Kim Hyun Joong… [article] COUNT DOWN

By: LazerKim             There’s seven days left to go from today before we can finally watch the beginning of Kim Hyun Joong’s Asai Tour Fan Meeting, as he chose Singapore to be the first country he’ll be visiting on May 4, 2012. The count down had started as Hyun Joong’s fans are so eager to get their tickets for the fan meeting event. I still have not heard about his expected arrival to Singapore yet, so I can only speculate that’s probably two days before his performance, in preparation for the stage.

I was just thinking, maybe there’s a bit misconception to the general public that if you say Fan Meeting, that’s literally taken as what the word describe as fan meeting which means an exclusive gathering of fans of a certain celebrity. And normally if we say fan meeting, it has got to do with interaction between the celeb and his fans, there maybe fan games, interview with the celeb, fan autograph signing and the high five. But Hyun Joong’s fan meeting is different, it’s a mini concert and the usual set up of a fan meeting is combined into one. I think this has to be clearly emphasized specially in advertising the event.

Actually a non-fan of Hyun Joong can also buy the ticket since a mini concert shall be performed by Hyun Joong. I think the organizer of this fan meeting should emphasize on featuring the show performance of Hyun Joong so that even a non-fan can come and watch the show. This event can gain new fans out of the show to be performed and a chance to meet Kim Hyun Joong in person. And so if I were you, I would bring along a friend who is not a fan of Hyun Joong. Take advantage of this opportunity to gain more fans for Hyun Joong. Wouldn’t that be nice?

I think not all fans of Hyun Joong is active in the internet, and there might a possible misconception that if you say fan meeting others may be thinking this event goes on to fans who are members of a Hyun Joong fan club. So may I clearly state that this event if for everybody, be it a certified or a none member of a fan club.

If you are a new fan and you don’t belong to any fan club, you are most welcome to attend the fan meeting event. If you are a none fan of Kim Hyun Joong, you are most welcome to come and join others to watch his performance in person and may gladly participate in the activity at the same time.

Now let’s see what composes a concert or any event to be successful. Let’s see how it works and what comprises this fan meeting in terms of production package.

Kim Hyun Joong Personal Package: (Inclusive)

  • Flight ticket – Business or 1st class (KHJ, manager, bodyguard)
  • Flight ticket for the entire entourage (eco.class)
  • Hotel accommodation – VIP suit room for Hyun Joong
  • Hotel accommodation – for the entire entourage
  • Miscellaneous – food allowances for Hyun Joong & entourage
  • Production contract cost
  • Escorts and security

Production Coverage:

  • Venue
  • Mobile lights and sounds
  • Logistics
  • Advertising and Promotion

As Hyun Joong prepares for his show, and as soon as contract signing for the project and production planning had been done, the ball turn on to the organizers of this fan meeting event and starts rolling. A production set up is not enough, another vital to an event is advertising and promotion or public awareness program. This is where it all starts, that no matter how good and popular a performer is, if his show is not being advertised on its proper place and time, chances are no one will watch his show!

It is the responsibility of the event organizer to up-hold an effective info dissemination. Advertising lay out materials should be properly printed posted, and it is important to consider the right time in informing the public about the event. There has to be an ample time given to the public to prepare in purchasing tickets and set the date as appointment to watch the show. It is also expected that some fans from the neighboring country is very likely to  visit and attend the fan meeting event, timing is also important.

As soon as KeyEast has confirmed the Asia Tour, it was officially announced, and the fans started sharing the good news through the internet. As the Asia Tour is about to start Hyun Joong’s fans actively share their own way of advertising the Fan Meeting event. Some fans are so creative in using their skills in making fan arts and post it. It’s so nice to see fans doing their share of effort in keeping other well informed about Hyun Joong’s upcoming activities. From here friendship among themselves even developed as one coordinate with the other.

As soon as Hyun Joong arrives the country destination, the organizing team holds full responsibility on Hyun Joong and his entourage including his security and protection. By the time he arrives, everything enumerated above should be properly provided. Before he performs on stage, normally there are TV appearances to promote the up coming show. Media coverage is also important as a way of notifying the public about his visit.

These are just a few basic ideas in preparation which is likely to take place for this event. Hyun Joong starts his tour in Singapore on May 4 and that’s a week left to go for the organizers to be active in advertising the fan meeting event. By this time there should be posters, streamers, tarpaulins posted in your area, advertising leaflets should be destributed and TV or radio advertisements bout the event. I would say the earlier these materials are posted the better.

Most of the time, there are organizers using the complimentary tickets to be given as winning prize in a game shows in TV or in any public gathering. There is an alloted number of tickets used as complimentary for advertising purposes, and this is natural to any organized events. Advertising and promotion plays a big part in any event to be held, making sure that the general public is aware of the upcoming event. Internet is also a powerful medium in advertising. Recently, Hyun Joong released his video clip in promoting the Asia Tour fan meeting event and his fans are actively posting the video clips.

A good example of an effective advertising scheme that I can describe is the recent concert of Hyun Joong in Yokohama Arena. Any part in Japan that time, all you can see was Hyun Joong’s posters posted in all public places. Universal Music did a good job in their information dissemination. That concert and the upcoming fan meeting may be different in nature, but this will show how important advertising is. I truly appreciate the effort of Hyun Joong’s fans who are actively posting on line their creative fan arts as they use as advertising material.

Hyun Joong’s Asia Tour Fan Meeting is quite different from the usually normal fan meeting since Hyun Joong shall be performing a mini concert added to the fan meeting activity. As I mentioned earlier, a non-fan can have a chance to watch Hyun Joong in action as he performs similar to a concert and I think it will be a good idea to bring along your friends who are not Hyun Joong’s fans.

By this way, Hyun Joong may win your friend’s heart and you may never know they too can be as addicted as you are to Kim Hyun Joong. We know very well how his magic charisma can win anybody’s heart. So take advantage of this rare chance and bring in some of your friends with you. What have you got to lose? On the contrary you gain fans for Hyun Joong and you can gain someone to share your love for Hyun Joong.

By this time, Hyun Joong’s fans from Singapore must busy in their preparation for his arrival and I can feel how that must be exciting. With the fans from other countries, let us pour in our support to Singapore since this is gonna be Hyun Joong’s first stop and let us pray for the success of this Fan Meeting event. After the event in Singapore we move in to the next country in itinerary and pour the same support as we are doing for Singapore.

At this time Hyun Joong needs us as his fans, in every activity he has, let join hand in hand and support his project and the fans directly involve in his projects. I believe in collective force by Hyun Joong’s fans is as powerful to push him up towards the success of his every endeavor. Let us stay by his side always.

As we make our own count down to the big event,  Kim Hyun Joong makes his own count down too, as he set to share his music and love to his fans in person…..

                                                                                                       LazerKim here writing

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11 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] COUNT DOWN

  1. i was very surprise that there was no advertisement on leader mini concert at all. on 20th i went to sistic counter at carrfour at suntec ,trying to look for flyer or anythings pertaining to kim hyun joong concert but there was nothing. so i ask the girl, do you sell kim hyun joong concert ticket here, and she say yes and was laughting saying she is surprise that at my age i still go for korean song/concert. i reply i love the songs and want to have the experience to see live concert
    of kim hyun joong.

    i was thinking what the organizer is doing, why are they not doing any advertising at all,
    With the limited promotion, I alway hope that the ticket is sold out and every day i go to Kim Hyun Joong blog to check. I was quite dissappointed with the organiser.

    Hope that alll the ticket is sold out and wish Kim Hyun Joong first mini concert in singpore successful. God Bless You Kim Hyun Joong with hundred fold blessing.

    • Hello! this is one reason why I wrote this article how important advertising is.and I set example at Yokohama concert, it ws successful. Not all HJ fans are on internet. Hyun Joong fans consist of all age range. I do have regular reader who are teenagers and even minors. And I have some readers who are grandma. In this blog it’s come one come all!! Everyone is welcome, the organizers should realize that. It’s the lost of the organizers if they can’t sell tickets.
      We can just pray for the success of this event, I just hope every fan fr SG knows about the FM. Otherwise it’s the failure of the organizer not to be able to reach for each & every SG fan.
      Thank you for reading….hope to see you again….enjoy your time w/ HJ take care.

  2. Hi LZ & Steph!!
    I’m Ms D( Deanna Dsc on FB & Twitter) you wanted to join KHJ’s FC. I’m an officer fr Henecians Philippines & if you’re interested to join our org, here are the simple ways to do it:
    1st~~send us an email of tour intention to join us ar:
    2nd~~ we will then send you a membership form, for you to fill up & send back to us
    3rd~~you’ll get a confirmation letter of your membership
    4th~~pay P150 membership dues to the account that we’ll be giving you
    5th~~we’ll send you your IDs & freebies, you’ll have access to our website & FB pages, join our FUN gatherings & activities, especially our projects for OUR ONLY ONE, KHJ!!!
    Hope you & others can come & join our fun-filled org…everybody’s welcome to join us!!!!!

    • Thanks Ms.D AND lazerkim for the info now i can join but their is just one problem i dont live in the philippines much less asia how can i pay the fee? And Lz i will make a twitter account as soon as possible and follow u . For some reason in fb there arent many khj fans and its kinder getting boring so i might as well switch to twitter . U will be hearing from me very soon via twitter lazer and thanks ms.D It was nice hearing from you.

      • Yeah i think that’s better, if you’re not from Phil. I can take you to others w/the same nationality as yours that I’m sure a member of Henecia too. So I’ll wait for you at twitter, you’ll enjoy it there, my community are active & friendly. Pls let me know if you’re in so i can follow you & so with the others. Thanks again and see you!!

  3. Wow!! i never really knew all that should take place in order to make a great concert wow! Now i hope all the Taiwanese fans who complained read this article!. I saw that you mentioned something about KHJ official fan club, are you in it?and if u are what website is it and how do you enter? Ive heard quite alot about but never really got it in full detail. Does it have anything to do with HENECIA (BLESSED)? Thanks, the article was great. God bless u.

    • Hello stephie! No I don’t belong to any fan club I just mentioned the official fan club of Hyun Joong since it’s a part of his story that new fans ought to know. I will ask help from the members to assist you, but I how you can come back to this block to check out for info. If you have a twitter account you can follow me LazerKim is my twitter username, then follow those whom I follow so that you can easily access for info regarding the fan club.
      Thank you for reading, see you again……have a nice day God bless.

  4. Wow! i never really knew all that should take place in order to make a great concert wow! Now i hope all the Taiwanese fans who complained read this article!. I saw that you mentioned something about KHJ official fan club, are you in it?and if u are what website is it and how do you enter? Ive heard quite alot about but never really got it in full detail. Does it have anything to do with HENECIA (BLESSED)? Thanks, the article was great.

  5. ottokae… i wanna go i wanna go i wanna go.. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. i wanna go.. i wanna meet the Prince!! My One and Only! My namdongsaeng Hyun Joong-ahl.. wahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.. ottokae…

  6. Power to all the fans, the day for Singapore is getting closer and closer when you least imagine in and open and close of your eyes that day is in front of you.. A full day of excitment, and super great emotions is waiting for you fans that will be present as well as for us that will be watching closely as much and best as we can from a far. Our hearts will be place next to yours so you can share our love to Kim Hyun Joong as well. I wish that day is as excited for you as it will be for Kim Hyun Joong.. he will be waiting for all of you with open arms and a huge heart full of love to give. Please Singapore take good care of him….
    God Bless to you all and let our Prince SHINE!

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