Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PRESS RELEASES

By: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong arrived Hongkong safely yesterday came out around 11:15am. For a recap on yesterday’s unexpected incident, Hyun Joong’s fans were gathered at the airport lobby, well prepared with their streamers to welcome the Prince. Unfortunately, Hyun Joong was escorted at the VIP lounge onto the VIP exit area.

Upon knowing where Hyun Joong was lead by his escorts, his fans rushed to the VIP exit area, which I would assume the airport security management was taken by surprised! A crowd of fans come rushing to Hyun Joong’s car, like a flock of birds!! The car couldn’t make it’s move to drive off, since the car and its drive way was blocked by fans. Here’s how it looks like, photo below.

This shot was taken before Hyun joong got into the car. And he was finally settled sitting inside the car, this was how it looks, photo below.

I think the airport management was expecting some scenario such as this and that was why Hyun Joong’s escort lead him to another exit!! Still the same though, it ended in a chaos!! Fan’s excitement was beyond control again, and I can see a similar scenario in China. For Hyun Joong’s departure from Hongkong on the 13th, I don’t think fans will have the chance to take pictures of Hyun Joong.

Well, I really hope, somebody could be there at the immigration or boarding area of the airport, like in Singapore!! Hyun Joong was scheduled for a press conference which was held at 3:30pm yesterday. I only got some photos during the press conference and still waiting for video clip.

Hyun Joong had been gaining media attention even beyond Asia, as in May 3 just before he performed his fan meeting, CBS News circulated a news about the event. And yesterday an unexpected press released by Washington Post was circulated, that I would like to share with you, in case you have not read it yet, here it goes:


Washington Post, an influential weekly newspaper in the United States, introduced Kim Hyun Joong as a Hallyu Star who knows how to communicate, gathering much attention from everywhere.

2012-05-11 17:05  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee, InKyung

Translation Credit : Grace Danbi Hong >  (

On May 4, the online edition of Washington Post, reported about Kim Hyun Joong’s Singapore fan meeting. The article read, “Korean entertainer Kim Hyun Joong plans to kick off his ‘2012 Asian Fan Meeting Tour’ by high-fiving all 3,000 people expected to turn up – a first for a pop star visiting Singapore.”

The newspaper reported that the reason why Kim Hyun Joong plans on high-fiving 3,000 fans after a two hour concert was because he wanted time to communicate with the fans.

’I hope that even if it is a really short moment of high-five, the fans would know how much I appreciate their effort and support.’” The article continued, “Organizers say Kim will high-five everyone at fan events in Hong Kong and Taiwan too.

The fact that Kim Hyun Joong’s fan meeting news has made it into an influential weekly newspaper shows just how big K-Pop has gotten. Netizens who read Kim Hyun Joong’s article commented, “An influential newspaper from the US showing interest in Kim Hyun Joon is so cool,” and “I’m so proud of Kim Hyun Joong for moving forward from Asia to the world.”                                          >>>>END<<<


Kim Hyun-joong to kick off pop tour in Singapore

SINGAPORE — Korean entertainer Kim Hyun-joong plans to kick off his “2012 Asia Fan Meeting Tour” by high-fiving all 3,000 people expected to turn up — a first for a pop star visiting Singapore.

Event organizer “Running Into The Sun” said the original plan was for Kim to high-five 500 fans selected from the audience but Kim was insisting on high-fiving everyone.

I know it’s not going to be easy and I hope that even if it is a really short moment of high-five, the fans would know how much I appreciate their effort and support,” he said.

He will meet his fans at the stadium exit after the event ends.

Kim told The Associated Press on Thursday he’s confident security won’t be an issue.

The tour that starts Friday includes Hong Kong, Taiwan, China and Thailand. Organizers say Kim will high-five everyone at fan events in Hong Kong and Taiwan, too.

Kim is part of the boy band SS501 and became hugely popular across Asia after appearing in the 2009 Korean TV drama “Boys Over Flowers.”

His solo debut album, “Break Down,” was released in 2011.


 As I was monitoring the updates yesterday afternoon and I read this news from one of the best and reputable news publisher from US, that made me speechless!!. I think Hyun Joong did a real noise that it reaches beyond Asia, and what would I feel except being very proud. The brilliant show Hyun Joong created, the concept change and his sincere intention in giving meaning to what a fan meet should be. Which is a closer interaction with his fans and the sincerity of appreciating each and every fan present in that event in Singapore.

 It’s been a week since that event transpired and yet, news and impressive opinion about Hyun Joong still circulates not only within Asia but beyond its boundaries. Now that he is in Hongkong, as he steps on his second stage of his Asia Tour Fan Meeting, still more news will be coming out that I can only look forward as Hyun Joong rock the stage in Hongkong! As every fan in Hongkong creates a remarkable memory for them to keep in their hearts with Hyun Joong, the world will once again watch over the event as it transpires.

The Washington Post reminds me of Hollywood. Yesterday a fan from the twitter wrote Tom Cruise, as Hyun Joong having a new clean haircut with his dark glasses on, indeed I can see the young version of Tom Cruise! Well, this might just be a co-incident, but I remember in one talk show Hyun Joong stated as, “If I’ll be given a second chance of life, I would like to be Tom Cruise.”

In his press conference in Singapore, he was asked if he ever thought about Hollywood. Hyun Joong stated, “I would tell a lie if I say I never thought about it, but I still have to do a lot. I think it would better to have a firm ground in my home country and in Asia before I can seriously consider of Hollywood.”

I think every actor has that dream of going to Hollywood, and with Hyun Joong’s potential, I would say that dream is not too far for him to reach for. Others may think he’s ambitious, I don’t see anything wrong with being so, a man with ambition can take him anywhere. Just the same as saying a man with dreams make him a better person. For as long as he keeps his feet firmly on the ground, then I don’t see any reason why Hyun Joong can not reach for his dreams.

In another related topic, Hyun Joong was interviewed by some of his fans at Yahoo Mission Interview. I picked on some of the questions that caught my curiosity in random. Hyun Joong was asked about his personal business which is Jaksal Chicken which is becoming very popular. I think as Hyun Joong’s popularity rise up, Jaksal goes with him too.

It’s currently operating in nine outlets and still expanding. Hyun Joong was asked if he intends to go worldwide expansion. Hyun Joong stated, “Actually there are plans to expand it to Japan, Singapore and China, but it will depends on my business partners decision.”

If I were Hyun Joong’s partner, I’ll go for it. What more can be better than expanding the business further outside Korea. Jaksal Chicken is already tagged with Hyun Joong’s name and I think this is a good timing to expand internationally, which I believe will prosper further since Hyun Joong also has good business partners. Jaksal is an interesting topic to talk about after reading its history.

Another question was, “what is your most memorable thinking about Hongkong?” Hyun Joong replied, “The most memorable recollection must be my photograph being secretly taken by paparazzi in Lan Gui Fang. As I woke up the following morning I was shock to see my photo in the newspaper”.

Every time I read this “paparazzi”, it gives me a creep!! I think almost all famous public figure are surrounded by the paparazzi. I may probably consider them as nuisance reporters, who can make up stories out of the pictures they secretly had taken.

I just couldn’t understand as to why does our society allow such news reporters. I’m not actually sure if they are called news reporters, because I have a not so good impression that they are meant to be reputation destroyers!! I hope I’m wrong though.

They do remind me of Princess Dianne’s death, as she was being chased by paparazzi that lead her to a tragic death. Hyun Joong has to be careful of these paparazzi, specially at this time that he is already an international celebrity, although Hyun Joong has got nothing to hide about himself. Still he’s a human and needs his privacy.

What I have shared with you are recent press releases both from the international arena and from his home country. And they are all good that something we fans can be proud of. While we enjoy the good news, let us still be aware of the not so good news, that may leak around without being aware of. Good and not so good, it’s a part of showbiz where Hyun Joong belongs that we still have to accept. With the good news, we rejoice and be proud, and with the not so good news we defend, this is just as simple as that.

Well, tonight is gonna be another big night, are you ready for it? By this time everyone must be excited as we start the count down before Hyun Joong explodes again!! And for those who are watching from up far, we will be closely monitoring as this event transpire.

For those attending the Fan Meeting, this is your chance to burst out all your well kept love for Hyun Joong, as he reciprocates through his music. This is your chance to cheer for him, scream on top of your voice, sing and dance with Prince, enjoy every second of this moment of a rare chance. Make this event a remarkable memory for every fan of Hyun Joong.

As the Press Releases good impression about Kim Hyun Joong, the whole world reads about him, as he spreads the word of love to his fans through his music.

                                                                                         LazerKim here writing.

Photo credit as tagged thanks, KHJean14 thanks.


5 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PRESS RELEASES

  1. Our Prince is rocking the world, the press, the newspaper and every heart in the world. As a fan is great to see him on top of every news. Well deserve news and article are written about his incredible performance and how he has captivated everybody with his charm and sweet honest and sincere thanks to all his fans.
    It was a total caos in HK but can we blame them if they are so ansious to see him as we all are, but ladies please think of his safety our prince was a bit scare in the car when all of them sorounded the car and didn’t let him go.. oh our poor prince. Everytime they do that preacaution for his safety will be taken and all the fans that wait for him on the airport that are well behaved have to pay the consecuence of those that don’t and do not get to chance to see him walk pass by any airport any longer more VIP exits for him if this continous.
    As you mention LK we get happy with all his great news and we will fight defend and support when ever we hear or see something wrongfully written or said by our prince.

    Thanks 4 the article.. God Bless

    • Have you watched HJ in Beijing? He proceeded to china this morning Check it out! I think China loves him as much as Japan, he was given an elegant presscon and you can see how china gave him importance. They are indeed passionate about him. i think he will explode bigger in china, his FM has been on ads ever since confirmation was officially announced and until now they actively aired the ad!! I’m so proud of HJ, all of us are. I’m truly happy with the turn of the events as it unfolds, really happy!! Thanks always!! See you around! Hey take care! Have a great Sunday! God bless.

      • I’ve seen some pics I need 2 see more I’ve try sleeping the lastest so I can to catch all the great news and excitment at the exact moments but this crazy time zones are killing me LOL! I better move closer to have the same time ㅋㅋㅋㅋ thats I’ll b looking foward to see all the love his receiving from China and from many more places cause his a winner and have won and will win many more hearts! Take Care Sweet dreams and God Bless U! Oh btw hope ur feeling much better ♥

  2. You are right LK, When there’s good news about OUR BOY, we are happy, proud of him… Cry of joy.but… When there’s come not so good, specialy when they made up fake news, we are angry,sad of course…coz we knew HIM, what kind of person he is,we can feel HIS TRUE HEART, we are far from him but we are near by the HEART. We really sad when they talk bad… coz we LOVE HIM. Wish HE more tough to bare all. Thanks again n again for your great article. GOD BLESS

    • Thank you! Sometimes people talks not so good bcoz they do not know him at all. Who else knows more about Hj except us his fans bcoz HJ shared himself to us. And so the way to defend him is to enlighten them as to who HJ is, we response to their not so good words by kind words of realization and enlighten them. if you happen to read not so good about HJ from his critics, pls share it with me , I would appreciate that very much. Thank you again and see you again. Have a nice weekend!! Take care God bless.

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