Kim Hyun Joong… [article] HELLO CHINA!

By: LazerKim          Last night at Incheon Airport Kim Hyun Joong boarded his flight bound to Chengdu China. As expected some of his fans waited for him to see him off and as usual they handed him letters and presents. In a mean while a crowd of fans in Chengdu China prepared for Hyun Joong’s arrival to welcome him, unfortunately the airport security management escorted Hyun Joong through the VIP exit.

Hyun Joong safely arrived at the airport of Chengdu at around 11:30pm. I just hope his fans will not get disappointed after waiting for hours at the airport. But seeing from the crowd of fans, there was no barricade no security measures, there’s no way Hyun Joong will be allowed to squeeze in through that crowd. China had learned their lesson from Shanghai when Hyun Joong was almost mob by his crowded fans.

As Hyun Joong was escorted to the VIP exit onto his car, this was about  past 12mn as Hyun Joong was taken straight to his hotel. But his entourage and their luggage were being help up at the custom!! It was said that Hyun Joong did not pass through the custom for formalities, to have his passport stamped procedures! And Hyun Joong came back to the airport at about 1am to abide by the airport rules. I would think there was confusion among his escorts since they should have guided him to the proper procedures for VIPs, probably they were such in a hurry to get away from the airport crowd of fans!

It’s funny that at the costume, Hyun Joong was waiting for custom personnel to finish up his documents procedure, he was spotted dancing! Actually he was memorizing his dance routine at the middle of the confusion at the custom procedures!! Somebody at the twitter posted that he looks as if he was not in a good mood. May correct that, even Hyun Joong is tired, he’ll try his best to pull himself together, he was actually dancing while waiting so how could someone say he’s not in a good mood?

It’s surprising that his fans were still at the airport lobby since Hyun Joong came out from the costume at around 2am after the costume procedures. His fans waited for him patiently until he’s done with the formalities. Hyun Joong still manage to smile at his fans despite of the hassle he’s been through, which was not even his fault.

I think Hyun Joong’s escort got panic seeing the huge fans crowd at the airport, and rush Hyun Joong to his car!! Hyun Joong must be so tired since he stayed up till 5am yesterday filming his music video. It was such a long day for him that he look so tired. I just hope he had enough rest since there’s another long day today ahead of him.

Hyun Joong will have a tight schedule from today onward to attend to his rehearsals for his first performance at Chengdu Sichuan Gymnasium on Friday June 1, and the high five session. Then move to his next stage at Guangzhou Tianhe Stadium the following day June 2 Saturday. I remember he was saying he would love to visit Chengdu and have the chance to see the pandas! I wonder how he can squeeze in with his tight schedule. Not unless he goes back from Guangzhou after the event.

In another update, a magazine in China as Hyun Joong is the cover will soon be released. Everyday Hyun Joong has been the cover of different magazine releases. The other day he was the cover man of Choa Magazine from Japan and this time he is the cover man for Easy Magazine from China which is to be released on June 5, the day before his birthday!!

Hyun Joong’s face is just all around, in Tokyo at the subway main station he was there in every pillar of the station as the endorser for Slim Beauty, a leading Japanese cosmetic product. This guy is just filled with many endorsements and it’s quite overwhelming and every fan is just so thrilled to see him every where!

In China every billboard there’s always Hyun Joong’s face. Posters of Hyun Joong’s Fan Meeting Concert is all over even the areas that does not cover his itinerary in China. He’s also been on TV advertisement for a month now, this is how passionate Chinese are over Kim Hyun Joong. His fans have been eager and so excited to see him and as expected they were at the airport to welcome Hyun Joong.

They waited at the airport lobby even they knew Hyun Joong was already escorted at the VIP exit. I think somebody tipped that he’s coming to the airport and so they patiently waited. I salute to these fans who are truly passionate about Hyun Joong, waited for him making sure he’s alright. Thank you China for staying with Hyun Joong even at wee hours at dawn.

Here’s a funny polls voting, the Arirang News had their voting polls with the title “Stars Who seem like they would be a Terrible Drunk”. I truly laugh at this because Hyun Joong ranked the first on the list!! Oh please don’t misunderstand, Hyun Joong is a terrible drunk because he sleeps after drinking and anyone will find it hard to wake him up the moment he falls asleep!! He would practically doze off anywhere when he gets drunk!!

In a talk show, Hyun Joong admitted to have fallen asleep in bar at Jeju Island!! At first, he went to the wash room and came back in a wrong room where he thought his friends were, and just doze off. When he woke up, he was in a total darkness and he couldn’t guess where he was! He went out of the room looking for anyone but he was being left alone in the bar.

He found the telephone and as ha started to dial, the phone at the kitchen rang!! The phone was an intercom, therefore it does not connect outside the bar!! When he finally got out of the bar, he tried calling for his friends but they were all asleep!!

In Japan, last year in November during his first concert, Hyun Joong was asked how he is if being drunk. Hyun Joong said, he just sleeps after getting drunk, and he said he would invite his fans for a drink to prove to them that he actually just doze off after drinking!!
Well, this is better than being noisy or troublesome.

If you are to drink with Hyun Joong be prepared to carry him, because when he gets drunk and doze off you’ll find it hard to wake him up and go home to sleep!! At least he’s being honest about it!!

It’s alright, he does not drink everyday anyway!! He drinks occasionally only after work to unwind, but normally he finish his work at dawn or early morning!! Just like the night before he boarded his flight bound to China, it was said that he finished his Music Video filming till 5am. Well I wouldn’t be surprised, he normally works at night-time!

And so how much time is there left for him to have a normal drinking session with his friends!! I think I have mentioned in my other articles that people from showbiz lives in a rather opposite the normal people. If normal people wakes up early morning to go to work, people from showbiz would be still sleeping or just in time to doze off!!

Oh well, these are just bits and pieces from yesterday’s update, plus the weather forecast in Changdu China yesterday, it rained late in the afternoon!! Now I would believe every where Hyun Joong goes in his Asia Tour, it always rain!! Indeed Hyun Joong is the God of Rain, more blessing to come despite of the hassle he encountered at the airport last night!

But my hats off to the Chinese fans who were at the airport last night and stayed until Hyun Joong got out to the airport lobby to greet them still with a smile even he’s so tired. The fans assured themselves that Hyun Joong was alright as they patiently waited at wee hours of dawn. And for the fans who stayed up late last night to update Hyun Joong’s arrival to Chengdu, thank you very much, you know who you are!

And so the count down in China starts from now and tomorrow is the big night for Chengdu as the most anticipated event takes place. We have seen how Hyun Joong’s Chinese fans has been preparing and how eager they are to attend the Fan Meeting Concert event.

Kim Hyun Joong had a long day yesterday and today but he still manage to sincerely smile to his fans at the airport and still manage to say………Hello China!!!

                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BUILDING STAR

By LazerKim          Among all the scenes that I love watching most is the airport scenes of Kim Hyun Joong.  Be it his airport fashion, his dark glasses, the way he walks and most of all watching his fans hand in their personal letters and presents. And I guess we’ll be seeing more of Hyun Joong’s airport scene.  From tonight as he’ll be leaving for Chengdu China and onward he will be having a busy schedule this month of June in completion of his Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert which will end in Beijing China by June 10 as his last performance in China for this Asia Tour. Well, China it’s your turn now, please do take care of Kim Hyun Joong and Protect the Prince!!

After which Japan comes next in the month of July since his second single HEAT shall be released in July 4 and the most awaited concert in Saitama Arena in July 14. It was said Hyun Joong shall be staying in Japan a bit much longer to promote his latest single. Right after his concert in Japan, Hyun Joong shall be starting his filming schedule for his upcoming drama City Conquest.

The update yesterday stated that Hyun Joong shall be filming in five countries namely, he shall start in Japan, next would be China, Singapore, Switzerland, and the US. Therefore, we’ll see more of Hyun Joong’s airport scene. Lucky fans from the said countries I hope you can be able to visit him in his shooting location.

I have known Hyun Joong as an actor when I first saw him at Boys Over Flower that I never thought he was a singer, and a good one. It was much later that I found out he belonged to a group SS501 when the group was no longer around. After watching him at BOF I was still looking forward to another drama that I can watch, then he did Playful Kiss. I think I really didn’t have the chance to recognize him as a singer except when Hyun Joong already released his first solo album Breakdown. It was then I started following him.

In my country, there’s a very good music composer, he’s also a very good singer and eventually he ventured in acting as a comedian. He is quite successful in his career and still at his peak until this time. In Korea, Kpop artist are now in demand in doing dramas which I think is good. What more can be better than being a versatile artist.

There are a lot of singers who goes to acting schools to expand their endeavor and they became success in it. Hyun Joong had been an actor since 2009 and apparently he has successfully gained a lot of attention. And considering BOF was his first acting project I would say not bad, not bad at all. In fact back then, I didn’t know that Hyun Joong was a first timer actor with totally no experience in acting!!

Many of Hyun Joong’s fans has been following him ever since he started in 2005, and they  witnessed how he grew up to be a star as where he is at present. I have watched his video clips back then in time during his school days when he started with his guitar. Even in those days he already had that talent as a musician, he auditioned under DSP and the rest is history. But what does it takes in building a star??

In showbiz there are two kinds of artist, an artist with a gifted talent and an artist with an acquired talent. If you remember the history of Hyun Joong when he first auditioned under DSP just before he can strum his guitar and starts to sing or before he can do anything, he was already accepted and was informed that he has to come back the following day to start with his training. In showbiz reality, physical outlook in an artist is priority over talent. But in the case of Hyun Joong he already has the gifted talent being a musician. And a huge plus for his gifted handsome physique. Nevertheless, he went through with rigid training to develop his gifted talent further.

In my article Artist Agent I have mentioned that it is the responsibility of the agent to train their managing artist. The agent should be well facilitated and equipped needed for training including professional training staffs like music coach, choreographers and acting coach. The agent is responsible for grooming their managing artists.  Hyun Joong’s official agent KeyEast provided the liberty to Hyun Joong in creating his music and enhancing his talent to bring out the best in him that needs to be cultivated, specially his creative ideas that apparently brought excellent results.

If you happen to be an aspiring artist and you’re reading this article, then be guided. If in case you already have an agent and does not provide the proper training for your talent then start doubting the agent’s credibility. No matter how a good singer, dancer or actor you are, it is still necessary to undergo training for further talent development or enhancement.

Specially actors, the veteran ones, they still undergo training, specially on skills like martial arts, horse back riding, motor bike riding and even cooking or baking. Whatever character the actor has to portray, training is still necessary. Education is a continues process, same with showbiz, training is a continues process, it doesn’t stop no matter how much awards an artists had received it does not exclude them.

There are also agents that even artist who does not have the talent but having good looks still accepts them and ending up as a commercial model or ramp model.  There are also models who venture in acting, and many of Korean celebs does it or started being a model and eventually as an actor.

Hyun Joong is a singer or a musician, and acting was totally out of his line of work, and yet the producer of BOF still placed him as second lead actor to the drama. It’s because the producer had seen a good potential from Hyun Joong.  Admittedly Hyun Joong was not interested in acting back then, knowing he does not have any experience in that field to accept the offer, but he has the willingness to learn and so he took the offer from BOF.

But what else does the producer of BOF had seen from Hyun Joong? For me what Hyun Joong has that rare actors can do is the ability of transformation. To act can be learned or acquired but to transform in a different character can not be learned or acquired. I’m pertaining to the physical outlook of an actor. Maybe even Hyun Joong himself is not aware of that ability he has. But as a producer for him, Hyun Joong is a very good potential in creating a variety of character out of himself and has the potential of becoming a big star.

Another factor in building a star is the public awareness of the artist existence. Of course how would we public knows that a certain artist exist if there will not be publicity. What are these publicity? For a starter, a good strategy to start is through TV appearances, guesting media news print, magazine articles ect. In the case of Hyun Joong, he was from his group SS501, he was already popular when he was discovered at BOF. In a basket of apples with the same red color, you couldn’t identify which one is good. But take one apple from that basket and place it to another basket of oranges, you can easily identify the difference.

After Hyun Joong did BOF aside from gaining huge popularity, he gained a number of commercial product as endorser until at present as a solo artist. Any project he does or any activities for his exposure, Hyun Joong is always at the public eye through publicity. The hotter he gets the more challenge he has. Hyun Joong worked his guts out to perfect his craft. The more noise he creates the bigger popularity gain he receives. Hyun Joong did not just sit and let these events unfold.

Contentment was never been in his dialogue, learning is what he greed for. He gained his fame but he never puts it in his head and all he focused on is to improve himself that is why he never stops. But he never go beyond his limits to be a try hard fellow. Hyun Joong is a realistic type of person and he knows what he is and what he is not capable of doing. He has dreams and his dreams may be bigger this time, but that dream made him even a better person and a better artist as he is at present.

Korean drama producers now are venturing into the Kpop artist to be actors and I actually appreciate the strategy of developing singers into actor towards versatility. In showbiz way back in the past, if you are a singer, you stick being a singer, if you’re an actor stick to it. But as time goes, this primitive idea is slowly changing and currently a huge hop just pop out that we do see a number of singers specially young ones do venture in acting.  KPop has been remarkably boosting globally and I think the drama producers are in the right track to bring these idols to the small screen in doing drama.  And it showed excellent results.

Admittedly, the Korean artists has better earnings outside their home country at the same time it helps S.Korea yield a better revenue out of their tourism and entertainment industry Apparently Hyun Joong is one of the fastest rising solo idol globally in less than a year. He has been an excellent model as a solo artist and being the leader of KPop solo artists. What makes Hyun Joong grow so big and his popularity boosting is just so remarkable?

Let’s take it as the right ingredients for becoming a star has already been in Hyun Joong’s possession right from the start. Hyun Joong got what it takes to be a huge star, but above everything else, it’s his sincerity to his fans, sincerity in anything he does and his modesty. That he knows exactly how to handle his fame. The more he receives love from many people, the more he work harder and provides what his fans needed from him.

His fans needed more music from Hyun Joong and so he creates more music and he sings for them. His fans needs to have a closer look at him and so he allows each and everyone of them to come up close and even a touch of his hand was granted for at least three countries. His fans need to see him on small screen doing TV drama series twice a week and there you go he’s on his way to provide that needs. Hyun Joong will continue to reach out for his fans as it grows in numbers and sooner or later he’ll reach out in every corner of the world where his fans are.

Building a star just doesn’t happen over night, or if it does it easily collapse. As I mentioned earlier, Hyun Joong is one of the fast rising Kpop solo idol, but everything that transpired in his career life did not just fell on his lap by luck. Hyun Joong had been in a lot of struggle in his past for years, and what you can see now are the fruits of what he had struggled for.

Kim Hyun Joong created a dream, a dream that made him better artist, in building a star within himself…..

                                                                                                          LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] PIRATE KING

By LazerKim:        Tokyo released another Choa magazine having Kim Hyun Joong as the cover yesterday filled with Kpop article news items. A video clip of Japan’s  K-Pop Zone featuring Kim Hyun Joong’s short history highlights from the time he was with SS501 music videos till at his first concert Premium held in Yokohama Arena this year in February 5 which was a huge success that brought news breaker not only in Japan but the of the countries worldwide.

In the past weeks Kim Hyun Joong has been attending to his press conference and one on one interviews with the media in every stop he made during his Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert. Here’s one of those one on one interview from Singapore after his press conference, questions from which has not been asked during his other interviews from other countries he had been. Here it goes..

Kim Hyun Joong Exclusive Interview Singapore

Question 1.)   What kind of music is considered Kim Hyun Joong’s style of music? What do you want to express in your music?

KHJ:    I can’t say what my music style is exactly what I’m doing can be a Kim Hyun Joong music. In the future I would like to do different kind of music to show everyone what is Kim Hyun Joong’s style.

Question 2.)   Which Hollywood movie has left a good impression on you, and which Hollywood actor do you like?

KHJ:     I have watched many Hollywood movies since I was young. There are many Hollywood actors whom I like, among the Hollywood movies I find Titanic very interesting and I’ve watched block buster like transformer and Avatar. It will be good if I have the chance to advance into Hollywood, but for now I would like to spend more time with my fans in Asia. So I think advancing into Hollywood will be something in the future.

Question 3.)   Why do you want to be reincarnated as a lion in your life? What’s your fascination with lion?

KHJ:     Because I want to work hard and live without regrets in my life, so in my next life, I would want to be reincarnated as a lion, take afternoon naps and when I like. Yes something like that. And I won’t get eaten up by others.

Question 4.)   If you could be a character in any comic book you have read, who would you be and why??

KHJ:     My favorite comic book is “One Piece”a story of a boy who wants to become the pirate king. There’s a sword man character in the comic called Zoro. I think we’re very much similar in character. If this comic book is made into movie or drama in the future, I would like to take this role.

A while ago I was reviewing video clips from Hyun Joong’s recent Fan Meeting Concert, and it’s amazing that Hyun Joong’s fans do sing his songs together with him and they all know the lyrics which is in Korean. One of his fans said she has to memorize his songs so that she can sing with him when she gets the chance to attend Hyun Joong’s concert.

I would say Hyun Joong has different style of music that is well accepted and appreciated by anyone upon listening to his sweet voice. Every song Hyun Joong sings has different style, melody, tone and tempo that suits his voice range. He creates music suitable for any age range that creates variation, and the best thing of all is that, his fans can easily follow the song lyric even it’s in Korean and its melody. One can never get tired of listening to his music because each song is different from one another.

Whenever Hyun Joong steps on that stage that no matter how huge his audience is, he is totally in control and can touch the hearts of his fans no matter how far the bleacher of the stadium is. All by himself he performs as a concert king as he brings his music to the entire Asia and beyond, expressed by Hyun Joong through his heart and soul. That is Kim Hyun Joong’s style of music.

This one is really funny as Hyun Joong was asked why he wants to be a lion if ever he’ll be incarnated!! Hyun Joong’s sleepy head surfaced as he said lion can sleep whenever he wants to!!!  I can connect this sleepy head lion with the main character of his favorite comic book One Piece because the character is also a sleepy head!! Hyun Joong mentioned that the character has a similarity to his true self in reality. Since the character also loves drinking like himself besides being a sleepy head!!

I would love to see Hyun Joong portray the character Zoro who’s a bit weird and carefree who would rather sleeps than get involve in any war or trouble!! Zoro would only wake up when the war is done and over with!! As to how and why he ended up to be a skillful sword man is one thing I still have to research further. Since I just read the synopsis in passing!! As I was reading the synopsis of One Piece from the comic book, I find it interesting and it’s like a comedy story imagining Zorro as a clumsy easy-going fellow!!

I can imagine Hyun Joong in that character and surely he’ll be the most handsome Pirate King ever created!! If ever a writer would create a drama out of this comic book story, and giving the role of Zorro to Hyun Joong can bring something new to TV viewers. On the part of Hyun Joong, it will be a lot of work to learn martial arts, sword handing, and skillful horse back riding.

It’s a lot of challenge for Hyun Joong but worthwhile piece of work and a good chance to learn a lot being an action star. I would be looking for this and I wish this dream drama of Hyun Joong would come true.

He has been talking about this for sometimes and I wish he could have the chance to create a Pirate King!! Well, a pirate is perceive to be a thief, but in the comic book One Piece, being a pirate became the hero of the poor in defending their human rights from the elite and the wealthy.

Yes. the main character is like Robin Hood Prince of the Woods, who was actually a thief of the rich and the arrogant, as a way of revenge and help the poor and helpless, something to that effect. Although Robin Hood portrayed by Kevin Costner was actually a son of a wealthy man who was murdered out of greed and jealousy. I can imagine how handsome Hyun Joong could be portraying such similar role and a challenging one!

For us fans, we have our own personal preference on how we want to see Hyun Joong on his dramas and I think this is natural. Well I can only speak for myself, I would really love to see Hyun Joong doing a historical genre which is my favorite type of Korean drama.

I would love to see Hyun Joong with his hair in top knot in a Prince costume riding a horse like a knight in shining armor, a hero of the less fortunate or the weaker ones like Robin Hood!! Sigh….. My Prince charming would surely bring your knees melting like chocolate!!

Lately Hyun Joong has been reserving ample time to hit the gym everyday, even he was on his Asian Tour, he gives the two hours for the gym with his Trainor. He has been on strict diet low-fat, low salt, less sugar diet and eating more fruits, veggies and just bread.

Now if you noticed his last public appearance last Sunday as he performed for fan meet sponsored by Lotte Duty Free Shop, he started showing sexy firm muscles which is beginning to surface, as you can see from his photos in this article. Hyun Joong is developing more of his manly side that brings out even a more irresistable appeal which is quite getting obvious now.

Those firm muscles are developing in a natural way and not through fast acting steroid. Because Hyun Joong has been actively on body built training even before during his SS501 days. And came up to a more rigid training in the gym before he came out in black short hair in Breakdown. And this time we will see him on his up coming drama City Conquest. Hyun Joong will have a full two months rigid training in preparation before he steps in to his drama stage, which is very much anticipated by his fans even by the media.

It takes more opportunities in having drama project that can only have the chance for Hyun Joong to develop his acting skills. And he is right as he mentioned in his other interviews that he would like to have different characters and image on the different drama projects he has to work on in the future.

With his professional working attitude, and being a hard worker, he can easily attain the development he wants to achieve. As I have mentioned earlier, we may have a personal preference as to how we want to see Hyun Joong on the screen, but at the end of the day, it’s still Hyun Joong’s choice whichever character or image he wants to work on.

But for the mean while, as we wait for the most anticipated City Conquest which he’ll start working right after his concert in Japan. We are very lucky fans that our idol is a very talented artist that we have a lot to look forward for.

Hyun Joong will soon be leaving for China tomorrow, taking the late night flight OZ323 Airbus 321 Asiana Airline departing Incheon Airport at 20:15 and arriving Chengdu at 23:15. Hyun Joong will be starting his China tour in Cheng du China for his Fan Meeting Concert.

His Chinese fans has been preparing for this event and filled with eagerness to see Hyun Joong perform on their stage and to have experience the high five session, which I have read will be set on different schedule unlike the once he already did in other counties.

As the count down begins the more eagerness starts to build up in every Chinese fans and though it he will arriving China at late night, there’s a possibility he will be escorted at the VIP exit. So I think I wouldn’t be expecting much photos taken from the airport of Chengdu not unless clever fans can sneak through the back door!!

And so I’m done with my love pill, as one of Hyun Joong calls her daily dosage! As Hyun Joong soar up to his heights of popularity, he’ll continue with his dreams, a dream that every fan has in her heart to see him as an actor, since there’s a great demand for him to do dramas. And one of his dream drama is in the character of a Pirate King. I never doubt his capability in reaching for his dreams…..

With his fans as his inspiration, Kim Hyun Joong can achieve anything in his hands as we have witnessed his chain of success he had achieved and will be achieving…

LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] FAN CODE

By: LazerKim         Kim Hyun Joong has always been the content of every media news print these past weeks since Hyun Joong started with his Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert. And he created a huge talks and gained a lot of praises from the different newspaper publisher all over the world. We fans take pride seeing Hyun Joong in the cover magazine reading about the huge success he brought through his fan meeting event.

Not everything we read from the news print media are good though. So far, from the latest news that I read I have only encountered one that caught my curiosity. Two of Hyun Joong’s fans actually had shared with me a news article. At first I felt excited seeing Hyun Joong’s picture almost covering the magazine page, and since every news write up that I read recently are all positive and so I was assuming this one is another good news.

The name of the magazine is Asia 360 seemed to a reputable magazine. And I was glad to see that it was written in English, the article was entitled “Decoding The Kpop Code” then there’s Hyun Joong’s photo in Breakdown. I could hardly read the body of the article since it was a scanned page. I can only read its caption that says “It is a contradictory appeal: the stars are different from you and me, but just the same, all the same.” 

I said to myself, wait a minute, I can smell something here. I went to Google to research for a better text that I can read and found out this Asia 360 publisher is from Singapore. The more I felt there’s something in it. I admit after I came across the article from Rachel Boon a Singaporean writer, gave me the feeling of always on guard to any news write up that I read. And finally I got a more readable text of that Asia 360 write up. It looks good as to how the words are put in together to hide the negative insight of the article.

I pick some portion from the article that I would like to share, and state my personal views and opinion to the writer which unfortunately the name was not stated. Here it goes as I quote:


Asia 360:   (Paragraph 1)    Korean pop is about as arresting as home shopping television programs – repititive, often unbelievable tacky and always with just one more innovation/offer amazing fact coming if you will just stay on the channel, making it virtually imposible to tear your eyes away from it all. And that is just for detractor. For fans, it is an OBSESSION.

Asia 360:  (Paragraph 2)    If old-school celebrity is about looking effortless, then K-Pop is all about showcasing the grit with the glamour: the harder you have worked for your fame, the more, it SEEMS you deserve it. “If you want to be that one in a million […] you need to wake up earlier and practice more than others”. said Kim Hyun Joong in a TVBS interview last year. Kim the latest idol to leap out of the COOKIE-CUTTER K-Pop factory, is just one year after his well-managed solo debut, one of the fast-rising stars in Hallyu (or the Korean Wave for the uninitiated).

Asia 360:  (Paragraph 3)   Critics responses to his singing and acting abilities have been lukewarm but the singer-actor (Kim Hyun Joong) continues to have a CULT-LIKE following. Fans charmed by his declaration of hardwork no doubt, rush to his defense saying that his talent is steadily maturing and he will only get better.

So what makes a KPop star? Hard work for a start, a sprinkling of talent and a lot of promotion, it seems. There is no such thing as a sullen Kpop star and every single one of them appears to be a multi-hyphenated talent of some sort (singer, actor, dancer, SERIAL WEEPER)

In china, budding athlets go to grueling gymnasium accadamics. In Venezuela budding beauty queens go to grooming schools. In Korea budding stars undergo a training that sounds like a TERRIFYING mixture of both.


To boost arrivals further in the capital of Seoul there is Kim Hyun Joong “Very nice to meet you” he says, in the latest advertisement flashing a dazzling smile near the landmark N.Seoul Tower. Even at the height of their fame, it would seem unimaginable for Anita Mui to become the tourism ambassador for HongKong or for Ayumi Hamasaki to do the same for Tokyo. But in the WEIRD AND WONDERFUL world of Hallyu, it seems somehow apt for Kim to welcome you to Seoul.

LazerKim: (Paragraph 1)   I understand that reading from the title it speaks of general views on Kpop. But since it’s only Hyun Joong’s photo and the Artmatic that you can see on the magazine page it somehow gave me the impression the article talks about Kim Hyun Joong. The writer calls Kpop fans way of admiration as OBSESSION. With all due respect to the writer or to the publisher, is there any other nicer word that you can think of that you can use to describe fans specially matured fans?? There are numerous fans of Kim Hyun Joong who are professionals and that includes myself, not to mention the number of elders Hyun Joong’s fans has.

I think Obsession is too extreme to call Kpop fans this way. Or do I need to spell out the word and its meaning? I think this is totally insulting, mind you!! I don’t mean to be harsh to the publisher, anyway this is my blog and I can only express my thoughts.  If you say Kpop and fans this does not only pertains to your country men, because Hyun Joong has quite a huge fan base in where Asia 360 is base, it also pertains to his international fans all over the world, mind you with all due respect. You’re hitting a lot of people here, professional unnie, mothers, grandma, would you call them obsess??

LazerKim: (Paragraph 2)   I tried researching how showbiz industry in this country where Asia 360  base is and I couldn’t find anything interesting, except similar write ups about KPop, and some kind of local celeb immorality. What I’m looking for is a school or training ground for aspiring local artists. Because this statement really surprises me that is giving me an impression that this country probably have a primitive showbiz entertainment industry. Then calling Kpop training ground as factory, fine I can take that lightly but this statement….the harder you worked for your fame the more….”it SEEMS you deserve it”.    This statement is like praising and insulting at the same time.

LazerKim:   (Paragraph 3)    When I first read this article from Asia 360, I don’t know if I should feel happy or what, and so I read it over again and trying to appreciate but instead I felt bothered and somehow confused. The writer of the said article is like praising KPop including of course Hyun Joong and insinuating something else. That appears like misleading. I think we’re all entitled to express our thoughts and so my dear readers please just allow me to spill out what I think about the said article.

The writer mentioned three countries China, Argentina, and Korea. So may I ask Asia 360 what do you have? What can you contribute to improve your countrymen’s aspiring talents if you have any?? The entire article from Asia 360 gave me a clear impression that your showbiz industry must be at the edge of downfall or totally jealous and insecure because of the rising Kpop?? I’m picking these words in bold letters and turning it back to the article writer of Asia 360, and please allow me to do so with all due respect.

It seems to me people from your showbiz are really getting nervous, and worried because your countrymen are being poured by a CULT-LIKE following as you call it, to Kim Hyun Joong. You’re saying Korean budding is TERRIFYING or are you the ones who are TERRIFIED of losing your own countrymen’s interest in your own celebrities?? You call Kpop SERIAL WEEPER or you might end up the serial weeper instead, for losing!! And for calling Hallyu WEIRD how dare you. You’re just so scared to be eaten up by Hallyu Stars, that you can not accept.

This article Asai 360 is another misleading write-up. My apologies I don’t mean to be harsh here, anyway this is my blog, as I’ve mentioned, I’m just turning back those words to Asia 360. I’ve gone used by Hyun Joong’s criticisms from his critics but to criticize his fans all together is one thing I can not let go, no matter how discreet it appears. I think the writer does not know that Hyun Joong has a number of fan elders. The writer mentioned earlier, “For fans it is an obsession.”

Ms writer, you should have researched further before spilling out your words. I’m sure you have watched the Fan Meeting Concert event of Kim hyun Joong held in your country which is all over the local and international news and I’m sure you have seen two elder ladies in wheelchair. And some others in Hongkong and Taiwan. They are loyal fans of Kim Hyun Joong, would you call them obsessed since you generalized KPop and Hyun Joong is one of those KPop artists.

This is way beyond foul. I’ll say this again, when you say Kpop and fans this does not only pertain to your local nationals Kpop fans but the entire Kpop international fans and they are not only teenagers, their fans cover all gender, all age range, and people from all walks of life be it from the highest society to the less fortunate ones. These are the coverage of  Kim Hyun Joong fans.

If you criticize the idols, particularly Kim Hyun Joong you may criticize by all means, because as the writer mentioned Kim Hyun Joong fans would rush to his defense and we fans will protect him at all cause.  But the elder fans can not defend themselves from you Asia 360 over calling them Obsess since they are Kpop fans.

This is strike two for me, that I was almost being deceived by well-organized pattern of words to cover up the true intent of this write-up. I still have not forgotten The straits Times and Rachel Boon who bluntly criticize Hyun Joong, and this time from Asia 360. And both publishers are from Singapore.

I can not just let this go in passing, since it’s not only KPop and Hyun Joong and fans being criticized here that I find this writer to be arrogant full of envy and jealousy over the global success Hallyu Stars. Why? What have they done to you to deserve this write-up from Asia 360?? And trying to conceal your intention to criticize by your flowery words? Did any of the Hallyu Stars ever criticized your local celebrities who are not even known to your nearest neighboring countries?

This is just my personal opinion about the said article from Asia 360 which I think I’m entitled to. This is how I understand this article, there are worlds used that seems to me a bit foul, no not a bit, it’s really foul. And in my opinion it’s misleading that tends to play safe and so this is the impression the writer left after I read the said article.

Nevertheless, looking at the brighter side of this news article which was written in May 25, 2012 three weeks after Hyun Joong’s Fan Meeting Concert in Singapore, I would think the writer was so alarmed seeing how Hyun Joong made a huge success after the event. Yet followed by another two succeeding fan meeting in HongKong and Taiwan both of which were huge success too. As that writer mentioned Hyun Joong is one of the fast rising Hallyu Star giving the writer some weird creeps!!

When my mom was still alive, I remember what she said. You can weigh a celebrity’s popularity by his critics and detractors, which means the celebrity is becoming a threat to others popularity of being surpassed. There’s a video clip of a Japanese celeb who bluntly ask his countrymen to boycott the Korean Wave and saying Japanese should patronize their own. Now I could not locate that video anymore, that seem to me no one listened to him. The human freedom of choice still prevailed.

What makes Kpop or Kim Hyun Joong a subject of likeability? First is his looks, no one would deny it. His handsome face, the totality of his physique is perfect. Second, his talent being versatile, as a singer his music captured the general acceptability and truly loves his music. Being an actor, his ability of transformation makes him a unique actor that no other actor has.

Third is the totality of his personality, his being modest, well mannered, gentle and his utmost sincerity to his fans. Hyun Joong is one of a kind, even if others may say there are lots more handsome artists who are much better talented than Hyun Joong, but not as good as Hyun Joong’s heart. There’s a big difference when we talk about untainted sincerity.

As I have mentioned in my other articles Hyun Joong is bound to encounter people like these that he can be the subject of envy jealousy and insecurities of other artists and their fans. Now, since Hyun Joong has been successfully conquering fans from different parts of the world, local celebrities from the respective countries sees Hyun Joong as a threat to their current career. Now I can see that quite clearly. And human freedom of choice always prevail no matter how much you control. With the collective strength of Hyun Joong’s fans, the last laughter is ours.

I think it would be better if we would be careful with the media news print that we read. In spite of the good news brought to us about Hyun Joong there will always be at least one news that can be misleading or blunt attack. As for me I can always brush it off my shoulders after I respond to the attack if it is necessary.

In the near future, Hyun Joong will still encounter different detractors, and we fans would of course Protect the Prince as becoming a Fan Code.!! Protect him from insect bites that might harm Hyun Joong’s flawless skin!! Other than the fact that Hyun Joong hates insects!! We forgive those insects for they know not what they are biting, but we do not forget and learn from them.

This is just a matter of casting them out through the magic Love net of Kim Hyun Joong as the magic star will prove himself as he always does…

                                                                                 LazerKim here writing

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Decoding The KPop Code CLICK HERE>(          Credits: HyunAe-Chin, KHJean14, thanks.

Kim Hyun Joong… [article] MOVING ON

By: LazerKim        Kim Hyun Joong attended and performed his Fan Meet event yesterday afternoon sponsored by Lotte DutyFree Shop as he is the official endorser. Although this fan meet event was just a simple one and not the grand fan meeting concert he recently had at his Asia Tour, the venue where the event took place was in full packed. From the video clip I think he sang several songs and the highlight of the show was the game portion.

Like the games Hyun Joong participated in his recent fan meeting concert, he did the same game choosing four fans from the audience who are celebrating their birthdays yesterday. Hyun Joong gave individual birthday gifts to the birthday celebrants and it was said there was also a cake for them. Hyun Joong serenaded them singing Marry Me while he hand in his birthday gifts for each, had picture taking. And with the last fan celebrant Hyun Joong got down to his knee and kiss her hand. There also this game to imitate the poses from the pictures shown, this portion was really up close and intimate.

There’s also this game to imitate the poses from the pictures shown, this portion was really up close and intimate. A picture pose was a piggy back, Hyun Joong really did a piggy back with his fan!! Another one was a pose from the drama Winter Sonata, as Hyun Joong hug his fan that really look so sweet.

Pictures were taken through an instant camera, as Hyun Joong affixed his signature to each photos and gave it the his fan. I was smiling to myself as I watched this portion because Hyun Joong was so candid in doing those poses with his fans, which is intimate and really up close. I can’t help saying to myself, this guy is just so adorable!

It was such an enjoyable fan meeting yesterday that obviously fans who attended surely had a great time. Watching Hyun Joong playing games with his fans seemed as if he personally knows the fans who joined the game. He had done this game with his fans from other countries in his Asia Tour Fan Meeting Concert and it was very effective portion of the show that fan audience enjoyed it too.

Of course with every wish they were there on stage too and have a chance to play with Hyun Joong!! What more with the fans who were watching from up far, wishing they were there too and share the fun!

In another related update, just bits and pieces from yesterday news, it was said that there are plans of doing Fan Meeting Concert to other countries which was not included in Hyun Joong’s itinerary. I really do hope this plan can push through. Seeing from the results of the recent fan meet concert, I was anticipating other countries would respond to the chain reaction. It only take some sponsors to make this event possible in other countries. So that other international fans can experience such huge event with Kim Hyun Joong.

In Japan Hyun Joong’s upcoming single HEAT in five versions had hit the first five top rank on pre-orders. In other words Hyun Joong’s Japanese fans has been anticipating this single. It was said that Hyun Joong shall be working on Heat music video today as its shooting or filming shall start. It was also stated that the first filming of his upcoming drama City Conquest shall be done in Japan. Hyun Joong is quite busy, few days from now he’ll be in China for the Fan Meeting Concert event.

The other night, I read a news article from a media news print about the rising global popularity of Kpop idols. As I was reading the article, I wasn’t convinced about the reasons why Korean artists are being loved by many fans worldwide as what the writer stated which is too technical. Since I have only one solo Kpop idol that really captured my heart, beyond any other reasons, what Hyun Joong has that made me fell for him is his sincerity to his fans. I’m sure majority if not all share this same opinion with me specially the loyal fans of Kim Hyun Joong.

In reality, the first stage of fan admiration in a celeb starts from his physical outlook or if not it is his talent. I’m speaking in general about Korean artists, because not all Korean celebs are as good looking as Hyun Joong, but they have the great talent in their own right, as they also gained popularity rise. It was said that Kim Hyun Joong is one of the fast rising stars in Hallyu, which is very true. And when we start knowing more about Kim Hyun Joong, the more we fans get so attached to the guy.

I think what makes Hyun Joong so special is the way he gives importance to his fans in his most sincere way that his fans do feel a certain degree of affection from him too. We have witness a lot of times on how he connects with people, though it may be in his most simple way but filled with sincerity. His detractor may say he’s not that good enough in his talent, if it is so, then why does Hyun Joong’s popularity kept rising remarkably?

Because there’s much more than just talent that Hyun Joong has. For me, take away his talents from him even that handsome face and I would still like him. It’s his inner self that glows brighter than what I can see with my own eyes.

That incident at the wedding last week when Hyun Joong was heavily guarded by his bodyguards, he secretly took a letter from his fan without his bodyguards knowing it, was all over the news the following day! We always see Hyun Joong at the airport as his fans hand in presents and personal letters being handed to him or to his bodyguards as he gladly accepts them. He wears or make use of what his fans give him as a sign of appreciation. Or if not he donates those presents to charity. Hyun Joong appreciates anything his fans give him.

Hyun Joong may not be the best singer, dancer, actor for now. But Hyun Joong is simply the best man a fan can ever admire as a person for real and as an artist. Some media failed to understand Hyun Joong fans in spite they have seen through their very eyes how his audience responded to Hyun Joong’s performance on stage.

How his fans sing with him considering he sings in Korean and yet his international fans can follow his songs as he sings it. How his fans dances as he does, how they chant while Hyun Joong performs. The question as to why, will never be answered unless one gets to watch him perform on stage and one gets to know him better.

Kim Hyun Joong keeps Moving On forward and his fans keeps following him as he goes up racing to the top….                                                   LazerKim writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] IMAGE ICON

By LazerKim:           Recently there was a voting poll conducted with the title The Best Magazine Cover that Kim Hyun Joong had two or three cover magazine entries, and he won the first rank for the magazine Kan Fan winning by 60,715 votes. This is another Hyun Joong’s side specialize in posing for magazines in which he is so much in demand by different publications in Korea and in Japan. He has so many contenders in this poll voting, both from Korean and Japanese celebs.

Hyun Joong is an excellent model for these magazines and he has that aura in changing his image depending on the concept required  and this fact about his versatility can not be denied even by the media themselves. And talking about image, I think this is this the best chance for me to touch on his up coming drama in which he had mentioned in his one on one interview in Beijing China. Yesterday in my article China Talks I did not elaborate the last topic in that interview which is about City Conquest.

For a briefer here’s the last part of the interview.

Question:  For drama BOF and PK were more pretty boy image, for your next role City Conquest will you be different?

KHJ said:     For City Conquest I had to get rid of that smooth next door looks. It will be more tougher rugged image. What can I say a role with more attitude. My feelings are towards that, so for fans who’s expecting a smooth image will be disappointed. I want to be able to give and show a new image. I’m working hard to do that, I hope many fans will be contented and supportive of this new character.

Like City Conquest and all dramas and roles are different and the person role can be a 180 different from the previous project. I may have some idea of a role but I need to work at it and make it on my own. The personality is more tougher and rugged more edgy. I’ve been working hard practicing on getting the character right.

We know very well Hyun Joong is a versatile type of artist. He’s quite restless when it comes to his physical outlook, that he change his image particularly his hairstyle as often as he changes his clothes!! Today you see him blonde a long hair, give it a few weeks he’ll surprise you in short dark brown hair, and give it another few weeks he changes to blonde short hair. That’s Hyun Joong’s personality. At BOF do you know how many times he change his hairstyle? BOF was being aired about two month or so but among the F4 he was the only cast who was able to change his hairstyle as often, while the other maintained their outlook from start to finish.

Hyun Joong will be doing a totally different character in his next drama City Conquest which may be aired for two months more or less. Hyun Joong will never stick to that same character forever!! As soon as the drama is over for sure he’ll change image again. We have witness this for so many times. In Breakdown he was totally different but the black short hair did not even last for more than a month, because he changed to blonde short again. And a lot more version of Breakdown image came out. Which is just so unique for a person to possess and whatever image he does to himself he still looks as handsome as ever!

For those who do not know him particularly his loving critics, would brag about plastic surgery on Hyun Joong! The guy admitted he had his nose fixed due to his childhood accident. Still his critics were  busy finding out what other surgeries he had, and I couldn’t help laugh at them!! It’s Hyun Joong’s hair styling that makes him looks different. Whenever Hyun Joong change his hair style it seems as if you’re looking at a totally different person. He is one of a kind that makes him a unique individual. Here are some photos bellow, that shows as if you’re staring at different faces.

And so for Hyun Joong’s critics and detractors, it seems to me that they’re all dying of jealousy and envy that their idols couldn’t make it to gain much popularity and success as Hyun Joong does. So they’re finding faults in Hyun Joong even in his physical outlook and his talent. But this is one thing I noticed, they couldn’t attack his personal attitude, because they know very well Hyun Joong is just so nice to criticize his attitude. While Hyun Joong’s fans rejoice with his success critics can only watch his fans full of envious that they got nothing to be rejoiced about in their choice of idols!!

And in his changing character, we should be proud since Hyun Joong has the power to change his character that is very rare actor can attain. And the fact that he has the ability to bring that character on and off cam is a big thing for an actor. Hyun Joong stated that he’ll get rid of that smooth image because for his next drama he’s character shall be a rugged image. It’s like from Christopher Reeves transforming to Bruce Willis kinda thing!! Hyun Joong would like to portray different characters in his drama projects, and I think this is one way he can develop himself further in his acting career.

We as his fans ought to understand that whatever Hyun Joong may decide for his career as an actor is his life. All we have to do is to support him all the way. We may have our own personal preference on how we would like to see him on dramas, but it is Hyun Joong who will work on this drama project, he knows best what he is capable of doing more anyone else. This project is his come back screen and he’ll be needing our support, so let’s be there for him. This will be a challenging project for him and we all know we fans is his strength. And needless to elaborate, his fans is his inspiration.

Hyun Joong mentioned that some fans may be disappointed, probably because they still want to see the boyish flower boy image in him. But don’t worry, it takes only a few months to work on his drama until it will be aired and soon after which he’ll back to his normal image. Be at peace and get used to his changing image from time to time. And besides no matter what Hyun Joong does to himself, he still looks as handsome as ever.

I can only speak for myself, after I have been researching about Hyun Joong and have known him as a man in reality as he had shared so much about himself that a fan ought to know, I have learned to love him for what he is. It’s not his physical outlook, not his talent or for what he has but Hyun Joong as a person. His inner self even glows bright more than anything else in himself. As I always say in my previous articles, it is not enough to see him in person, not enough to watch him perform as he sings, dance and act on screen, since anyone is bound to know more about him to realize what a special person he is.

Hyun Joong’s growing popularity would mean more detractors his fans will encounter along the way. Celebrities who are successful are bound to attract attention of those who are jealous. And that does not exclude Hyun Joong, if he’s not successful then there’s nothing to be envied about. A tree bearing good fruits are bound to be stoned down. I would like to take his detractors in a positive way, that they can not accept that in such a short period of time Hyun Joong had gained this much. But in reality, it took a lot of hard work on his part to be where he is right now.

Well, we fans can just laugh it out, because every time his detractors get on their attack mode on Hyun Joong, the more Hyun Joong boost his popularity the more he is successful in such a speed!! And so we fans can just take a look and smile at those detractors. Hyun Joong has so many activities for these coming months so expect these detractors to be there watching closely.

Hyun Joong has been taking care of himself, he always surprise his fans every time he changes his image and still look as handsome as ever. We fans are so lucky to have someone we admire so much that we take pride. And Hyun Joong does this for his fans. He’s such a unique artist that you’ll never get tired of because seeing him is as if you’re meeting a different man every time, but the same Ki

Kim Hyun Joong indeed is a sole artist, a unique individual who has the power in changing image yet handsome as ever, a truly Image Icon……

LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong… [article] CHINA TALKS

By LazerKim:         Kim Hyun Joong’s updates are a bit at rest after the busy weeks that his fans post and share a lot of good news about Hyun Joong. He must be at work mode at this time preparing for China, while these succeeding news about the Oricon Music Chart placing Hyun Joong’s DVD on top rank, the huge success in Hyun Joong’s recent fan meeting concert are airing all over China TV news.

The most anticipated fan meeting concert event is to be held at Chengdu China as Hyun Joong’s first stop on June 1. Hyun Joong had a one on one interview with Sina which is currently airing in China for promotion. I got the English translation of that interview that Hyun Joong had spoken about the fan meeting concert that I would like to share with you. I pick some of what Hyun Joong had spoken of, since some of the questions were already mentioned in his other interview.

1.) Kim Hyun Joong said:     I haven’t seen many fan meeting by others, what I heard most fan meetings are talking concept. Mine will be more concert fan meeting concept rather than talking concept. There will be more singing songs involve in my fan meeting, so there isn’t a lot talking period but I’ll be able to show a lot within a 15 minutes time frame. A concert with many lights and laser shows. I prepare a show like that. For everyone who come to my fan meeting wonder if this is a fan meeting or a concert. I have prepared many things for it.

2.)   Question: Do you have time set for interaction with fans?

KHJ said:    Yes there will be fan interaction in the part of the show. What I prepared may change and be different. I have heard fans can’t get up on stage in many shows, I listen to those things, came back to Korea to prepare many things and practice a lot to bring back so don’t be disappointed. I hope you guys look forward to it. There will be many new and exciting things to show.

3.)   Question: Do you have worried about your stage preparation?

KHJ said:     I can’t learn Chinese language over night so there are interpreters in most places I go. I’m going to try not to make my fans get bored by telling funny stories. There are my staff to join me on stage. Don’t worry too much I’ll do my best and give all and work hard in putting a good fun show for my fans.

4.)    Question: Will you be giving benefit shows like in S.Korea here in China? If opportunity comes, would you perform a show like that in china?

KHJ said:     I like to do benefit concert but that won’t be all, I like to do a Chinese charity concert. If we did something like for the kids, I would accept something like that. When that day comes I hope many guests will help me. I think there’s a good chance it can happen in China.

5.)    Question:  Besides today’s show what’s your next wish you like to come true?

KHJ:     If I had another wish besides being in China, I’m working hard to try new things and be able to move forward beyond Asia. Also to show my thankfulness to my fans for always supporting me and giving me as much happiness. Even if I put out one album I want to do the best I can, and become the best I can be.

6.)    Question:  For drama BOF and PK were more pretty boy image, for your next role        City Conquest will you be different?

KHJ said:     For City Conquest I had to get rid of that smooth next door looks. It will be more tougher rugged image. What can I say a role with more attitude. My feelings are towards that, so for fans who’s expecting a smooth image will be disappointed. I want to be able to give and show a new image. I’m working hard to do that, I hope many fans will be contented and supportive of this new character.

Like City Conquest and all dramas and roles are different and the person role can be a 180 different from the previous project. I may have some idea of a role but I need to work at it and make it on my own. The personality is more tougher and rugged more edgy. I’ve been working hard practicing on getting the character right.

LazerKim Viewpoint:

When I first read the news about Hyun Joong’s Asia Tour Fan Meeting, the first thing that came to my mind is that this is another chance to get to know Hyun Joong better. Second I was imagining Hyun Joong to be sitting on stage with an emcee for a Q & A and that most of the questions will be coming from the audience and I can imagine Hyun Joong to be singing just for a few songs. This was what I expected out of a fan meet event.

After I have watched his first stage fan meeting concert in Singapore, I was bewildered because it was more than what I was expecting. I watched a few fan meet event of other artists just to see the difference. And as I was expecting others have the same concept pattern. Hyun Joong is right after all, his fan meeting event is one unique concept. He made this concept totally different, this time he made his fans to be a part of the show, in a more intimate way that fans can have the chance to come up on stage to have an up-close with Hyun Joong  in a form of a game that other fans can enjoy.

And the most highlighted of all is the chance given to all his fans who attended to have an up close and hand shake with Hyun Joong. And honestly, I wish Hyun Joong would be able to have this kind of fan meeting event repeated in other countries that was not included in his current Asia Tour itinerary. And also to fulfill his wish to go beyond Asia and try more new innovations to make the difference among the rest of the artists.

Hyun Joong was asked about his worries in stage preparation and he said he has interpreters on every country he steps in. For me this doesn’t matter at all. While his fans speaks of different languages can gather in one of his concert can understand each other despite of the language barrier without having to interpret, everyone knows why they are gathered together in one purpose and that is for the love of Kim Hyun Joong.

He was asked about giving benefit shows in China and Hyun Joong stated it’s not only benefit shows that he want to do but he also want to do a Chinese charity show. And specifically said a charity for the kids. I never doubted this as I have written in my article yesterday about his way of supporting the charity for homeless kids. I don’t know but every time I hear or read this from him, it always reminded me of Hyun Joong childhood story. I’m not saying he’s an orphan or a less fortunate when he was a kid, he’s just so close with kids specially the orphans and less fortunate ones.

Hyun Joong’s next drama was mentioned again which I’m sure it is one of the most anticipated by his fans. My attention was caught as he stated that he’ll be doing the opposite character he had done in his previous dramas. He also mentioned that for those fans who are expecting a smooth image from him will be disappointed. Well this is gonna be a long discussion so I’ll reserve this topic on my next article one of these days.

In every interviews and press conference Hyun Joong has, his drama project has always been mentioned. This only goes to show majority of his fans if not all, has been anticipating this project, not to mention the media’s curiosity awaits the up coming drama. Although Hyun Joong’s Asia Tour has yet to be completed which will end at Mainland China, there’s still the anticipated concert in Japan before Hyun Joong steps in to his drama stage, City Conquest is already getting much attention from the international media!

We have a long list to look forward to from Hyun Joong and every fan is just so eager to wait for all the huge events coming up in just a few days as China is well prepared since Hyun Joong’s next destination is Chengdu China. Another history is set to unfold as Hyun Joong shall be the first Korean artist to step on their stage for a fan meeting event. As this China Talks are becoming louder that can already be heard in every corners of the world, Hyun Joong is set to make another explosion that every fan will once again treasure forever.

Kim Hyun Joong once said to his fans, “I will keep you interested in me always”….. and that’s exactly what he’s doing!!

                                                                                             LazerKim here writing

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