Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BIG NIGHT

By: LazerKim            The Big Night is set May 4, 2012 Friday this evening at 8:00PM, at the Singapore Indoor Stadium as the Asia Tour Fan Meeting begins. Hyun Joong will mark the beginning of another memorable event in every Hyun Joong fans. As the clock starts to tick from this hour onward, majority of Hyun Joong’s fans may be restlessly excited to see Hyun Joong either fans who will attend the event or many of those international fans outside Singapore who would be waiting for update news about the event.

May I just mention that late last night I have read that members from Hyun Joong’s fans club helped in the preparation of souvenirs and give away presents to the fans who will be attending the fan meeting. Your effort is very much appreciated as you’re doing all you can to assist or help in preparing for the big night. Thank you very much for your effort. All for the love of Hyun Joong.

Many international fans traveling from their respective countries may already be on board their flight bound to Singapore to attend the fan meeting event tonight. Or for some may have already arrived Singapore yesterday. Everyone is just so excited for the Big Night of their lives, that maybe some can not even sleep feeling excited to meet Hyun Joong!!

And it’s not only the fans who are excited about this event, Hyun Joong too is more than excited by this time, or maybe even last night, he probably filled with tension, which is natural for any artist to be performing in a concert. You must be wondering how Hyun Joong is? How was he doing yesterday?

Kim Hyun Joong spend his day yesterday at the Singapore Indoor Stadium for his technical rehearsals. In my previous article, Life on Stage, I have written how it is in preparing  a big show on stage such as performing in a concert. Considering Hyun Joong’s show tonight is a mini concert, for sure he had underwent the process of technical rehearsals together with his back up dancers and production staffs.

Those who will appear on stage has to be present at the technical rehearsals, and those who will work at the back stage particularly the production assistants. Of course the technical crew has to there and most probably even the bodyguards of Hyun Joong has to be there too if Hyun Joong plans to get down to the audience gallery.

As it was said at Hyun Joong’s documentary, it’s Hyun Joong who is directing the concerts he performs. Oh by the way, in the documentary at the scene inside Hyun Joong’s hotel suit room, it was said that the paper he was holding was his schedule. Actually that paper is the show line-up he did at Yokohama Arena in Feb.5. The show sequence line-up or repertoire is the list of song numbers to be performed accordingly, it is the flow of the show or guide line in which to be performed.

Everything within the show should be followed strictly by the book. We have watched Hyun Joong’s previous performance on stage and it was constantly flawless. Or if there maybe errors during the show, meaning errors behind the scene, those are not to be seen by a single audience. But as far as Hyun Joong’s performance is concern, he’s just a consistent perfect performer. Of course Hyun Joong is just human, he definitely feels exhausted but he will do everything in his power not to show it to you.

To be performing a solo concert even this event is a mini concert is not a joke. He will give you all the smiles without the least idea how he’s catching his breath in each number from the show he performs. He’ll maintain his composure and energy on stage, but as soon as he reaches the stage wings, that’s the only time he breath and relax.

But the only thing that can make him relax to the fullest and recharge his adrenaline is his fans cheers and screams. Hyun Joong gets his strength from his fans and his audience. This is the secret of Hyun Joong’s strength in every show he performs. He would love it very much to hear your cheers and screams as you enjoy his performance just as much as he enjoys sharing his music with you.

Needless to say, I think the very first instinct that fans do is to cheer for him upon seeing Hyun Joong on stage!! This is a way of bursting out all the excitement that fans would feel, that Hyun Joong loves so much to hear.

This would at least give you some ideas, what Hyun Joong was up to yesterday and probably even today making some finishing touches with his staff about the Big Night tonight!! What about the minutes left before he steps on that stage to perform? Hyun Joong experience some jitters, that’s for sure and that’s just but natural. We have watched his documentary, and one of his way of getting rid of those jitters, is to play a bit and take a sip of water before he finally steps in on that stage and perform.

While Hyun Joong prepares himself for the show at the back stage, I can just imagine his fans eagerly waits for their time to go to the stadium, and as expected to fall in line with the other fans, at the entrance of the stadium. Probably hours before the show starts, or even before the doors of the stadium opens to welcome his fans, I’m sure everyone will be filled with excitement.

To those fans attending the fan meeting, enjoy yourselves, make the most of every moment you spend with Hyun Joong. We fans are his strength, your cheers, screaming on top of your voice, dancing with him as he perform and listening attentively to his sweet voice as he sings for you, and allow him to capture your heart once again. Many of us if not all, would wish to be there with Hyun Joong and with you tonight.

The long waiting for almost a month has finally come. Well, as for us international fans who can not attend the event, we will be watching over you and Hyun Joong from up far. We feel the same excitement as yours, with wishes we’re there to join you in spending a moment to remember with Hyun Joong.

And surely we will enjoy the moment with you too even we’re not there. We will eagerly wait for updates on what’s going on from the time you’re falling in line with the other fans, from the start of the show until it ends. At the same time we will be praying for your safety, specially the international fans who are there in Singapore to join with others. And most of all, we will be praying Hyun Joong safety during the show and after. We will also be praying for a successful fan meeting that will always be memorable to every single fans who are there.

And with that, I wish you all the fans who will attend the fan meeting, an enjoyable and memorable evening, as Hyun Joong begins with his first Asia Tour Fan Meeting Event.

Kim Hyun Joong prepared well for this Big Night that every fan will always remember for the rest of their life. Let’s make the most and best night for Kim Hyun Joong…..

                                                                                                          LazerKim here writing


5 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BIG NIGHT

  1. HI LK
    I’m bk missed ur 2 last article. Great as ever. It’s late 4 me to cheer all fans for this one, but
    more are FM coming. Bless the Prince and all the fans.
    Thxs 4 the article.

  2. yalor LZ..where are you??..good thing your article is staying on time..cant find you anywhere this day..Hope your alright.Thanks for the effort for every topic you’ve got here.See u soon..ahhhh!!miss u dear!!*wink*…lets rock for tonight for HJ..YAHOOOO!!!Take care and God bless every one!..

  3. Thank you unnie for tthe article and your beautiful fanarts..
    I wish and pray all the production staff, crew, ArtMatic everyone who are commited to this BIG NIGHT to make it a GREAT Success! And wish all the fans attending to have memorable day with singing & dancing.. And share with us..We’ll be singing and dancing tonight with you all here..

    Kim Hyun Joong-ssi, thousands of fans are waiting tonight for you..They all wish that this Night would become a GREAT NIGHT to you as well, a GREAT NIGHT that makes you happy and joyful as well.. All our blessings are with you , you can make it perfect.. May the Triple Gem Bless You.. and God Bless!

  4. before I’m used to wake up everyday to read your article eonnie, but now it was changed! I’m waking up everyday not just to read your heart-warming articles about Kim Hyun Joong but also to see your masterpieces in fan arts… ^_^ hands down to you eonnie! keep it up! ^_^

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