Kim Hyun Joong… [article] DESTINATION

By: LazerKim                      Kim Hyun Joong attended the press conference in Beijing China last Sunday May 5, right after he completed his Fan Meeting activities in Hongkong which resulted in a huge success, everyone now talks about China. But before we get to China, let us not forget that Hyun Joong’s next destination is Taiwan!! Hyun Joong is set to take his flight KE 691 on the 16th of May Wed.arriving Taiwan at 12:05 noon. Hyun Joong shall stay in Taiwan for five days, four nights.

The Fan Meet Concert shall be held at NTU Sports Center 3F on May 18 Friday and 19 Saturday. Actually I don’t hear much update about Taiwan. except Hyun Joong’s flight schedule. So maybe what I can share with you about Taiwan is Hyun Joong’s last visit which was in August last year to promote his first album Breakdown. And his endorsement for the cosmetic brand The Face Shop as Hyun Joong is the official representative if the product. Hyun Joong was also awarded a Platinum record status on its first week launching of the album Breakdown.

According to a report from the Taiwanese press, hundreds of fans gathered at Taoyuan International Airport on Aug.14, 2011. It was reported that when Hyun Joong finally appeared, he was welcomed by the awaiting fans passionately chanting.

Despite of the grueling rain, over 2,000 fans attended the High Five event. And even it was raining his fans back then still waited for him and participated in the activity with much enthusiasm. In the midst of the event, Hyun Joong personally requested to have a hand shake instead of High Five.

It was just a short period activity, but Hyun Joong’s fans showed so much appreciation to his visit. Hyun Joong felt sorry for not having performed for them and so he promised to come back for a concert this year. He will be fulfilling his promise as he prepared a fan meet concert on Friday May 18 and Saturday May 19.

Hyun Joong guested in one of the most reputable talk show in Taiwan entitled The Person, hosted by a famous figure Fang Nian Hua. Hyun Joong charmed the studio staffs and the show host herself stated “He’s not only charismatic but also has such a great manner, truly worthy of being a star of Korea. Kim Hyun Joong was the very first Korean artist who was ever guested in this talk show. And of course Hyun Joong was very honored.

It was in this talk show as Hyun Joong shared advise to the young aspiring artist, as he stated “Do not be like me. Continue your studies and while doing so, practice your talent on your own.” Hyun Joong also advised “to be successful, you have to work hard, you have to be the first to wake up and the last to sleep.” Well, that’s how Hyun Joong does it, during the time he was still a trainee. He has to work as a service crew in a restaurant to be able to live and pursue his training since he was not given an allowance.

These are just a few that I can remember about Hyun Joong’s visit in Taiwan last year. Now he’s set to fulfill his promise to his Taiwanese fans, that I strongly believe they are as passionate as they were to Hyun Joong until at this moment, even some non fans were trying to discourage by a malicious controversy. A genuine fan of Hyun Joong will never be carried by such tactics. There may not be much updates about Taiwan but I’m sure his fans are already preparing for his most anticipated Fan Meet Concert.

In another related topic, I finally got a clearer translation of Hyun Joong one on one interview in Beijing China last Sunday. Here’s just a few that I would like to share with you that had caught my attention. Here it goes:

Kim Hyun Joong will reveal a secret song for Beijing Fan Meet on the 10th of June

Although Kim Hyun Joong seemed to be really worn out by his tight schedules in the past few days, he rushed to the press conference immediately as he touched down in Beijing. However, once the interview started, he greeted all staffs at the scene politely, humming to songs while letting his make-up artist do the touch up, he appeared to be really cute. He was all alert during the video recording and also greeted staffs friendly in Chinese.

Q : What’s yout feeling to stage a fanmeet in China for the first time?

KHJ : I felt really happy, this is my first time doing this kind of interview here, didn’t even think that front row seats are all sold out within 20 mins. This is the best support and encouragement i received from fans. Thus, I feel that I will give my best for a perfect stage for everyone.

 Q : Why did you pick Beijing, Chengdu, Guangzhou and Shanghai?

KHJ : If I had a chance, I would actually visit more countries and cities, have as much interactions with fans as possible. Showing everyone more on stage, but due to limit and schedule , so i picked the bigger cities, Shanghai, beijing, guangzhou and chengdu. As for chengdu, I heard I would be the first korean artist to perform there, also it’s where pandas live, thus I really look forward to my visit there and really want to have a performance in Chengdu.

 Indeed Hyun Joong had very little rest from the time he arrived HongKong, upon arrival to the airport, he went straight to his press conference and unto the venue to attend to his technical rehearsals. He had only one night to prepare his stage before his performance the following day. Right after the fan meeting concert, hand shake or high five session, he proceeded to his interview as his last day in Hongkong.

It was said that the interview lasted until after 12 midnight and I wold assume he have not taken his dinner before the show. And in the morning the following day, he took his flight bound to Beijing China. Upon arrival at the airport in Beijing, proceed to the grand press conference. But as he prepared himself for the press conference there was not a single sign of fatigue in him….

Hyun Joong is just tireless, and you can see the video clip that he was still fresh and ever handsome of course during the press conference. He had a long day in Beijing since it was already at night time when he finally went back to S.Korea. Upon coming home, you know what’s next to his schedule, his preparation for Taiwan since he is set to leave tomorrow Wednesday.

Hyun Joong did mentioned that ticket sales for the front seats of the venues where the fan meet concert is to be held had been sold out in just a matter of 20 minutes. This would only goes to show how passionate his Chinese fans are. Do I see the same scenario in Japan?? They too are just as eager as other fans who has attended the fan meet in Singapore and Hongkong.

There’s at least a month preparation in China before the final event. The coverage is quite huge since there are four big cities where Hyun Joong shall be performing.  In Chungdu it was said that Hyun Joong will be the very first Korean artist who will perform in that city. Again he will mark another history being the first as always.

Last year at the same month of May Hyun Joong was a busy bee preparing for his first album Breakdown. This year the same month of May he’s been quite busy preparing for his Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert. It’s been a year since his first album launched and now Hyun Joong had remixed his songs from the album. It feels as if it was only yesterday when he was hopping from one TV station to another in promoting his album. This year he also had gone hopping, only this time it’s hopping from one country to another!!

Hyun Joong made a promise to these countries that he’s coming back to perform. Now, he’s fulfilling that promise. Last year at the same month, Hyun Joong was filled with many uncertainties and worries about his debut as solo artist. This year Hyun Joong is full of confidence and motivation as a Hallyu Star to promote the Korean Wave worldwide! *Sigh…….. Have you thought about this?

Indeed Kim Hyun Joong has a wonderful story to tell, about his growing career life in such a speed, and snowballing of fans, anywhere his Destination takes him.

                                                                                            LazerKim here writing

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6 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] DESTINATION

  1. His new destination has arrived and he must be preparing to rock Taiwan FM . To make the world shake of excitment with one of his shows and smiles. We do wish him the great success in Taiwan as he already had in SG & HK. God Bless him and all that will attend the FM.

  2. It’s been 3 dys sinced the HK FM I attended and yet it seems like just last night..and ‘am still relishing the memories of it..watching all the recaps uploaded from the event my excitement during the event keeps lingering in my head and left me smiling until now,hahhaha…thank you to all those uploaders who painstakingly capturing the significant memories w/ HJ and sharing those to us..^^…you guys are just as great as HJ!^^…..

    Maybe because my excitement is too much to bear all by myself so I extend to share the joy I’ve had that a first timer attending a fanmeet and 1st as well meeting HJ in person afar and up close..kekeke…so let me start hacking my memories of it all in order to relay some of the highlights that really caught my attention…and left me gigling w/ memories,hahhaha…really a fangirling scenario,lols!!…

    I already shared some,right? let me continue my works of sharing,kekeke…when we get 2 the venue all we see is HJ..everywhere from posters..standees,bouquet of flowers greeting HJ frm different FC’s..etc..I truly admire those passionate FC distributing freebies to fans..they are all very friendly~^^..thanks to them I collected some souvenirs of the HK FM for me to keep,hee”))..the merchandise that’s been selling has been sold out 2hrs before the show started!!…some are still longing to get the Uzooshin lightstick.I hope KE will have enough stock next time!!I keep mine safely for the next meeting w/ HJ on his next concert,kekekke^^

    Recaps…First thing 1st..try as much as you can to memorize HJ songs because it’s very nice to sing along w/ him if you know the lyrics!and not just humming,hahhaha…and besides if it happens again in the future that some music technicalities occur HJ wouldn’t be left out singing acapella all by himself although he pulled it through cooly~..he did well w/ “Happiness is….”…winks~*… proves his good vocals!!..

    At talk and game time..(sadly,there’s no eng translation @hk FM)..HJ is apparently very comfortable answering Q’s..loosening himself up may see the glow in his eyes thru those vids uploads…he looks very happy,right?hee:))so we are…:D)).HJ took initiatives to the game esp when no one seems to win..time is running out so he decided to do the same in SG posing one mind w/ finally,one woman remain standing to be serenaded by HJ~whoaahh..only she ends in the bed as a patient..before that..HJ says since she is the winner he has something specially prepared for her and must hand it to her at the back the audience erupted w/ waahhs & shrieks!! noisy!! was really a great time…I notice the lady in the bed distorted w/ nervousness..she’s like “OH MY GOD!”..hahha..I would probably lose my sanity if it were me,LOLS~^..

    ONE MORE TIME….when the lights focused at the entrance gate where I am seated closely..all of us rushed to the railing waiting for HJ to appear..and gee, I wish I am a giant!!the scenes was chaotic..when he was a few yards away frm where I stand I saw him being blocked by fans on his way up to the stage!..poor Mr. Jeong dnt know w/c hand to stop to protect HJ..I lost my focus by the commotion..sigh~~ the next thing I know Lucky GUy encore!!…and the party rolls up high!!..when Hj on the hype asking to jump..everybody inside the arena all bolt upright joined in singing.!!!playing w/ water guns..HJ got wet so are those near the stage,hahhaha..^^it was an amazing encore..and a very successful fanmeet!!..before I knew’s a THE END..:((…

    There..I think I’ve shared enough to you guys “))..sorry to take too much of your time w/ my stories of the FM..can’t think of anything else more to say.,kekeke^^..till next time..KIM HYUN JOONG^^…:))))

    • Hey Dan.. thanks for sharing more I just was leaving you a reply on that last article you had left some memories. It seems you are still as excited as that same days and it’s cool that will last forever so don’t feel sorry for keep sharing and writing when ever you remember something.
      I do admire all Mr. Jeong works he does his work so great in protecting our prince on and off stage I saw that ONE MORE TIME scenes if it wasn’t for him those fans would have pull him from where he was standing.. at least you got a chance to see him pass by.
      Again tnxs 4 sharing more here.

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