Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BEST FRIENDS

By: LazerKim                       I found this fan art (photo above) from a mother fan of Kim Hyun Joong, whom she calls Hyun Joong as her youngest son!! She’s a die-hard fan who will fight for the sake of her son. That’s how much she loves Hyun Joong!! May I quote, “A real friend is hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget”. Very beautiful thank you for sharing. This is true, we may have many friends and acquaintances, but a real friend is very rare. A real friend is someone we can trust with our lives with, someone we can be comfortable with and someone we can easily relate with.

I think Hyun Joong had this quote in mind as he said “Friends are forever”. Hyun Joong has many long time friends from childhood that he kept until at present. But one friend he normally confide with is Kim Jae Joong. I think this quote about real friend applies to Jae Joong as Hyun Joong’s best friend whom he kept for a long time, before he had stepped in the lime light. Jae Joong was also featured at Hyun Joong’s documentary being his very best friend since both shared many things in common, specially in their profession. But who is Kim Jae Joong?  Let’s try to find who the guy is as I researched a little about him.

Kim Jae Jong  was born in January 26, 1986, while Hyun Joong was born in June 6, 1986, therefore Jae Joong is older by five months and that was why Hyun Joong calls him Hyung. Jae Jong is a singer,dancer, actor from the current boy band trio name JYJ, representing the three member’s initial name as Jae Joong, Yoochun, Junsu. Kim Jae Joong has a remarkable credential as being music composer, lyricist, arranger and lead vocalist. Jae Joong debuted in 2003 with the boy group TVXQ until 2010. Hyun Joong debuted in 2005 with the boy group SS501 until 2010, therefore experience wise, Jae Jong was way ahead of Hyun Joong by two years.

Kim Jae Joong is a music wizard, creating excellent music for his group and a concert director. I watched some of their concerts over their video clip and I was so impress by the concert production design as Jae Joong directed it. He’s quite talented and his singing voice is just wow! He is indeed a very good singer. I think the group JYJ is really good because, the three of them has different styles in singing and yet they can bring out the best in harmony in singing as a trio. I think the three of them create their own music for the group as they contribute each other’s effort. This is my personal opinion seeing from their credentials and their performances can really rock the stage that their fans truly enjoy.

These two guys Hyun Joong and Jae Joong, have many similarities, they are both tall, handsome, sometimes they can have the same hair style, both are fashion trendy, and I think both have experienced the same life struggles in their past. Hyun Joong was saying Jae Joong did some part time jobs in restaurants as service crew too.

Both have the same profession as singer, dancer and actor. Jae Joong is known to be a concert director as Hyun Joong is starting to be one, as he personally direct his concerts. Looking at both of them they are like siblings. When Hyun Joong was still with a group, they do share even they belong to different teams, but never considered as competing with each other.

Now that Hyun Joong is performing solo, that he has the liberty to do whatever pleases him in terms of music, the more I can imagine Jae Joong to be sharing what he got with Hyun Joong and vice versa. In their personal business both were able to put up restaurant where both had the same experienced working as service crew in their past lives. The bond is just so remarkable having close similarities and both are successful in their own endeavor. Hyun Joong is quite comfortable with Jae Joong and that is the most important thing above all factor that makes up a friendship.

In the Documentary of Hyun Joong:

Kim Hyun Joong says, “We have lived together for a year, but because we are both busy with activities abroad, the actual time we’ve spent together is only about a month.

When I was going through a hard time, Jae Joong hyung wrote me a letter. He said, ‘If there’s anything bothering you, don’t keep it to yourself. I’m there for you.’ I was so grateful for that letter.” He expresses his gratitude to Jae Joong.

On hearing this, Kim Jae Joong replies, “I received a letter back from Hyun Joong which read, ‘I’m sorry and thank you, hyung.’ I know it’s pretty awkward for guys to communicate with a letter, but still…” and laughed out loud.

In my opinion, since both Hyun Joong and JaeJong stated that even they live together, they do seldom see each other. And if this was the situation, then what is a better way of communicating than by writing. If one writes you a letter, I think it’s just natural to reply to the letter, and since they seldom meet, and so Hyun Joong responded through a letter as well.

Although both guys felt awkward about it, and so they laughed at the idea!!  It’s very nice of Jae Joong to offer himself to be someone Hyun Joong can confide his worried with him. A real friend will always be at your side specially on times of trouble, and Jae Joong was the person who’s been that to Hyun Joong

The two guys have known each other before they got themselves in the lime light. They have that trust with each other and I’m impress by their friendship. Both was able to keep and treasure their friendship over the years, that no matter what fate had brought them to their current status, nothing had changed on how they see each other as best friends.

From Hyun Joong’s Documentary:

JaeJoong stated:   Those things that pain me on the inside and out, that I thought I would have to suffer myself. But I found that I could share them without breaking our friendship.

Hyun Joong stated:     Of course it is important to work hard, but how to deal with the results is also important. It’s good when we talk with each other most of the time we think the same. 

They said the loneliest place is to be up there. This is another showbiz reality, celebrities do gain more popularity as Hyun Joong is currently at that stage. The bigger his gained popularity goes, the smaller his world of reality becomes. Meaning Hyun Joong can not just go out in his neighborhood as freely as he use to be, but somehow he still does. A star in the showbiz has a different way of life from an ordinary person does. Let’s just say they do not live in a normal life like us.

Just for instance, their sleeping time is not normal, if we sleep following our night routine, people from showbiz are still working. Most of them do sleep in the morning while we’re on our way to work. And when we’re just about to sleep, they start with their work. Most of the celeb find their friends within the circle of showbiz community. What do they talk about? Projects, projects and projects!! They still talk about their work, and sharing ideas are just normal with them. They can be lucky too if they happen to meet in certain event if their schedules allow them.

Since Hyun Joong kept his private childhood friends who are currently operating Jaksal, whom he truly trust, through ups and down they will surely be there for him. Having JaeJong around though is different, since they spoke of the same language about their profession, that they can easily understand each other. Hyun Joong does have many friends in the showbiz arena specially idols and keeping a good relationship with them. He’s quite friendly within the circle of idols even the idol rookies and his sunbae. Hyun Joong had gained their respect too.

He is modest, polite, well mannered, very humble and he treats everyone with equal respect. One can be very lucky to have a friend like Hyun Joong, as stated by one of the idol group, Hyun Joong is unbeatable. But with Hyun Joong, he never compete with anyone he’s simply being himself. Whenever any idol group has a concert and if his schedule allows it, he goes and attend their concert. This is also one way of appreciating his co-artist, that he can learn from others too.

From Hyun Joong’s Documentary:

Hyun Joong:   People keep telling me that I am the star of Asia or something that has to do with hallyu, but sometimes I can not help but feel like I’m trapped in the system. Maybe because I am still young. People will think I can only see these things because I don’t know how lucky I am. 

The reason why friends are so important to Kim Hyun Joong could be because he has had much more difficult times since he was young.

If we recall Hyun Joong’s history back in his past when he run away from home, he turned to with his friends, thinking he got no one back home to understand his dreams. Hyun Joong had been surrounded by his friends even he was in grade school. And until at present, he still turn to his best friend, simply because Jae Joong understand him since they have the same profession. This is very natural, as an ordinary person there are some matters that we can not disclose within our family, and so there are time we turn to our best friends. What are friends for anyway.

Kim Hyun Joong value his friendship because ” A real friend is hard to find, difficult to leave and impossible to forget..”                                          

LazerKim here writing


Photo credits as tagged,  MC thanks , Ms. Lina Perez thanks so much.


7 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] BEST FRIENDS

  1. it’s been a while since KHJ shared something about his best friends. JJ is one among many who he has been keeping in touch ever since he was young. to be honest i don’t know much about his old friends. but if I’m not mistaken he has his school friends whom he shares his business with and TOP. the latter, correct me if I’m wrong, has been his friend since he was in junior high school. KHJ is the kind of person who loves to keep friends close to his side. and he keeps them for a long time LOL. i love this guy. like GHS said on an interview, KHJ will do anything to help people he holds dear to his heart; sort of like a hero.

  2. Thank you Bliz, this one is so cute, you’re very artistic, do know that? Even your fan arts are really good. Have a nice Friday see you around and God bless.

    • Ahhhhh….Thanks LK, but I’m still a learner. But KHJ gives me that passion to learn and keep learning, plus is my everyday support and inspiration. Did you see the crazy one i made with the little cartoon girls holding hands around the earth for him?

        • In writing from my phone and the pic is on my laptop, but you can check my twitter and you’ll see all my pics there.. if not send me a message from twitter later on when your there so i can go post of from my laptop…

  3. He loves his friends a lot and values with all his heart the love he recieve back from them. He is easy to love and keep as a friend 4ever. Kim Hyun Joong is IMPRESSIVE and bless with friends like JJ and more!


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