Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FIRST MEMORY

By: LazerKim              Kim Hyun Joong had a successful fan meeting last night which lasted about three hours. If I will have to advertise this fan meeting, it’s definitely not a fan meeting but a big concert. From the stage set up, production design and show performance, it’s within the bracket of a major concert!!

The fan games and High Five is just a bonus for the fans, but watching from the video clip of the show has a high concert standard. Hyun Joong sang more than 14 songs including the encore, and it’s true Hyun Joong indeed sang the songs he had not performed in the past. And even his songs from his first and second album were remixed that brought new to his repertoire.

Here’s the run down of the show sequence or list of songs Hyun Joong performed:

1. (Opening) Let Me Go – Remix Version

2. Breakdown

3. Please

4. Thank You

5. Happiness is…

6. Kiss Kiss

7. I’m Your Man

8. Smile

9. Because I’m Stupid

>>> Stage Activites<<<

10. Marry Me

11. Di You Like That

12. Lucky Guy ( Remix)

13. If You Are Like me

>>> Encore <<<

14. One More Time

15. Lucky Guy

>>> High Five Session <<<

May I just share with you some of the highlights of the show that struck me. I’ll start with the opening number Let Me Go. Hyun Joong made a fantastic opening here by performing a remix version of the song. Originally, in his recent shows Hyun Joong starts his opening by himself followed by his back up dancers.

This time his dancers the Artmatic, started the number with an upbeat intro, and dancing with halogen flashlights which gives an excellent effect to the stage. While a huge crystal ball like was sitting at the center of the stage and as it exploded, Hyun Joong appeared standing still and started to sing Let Me Go. This opening number was just, wow! It was a fantastic opening number and the idea was unique.

The next surprising number was Hyun Joong sang the song Please, and at the middle part of the song, Hyun Joong unbuttoned his shirt or blazer that shows his gorgeous abs!! This was such a sexy number, that his fans just went crazy screaming at Hyun Joong as he showed his handsome body built up muscles.

Watching the entire concert from the opening down to the finale does not give a chance to the audience to even blink, because the entire show was very interesting. There was not a single dull moment that made the audience glued their eyes on stage and most of all, to Hyun Joong.

There was a video clip shown which was supposed to be a break, that you can not even take because even the short clip was interesting! It was shown how Hyun Joong would like to do to his girlfriend! Hyun Joong was shown cooking for his girlfriend, writing short notes for her, preparing a present for her ect. Hyun Joong was shown with a huge white teddy bear, signifying his girlfriend!!

That huge white teddy bear shown at the video clip was given personally by Hyun Joong to one of his fans from the audience. I would like to know who the fan is and I would like to tell her how very lucky she is, to be given by Hyun Joong something she can hug for comfort from him. I find this idea a very thoughtful gesture from Hyun Joong, as he always is to his fans. And I’m sure any fan who could have seen this portion of the show would just be envied, and I’m one of them!!

As one of the activities in the fan meeting was the fan game, that Hyun Joong participated. There were five yellow stickers that was paste under the audience chair, and the lucky fan who has it under her seat, had the chance to participate in the fan game. During the game, the first girl who was eliminated was called back to the stage after the game and Hyun Joong gave her a bouquet of red roses, allowed her to sit on a bench beside Hyun Joong as he serenaded at her. At this part Hyun Joong sang Marry You. Indeed the loser was one lucky winner of all!

Running down towards the finale, Hyun Joong sang “If I am Same with You”. Hyun Joong singing this song even gave the strongest impact to the audience, that touches their heart and their very soul, right at that moment Hyun Joong was singing this song. Just watching Hyun Joong sings this at the video clip gave me a pinch in my heart, what more if I was actually there in Singapore watching him sing this song in person? I might just burst out into tears!! This finale was so touching that will leave the audience something to treasure after watching the entire show.

At the encore part short breather, Hyun Joong sang One More Time and Lucky Guy. He surprised the audience as he came in at one side entrance of the audience gallery area, that made his fans searched for him as he sings One More Time. Followed by the song Lucky Guy, the fans stood up and party with Hyun Joong. It was such a fan evening, an amazing event and a remarkably unforgettable memory that Kim Hyun Joong shared with his fans.

Right after the entire show, Hyun Joong had a brief breather and came back to the stage to fulfill his challenge of Hi-Five to all his fans. But the hi five ended up in a hand shake with his instead!! After performing a spectacular show, Hyun Joong still managed to sincerely smile and genuinely look at each and every fan of his as he shake their hands!

According to the media the Hi Five Session lasted till 1:00AM!! Hyun Joong must be hungry by that time! I think Hyun Joong had truly broken the record of Hi Five to all those fans who attended the event!! The guy seemed to be tireless! And you can see in him how happy he was with the outcome of the successful concert, and seeing how much his fans enjoyed every moment of the event as it transpired.

Hyun Joong spotted on his two elder fans who were on wheelchair and went down from the stage approach them to great them each with a hand shake and hugs. Now I wouldn’t wonder as to why Hyun Joong maintained having elder fans at his side, because he truly loves them like his grandma. He has that certain affection for his elder fans that he doesn’t forget ever.

From the elders, Hyun Joong also spotted his kid fan!! A beautiful kid girl came up to the stage to shake hands with Hyun Joong!! He touched her face and his face was glowing with joy as he look at the small girl. She’s a daughter of one die hard fan Angela, and eventually her daughter now is a kid fan of Hyun Joong!!

And as a young kid, she will never forget that very moment with Hyun Joong, as she cheered with her mom while Hyun Joong performs on that stage. And having met Hyun Joong in person to shake hands with, she’s a very lucky kid fan of Kim Hyun Joong!!

This was what I was pertaining to as I wrote in one of my articles, that Hyun Joong is an extra ordinary artist whom you can always be proud of to share with your family. Angela’s daughter might be six or seven years old, but she understands why her mom loves Hyun Joong, because the kid herself enjoyed Hyun Joong just as much as her mom enjoyed his show. Well, the guy is so handsome, that even a kid can appreciate his beauty and talent plus the fact that Hyun Joong possess that charisma even to the kids.

Just the same with the elder fans of Hyun Joong, the grandmas, I’m sure the entire family of grandma supports her in being Hyun Joong’s fan. And I’ve very sure grandma had proudly told her family the story of Hyun Joong, and as to why she admires being a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. He is definitely a person whom you can always be proud of regardless as to whom you are talking with about Hyun Joong.

As I mentioned in my previous article, Hyun Joong has all different age range of fans that he was able to capture their hearts. Different age bracket, different gender, from different walks of life and different nationalities are the nature of Hyun Joong’s fans and they are Only One for Kim Hyun Joong.

I would like to thank the fans of Kim Hyun Joong at the Twitter, who stayed up all night until this morning to upload video clips and photos taken during the concert fan meeting and share it with us. And those fans who were able to attend the event and shared with us, as the memorable event transpired. Your effort in sharing with us the concert updates are very much appreciated, Thank You very from the bottom of my heart. Please do keep up with your good work, all for the love of Kim hyun Joong.

Hyun Joong made a remarkably successful beginning of his Asia Tour Fan Meeting event series which started in Singapore, as the First Memory to remember forever with Kim Hyun Joong. As he launches the first step to meet his fans in person, many had regret and I am one of them, for not able to attend Hyun Joong’s First Memory on this Asia Tour Fan Meeting. There will be more chances in Hong Kong, Taiwan and China. Do not let go of this rare chance, grab it before you end up with regrets.

Kim Hyun Joong proves his sincere love to his fans, as he created a First Memory that each and every fan of his will forever keep in their hearts. As he will never forget how his fans touch his heart by their endless love and support.

                                                                                                     LazerKim here writing.

Photo credits as tagged, thanks.

7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FIRST MEMORY

  1. A first memory that will last us for ever. Is like ur first love, you get to live so many new things and they become unforgettable! We know is not KHJ first time on stage but he did many new thing for the first time and things that are amazing and that makes him amazing and make us blessed and happy for being his fans!
    A very impressive show given by our prince! God Bless him and all of his fans!

  2. LazerKim dearest, I don’t think I can thank you enough for those beautiful articles and to ALL other Good souls that uploaded videos of the FM – a big bow to you All you good people. Beautiful people like our Idold KHJ, from what I saw it was smashing (improved tenfold from the first FM when he released the Break Down) wow and wow, amazing he never ceased to surprise can’t wait to see what he will do in the future. He is just a Gorgeous person inside as outside. thank you again LZ:) and God Bless.:)

  3. I feel like crying while reading this.. As a fan, I feel so proud for Kim Hyun Joong.. He’s not just an idol with looks and talents but with a big heart too.. The grandmas were really lucky! I guess Hyun Joong still remembers them.. They were able to see and meet Hyun Joong upclose and personal during his visit in Manila last 2011.. Though I wasn’t there, I still feel blessed and lucky to have such an amazing idol.. Love love lots! Thanks for the article LazerKim! 🙂

  4. my goodness gracious sis lazer.. to borrow this line from you “Just watching Hyun Joong sings this at the video clip (singing If You’re Like Me”) gave me a pinch in my heart, what more if I was actually there in Singapore watching him sing this song in person? I might just burst out into tears!! This finale was so touching that will leave the audience something to treasure after watching the entire show.” as for me while i was listening to that song from last night my God my tears never fail to fall.. haha.. i am crying as i listen to it, and again cry for listening to it again.. hahaha.. im so crazy.. what’s with that soothing voice and that song?? sighhh.. and now crying while reading your article and listening to that song as background hahaha, its such an overwhelming feeling just by looking the pictures that where shared by fans who were there and watching the videos, thank you everyone for sharing.. thanks so much..

    gosh, i can feel all the excitement of everyone who’s there that its like it’s passed on to me.. i am also excited and so overwhelmed watching those videos as if i am there too.. i can feel the sincerity of his heart, how much he loves all of his fans, from young to old.. he really prepared a lot for all of us and we will really regret it if we won’t be able to attend any of his FM.. watching the vids from chin’s blog (thanks chin for the updates), i was asking myself and in my mind, “is this really a FM??? seems to me its a major concert??” My God, the way he performs is really amazing! im like WWWOOOWWWW!!!! so overwhelmed!!! so amazing!!! that my heart is bursting with mixed emotions.. now im eager to make a way to attend even just one, just one of his FM, i really really need to do something just to attend even just one of his FM.. even just one.. oh God please let me attend even just one FM of Hyun Joong-ssi.. i know that in China they agreed to not have a hi-5 with him but its still okay with me if ill have the chance to be there.. even without the hi-5, just being there and seeing him, watching him perform live is too much for me already.. 1 hr, 2 hrs, 3 hrs of staring at that wonderful person perform, my God, i know i can say Its great to be alive.. haha… now i really must find a way!!! huh..

    thanks to all the fans who shared all their experiences, through vids and picts.. for all the updates thank you.. your heart is like our Prince Hyun Joong-ssi’s heart.. 🙂 Chin thanks for updating your blog as soon as picts and vids came pouring in, it was easier for me to follow all of it.. 🙂 thanks sis lazer for this wonderful article.. indeed all of you are truly amazing like our Prince, our Star!

    take care Hyun Joong-ssi.. you’ve worked hard! Saranghaeyo! God bless your good soul!

    • Wow MC! Love all you said here.. I couldn’t say it better! Reading ur comment felt like reading 2 articles in one! LOL! I’ll ♥ to thx all for sharing also and mostly you cause while me being in a hospital bed you kept on sharing all you could and found to cheer me up and give me that strenght to keep on fighting!!! Thxs MC

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