Kim Hyun Joong… [article] RARE CHANCE

By: LazerKim                From this day on Kim Hyun Joong has eleven days left to go before he steps on that stage to rock Singapore with his explosive performance which is on May 4, 2012. This will be Hyun Joong’s first stop as he tour around Asia to visit his fans. It was said that Hyun Joong personally prepares for his presents and souvenirs for his fans, that I can imagine him doing Christmas gift wrapping!! I was moved by his gesture as I read this in one of the blogs. We know how thoughtful Hyun Joong is to his fans, but knowing he’s working even on simple details for his fans, as one of his way showing his appreciation to them makes me feel his love for his fans.

It seems Hyun Joong is truly excited on his Asia Tour as it is to his fans.  I have been receiving emails from Hyun Joong’s fans yesterday from different nationalities. Many of them had already purchased their tickets and preparing to travel to Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, and main land China. Others are asking for detail information about Singapore, since it’s his first stop. I’m posting Singapore details since you got only less than two week left to go get your tickets for Kim Hyun Joong’s Fan Meeting.

Hyun Joong is taking this step to get closer to his international fans, for him to thank them for the continues support and love over the years that he’s been in the lime light. And the chain of success that he’s been gaining that his fans has been a great part as his inspiration in his non stop hard work and sincerity. For us fans, we acknowledge his appreciation to us through our presence whenever there’s that chance to see and meet him in person, which is a very rare chance.

I’m still hoping Hyun Joong would be able to visit my country and so with other countries which a lot of his fans has been praying for. Hyun Joong’s Asia Tour fan meeting is a rare chance that we can take advantage to be with him even just for a short period, that we will always remember. At the same time, we get to meet with his other fans, whom we made friendship with at the internet. It would be a nice experience in gaining friends through Hyun Joong as we share the moment with him.

And it will be a memory that will stay in our mind and heart worth to be kept. That once in our life time, we have shared an unconditional love to a person that we thought lives in our dreams. Let that dream be a reality and take this rare chance as Hyun Joong comes near you to share his love with you through his music that will linger in your mind and heart forever.

And so It’s count down in Singapore, since this is Hyun Joong’s first stop on his Asian Tour I’m sure Hyun Joong’s Singaporean fans are just so excited to welcome Hyun Joong!!  For those who have not gotten their ticket reservation, here are some information where you can get them. Since this event shall be the first Asian fan meeting for Hyun Joong, let’s  keep this as a memorable one for him as it is to every Singaporean fans.

For Singapore neighboring countries that was not included within Hyun Joong’s itinerary, it will be great to have the chance to visit Singapore too. You’ll experience the rare chance to see and meet with Hyun Joong at the same time you’ll have the chance to appreciate the beauty of Singapore. This country is also a memorable one for Hyun Joong. As we recall Hyun Joong receives his first award from MAMA as the Best Male Artist for 2011.

Every single Hyun Joong fan will never forget this event, specially during the time MAMA opened its voting polls. As other fans said they became slaves of Hyun Joong that time by spending continues sleepless nights just to vote for Hyun Joong!!! And its worth it because Hyun Joong was then awarded as he is one deserving artist for the category.

I’ll be bringing out information pertaining to HyunJoong’s Fan Meeting one country at a time. Singapore will be Hyun Joong’s first stop, and this is the first information I got among other countries. There’s still Hongkong, Taiwan, China, and still waiting for official notice for Thailand and Indonesia. I’ve noticed China started their information dissemination, and the other night I read from one Indonesian blog, they too are starting to prepare.

These are  information dissemination specially for the new fans who are interested to experience Hyun Joong’s fan meeting for the first time. Well, who wouldn’t grab this rare chance? I just can see a lot of excitement from Hyun Joong’s fans and it makes me happy to see them sharing information, sharing their preparation full of enthusiasm as the Prince will come and visit their country.

And so I’m done with daily dose for today!! May I say this again, this will be the first Asia Tour Fan Meeting for Kim Hyun Joong as he makes this a memorable event for you as he shares his love and music with you. Then let us make this a memorable event for him too. It just takes our presence to be there with him to make it memorable moment for him. It’s a date with Kim Hyun Joong

                                                                                                   LazerKim here writing

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Kim Hyun Joong will be making the first stop of his Asia Fan Meeting tour 2012 in Singapore. The hallyu superstar was named “Best Male Artist” at the Mnet Music Awards 2011 with over 2.3 million votes, “Best Solo Artist” in the 2012 Allkpop Awards and “Top Buzz Solo Artist” in the Yahoo Asia Buzz Awards for the Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea categories.This first-ever fan meeting will be more of a mini concert – with spectacular laser shows, sprawling LED screens, as well as a cozy talk show segment. He will be performing over 10 of his top hits from his solo albums such as “Lucky” and “Breakdown”. A limited number of 3,000 tickets will be available for sale.For more information, visit CLICK HERE> ( | |

Kim Hyun Joong Asia Fan Meeting 2012 in Singapore

Maximum 4 tickets per customer.
Priority sales only Singapore issued UOB cards are accepted.

No replacement of tickets for GA events

More conditions of sale

UOB One Card and Debit Card Priority Sales
Internet :
18 Apr 2012, 10am – 20 Apr 2012, 9am
Other Channels :
18 Apr 2012, 10am – 20 Apr 2012, 9amPublic Sales
Internet :
20 Apr 2012, 10am.
Other Channels :
20 Apr 2012, 10am.EVENT DATE
4 May 2012
Fri, 8pm

Approx 2 hrs

Singapore Indoor Stadium
TICKET PRICE (Exclude Booking Fee)
Standard – S$198, S$168, S$138
Restricted View – S$198(RV) & S$138(RV)UOB One Card and Debit Card Priority Sales
Internet :
18 Apr 2012, 10am – 20 Apr 2012, 9am
Other Channels :
18 Apr 2012, 10am – 20 Apr 2012, 9amPublic Sales
Internet :
20 Apr 2012, 10am.
Other Channels :
20 Apr 2012, 10am.Please add to above price $3 Booking Fee per ticket for tickets above $20 and $1 Booking Fee per ticket for tickets $20 and below. Charges include GST where applicable.
Click for Seat Plan

4 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] RARE CHANCE

  1. They are going to be blessed cause an ANGEL will be visiting their cities. Take good care of our prince girls.. give him all the love and support he needs, enjoy an please scream, sing, dance and blow a kiss from me to him… and then please share with us that life time moment.

    Thanks LK for helping others find their way to the Kim Hyun Joongs FM.

    God bless, take care

  2. Im with u to lazerkim i also hope hyun joong would visit my country, anyways, Singapore is a blessed country and i hope all the fans will enjoy KHJ’s concert . Will the concert be uploaded on youtube? I wld really love to watch it. Thanks LK. and God bless.

    • Hi stephie, HJ fans are quite active in updating any HJ activity so I’m sure they will upload the concert. If you have a twitter account simply follow LazerKim & follow those whom I follow, then you can easily get you updates. Let me know if you’re in then I’ll follow you. Thanks for reading and see you again….have a nice day God bless.

  3. I’m so excited just by seeing how excited our friends are..its getting really hot day by day coz of OUR PRINCE’s FM..Many congratulations to all fans own tickets and specially all the HENECIANS celebrating 1st anniversary.. eagerly waiting to share our friends’s experiences of FM..
    Thank you lazer unnie..

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