Kim Hyun Joong Receives a Song From, and Records With, Japanese Band B′z

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Translation Credit : Stewart Ho
Kim Hyun Joong has received a song from Japanese rock band, B′z. On May 1, according to Kim Hyun Joong′s Key East, “Kim Hyun Joong received Heat, a song from the legendary and beloved musicians B′z, and has finished recording it. Heat is planned to be included in the upcoming second Japanese single album, set to be released in July.”

B′z debuted in 1988 and has placed first on the Oricon charts an astonishing 46 times. In particular, it was revealed a song made by B′z′s Matsumoto Takahiro and Inaba Koshi has never been given to another artist other. Additionally it was revealed Inaba Koshi even sang the chorus for Heat while Matsumoto Takahiro played the guitar for the recording.

Regarding this, Kim Hyun Joong shared, “It was an honor to record with B′z who I′ve liked and admired for so long. For this recording, the B′z members gave a lot of great advice and thanks to them we were able to finish recording in a delightful manner. I will return with a great album so please be waiting for it.”

Key East


Kim Hyun Joong collaborates with Japanese group B’z for upcoming single (source: Allkpop)

Kim Hyun Joong has been gaining quite the momentum in Japan, and to add to it, he has just completed his project with the popular Japanese group, B’z.

Key East revealed on May 1st, “Kim Hyun Joong received a song titled ‘Heat’ from the nationally loved Japanese musicians, B’z, and has finished recording. ‘Heat’ will be included in his second single album that will be released in Japan in July.”

This comes after the news of the singer picking B’z as the Japanese musician he likes the most during a press conference before his Japan tour last year. Through Universal Music, Kim Hyung Joong put in a request for a song, and B’z gladly accepted his request.

“It’s an honor to be able to work with the Japanese musician I’ve always liked”, Kim Hyun Joong commented. “During the recording of ‘Heat’, the B’z members gave me advice, and I was able to enjoy the recording session thanks to them. I will greet everyone with a high quality album, so please anticipate it.”


In related news, Kim Hyun Joong is currently preparing for his ‘Kim Hyun Joon Fan Meeting Tour 2012′, which will take place in various cities across Asia, as well as considering various casting offers for his acting career.

Kim Hyun Joong Expresses His Disinterest in Acting

Kim Hyun Joong expressed his disinterest in acting when he first debuted as an actor. He’s long been criticized for his lack of acting skills, despite earning a number of lead roles due to his pretty face and popularity.

On the April 14 episode of MBC “K-Pop Star in the World – Lucky Guy Kim Hyun Joong,” the star actor/singer revealed his true feelings about the acting criticism. He said, “To be honest, and I’m sorry to all the sunbaes or people studying acting now, but I started out with absolutely no interest in acting. That’s probably why there were so many criticism on my acting in the early part of my career.”

Song Byung Joon, the director of Kim Hyun Joong’s two main dramas, “Boys over Flowers” and “Playful Kiss,” added, “His (Kim Hyun Joong) reading was literally just ‘reading’ the script. He read it like elementary school students reading their textbooks in class. At first the scriptwriter was frustrated. So we talked about it and I told the scriptwriter that since Kim Hyun Joong does not know what a ‘script reading’ session is, let’s try and wait to pull out his potential.”

Yang Yoon Ho, the producer of “Iris,” also said, “Of course I love Kim Hyun Joong, but the reason we bet on him is pretty clear. He has huge potential to become a mega star and he really takes good care of him. His popularity now puts no pressure on him and he’s able to control everything. Even if his popularity grows, he seems like a person who will be able to handle it.”

Since his debut as part of SS501, Kim Hyun Joong expanded his resume to acting by appearing in the 2009 KBS drama “Boys over Flowers.” In 2010, he appeared in his second TV series, MBC “Playful Kiss.”

However, due to his lack of experience, many critics pointed to his poor acting skills and unclear articulation. There were also concerns that he lacked the charisma and leadership to play the lead role in any TV drama. But he’s been able to significantly improve his acting over the years and is now considered one of the very few idol stars with the star power to single-handedly lead a TV show.


>>>>What the director of “Iris” says about Kim Hyun Joong in the MBC documentary:

Of course I also like Hyun Joong, but I have my reasons for betting on someone. The fact that he has control shows a high probability that he would be big.

He is able to manage and maintain himself without feeling the weight of his popularity. Everything is under control, and he is someone who can manage even if he becomes much more popular in the future.


>>>>What Kim Hyun Joong said about his staff in the MBC documentary:

There is nothing I can do by myself. I am here because of my staff. The Kim Hyun Joong you see on the stage is the made-up Kim Hyun Joong. Behind that Kim Hyun Joong, there are many people, who are like “Daddy Long Legs (the secret famous benefactor from a famous novel),” supporting me.

Anyone can be a world star or an even bigger one in words, you see.
Call it a wild dream…but if you don’t look at it as some wild dream and start dreaming everyday….you should dream big in order to get close to it.
I have always been that way.


>>>>Top star Kim Hyun Joong recently talked about his rise to super-stardom.

On the April 14th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘K-Pop Star Captivating the World’, a close up of Kim Hyun Joong and his life was revealed to the viewers.

>>>>Of the many topics that he discussed, he talked about his rebellious past, in which he upset his parents over his stubborn pursuits of his musical desires, as well as his dream to become a world star.  He even addressed the hot button issue if JYJ‘s Kim Jaejoong by saying that he continues to maintain a close bond with the star, who has had a tumultuous year, through their passion for music.


>>>>One of the topics that viewers were most interested in was his thoughts on his meteoric rise to Hallyu superstar status through his breakout drama, ‘Boys Over Flowers‘.

He said, “That was my first acting production, but at the time, I was not really interested. However, I always dream of becoming a world star these days. I think dreaming big dreams allows you to get closer to achieving them.”

During the broadcast, the president of Kim Hyun Joong’s management company spared no compliments regarding the star by saying, “Kim Hyun Joong is excellent at taking care of himself and has a gift in maintaining a steady heart in any situation. He is very smart and tries much harder in his endeavors than others.”

For a fasciniating look into Kim Hyun Joong’s life watch the episode below:


>>>>According to the U-Record Managing Director, Kito Kimika, he said that HyunJoong have a very strong manly style without any unnecessary aura. HyunJoong knows how to exudes his own type of auras according to the situation on stage which the director felt very amazed.

>>>>KeyEast CEO, Yang Geunhwan, said that HyunJoong really put in a lot of his ideas & effort whether it is in his album production or performance. The album producer, Kim Changrak (he have produced many KHJ’s songs), said that HyunJoong really have put in a lot of effort in recording his songs.


>>>>HyunJoong played soccer with the former national representative soccer player. The PD asked HyunJoong whether is he strategically weak in the team and he replied it’s alright. He said it doesn’t matter about the game but what matter is he win or lose. He added that one good advantage of his team is although his team seems to be losing during the game, when the game ended, it’s his team who won.


>>>>In a street in Tokyo city, he asked why the street looked so ‘old’ compared to other streets in Tokyo, looking as if a rural area. There is a arcade game here in this street and he played, and there’s also a game like the Iron Fist(?). He said last time there’s a pachinko (a type of gambling machine in Japan) and he did try it before and there’s Yonsama (Bae Yongjoon) pachinko. He used the Yonsama character and for the first time, he won. And from then onwards, his fate with Bae Yongjoon begins~ (lmao!!)


>>>>In a restaurant he usually visit in Japan, he pointed at an autograph he signed together with SS501 members back then in 2008. The owner said HyunJoong really came to dine around 4-5 times last time and said HyunJoong is really kind. Whatever questions he’s been asked he’ll answer and keeps the conversation going. An ahjumma customer once gave him a buchimgae (Korean pancake) and he accpeted it in a friendly manner and said he’ll eat it nicely. He’s really friendly towards people no matter it’s ahjummas or teenagers.

The PD asked whether did he eat ramyeon frequently back then and he answered no. He usually eat gyudon with his member.


>>>>HyunJoong said back then when he was carrying out activities in Japan, he think he got into depression. When their popularity was on the rise in Korea, they came to Japan and debuted and he was worried. He wasn’t able to return during New Year’s eve or during chuseok and he’s always inside his room (there wasn’t much activities in Japan that time), and slowly he got to like the dark things (where the depression came in) because he’s always shutting the curtain in his own room. From that time onwards even now a little, that type of ‘feelings’ still remains, He couldn’t sleep when it’s too bright…aigoo.


>>>> According to Artmatic’s choreographer Lee Hyunseung, HyunJoong is a person who thinks about a lot things and he’s never a lazy star, whenever the team was resting, HyunJoong continue to practice. Whenever the team asked him to rest, HyunJoong continue to practice singing.
>>>>HyunJoong said during the actual performance, he cannot amend his mistakes on stage. (refer to 3:45 minutes) He said on stage, if he stays still like this, he’ll forget his dance moves so he have to keep on moving. He said he needs to continue rehearsing with the team in order not to forget the dance moves.
He said his dance moves was inspired by an ostrich-liked moves. He began to imitate (refer to 4:20) and said he couldn’t do it well because it’s been a long time and his back was already stiff.
In the rehearsing room, HyunJoong joked that there is a noraebang (karaoke) as they couldn’t go to the actual noraebang and turning off the lights, they can play in the rehearsal room as well. The song that HyunJoong was singing in the documentary at around 6:00 minute was Kim Yeonwoo’s Still Beautiful (여전히 아름다운지).
>>>>Art & Matic are both 0.9 years old. Because HyunJoong was feeling a little lonely so he bought 2 clever Border Collie (Art & Matic) and he wasn’t feeling so lonely anymore, plus he felt that he has a new responsibility. Because of the dogs, he returns home early, because they didn’t have any dinner, he have to wake up early to feed them. The PD said in other words, it’s his ‘lovers’.
The conversation was about when they were living together for about a year.
And oh yes, the scene was filmed in Jaejoong’s restaurant, BUMS. 
(address attached below)
Jaejoong and HyunJoong are both very busy with their respective schedules, they were only be able to see each other in around 1- 2 months time.
Jaejoong said when HyunJoong was in Korea, Jaejoong was in overseas and HyunJoong said because of drama he can’t go back home.
HyunJoong said whenever he’s having a hard time, Jaejoong will write a letter and put it under his pillow. Whenever HyunJoong have any feelings he’ll tell Jaejoong.

Jaejoong tell HyunJoong not to drink alone and do tell him his story and he will listen to his story tentatively.

And about the letter that Jaejoong wrote, HyunJoong is still having it. (it’s still in his safety box, apparently!)

HyunJoong did write back to Jaejoong saying:
Hyung, I’m sorry I cannot do much for you and thank you for all you’ve done
And Jaejoong felt a little awkward/embarrased (?) about men writing letters to each other ㅋㅋ
HyunJoong said that even they are in different teams, they can agree with each other a lot.  Both of them said that even in the same group, there’s still some things that they couldn’t tell each other about. Jaejoong said that there is pain that he have to endure himself, even from the external pressure as well. (there’s something here I feel…I don’t know :/)
HyunJoong said although it’s important to work hard,  but it’s also important to consider the results as well.
HyunJoong really liked Jaejoong because they are able to share a lot of stories together.
HyunJoong said there is music that he wanted to do as well as with Jaejoong’s. They could actually exchange their musics (opinions?). Like making some editings to each other’ works.
HyunJoong also said that Jaejoong will definitely write him music right away whenever he asked him to.
HyunJoong said that people are calling him the Asia Star, the Hallyu waves and etc but he thinks he’s still too young to be regarded to that title. And he said people might think he doesn’t appreciate what he’s having.. (please don’t think like this :( …)
Narrator: Although the rehearsal have been ended perfectly, HyunJoong was still awake late-midnight to prepare for the quiz section (one part of his fanmeeting). In Yokohama Arena that can contain 20,000 seats, he think it’s consider close enough to reach the fans thus he wants to show his best to the fansOn the day of Yokohama concert, because it’s a Valentine event, he said he doesn’t have any chocolate as a gift, but he’ll make sure he’ll melt everyone with his sweet voiceAccording to a fan being interviewed, she said in the KHJ’s poster was pasted on the kitchen, the living room and even the bathroom!
>>>>Kim Hyun Joong’s last words in the MBC docu:Anyone can be a world star or an even bigger one in words, you see.
Call it a wild dream…but if you don’t look at it as some wild dream and start dreaming everyday….you should dream big in order to get close to it.
I have always been that way.——————————————–KHJ: Me?
Interviewer: Is there a role model for you?
KHJ: This may sound really proud, but I actually don’t have a role model, to tell you the truth…I respect various artists, who came before me. It’s like “I respect and like so and so,” but I don’t have a role model. They are just some artists (who came before me) that I like and there are many. To have a role model means that you want to become “another so and so,” but I don’t want to live like that. I just want to be me. Respecting someone means you have a duty to become bigger than that person as mush as your respect.

My thoughts: I really admire his vision of what kind of artist he wants to become. I agree with him that if you have a role model, there is a danger of following the footsteps of that role model, not allowing yourself room for creativity as an artist. You might end up being just another copy of that role model, limiting yourself.


Talented singer-actor Kim HyunJoong will be making his drama comeback soon since MBC TV ‘Playful Kiss’ 2 years ago.Kim HyunJoong will be starring in the drama ‘Conquest of the City’ which is adapted from the bestseller comic written by Shin Hyungbin. Starting from year 1996, 6 series of total of 270 issues have been sold 10 million copies and it’s one of the most popular comic series until now, garnering a lot of expectation for the drama.

Additionally, Conquest of the City will be consisting of humanism and action scenes, depicting a story about the son’s resentment towards the parents who left him when he was young and the grown-up lead character, Baek Mireu, who ruined his own family and enters the black society for his revenge.

In ‘Conquest of the City’, Kim HyunJoong will portray the character Baek Mireu who was living in the wild without parents going through all the hardships, however, when it comes to love, he is a soft-hearted man. Previously, Kim HyunJoong have shown his soft and perfect character in drama, this time, he will be changing 180 degrees into a manly rough character capturing more attention.

According to the representative of Key East, ‘Many local and overseas fans are anticipating for Kim HyunJoong’s drama comeback, Kim HyunJoong is constantly preparing to show a more developed side of him to everyone. As he will be coming back with a new side of him, please do anticipate for it.’

On the other hand, Kim HyunJoong will be kicking off his ‘Kim HyunJoong’s Fanmeeting Tour 2012’ starting this May in Singapore , Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and others consecutively to meet his fans around Asia.

Q & A :

Q: What are your music influences?
A: There’s not really a particular type of music i would say, it kinds of depends on the weather. Like in Singapore, i would listening to ballads as it suits the current rainy weather we have here. I wish the weather will be more sunnier on Friday.

Q: Is there any world record you wish to break?
A: I want to the singer who has held a concert with the most number of fans in attendance.

Q: Will you encourage your children to take the same career path as you?
A: I would not enforce them to do, it depends on what they wish to become, and i will support their idea.

Q:What’s the meaning of “…” in titles of homepage messages you left?
A: It doesn’t really have a meaning. It’s something like ‘kkk’ which is ‘kekeke’ (lol) used in Singapore.

Q: how do you feel about your collaboration with B’z?
A: I have always liked B’z, it was great to be able to collaborate with them on a Japanese single – HEAT.

Q: What are you future goals?
A: After releasing a japanese single, will be working on a new drama. However not much infos can be revealed now. Also preparing to release a new album next year and be more active in other areas as well.


His ambition is to become a “World Idol”, he can supposedly make you feel “healed” just by the sight of his face, and he has promised to high five all 3,000 fans during his fan meet at the Singapore Indoor Stadium this Friday.

With such big ambitions and a larger-than-life reputation preceding Korean idol Kim Hyun Joong, it is easy to dismiss him as just another wannabe, but when this reporter met him in the flesh, it became clear why he has legions of fans who worship the ground under his impeccably stylish leather shoes.

Firstly, everything about the Hallyu star looks perfect. Not a single strand of carefully coiffed ash-brown hair is out of place, and even up close, his face appears to be devoid of pores, blemishes, or any other defect that plagues lesser human beings.

When he smiles, he displays two rows of white, shiny straight teeth and his eyes sparkle with such sincerity that it would take a strong-willed woman not to go weak at the knees. Even his voice is warm, mellow, and completely in line with his image.

Kim is, after all, the actor who played Yoon Ji Hoo – the sweet, sensitive second male lead of wildly successful Korean series Boys Over Flowers that catapulted him to instant super-stardom in 2009.

Here in Singapore to kick-start a series of Asian fan meetings, Kim will be singing and dancing to 14 of his songs and play several games with his fans before attempting to high five each and every one of them.

During the course of the press conference and subsequent group interview, it becomes apparent that his answers are as perfectly prepared as the rest of his appearance, from his sharp black blazer to deep v-neck shirt that exposes just a hint of male cleavage.

Questions about what kind of girl he likes aren’t allowed – neither are we permitted to ask if he will re-unite with the other members of boy-band SS501.

This is what we got from him –

What can fans expect from his fan-meeting?

“The best way to find out is to come for the fan meeting – fans usually think that such meetings are just a small group of people interacting, but this time it is more like a fan meeting ‘upgraded’ – with a mini concert. Please come and have fun.

You’ve been to Singapore thrice – what do you love the most and what do you miss about this country?

Predictably Kim responds that his fans are what he loves the most – however he does say later that he loves Singapore’s chilli crab and has been to the Marina Bay Sand’s infinity pool and liked it very much.

Why attempt to set such a record in high fiving 3,000 people and why did he decide to do that?

“I wanted to make sure that everyone coming for the fan meeting has the best fun – I hope to meet everyone of them up close and remember all their faces. It would be like a small gift from me.”

What are your musical influences?

“I don’t have any particular musical influence. Usually I follow the weather. For today, its humid and dull weather, so I listen to ballads and slow music from my own album. I hope Friday’s weather will be much better.”

Perhaps some of his answers are lost in translation and not deliberately bland because he appears to think before answering, fiddling with a silver bracelet on his wrist.

One thing is clear – he is single-minded in his quest to make it as a “World Idol”, who he defines as being someone that “people admire and look up to.”

How did you prepare for your upcoming fan-meeting?

“I was supposed to go for a Lady Gaga concert before flying here. But I missed the concert because I felt that I needed to practice more.”

Just when you thought that getting non-politically correct answers was impossible from Kim, flashes a disarming grin and drops a few cheeky, unexpected answers.

When you are not performing or on stage, what is your fashion sense like?

“I like to wear track shoes, something comfortable, that feels like my own skin, so that I can practice well.”

And the one fashion move he will never take?

“Shave my head bald.” he quips without hesitation.

He also revealed that unlike his character in Boys Over Flowers, which he described as “Cold, calm, and Prince-like” – the “real” him, is actually “Very humorous, playful, and lively.”

And how will fans get to know that side of him?

“A video at the fan meeting.” he said.

Besides getting to watch those videos, fans will also receive a t-shirt and brooch specially designed by him.

That, as well as a chance to go palm to palm with Kim and pray that he truly remembers your face?

Its no wonder all the premiere seats (closest to the stage) for his fan meeting are completely sold out.


Kim Hyun Joong in Singapore for his Asia Fan Meeting 2012

[Article] Kim Hyun Joong: Superstitions, bling, and Chinese chess

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Text: Joanna Goh
Photos: Joanna Goh & Wenting Ang
Videos: Teng Siew Eng, Tay Yixuan & Fiona Lin

The Korean heartthrob speaks of his recent lottery luck, ‘bling’ preferences, and his favourite game of the moment, Chinese chess

Korean actor-singer Kim Hyun Joong surprised fans when he relayed his desire to high-five all 3,000 concertgoers at his first Asia Fan Meeting in Singapore held last night. It was icing on the cake for everyone present when he selflessly continued that act of generosity and topped it up by presenting all attendees with a U:ZOOSIN t-shirt and brooch.

Anything for the fans, he says, and we’re not even counting the dollars and cents (read: sense) involved in this exchange…

The “luckiest guy on earth” to be doing what he’s doing right now, Hyun Joong’s recent two showcases in Yokohama, Japan, sold out in mere minutes; tickets were balloted to pick 20,000 lucky concertgoers out of 60,000 applicants.

Rating his own performance thus far, the humble chap says he still has “a long way to go” to reach out to a global audience and “if there are 100 steps towards reaching my goal, I feel that I might be at my 10th step so far.”

For someone whose mini-albums are accompanied by complicated dance choreography that gets “increasingly challenging” with each album, the 25-year-old assures he’ll be dancing for “as long as my bones are still intact”. Fans might even get to see him flaunt his guitar skills in future promotions and albums since he used to be a bass guitarist in school.

This charismatic poster boy of Korean beauty goods and preppy threads is as random as random gets. With a title album titled ‘Lucky Guy‘, Hyun Joong shared a lesser-known tidbit about himself at his interview with xinmsn at Fairmont Hotel Singapore, and spoke about his superstitious habits.



SEOUL: Korea’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism (MCST) announced Wednesday that they will step up checks on talent agencies, and create a database containing information on all talent agencies in the country, reported Korean media.

This move will allow young aspiring entertainers and their parents to verify if the agencies they are dealing with are legitimate ones.

Created with the help of the Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association, the database will apparently contain information like how many employees the company has and how many artistes it manages.

There are currently between 500 and 1000 talent agencies operating in Korea, which take in young trainees and groom them into stars.

Under the new rules, only those agencies which are able to prove they have the required assets to groom artistes, can register in the database.

Unregistered talent agencies will not be allowed to operate.

This announcement comes at a time when Korea’s entertainment sector is booming, as entertainment companies reap hefty profits on the back of Korean pop culture’s popularity overseas.

This has resulted in an unprecedented increase in the number of Korean youths who want to join a talent agency and get their shot at fame and fortune.

But they grossly outnumber the professional talent management agencies in the industry, and in their eagerness to go into showbiz, many fall prey to con artists who pose as talent agents.

The announcement also follows in the wake of a recent police investigation into a Korean talent agency head, who allegedly abused his position to sexually assault his company’s female trainees – a case which had sent shockwaves through the Korean showbiz industry.

A spokesperson for the MCST said this initiative aims to create a “more responsible” entertainment industry without any “unqualified agencies” causing harm to aspiring performers.


05/09 [trans] KeyEast Notice – About Official Fan Club Henecia

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Hello. This is Key East.

With the start of Kim HyunJoong’s fan meting tour,
The month of May is filled with fun and gratitude to all the fans,
There are fanclubs opened by individuals in each country and even
Fansites who claimed to be recognized as official fan club by Key East,
We wish to confirm that fans did not suffer any monetary losses,
We want to tell you once again about the official fan club Henecia.

Currently the fan clubs that are officially recognized by Key East are
Any other fan clubs and fan sites opened by individuals
Are not being recognized as the official fanclub.

Kim HyunJoong’s official fan club HENECIA in Korea
Had ended its registration on 23-May-2011.
Future registration period has not been confirmed at the moment
But the registration period will be confirmed according to the artiste’s activities period
Current 2011 HENECIA members continue their membership until the new registration period
And will enjoy benefits as the official fan club members.

Official fan club HENCIA’s confirmed registration period will be notified through
The ‘Notice’ board in and,
In the event where other websites requested for specific sum of money as the membership fee to join the fan club,
We hope that you can verify and not suffer any damaged from it.

Lastly, we wish to inform that we will not hesitate to take actions, such as through legal means, against the respective party involved in misrepresentation as the official fan club as stated above, or reoccurrence of paid fan club registration and other relating problem.

Thank you.

what a shame.. it’s a disgrace anyone would wanna tell lies and say they’re official

please spread this around!


Washington Post Praises Kim Hyun Joong

Washington Post, an influential weekly newspaper in the United States, introduced Kim Hyun Joong as a Hallyu Star who knows how to communicate, gathering much attention from everywhere.

2012-05-11 17:05  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee, InKyung

Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong

On May 4, the online edition of Washington Post, reported about Kim Hyun Joong’s Singapore fan meeting. The article read, “Korean entertainer Kim Hyun Joong plans to kick off his ‘2012 Asian Fan Meeting Tour’ by high-fiving all 3,000 people expected to turn up – a first for a pop star visiting Singapore.”

The newspaper reported that the reason why Kim Hyun Joong plans on high-fiving 3,000 fans after a two hour concert was because he wanted time to communicate with the fans.

“’I hope that even if it is a really short moment of high-five, the fans would know how much I appreciate their effort and support.’” The article continued, “Organizers say Kim will high-five everyone at fan events in Hong Kong and Taiwan too.

The fact that Kim Hyun Joong’s fan meeting news has made it into an influential weekly newspaper shows just how big K-Pop has gotten. Netizens who read Kim Hyun Joong’s article commented, “An influential newspaper from the US showing interest in Kim Hyun Joon is so cool,” and “I’m so proud of Kim Hyun Joong for moving forward from Asia to the world.”


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