Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR FLIGHT

By: LazerKim                      By the time you read this article, Kim Hyun Joong must be on board his flight KE 603 departing Korea at 10:55AM bound to HongKong. His fans must be preparing and waiting to welcome him at the airport, with eagerness and excitement, as always anywhere Hyun Joong goes. May I say this again, Hyun Joong’s comfort should be on the top of our list of priority in planning and preparing for his arrival.

Allow him to take a glimpse of his fans as he will also be expecting you to be there to welcome him. And so Hong Kong, it’s your turn now, please do take care of the Prince!! You may read the updates on Hyun Joong arrival to HongKong after this article.

Before I start writing this article, it took me some minutes staring at this photo of Hyun Joong above. This was the photo taken at the airport on his way to board his flight for Singapore last week. Looking at him, in simple shirt, jeans, top coat and his sneakers, you wouldn’t think this guy is a superstar! That’s Hyun Joong off stage, the opposite side of him but the real Hyun Joong as simple as ever, nothing flashy that may signify a star celeb and yet still shining.

As he walks down the airport lobby, allow him to take at least five to ten steps and you’ll notice ladies starts following him!! That’s Kim Hyun Joong in any airport he goes, that’s always been the scenario!! A little later, you’ll get to notice some flashing cameras focus on him. And a bit more later, there will be ladies who would just hand him letters,and presents. As he approach the immigration check in, you’ll hear cheering and calling his name!!

Now I get to wonder, for those foreign airport passengers who doesn’t know Kim Hyun Joong would probably say “what’s with the guy”?  Seeing him just like any ordinary guy but with a bunch of ladies tailing him at his back, handing him presents as he accepts a bunch of it, looks like he went shopping!! And as Hyun Joong finally board his flight, of course at the business class couch, the foreign passengers might just be at the same flight and might still wondering as to who this guy is??

As the flight reaches the point of destination, a huge noisy crowd welcomes the simple guy in shirt jeans and sneakers!! That with no idea those foreign passengers would just get surprised to see the same guy in the morning newspaper headline!! Don’t judge a person by it’s cover, take a closer look at his face to see the star in him!!

Hyun Joong will be having his press conference in the afternoon, expect to be seeing Hyun Joong in a different image again as he faces the media. As soon as he gives in his bright smile, his instant charisma pop out that can make you melt right away!! When he starts to talk, the more you’ll be captured by his soft spoken voice, and before you know it, you are already bewitched by his magic spell!! That’s Kim Hyun Joong.!

Yesterday, a notice from KeyEast was circulated, that I would like to share with you in case you have not read it, here it goes:

05/09 [trans] KeyEast Notice – About Official Fan Club Henecia

Credits : + (English Translation) xiaochu @


Hello. This is Key East.

With the start of Kim HyunJoong’s fan meting tour,
The month of May is filled with fun and gratitude to all the fans,
There are fanclubs opened by individuals in each country and even
Fansites who claimed to be recognized as official fan club by Key East,
We wish to confirm that fans did not suffer any monetary losses,
We want to tell you once again about the official fan club Henecia.

Currently the fan clubs that are officially recognized by Key East are
Any other fan clubs and fan sites opened by individuals
Are not being recognized as the official fanclub.

Kim HyunJoong’s official fan club HENECIA in Korea
Had ended its registration on 23-May-2011.
Future registration period has not been confirmed at the moment
But the registration period will be confirmed according to the artiste’s activities period
Current 2011 HENECIA members continue their membership until the new registration period
And will enjoy benefits as the official fan club members.

Official fan club HENCIA’s confirmed registration period will be notified through
The ‘Notice’ board in and,
In the event where other websites requested for specific sum of money as the membership fee to join the fan club,
We hope that you can verify and not suffer any damaged from it.

Lastly, we wish to inform that we will not hesitate to take actions, such as through legal means, against the respective party involved in misrepresentation as the official fan club as stated above, or reoccurrence of paid fan club registration and other relating problem.

Thank you.

what a shame.. it’s a disgrace anyone would wanna tell lies and say they’re official

please spread this around!

I have written an article Stalker, about taking extra precaution against being infiltrated within the community of Hyun Joong fans club. This time it’s not only being infiltrated that we have to be aware but a fraudulent fan club. I read a certain fan club allegedly was pretending to be the official fan club of Hyun Joong. Actually this news is not new to me anymore.

Before I got into writing or during the time I was still on my research, I was also in search of Hyun Joong’s fan club. And I do encounter such people at the internet who would say, be a member of Kim Hyun Joong fan club and get to know him better. I just laugh it out, I don’t need to pay just to know more about Hyun Joong!! After a month I couldn’t locate the account from FB anymore!!

These kind of people are likely to take advantage since Hyun Joong popularity gain keeps on boosting, so things like this are likely to happen. They do take advantage knowing there are many new fans of Hyun Joong out there maybe in search of updates and couldn’t find  the right way. I’ve been there, I was also once in search of Hyun Joong’s fans who may have shared the same thoughts and feelings as mine. And so for the new fans please be guided accordingly, so as not to lose your way towards Hyun Joong.

Yesterday, I mentioned in my article Dream Date, about a way to help Hyun Joong expand his network of fans is by bringing a friend to watch his concert with you. Somebody from my comment box asked if I will be going to any Hyun Joong’s fan meeting. I replied back saying, no I’m not going to any of his fan meetings, and that I share the same feeling like others who couldn’t make it at this year. I said I would just be waiting for Hyun Joong to come back to my country.

And so I thought about it, if Hyun Joong performs in my country, I will surely attend and bring my neighbors with me to watch the concert. I was thinking this is more practical, than following him to other countries. I shall be buying a bunch of concert tickets instead of buying air flight ticket and bring with me some none fans of Hyun Joong!! By this way I can support his concert and at the same time, have the chance to gain fans for him!! What have I got to lose, sharing is loving, right?

Allow me to share with you my recent experience, having this in a good timing. Two weeks ago, it was one of my friend’s birthday, as she invited me for dinner that I couldn’t make it. I thought about sending her my birthday present instead. I’ve been indisposed so I couldn’t get her something that she would appreciate. I thought about sending her Hyun Joong’s music instead, since my friend is a music lover. I got an extra Hyun Joong’s album Breakdown, my precious one.

After she received my present she emailed me thanking for the present. I actually have forgotten all about it and last night she emailed again saying she loves the music I sent her and was asking all about the artist which is Hyun Joong. I replied to her saying, “if you want to know more about the guy, here’s the link for the article “Fan Starter” by LazerKim.” I never told her that I’m actually writing about Hyun Joong and probably by the time she come up reading this article, will only be the time she’ll find out!!

These are just simple things that I can do in helping Hyun Joong expand his network of fans. This is not the first time though, I did this last Christmas 2011 too. You don’t have to spend too much, Hyun Joong’s CD will do and share it to your friend.  Why not try just once. But before doing so, refrain from negative thoughts that your friend might not like it since it’s Korean song.

Have confidence, if you fell in love with the song “If You are Like me” that you barely understood the lyrics, then there’s no reason why your friend will not like it. You know what? If feels good to be sharing Hyun Joong’s music, knowing it is something you are proud of.

Do it with love and before you know it, you have already won your friend’s interest for Hyun Joong. And as a fan of Hyun Joong, you know very well what might happen to your friend!! Like being addicted like yourself, or end up helpless searching more about the guy!!!

We thought about what we can give Hyun Joong as our way of thanking him for sharing himself to us. I think the best way is to help him expand his network of fans. I know he can do it by himself alone. But don’t you think it would be nice to be part of his success in our own little way of sharing? As I mentioned in my article Dream Date, there are many fans who would like Hyun Joong to visit their country. And before this dream visit can happen and materialize it takes number of fans in a country to be able to do so.

It has been Hyun Joong’s dream to be an international star, to share his music worldwide and I think he’s capable of attaining that dream. I remember Hyun Joong was saying “I also have a dream, because a great dream drives me to become better me. I’m a lucky guy”.This is very true to Hyun Joong, I think other than his wackiness, his 4D can signify literal meaning as Depth, Discipline, Dedication, Determination. Hyun Joong has it all to succeed in any of his endeavor.

Hyun Joong thought of innovating his kind of fan meet which was very effective and had brought a huge success in Singapore. Now, Hyun Joong is bringing this fan meeting concert to HongKong as his fans look forward in attending. For those who have not gotten their ticket for the fan meeting event, you have only this day left to get it. This is gonna be Hyun Joong’s second stage to perform as once again will create a memorable date with his fans. HongKong do take care of Hyun Joong and PROTECT THE PRINCE.

Kim Hyun Joong now takes his second step to rock HongKong with his music. Rejoice for the Prince is coming your way taking the Star Flight to reach out for you..

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing


Here’s Hyun Joong’s photo below at Incheon Airport departing for HongKong this morning. He got his new hair cut and color I think! Handsome as ever!! (Photo credits Ahlia thanks)

Photo above is in HongKong, KHJ fans waiting at the airport this morning. (Photo credits  Lestari thanks.)

Hyun Joong arrived HongKong around 11:15 this morning, it’s so unfortunate that Hyun Joong was escorted to the VIP exit lounge, so Hyun Joong might get to see these preparations maybe at the newspapers tomorrow! Oh dear I’m sorry, but we have to understand for security reasons, Hyun Joong was made to exit by the back door. It’s the airport management’s decision so Hyun Joong neither can do anything about it. He’s in another country and he will just follow anywhere he is being lead to. Anyway, Hyun Joong knows how much you have prepared and surely he appreciates. Let’s not forget that Hyun Joong’s comfort and security is the most important above anything else.

This photo below is Hyun Joong’s arrival to HongKong. (Photo credit KHjean14 thanks) As Hyun Joong exits through the back door, his fans run into him and almost in chaos again!! A crowd of fans just popped out from nowhere, as Hyun Joong got into his car. Oh my, how can you control his fans, is just so eager to see him, I can see another Shanghai China scenario again. And come to think of it, Hyun Joong was already escorted at VIP exit and still fans followed him!!

(Photo credit KHJean14, thanks) At this point, Hyun Joong already got in his car  and wondering how they can get away from the crowd since they seem to be blocking the way, taking Hyun Joong’s picture, taking a short glimpse of him!! Oh well, now I would say Chinese are that passionate in terms of loving. I can’t blame you guys, I’m half Chinese myself too!!

I can understand your feelings, but how can we get this Hyun Joong’s car out of this driveway if you’re blocking his way!! LOL!! Gosh, so this is how it is to be a news reporter, catching up with deadline to post this update!!! I love it!!!  Next will be Hyun Joong’s press conference which will be held shortly after this. But guys, I’ll write about that tomorrow. Have a great Hyun Joong day!!

                                                                                   LazerKim here reporting!!


10 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] STAR FLIGHT

  1. Very nice.. thanks for the updates and your daily article.
    Keep up the good work and again your ideas for gifts are genius cause when they come from love and your heart there are the most appreciate gift you can receive.
    ________ ._.;_’.-._
    __,-“”-_\__╰._ ,╯//…-‘.)
    _______ )¯¯¯¯¯¯(
    ______’\________/ some flowers for you LZK so you can get better soon. I heard you was a bit sick.. take care

    • You know what I have to tell you this, every time you draw something like this really gives me a big smile even I’m not feeling well at this time! Thank you very much! I’m just so proud to say this blog site since it was created with love, not a single reader does not feel that love. Even I sometimes attack critics or those whom I just intend to be enlightened, i still want to let them feel they are loved. I don’t know, writing about HJ just made me change 180 degrees!!
      You take care too, God bless…

        • Ur welcome! Ur words made me smile also! This blog has been a gift from you to use and like you said its made from love and thats why we value it and appreciate it so much!
          Again get well soon and God Bless U 2! 😉

  2. Thank you Lazer unnie I really love your idea about gathering fans.. Yesterday I did a same kind of thing.. When one of my friend asked me to send her some new songs I included some of HJ’s songs too..She is not a Kdrama lover or Kpop lover, but music is a universal language so she loved those songs very much..When it is really hard for me to find someone to talk about HJ in my country, to find someone love his music is a great delight for me.. Our love for him and His love for us can make people around us happy..

    All the very best to Kim Hyun Joong-ssi for the second historical stage performance of Asia Tour tomorrow.. Really thankful to everyone sharing arrival and departure updates with us…. We will wait for all your updates tomorrow too…

  3. Thank you so much for your update, I haven’t got my time to check on HK news this morning and there you are provide such an update along with your writing.. He cut his hair a bit but all I can see his freshly new looks soooo handsome… Can’t wait to read all the madness from tomorrow’s fanmeeting, can’t believe it’s been a week since his last show in SG, if only I can turn back time, I’m dying too see him again :’)

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