Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SPREAD THE WORD

By: LazerKim                 Everyday as the clock keeps ticking, and the most awaited day is just three days away from now, as Kim Hyun Joong will soon rock the stage in Singapore on May 4, 2012. Many of his international fans came rushing to get their ticket reservation to fly with Hyun Joong towards Singapore.

And yes I do feel the same way as you do, to be eagerly waiting for the day to come just to watch him from up far and wishing to be with others in Singapore to share a precious moment with Hyun Joong. This day will mark another event in Hyun Joong’s career, as he visits his fans from some parts of Asia.

I have been receiving a lot of emails from Hyun Joong’s fans sharing their over joy thought of having the chance to visit Singapore or Hong Kong and most of all the chance to meet the man in person. At the same time I have been receiving emails in expression of their sentiments over the event, since many have been wishing that Hyun Joong would be able to visit their country.

We just have to be patient considering this is the first Asian Tour Fan Meeting event for Hyun Joong and there will still be chances for him to visit other countries. This is only the beginning of his journey and in due time, Hyun Joong will be able to fulfill his dream to visit more countries to share his music to his fans. We can only wait and while doing so, let’s support him and his fans anywhere his wings take him.

I have written an article Count Down which talks about how advertising is the most important factor in every success of any event, and that advertising and promotion is the sole responsibility of the event organizer. I have deliberately written this in my humble simple knowledge about advertising because I would like the fans to be aware of who’s responsible for this and that. As I read about the organizers of Hyun Joong’s upcoming fan meeting on May 4 in Singapore and seems like these organizers are experts, specializing in concert events.

In this event Asia Tour Fan Meeting of Hyun Joong, I have clearly emphasized that this is more than just a fan meeting. Hyun Joong is preparing for 14 songs exclusively for this event, and this is more than enough for a fan meeting, that I would like everyone to take advantage of this to grab their ticket.

Since the official poster of Hyun Joong Asia Tour Fan Meeting had been released, by this time this poster should be visible in all authorized public places. Advertising schemes from the countries covered by Hyun Joong’s itinerary should be done the sooner the better. By this time, posters, fliers, streamers, the media newspapers, magazine, radio and television advertisements should be shown. Information dissemination is the most important in keeping public awareness about this upcoming event.

At the internet, this information had been posted and Hyun Joong’s fans are actively posting the advertisement. Although not all Hyun Joong’s fans have internet nor is active in it, it is still important that different advertising schemes are being materialized. May I say it again, that in any concerts or events, advertising and promotion, information dissemination is important in the success of the event. Spread the word that the Prince is coming!

In another related story, I have written an article For All Ages, that talks about Hyun Joong’s fans from different walks of life, different life status and different ages. For those who are not Kim Hyun Joong fans, are quite surprise by the fact that Hyun Joong indeed have elderly fans and mother fans. This may be the influence of Hyun Joong’s two dramas Boys Over Flower and Playful Kiss that he was able to capture the hearts of the queen of every household all over the world.

A fan sent me an email and relating her story when she bought tickets for herself and her two daughters as soon as the tickets were available. As she was buying the tickets, the sales person from the ticket outlet asked her if she’s a fan of Kim Hyun Joong. The mother fan proudly said, “yes, and I’m not only a fan, but a loyal follower of Hyun Joong.” And she was telling the sales person not to get surprised if the buyers of the tickets are from the teens up to the elders, because Kim Hyun Joong had already captured the world!!

I would think Hyun Joong is being categorized as an idol star, and people may perceive that majority of the idols fan base are dominated by teenage fans. For some magical reasons Hyun Joong is different. He was able to conquer all age range of fans and from all walks of life. From the teenagers in high school, college students, working ladies, housewives, mothers and the grandmothers or elders. Hyun Joong indeed is Only One, and I’m very proud to be not only his fan but a loyal follower of Kim Hyun Joong.

Hyun Joong won the top place as the “healing idol”!! As a music site Monkey3 conducted an on line survey with the title who is the healing idol that you think can be healed from just looking at him. A participant responded, “I get happy when I look at him , and both my eyes and heart are healed by him.”.  Well, I can only speak for myself that indeed Hyun Joong is my healing idol!

Hyun Joong seems to be everything to me in the sense of keeping me company everyday! If I feel like crying over depression, I listen to his song “If You’re Like Me”, and burst out all the pains I feel. It’s like one way for me to release. If I feel lousy I just play his video clips of his 4Dness, and I just laugh it out with him.

If I’m not in the mood to write I just stare at his pictures, as if he’s trying to tell me something what I have to write!!  If I’m angry specially to his critics, I listen to how he talks which is gentle and full of aspirations that somehow helps me mellow down my anger.

He is my stress reliever that heals my everyday struggle in life. Hyun Joong helped me a lot in my daily routine and inspires me to look forward for tomorrow. This is how Hyun Joong is for me, he is indeed a healing idol.

Hyun Joong has more than just a handsome face and perfect physical outlook. He has an excellent brain and a big heart. The totality of his personality is so captivating that even to those who barely know him can be magnetized by his looks. Way back in his high school days, Hyun Joong’s teacher was saying, seeing Hyun Joong walking down the street, you would know he’s not an ordinary kid. He has a kind of unique personality.

During those days Hyun Joong already had that magic charisma in him, that his school mates would seek for his friendship. When he was a kid, his mom was saying his IQ is at 140!! Would you be surprise, Hyun Joong is indeed a very smart guy.

At Hyun Joong’s documentary the Universal Music manager stated:

I have thought Korean artists are more aggressive that they aggressively capture people’s hearts. But Kim Hyun Joong belongs to the type that guards, protect, and defend. This does not mean that there isn’t any boldness or daring resolution but at the appropriate time he will reveal his presence. To have this kind of ability at such a young age is something amazing and rare.

I agree with his opinion, Hyun Joong recognizes the virtue of patience. Following Hyun Joong’s career path from the time he performed as solo artist, everything was carefully planned. If you analyse his activities last year, he took time in preparing his first album. He may not waste time in working hard to improve himself, but he just don’t grab on anything.

For him timing is very important, it’s just like saying, slowly but surely. And as his clock alarmed, he stepped in and Hyun Joong just made an explosive fanfare that was beyond his expectation, unstoppable chain of success was what he gained from his hard work.

Kim Hyun Joong stated: For me, I also have a dream. Because a great dream drives me to become a better me.

World star, universal star, Kim Hyun Joong’s dream keeps getting bigger. That bigger dream is to become a Kpop star that captivate the world that made him who he is. Kim Hyun Joong is coming your way and he’ll be there with you…… Spread the Word…….            

                                                                                        LazerKim here writing.

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13 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SPREAD THE WORD

  1. Thank you again LazerKim for a wonderfull and true article about HJ, yes he is healing hearts/moods/soul all just with his smile, not saying that after a hard day reading your articles and seeing (again …yes…. again… some of the WGM episodes) is just relaxing and fun and is putting a smile on my face, I call that healing. Healing of the soul giving power what ever, but it is a good feeling. I am so envious of those who will attend the fanmeetings, but I do hope the lucky ones who will go, will have the courtesy to relate to all other fans all the delicious moments including meeting HJ up close and personal (the Singapore high five for 3000 people it is quite crazy I think, i just hope he will be ok on the day after)! As you’ve said he is worldwide known. Have a wonderfull day and hope a good week looking toward the 4th May for any comments from the attending fans. 🙂

    • Hello noya it’s been a while!! How are you? I’ll sure glue my eyes on updates when he leaves for SG on Wed. and onwards. Many fans will share I’m sure about. Well, nice to see you again, you must be busy lately, you take care. thank you as always, have a great day! and God bless.

      • Hey Lazerkim, thanks, I was just busy with life, but that didn’t mean I didn’t read your wonderful articles, just didn’t have the time to always comment (it was on the wee hours of the night, too tired), but I am following closely, can’t say how much you are doing for my soul with your wonderful writting, You are also some sort of healing therapy and attached to HJ – the best. I have a dream…..(I know Martin Luther King said that, but is so appropriate) to go to one of those fanmeetings, not the money being the big issue here but the time allowed from studies and so on, but I know that dreams become true sometimes. Can wait for updates and the comments. take care and thank you. 🙂

  2. Thank u so much sist,you always feed us with your great article. You bring us to know more about him. We realy love him. Yes sist,by think about him, I can go through my routine with joy and peace. GOG BLESS to HIM…and to you LK.His warm heard spread arround the WORLD

    • We all feel the same way for Hyun Joong and the pleasure is mine in writing all about the Prince as we do share the same words of love for him.
      Thank you so much for reading and see you again…..Take care and God bless,

    • As I am reading your article daily,it is good to know that there are others mothers fans sharing this love for Hyun Joong. He is also my healing idol. I spare time everyday to listen to his songs, look at his pictures and read your articles, even if I have a busy schedule. Your articles are so warmhearting, and helped me understand why Hyun Joong not only captivated my heart but so many others heart. I am very proud to be Hyun Joong fan, forever. Thank you very much and keep on with your writings.

  3. Thank you LK for another heart warming article. HJ is indeed the best healing Idol. He’s my healing idol too, because when I am stressed at work I just turn on my iPod and listen to his music while I work and I feel better not feeling stressed anymore and I get to get my job done, HJ has a very strong charisma and captivating personality and he’s being unique make us love him more and more. I am so proud of him and proud to be henecian. Thanks again LK and please continue writing a beautiful article about our PRINCE. God bless You and HJ.

    • It’s my pleasure to write all about Hyun Joong and share it with you. Just by the thoughts of him gives me something to look forward for as always. Thank you so much for reading and see you again! Have a good day and God bless…

  4. Thanks much for this article LZ,truly that everyone is getting excited about the nearing event of his FMs’.,of course am one of them.Yesterday i went somewhere and thinking about something to give to KHJ as a present.Well i know he’s rich but i believe he treasured eveyrthing that comes from his fans no matter what/how much and so am eyeing something and bought it..well i thought i could hand it over to him but unfortunately i lost it on the way..(clumsy me!!lol!!over excited..) now i wonder if it is really for him that!!..btw i still want to go back to that shop and buy the same thing,try myluck if still have the same product.
    Yup for your article yesterday..may i include my comment here.Yes i truly admire those fans who’s really sacrificing for the sake of HJ.I know those fans are able to and so i wanna extend to them my big THANK YOU for their endleess effort for HJ.As ive said if i were born rich then…well thats it prayer for them to get richer and richer so that they will continue to support HJ to the max.I salute every fan club of HJ they are amazing, .fanclub in China who’s busy welcoming HJ sooner and many more that i havent met..OKT thank you so much may you have at least a rest,much of hardwork you’ve done. God richly bless all of you!!..*wink*..LZ God bless u and so HJ.Have a good day!

    • You are rich, you are full of love and affection and you have already gone out of your way in supporting Hyun Joong. That alone is enough, your presence at the fan meeting is such a big present for Hyun Joong. Being rich in not only measured by material things or anything money can buy, but you as a person being sincere which is priceless. Thank you for reading and see you again!! Take care and God bless. Oh yes see you around!!!

  5. Hello Lz.. great article as always!
    I feel the same way as you KHJ is my healing Idol, he is my rock that supports me and balance my everyday. Cz of him I wake up to see more of him and to keep on learning from him. I have experience many new and special things and cause of him i have gain a lot especially some good friends around the world. His day is around the corner better say our days cause that day is a special event for both him and his fans.. I’ll spread the word the best that I can…
    I’ll scream if I have to so people all around can hear me.. THE PRINCE IS COMING, THE PRINCE IS THERE… RECEIVE HIM WITH LOVE AND OPEN HANDS… you won’t regret IT! Make that day so special for both that it will be HISTORY FOR LIFE!


    • Brenda, Hyun Joong is somebody who taught me a lot. He had taught me how to write first and foremost, he taught me how to love those whom he loves and that is his fans. I couldn’t bring myself to hate those who hates me because of him, he taught me that too. ….sigh…….Take care! See you again! Thank you as always…..God bless.

      • I C all those positive qualities you got and have gain from him in the way you express yourself in your writing! And so you pass on to us that positive things you’ve learn when we read your articles! Thanks again :-))

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