Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MARK TO BEGIN

By: LazerKim                 By the time you read this article Kim Hyun Joong must be boarding his flight bound to Singapore together with his entourage. By this time his fans must be eagerly waiting for him at the airport and so his fans on line must be waiting for updates on his departure from his country. As expected, his Korean fans would surely see him off from the airport, presents and personal letters again would be handed to Hyun Joong.

Singapore please do take care of the Prince, if you have read my recent articles I think we have a better understanding about Protecting the Prince. Please do keep an eye on him and while he stays in your country a fan crowd may be following him which can not be helped, but let’s not forget that Hyun Joong’s comfort is the most important thing above anything else.

For the international fans who are traveling by themselves to attend the fan meeting, please do not hesitate to approach your co-fans if you are in need of help or assistance. As I always say, Hyun Joong ‘s fans is just like a one big family, and family members  naturally do help one another.

On this day onward, Hyun Joong’s fans outside Singapore will be monitoring this event while he stays in Singapore. At the same time fans from Singapore, please do keep us updated as much as you could, since like you guys, we are also excited to hear from you  wherever Hyun Joong is. We would appreciate it very much if you could share the updates with us.

Since I still can not share with you anything yet about Hyun Joong’s departure from Korea and arrival to Singapore, what I can share with you is a news update from Japan instead!! This is about yesterday’s new that Hyun Joong has a new Japanese single which will be released in July. Here it goes…


2012-05-01 10:48  l   CJ E&M enewsWorld Lee, InKyung
Translation Credit : Stewart Ho
Kim Hyun Joong has received a song from Japanese rock band, B′z. On May 1, according to Kim Hyun Joong′s Key East, “Kim Hyun Joong received Heat, a song from the legendary and beloved musicians B′z, and has finished recording it. Heat is planned to be included in the upcoming second Japanese single album, set to be released in July.”

B′z debuted in 1988 and has placed first on the Oricon charts an astonishing 46 times. In particular, it was revealed a song made by B′z′s Matsumoto Takahiro and Inaba Koshi has never been given to another artist other. Additionally it was revealed Inaba Koshi even sang the chorus for Heat while Matsumoto Takahiro played the guitar for the recording.

Regarding this, Kim Hyun Joong shared, “It was an honor to record with B′z who I′ve liked and admired for so long. For this recording, the B′z members gave a lot of great advice and thanks to them we were able to finish recording in a delightful manner. I will return with a great album so please be waiting for it.”


I think it was about a week ago, Hyun Joong was spotted at the airport arrival area and it was said Hyun Joong came home from Japan!! One fan from the Twitter said, how could he be arriving from Japan if there was no one noticed him of leaving his country?? Another fan replied he sneak out by the back door!! But what did he do in Japan?? Well, this could be the answer to those speculations, it could be he came in to Japan for his recording of his new single “Heat”.

Just by the song title itself, it sounds like a dance music and I think it’s good for the season since the month of Jun and July are summer months in Japan. It was said in this news article that the Japanese band doesn’t give their own music composition to others but the group gave it to Hyun Joong to sing. It’s an honor to entrust the music piece to Hyun Joong knowing he’s a professional, with a good working attitude who would give all his best at all times in working on it. Hyun Joong is the guy most deserving and surely, he will once again rock Japan with his music.

Well, the guy will start getting on his toes again, upon arriving Singapore, the ball will start rolling from this day onward. Hyun Joong begins his Asia Tour Fan Meeting as he hops from one country to another. After which there’s his Japanese single in July, then his third album in June, and hopefully he would pursue with his drama project.

There are lots to look forward to and for him of course it’s gonna be a lot of work again, same as last year. That was a pretty tight schedule from June 2011 to Feb.2012, eight months of none stop public exposure. And if it’s time for him to release his third album, that’s gonna be another a marathon period to promote the album. I’m really hoping for this next album, as we all know if he releases it, we’ll see more of Hyun Joong as he launches it, on talk shows, and game shows, fan autograph signing, many more public exposure and Hyun Joong will surely shake the entire universe again.

It feels exciting to dream what Hyun Joong dreams of. Have you ever experience that feeling of happiness when he talks about his dream that now is actually happening? In his interviews he always get to mention “I want to always bring something new for you to keep you interested in me”. And so from time to time these past months Hyun Joong would just surprise his fans out of nowhere to bring out something beyond expectation.

If you can still remember when he released his latest OST which started with a few seconds drama trailer? His fans all went crazy which only shows how we fans thirst for Hyun Joong’s presence that even just to listen to his voice for some seconds can only make you miss him more. And when the OST finally was released, everyone was touched. That is the magic of Hyun Joong. And remember, he had warned us, “I will keep you interested in me.” And so he did…. not only once but a lot of times!!

As Hyun Joong will begins his Asia Tour, each stage he hops in, brings us another episode of his life story that we can always keep in our heart. Lucky we as his fans that we are given the chance to be with him in person even just for one day. And Hyun Joong prepared for that special day that it’s no longer a dream to see him in person.

At the same time, you get to meet with the other fans, that you thought are all strangers since you have just met through the internet. The bond of friendship will even be stronger, your affection for Hyun Joong will even grow deeper than you expect. As we always ask ourselves, “can I still get over with him?” We know within ourselves, we can not and maybe never. What more if we get to meet him in person?? And yet we still long for that chance even just once.

From this day, we start watching as events transpired, Mark to Begin another memorable event in the career life of Kim Hyun Joong. Singapore take care and Protect the Prince.

LazerKim here writing


4 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MARK TO BEGIN

  1. Hello Lz..
    I read your article yesterday while all of us were in the craziness of twitter last night for me/ today for some of you. Had to come again to thank you for your wonderful article you know me had to come every time i get, and to say that love your pictures.
    Like I pass the airport movement I know it was the start of great things coming KHJ ways.. all fans were there to support him, to watch him go and the ones that were there to receive him with open arms in SG airport. It was all so fast but so excited for all us.
    With this tour we have receive many other great news that I’ll give you plenty of material to write for a very long time.. whoohooo I’m so happy.
    It’s the mark of the begining and from what we have seen it’s going to be extremely amazing.
    Let’s keep supporting him, and protecting him and loving him 4eva.

    OMG so many good news

    Thanks LZ

  2. Lazer,I cant stop to say thank u to the way you write about him,feel that u carry all our really bring us to keep on touch with him.He the one n the ONLY ONE will mark another history again…he will hi 5 to all of our family in singapore.his heart really golden heart,as u said Lazer:-) take care…God bless

  3. Lazerkim you are going to be very busy, but really what a good feeling seeing HJ again on the move. Yes you are right, he kept busy in Japan, but i think that with B′z is the kind of music that he loves and wishes to make, so it must be good as coming from Hj hearth, as far as I understand sometimes he is doing the kind of music that pleases the fans, but somehow I have a feeling that B’z music is very close to what he really loves.
    Wow I do envy those fans in Singapore….wish by God I was there. Can’t wait for the updates:)

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