s fans are expected to be at the airport to welcome him. Taiwan it’s your turn now, please do take care of Hyun Joong while he stays in your country for five days and four nights. Please always do remember that his comfort is the most important above other matters and do Protect the Prince at all cause.

Updates on Hyun Joong’s departure and arrival to Taipei written below this article. My apologies in delaying this article to be posted due to updates.

I believe there are international fans attending to Hyun Joong’s Fan Meet Concert, those who were not able to make it in Singapore and Hongkong or those who still can’t get enough and would still to watch Hyun Joong’s show. Well, that is very likely to happen, as I mentioned in my other article, watching Hyun Joong perform live is just so addicting. And I believe it does, with just watching his video clips, doesn’t satisfy a fan to watch it once but you would go over and over it. And this is becoming very natural to any Hyun Joong fans I think.

I wonder if Uzoosin items will be sold at the venue before the show just the same as in Hongkong. If so, I would suggest the fans who would like to buy those item, to come earlier If you remember in Hongkong just a matter of two hours the items were all sold out!! And I hope KeyEast would consider the high demand of these items specially during the times Hyun Joong is on his activities such as this event. Every fan would like to have those items specially the uzoosin light stick, which I think is important for every fan to have.

May I just share with you some bits and pieces of what I have been reading lately after Hyun Joong’s two events in Singapore and Hongkong. May I just extend my deep appreciation to the man who’s always on guard to Hyun Joong. And that is his personal bodyguard Mr. Jeong, who is very kind and accommodating. I have been reading many comments from Hyun Joong’s fans how Mr.Jeong is in person. I would say the guy is becoming popular as his boss!!

I just wish he can read this article!! I just want him to know that Hyun Joong’s fans do appreciates him for taking good care of Hyun Joong and for being very kind and accommodating to his fans. And that he is quite respected as much as he respects each and every fan of Hyun Joong. There were even fans who took pictures of him and that is a good gesture in letting the man feel his presence is being acknowledged.

I can’t help wonder what does Hyun Joong thinks about this, that his bodyguard is also becoming popular because of him!! Mr. Jeong is also handsome, neat and very kind, so I think it’s just natural to the fans to give attention to him too!! thank you Mr. Jeong!! 

I also would like to share with you a funny incident, that was being shared with me in my comment box by a fan friend of mine who was able to attend the fan meeting in HongKkong, thanks for sharing Dan, here it goes.

sharing is nice~~^^..By the way, during high five when its our turn there’s a funny little scene..unlike in Singapore Hyun Joong received the high five between the entrance and exit we may only get a glimpse of him once we enter the door..the securities are also wearing as it happens a fan who might be still in a daze and disoriented by the aftermath mistakenly took a hand of one frm the security instead of Hyun Joong’s!! And when she realized her mistake she kept saying sorry~~we all laugh and Hyun Joong was  smiling shyly, hahaha^^..

I was so surprised when I get to see Hyun Joong up close..he looked younger more than I thought!!I Sense calmness and peace just looking at him. Right there and then I understand why he is being given a tittle of an idol with a healing power just by looking at him..I don’t see weariness nor tiredness but a sincere gratitude to every fan. It’s so heartwarming..honestly,when I get hold of his hand it’s not excitement what I felt but a sincere gratitude.I pressed my hand firmly and the only word i mumbled to him is “kumawoh~~”..he smiled and say ‘neh..^^..

As they said, to see is to believe. We read a lot of write ups and news articles about Hyun Joong, we watch him on video clips, we have a lot of photo collections of him and almost all his fans are saying the same opinion of him. He’s more than just what we see in photos  watch on videos and his descriptions from the media news write ups. Now I wish everyone of his fans would get the chance to see and meet him in person, to be able to experience that unique charisma that Hyun Joong possess.

The day after the Fan Meeting event in Hongkong, as I was browsing the twitter for updates on Hyun Joong’s press conference in Beijing, I came across a twit from an international fan whom I believe was still in Hongkong and was just on her way back to her country. She passed by the venue where Hyun Joong performed the night before, and she said goodbye in teary eyes. I just happen to read it accidentally, but I felt a pinch in my heart that I could feel what she felt that time. She said no more than this goodbye, but I understood what she meant.

This incident echoed as I received an email yesterday from my regular reader and she related her experience also in Hongkong. She traveled by herself just to meet Hyun Joong for the first time. She met a lot of other fans from other country too and she was saying everybody was friendly and accommodating.

What struck my heart in her story was that, after the show, she had the chance to go to the back stage exit at a distance though and waited for Hyun Joong to take a short glimpse to say goodbye. She was able to do that, watching Hyun Joong from the distance as he got into his car and drove. She stayed along the vicinity of the venue, sat in corner and cried. Do you know what is in her mind? She said, “how can I go back to reality after seeing him.”

She was over joyed by her experience at the fan meeting and couldn’t get enough of Hyun Joong, that she wants to see more of him. She felt sad that it took her only for two hour of togetherness with Hyun Joong, but she waited for a long time just to experience she had. A memory that will always be in her heart forever. As she had gone home, she collected all video clips and watch it over and over again, as if watching it for the first time.

Others may share the same feelings as hers after watching Hyun Joong performed and the chance to see him up close. As my fan friend related what you can see from Hyun Joong’s eyes is his sincerity. Many of you who have experienced the fan meet may still be having a hang over. I believe my reader felt the same joy as you had that she would wish it won’t end. She has no way to follow Hyun Joong further as she already had gone out of her way to travel that far by herself.

The only advise I could give her is to pray for Hyun Joong that he’ll be able to visit more countries, as Hyun Joong dreams of spreading his music worldwide and to reach out for his fans in every corner of the world. So that he will able to visit her country that she doesn’t have to travel far that she could hardly afford. This thought goes to every fan that I still believe that prays can move mountains. If Hyun Joong would be able to go around the world to perform his concert, then that would only mean one thing. He had already gained a huge demand worldwide.

This wishful thought is just within Hyun Joong’s reach, it’s just a matter of time and a little bit more exposure. And before we know it, he’s already there in front of us shaking every corners of the world. Let’s pray and hope for the best, so that other fans would not need to travel just to watch Hyun Joong perform live!


At Incheon International Airport, Kim Hyun Joong boarded his flight bound to Taipei 9:15am early this morning!! Arriving Taipei at 12:03 noon time today. Hyun Joong shall proceed to his press conference today at 2:30pm and shall be staying at Formosa Regent Hotel Taipei for five days and four nights. Hyun Joong will be departing from Taipei on May 20, at 7:45am flight CI 160. As expected many fans followed Hyun Joong at the airport to see him off. It’s funny one of the Korean trying to over her face!! Makes me think she missed her school or work just to see Hyun Joong!! LOL

Well, ladies we’ll get to see another episode of Hyun Joong’s “Please”… Are you ready for Taiwan?? Ms.Lina shared her beautiful fan arts collection, she’s one of Hyun Joong’s second mom, and she’s been doing fan arts exclusively for Hyun Joong for years now. As it became her hobby collecting Hyun Joong’s photos and putting it in a creative fan arts and share her art works to other fans. That’s how loyal she is to Hyun Joong, she’s one of Hyun Joong’s mother fan who would always be at his side to defend and protect him at all cause..

Hyun Joong has a dream, he believes in his dream and we his fans is a part of that dream. As for us fans, we help, and we support to bring him up there where he belongs and eventually what you are wishing for may just be around the corner…..

Kim Hyun Joong takes his flight to another destination, as we join him for another memory that every fan will keep in her heart…

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing.

Fan Arts credit to Ms Lina Perez, thanks.

News Update & vid.credits to modern_mum, photo credits below KHJean14 thanks source:weibo by yoonae

Video clip, KHJ departing from Incheon Airport shared by omma, source: kimhyunjoong24 thanks

Video  clip> (

(Photo credits above: KHJean14, thanks. source:weibo yoonae) So gorgeous!!! Thanks Jean! Thanks to hyunbar66.


Kim Hyun Joong arrived at Taoyuan Internatioal Airport Taipei safe and sound, as his fans anticipated his arrival has been waiting for him at the airport to welcome him. As I mentioned earlier, Hyun Joong will proceed to his press conference today at 2:30pm, in which I will discuss for tomorrow’s article with hopes I can get the press conference translation in English.

And with that, I would just like to say, the photos above are really gorgeous, let’s start collecting them and keep it as our Fan Memory….

                                                                                  LazerKim here reporting!

Credits: KHJean14, modern_mum, Hyunbar66, Source: weibo yoonae, weibo maysu126 Kimhyunjoong24 Thank you so much!!


12 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FAN MEMORY

  1. It’s being a blass reading the fans memories and experience and some sad like the fan that couldn’t bear the idea of seeing KHJ go and not see him again well until she can go again to another FM or he visit her country. At least she got the opportunity we all dream of at least seeing him once, we know once it’s not enough but somethings are better than nothing. My heart is in two pieces reading this cause i can feel her pain I would have been devasted also seeing him pass that airport doors.. it’s like he have taken a part of my heart with him and that will never be put back together.
    Thxs 4 sharing their moments LK.. hopefully will hear more as we come to see the next FM in Taiwan and China and hopefully those that had the chance already keep sharing their experience for us to enjoy..

  2. Thanks for the article unnie..

    I got teary eyes reading 2day.. How those unnies felt being with Hyun Joong oppa there.. Number is uncountable the people who love him, but still he shares his love equally with evryone..being very far i really feel da pain.. Seeing him gives da brightest smile to my face.. Can i say seeing no way i’m studyin him lols.. I might miss him now, but i don’t lose my HOPE.. I’ll do my best to make my dream come true.. For the time being I can comfort myself by reading and watching our fan family experiences.. Because those experiences keep me stuck to HJ world as same as they do to others..
    I’m eagerly waiting to upload and share videos and pics recorded wit my own cam with you all one day..

    I must say this I’m really thankful to all Our HJ Family Members who are doing a GREAT job by posting updates.. Really appreciate ur tireless efforts..

    I wish Our Prince may gain the strength to explode the stage with his dancing and singing on 18th and 19th in Taiwan Fan Meeting… May Triple Gem Bless You KHJ-ssi!!

    • Hello! Thanks again! By doing what you are doing keeps him close to you at the same time he inspires you in anything you do, now I join you bcoz we feel the same way to be able to watch him & share with memories just like the others. It’s ok I still believe Hyun joong will be able to visit all his fans all over the world. God will grant his dream bcoz he’s such a good man. There’s nothing wrong with our wishes too so I believe we’ll have our time with him in the near future. For the mean time we start saving to buy ticket for his future concert!! LOL. Simple it may be but it feels good to have that thoughts. Well thank you and see around! Hey you take care ok? God bless…

  3. Met Kim Hyun Joong for the first time in Singapore I feel my dreams come true. At the hi-5 session and by the time I waited for my turn to shake hands with him, I feel so weak and my heart beating very fast. It was like going to meet with a lover that I miss. That feeling makes me embarrassed and embarrassed as a teenager falling in love.hahahahahaha … I did become really fell in love with Kim Hyun Joong especially after shaking hands with him that I feel very soft. The session was too short for me because I was shy to look at those beautiful eyes. I can not explain how I feel and I almost fainted because of his smile. I’m so madly in love with him. I have a boy aged 13 years who want to become an entertainer and he wanted to audition in Korea, I take him to watch his concert for the first time . I told my son that if he wanted to be a true entertainer should be like Kim Hyun joong.How he worked hard to be like this now and how he presents extraordinary concerts because of his love to his fans. I give all the articles about Kim hyun Joong ,told my son to read it. Kim Hyun Joong is now a reference for my son to keep the spirit of reaching his goal. My says that he will work as hard as mama idol, hahaha …and one day he would bring kim hyun joong to meet with me, so lovely … thanks for update-ing me all about KHJ …gamsahabnida…

    • hahaha..mother’s knows best!!..let him emulate Hyunjoong who know’s one day he will meet HJ along his way~~winks**….btw don’t worry you are not alone feeling and reacting that way to HJ..we’re on the same boat.kekeke^^…

    • Thank you very much! You know what? I was smiling while reading your story, please don’t be embarrass, all my readers feels the same way as you do. And the age range of my readers are from 12yrs to 70yrs old. I’m very happy for you that you had the chance to meet Hyun Joong in person. I very much agree with you that HJ can inspire the aspirants like your son in the right way from where he had been through in his past. Oh I’m sure your dream will come true as your reaches the limelight for sure he’ll bring HJ to you. Why not. Hyun Joong did not expect he’ll be this big in such a short period, but his dreams took where he is now.
      I hope your son will get to read the other articles too, I got two 12yrs old, three 13yrs and a 14yr old regular readers, the rest are teenagers & students. Majority are mother fans. So feel free to share & I will respond to you or other
      readers will.
      Thanks so much and see you again!! Have a great day and God bless.

    • LOL.. don’t feel ashamed for screaming to the world how much you love KHJ as we all know he is capable of making any girl feel that for him. It’s more than his looks is his personality that makes you fall over heels for him. I can understand y after seeing him and touching his hands you feel that extreme love and we might say that enormous crush now for him more than before cz u had that chance to see him closer and look into his eyes and see his pure sole that makes you love him more.
      As for your son KHJ don’t like being call a role model, but his hard work has inspired many but many people that how can you not see him as a role model. To become as him a hard honest working man that is love by all his fans and that he reciprocate that love to his fans with his melody and sweet personality. If your son goal is to become a succesful artist, idol or whatever he choose in life i think he is following the right person to learn from and your taking him on the right path.
      Thanks 4 sharing your experience and for taking your son to support our prince in his FM.

    • there is no shame here, you are still alive and not dead, you have eyes to see and heart to love, so be proud where you are, age is nothing – that is what my mom says and i fully agree with her. so envious of you really meeting HJ, why didn’t you look into his eyes, wow that close and no look, geez, next time head up and look him straight in the eye. LazerKim dear, as always a real pleasure, those fan accounts just make me want to work harder to make my dream come true – attending a FM of KHJ and get an up close and personal hand shake (hugs?!?) with him:):):)

      • Hello all, thanks for all the comments and support that you’ve given … I hope to meet again with KHJ and I look forward KHJ to giving his time to visit and hold a fan meeting in Indonesia. Later on when I see him again I would stare into his eyes and clutched his hand, thanked him for being a reference for my child to achieve his dream. For lazerkim, thanks for the articles and new updates about our prince KHJ… God bless…

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