Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BRILLIANT STAR

By: LazerKim                     Kim Hyun Joong did it again!! Last night Hyun Joong performed a very successful concert. The venue was full packed  and his fans enjoyed the show just as much as Hyun Joong enjoyed performing a brilliant show for them. As I was monitoring the event as it transpired, I felt the excitement of his fans that it feels like I was actually there watching the show. It was only at the twitter that I monitored the event but it’s like listening to the radio, as each minute the other end was relaying the sequence of the show!!

It was fun, that even the show proper was the same as in Singapore, it felt as if I’m hearing those songs for the first time, as if I’m watching Hyun Joong’s dance moves for the first time!! I just can’t get enough of him, and maybe that would explain the feeling. And as I reading from other fans who were monitoring the show, feels the same way as I do!! So mysteriously contagious!! And last night as I viewed the video clip, Hyun Joong’s fans were all singing his song together with him. Gosh, that moment gave me a shiver or something, Kim Hyun Joong was totally in control over his audience, he simply magnetized everyone!!

Again Hyun Joong completed his task of sharing his music with his fans and the high-five session for each and every fan was successfully fulfilled. After the high-five his fans still waited for Hyun Joong outside the concert hall and so Hyun Joong stepped out and wave to his fans who were there waiting for him for a short glimpse!!. They just can’t get enough of him, really!!

After the high five session, Hyun Joong proceeded with his interview even it was already past 12 midnight. The interview did not take too long though, since Hyun Joong had a hectic schedule upon his arrival to Hongkong, and so that was the only chance to do an interview. This morning I read an update that Hyun Joong will be heading for China…

Yesterday as early 3:00pm, Hyun Joong’s fans started coming in to the venue lobby and started shopping for U;zoosin goodies. At about 5:00pm all merchandise were sold out.!! I read that there were seven Hyun Joong fan club booth selling the merchandise and it was all sold out in two hours. Every time Hyun Joong has event like this, fans do come in earlier to be able to buy the U:zoosin items, since it is here where the original items can be bought, provided directly by KeyEast.

These merchandise are quite salable anywhere, specially in Japan, since they do sell the original once, which resulted to good business. And that is because the merchandise are attached to Hyun Joong’s name. The U:zoosin character was created by Hyun Joong himself. Who among his fans wouldn’t buy it, in fact even the grandma fans of Hyun Joong has a complete collection of those items!

Hyun Joong definitely have the same showcase for this Asia Tour Fan Meeting. The only changes might just be the fan games, but the show proper remains the same even in his upcoming Taiwan Fan Meeting. Many fans of Hyun Joong had gone to Singapore last week to attend his event, and still followed him in Hongkong. That even they will be seeing the same show, they were still eager to travel to another country to attend!! As I mentioned in my recent article, a good show is always gonna be the talk of the town and eagerness to watch it again and again is likely to happen!!

Hyun Joong’s kind of music is tireless, that the more you hear and the more you watch him perform the more you crave for him. His live performances are just so addicting. When I was first researching about Hyun Joong,  I read many fan accounts about their experience in attending his activities. And every time I read all about it, it feels as if I was just beside the writer of the fan account, enjoying Hyun Joong’s show just as much as the others do.

Now as I witness the updates being delivered as the event transpired, it even feels that I was actually there watching Hyun Joong rock every stage he steps in. It was just amazing specially the fans who do shares updates as the event transpired. I truly appreciate these fans for their effort in sharing for the other fans from up far, thank you very much for your tireless effort, that you have gone out of your way in sharing, all for the love of Hyun Joong.

There are a lot more to look forward to about Hyun Joong, as I have mentioned this Asia Tour is a weekly series. Next in line now will be Taiwan which is scheduled on Friday May 11 and May 12 Saturday. And that reminds me, Taiwan was once placed in a controversy about ticket price. Although I believe those complainant were not genuine fans of Hyun Joong, nevertheless, allow me to say my piece.

I’m sure you have watched video clips of Hyun Joong’s Fan Meeting concert event which is now all over the internet, and very soon you’ll be watching video clips from Hongkong. I’ll say it again this event is more than just a Fan Meeting and it’s more than just a concert. This event in Singapore has been in the newspapers and magazines the entire week before and after Hyun Joong’s first performance. And as of this morning, local newspapers in Hongkong has Hyun Joong Fan Meeting concert event as their headline.

The Fan Meeting earned a lot of praises from these reputable newspaper broadsheets particularly the Washington Post and CBS News. As we all know, the news pertaining to Hyun Joong’s fan meeting event had gone beyond Asia. If this event is not worthy, I don’t think you would see or read anything about the event from reputable newspapers. It’s been over a week now since Hyun Joong performed the fan meeting concert in Singapore and yet people still talks about it, and now in Hongkong, Hyun Joong was the talk of the town.

Everyday for over a week Hyun Joong has been in the newspapers all over the world earning praises for the magnificent show he had brought in. I can only speak for myself but reading from the fan accounts of those who have attended the fan meeting relating their unforgettable experience, I would say it’s my lost for not able to attend a very rare chance to watch a spectacular show and the chance to accept Hyun Joong’s appreciation to each and every fan who were there to witness the event.

Once again, Hyun Joong had proven himself not only as an artist, but as a leader of show innovation in the new generation. He started with concept change in Fan Meeting events that was very well accepted and appreciated by anyone who had witness it. And from those who observed the event from up far, that Hyun Joong gained further attention. Needless to say this brilliant event is more than worthy than a ticket price you buy to experience the event.

Two of my closest fan twitters were able to attend the fan meeting last night and I can just imagine how they feel as they described the moment they spend with Hyun Joong.  I can only sigh about it and just felt as if I actually melt by his presence, even I was not there!! I feel so happy that my two friends had the rare chance to experience.

The fact that one of them is a new fan started in January this year, and the other is a veteran fan started from BOF, whom I just met at this blog site as my regular readers. Both of them only met each other through this blog site too! Both were mesmerized upon seeing Hyun Joong performed on stage, and the chance to meet him up-close. Lucky for my readers to have such a wonderful experience that I’m truly happy for them, while I still wait for him to come back to my country!! Sigh….

As I watched the video clip of last night’s performance, there’s a part in the concert as Hyun Joong sang Happiness Is.., a technical laps occur but Hyun Joong stood up continued singing in acapella which I appreciated more to be hearing his sweet voice. During the interview portion Hyun Joong admitted the technical laps and he got nervous, but built back his confidence as he heard his fans cheered for him even louder. This guy is such an amazing star!

Well, this week will be a busy week for Hyun Joong again, as he prepares for his third stage in Taiwan. The media focus their attention on Hyun Joong once again, since his HongKong Fan Meeting concert tour brought such a huge success by gaining excellent responses from his audience, a week after an explosive performance in Singapore. Hyun Joong’s chain of success is just so unstoppable, as he goes on and on the more he gains attention from the media and the chain reaction just follow. Next weekend Hyun Joong will be flying to another destination to spread his love for his fans in Taiwan.

We may read a lot of good new and praises about Hyun Joong that makes us proud being his fans. Indeed we have chosen the right artist to love and support, who is a Brilliant Star, Kim Hyun Joong….

                                                                                       LazerKim here writing.


17 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BRILLIANT STAR

  1. A+ for Awesome and Amazing 2 FM that we’ve seen so far. There is many more surprises to look for while we keep seeing his next FM in Taiwan and China.
    Many things have been happining a lot of excitment, great news and as I read some people asking themselves some questions about his performance most of it good and some you read that you ask yourself why do you ask that, but this is life and showbiz right…
    I once read that the person was not sure if he was lip singing or he was really singing… not that I was happy when that technical part happen while he was singing HAPPINESS IS…, but at that exact moment he prove he do sing and that his voice is like angel whispering in your ears that you don’t need any background melody to enjoy his angelical and sweet voice that just melt you away. He does puts all his work, vocals and effort to give his fans the best of him.
    On the other hand I love have this FM has been a total success not that I was worry cause we know he can bring it everytime he steps on stage and even off stage.. but for those people that was thinking we love him and support him cause our love is blind well my people this is just a small sample of his greatness and people will come to realize that blind love for him is not that fact that we love him and follow him is him as a person, his talent and his hard work to make his dreams come true.
    But if loving him makes me blind at least I’ll have that pic forever in my heart, mind and soul and will never be forgotten or erase of my life.
    If KHJ is the color of darkenss the only color I could see if I was blind so let it be.
    Thnxs LK for this brilliant article as brilliant as our STAR!

  2. First time attended a anticipation of the actual event was beyond what I prepared myself to look forward to when the show started!!the HK FM was just so great right at the beginning as I see fans filling the venue…mushrooming in every corner & before I realized when HJ appeared onstage w/ a BANG(!!)’s packed w/ Green lights of Uzooshin….cheers up on high!!my gosh I try to focus all my senses on the sole man performing at the center of the stage!!although there are two big LCD screen I liked the feeling of seeing,watching him live right there!!The emotion that swept over me was all but that’s how it is when it’s live HJ, we all know the sequence of the songs he’ll perform…when it comes to PLEASE..waahhh….before HJ appear I kept telling myself I’ll just be composed and appreciate on w/ever he could offer..but when he comes in suit w/ nothing beneath..omigosshhh~~~~!!!I I never looked anywhere else not even to the Big screen that captured him closely but just on him right there in the center of the stage!!and he did it!!geezz…I’m telling you the feeling is different frm what we watch on video..HJ was soooooo~~~~wahhhh…sexiest abs ever!!hahhaha~~~I felt like blushing just the memory of it,lol^^…at talk time (I kinda little frustrated coz no eng translation*:((..)..there was this part that I found HJ very cute and funny that i burst was when the fans saying something that makes HJ very curious & kept asking *what is it??*..and he jokingly imitate the word the fans is saying in chinese,hahhaha..laughters everywhere~~~silly cute HJ^^…..T

    There are a lot of unforgettable memories of happiness to tell in spending time w/ HJ during this FM…we know how he loves us, his fans.. but it’s more than knowing when you are w/ his company up close or not..I can truly feel his sincerity.Is there a saying like a man’s eyes is a mirror of his heart??b’coz that’s how I felt it..through his expressive eyes glowing in happiness when he sees the fans present during the’s twinkling like stars~~”)))))…HJ and the fans blends so well that concludes a wonderful time altogether…I am just so glad that I was able to attend his FM..and there’ll be more to come,:))))…

    • Thank you very much Dan, this is what I’ve been waiting for to share your experience so that others who couldn’t have the chance to meet HJ in person would be able to read your experience because reading from others actually feels as if we’re there just beside you while you’re watching him. And it really feels good. Maybe if I was actually there at the venue, even after the show I wouldn’t want leave and still imagining he’s still in front of he performing!! sigh…
      I’m truly happy for you dan for having that rare chance and as you said there will be more, and I really wish each and every fan would have the chance to meet him in person.. Thank you again for sharing….have a great dreamy day!! See you around! God bless..

    • Dan tnxs 4 sharing ur experience and excitment while watching our prince in HK FM. Reading every word of happiness written in your reply makes me happy cz when a fan is happy KHJ is happy and that feels my heart with joy. Hopefully we all get that chance to experience the same as you.. keep supporting, loving him and please keep sharing.. again thxs.

      • sharing is nice~~^^..btw during hi5 when its our turn there’s a funny little scene..unlike in SG HJ rcvd the hi5 between the entrance and exit we may only get a glimpse of him once we enter the door..the securities are also wearing as it happens a fan who might be still in a daze and disoriented by the aftermath mistakenly took a hand of one frm the security instead of HJ’s!!& when she realize her mistake she kept saying sorry~~we all laugh and HJ smiling shyly,hahaha^^..a few seconds delay a few more secs to me~~feasting my eyes to HJ!!hahaha..I was so surprised when I get to see HJ up close..he looked younger more than I thought!!I sense calmness and peace just looking at him.Right there & then I understand why he is being given a tittle of an idol w/ a healing power just by looking at him..I don’t see weariness nor tiredness but a sincere gratitude to every fan.It’s so heartwarming..honestly,when I get hold of his hand it’s not excitement what I felt but a sincere gratitude.I pressed my hand firmly and the only word i mumbled to him is “kumawoh~~”..he smiled and say ‘neh..^^..i even looked back for a final glimpse going out to the delayed reaction..I shriek!!hahaha..^^

        I would love to share more to you guys all the highlights such as..during the KISS KISS,once it played the crowd all singing along in a hype!!and frm where I stood I saw how the fans at the ground level swarming forward like tides when HJ took the teddy down..everyone inside the arena was all standing singing excitedly!!..w/ uzooshin lightstick was such a nice scene!!^^..Marry me serenading…HJ really is playful.. he did not play tricks this time..if all the fans in the arena speaks the same language we probably screaming in unison “andweeeeeh~~~!!!” when he went behind the smoked screen silhoutted the scenes…hahaha..aaiiisshh..we were shrieking w/ jealousy.lols^^and HJ laughing,smiling and by his looks it interprets “envious??”..such a tease!!and we love him..hahhaha^^..during encore of Lucky guy..somebody pour a water on HJ and we all laugh because his hair went to disarray!!..looking awfully weird,comical,kekeke…maybe HJ sense he must be looking funny..he swept his hair back and as it turns out he is like filming a CF!!..turning into a sexy dashing wet look!!~faints*…..

        so you guys must have at least get a picture of some scenario..^^..can’t share more in details I worry that I might take too much space of the comment box,hahaha….Next stop will be in Taiwan..let’s hope to hear more from it..China FM sounds more exciting though..I wish we could all be there to attend also but~~~~…sigh….

        • Dan please continue your story, see my readers respond to you, please turn on to today’s article so they can read further, I’ll tell omega to do the same. It’s really really good feeling for you to share please….we want to read more from you. I’m die laughing here!!! LOL….but the part that heals i really believe in it, his angelic face is just so heartwarming. Thanks please do continue…we’ll wait.

        • Dan don’t worry about writing a complete book if you have to…we will read it with a smile on our face reading that excitment you felt bring joy to all of us, we just can’t get enough of the love the fans got for HJ.
          It was funny what happen to the other fan.. but poor sweetheart must have been so nervous getting so close to him.. me I always say I think if I get that close I might faint…hahaha., but there was something positive for you with all of that you got a chance to see him for a few minutes more…yeahhhhh!
          I saw on video that 4 Marry Me he didn’t chance the people as he did on SG and that was nice even if it cause a lot of screaming of jealousy and envy by us fans.. but it was a sweet moment for the fan up there to share and treasure for life.
          I love when he sings KISS KISS cause his inner child comes out to play like the sweetest kid in the playground. KHJ is one of a kind I can just imagine you while writing this reply remembering every second of the FM like if it was still in front of you.. it’s an image engraved in your eyes and heart 4 ever.
          The part where he got wet Omo.. OMG… he look so handsome no matter how he is HJ is the cutest thing anyone can put eyes on.. he just smile and all is forgotten.
          I’m glad you had that chance of being there and hopefully it’s just the first and many more will come so you can keep having great memories like this.
          Thxs for sharing even more.. Until Taiwan and China. We still got a few more to see and his bday is on the corner also let keep wishing him the best.
          I appreciate your reply… Take Care Dan

          • Oh btw… I love your words when you said about while holding his hands not feeling excitment but gratitude and giving him your thanks… It caught my attention your words cause a few days ago i told those same words to another fan and blogger that if I ever see him I will thank him for all he has given us.. what I have become cause of him and to believe in my dreams that with hard work they can come true..
            Again gamsahamnida Dan… hope to hear more from you

            • that is exactly how I felt about gratitude.You see,I do not expect nor longed to be recognize by HJ himself.In my heart my fangirling is more like being thankful that such a man as HJ ever existed.And knowing him is one of the best thing that I ever stumbled myself upon into.HJ really is an inspiration to me to see the bright side of life even when it’s becoming gloomy.He changed my perspective in a more positive way. And I reaffirm being his fan till I get old~~~and not such negative vibes could ever get me swayed!!.I respect the guy.He is honest and sincere…

              • Thxs Dan 4 the reply and ur sweet words! He is all u mentionand more when u look up a positive great adjective in a dictionary KHJ name is next to it cause they all describehim! He is a total positive influence in all his fans that support him and love him so much! Thxs again ☺

  3. Brilliant,that’s the word for HIM,BRILLIANT STAR.Ah…sist can’t get enough to read,HE is really brilliant in all his plan…OUR BOY IS AMAZING, HE’S THE ONLY ONE Who we love. Thanks LK again… He he;-)

    • Thank you!!! Actually I’ve run out of words to describe Hyun Joong!! LOL He just have everything to describe a perfect man who deserves all the love you can give to a human being!! Thanks and see you again!! Take care, God bless.

  4. Darling LazerKim, what can I say another article, brilliant. the FM wow/awsome very big sigh of why, why, why couldn’t I be there, but was watching almost on line as you put it the updates, and yes he can sing acapella, yes he has a beautiful caressing voice (to die for) and yes he is more gorgeous with every FM. Thanks to all the wonderful people who put almost on line everything they saw and heard and for being there supporting HJ. Till next FM enjoying the Beijing press conference, not enough, but still. big sigh of yearning of the heart to be there……:)

    • Hello Noya! Wait for my article tomorrow, there’s more than this from that press conference, I came to realize this one is huge that we’re not aware of. Then let’s both share the tears of regret for not being there!! hugz hugz …..comforting each other is all I can do for all of us who can not be there!!! LOL. Everyone was so busy with update. See? I’m still awake it’s almost 3am, I made a little research came up on just a simple analysis!! Keep your eyes open until the end of June!! That’s all I can say!! I’m still writing!! Have a great day & take care! God Bless…

      • Dearest, thanks for being awake at 3am, it’s evening here, but can’t wait to see your article, and I may say all of this is making me more determined to put penny with penny aside and make one memorable trip to one of KHJ FM, and by the time I will have the chance to make this dream trip, he will be even bigger than today. Oh my, I am missing so much in HIS part of the world, and they say the world is a small village (ha..dream on…..but, in a way it is ….look at all the updates on line) for sure HJ goes Global. It is such an exciting time and the pace is so quick. hugz to you to, keep well and big sigh again:):):)

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