Kim Hyun Joong… [article] KOREAN STAR

By: LazerKim                     Kim Hyun Joong had been gaining high popularity ratings continuously all over the world. From the time Korean Dramas, Korean Pop Music started spreading worldwide, it continuously gain the interest of the international community. It’s been almost quite a while that I haven’t watch local TV shows, because I would prefer watching Korean dramas through DVDs and on line internet. Today’s article will be a bit out of line from the usual but I consider this important, just to share with my opinion.

The other day I tried to watch Kdrama over local channel,These dramas used to be aired on prime time, there usually two or three Kdramas shown daily. And so I turned on my TV, that was prime time, but as I waited, it seems I was waiting for nothing. And so I searched for TV local channel schedules of shows at the internet, and I found out all that schedules for Korean dramas are shown late evenings around 11:30pm. And one in the afternoon, when everyone is still in school or at work, and no dramas on Saturdays and Sundays.

This had caught my attention, and since I’m all alone in the real world, I got no one to ask as to what’s going on?? In my country whatever Korean drama is in high rated on their local TV stations, it will surely be aired in my country on prime time. I made a little research about this matter on my own. There’s one local channel in my country but it’s not as big network and popular as the other two. And this local channel had a straight Korean drama shown in the afternoon, but just the same no Kdrama at prime time.

In my country, Korean dramas had became very popular for several year until such time, Korean dramas had monopolizes the local channel air time. It’s like one local drama on prime time the rest of the air time goes to Korean Dramas. I can only speak for myself but I honestly prefer watching Korean dramas than local dramas, until I had my Korean cable channel installed, which I barely watch for months now, since Hyun Joong had already occupied all my rest time from work!! That made internet my life, because of Hyun Joong!!

And then I remembered, one time months ago from now, as I was researching about Hyun Joong, I came across a video clip of a Japanese celebrity who seemed to be unhappy that he worries that Korean celebs are gaining more attention than the Japanese celebs. The changing trend in showbiz nowadays worries him being a Japanese celeb himself. In reality, in Japan the most expensive artists are the Japanese celebrities, idol actors, singers, dancers, any form of entertainment, Japanese are the most expensive in terms of budget or professional fees.

This maybe one main reason why Japanese producers in the entertainment industry resort on getting international celebs and artists aside from the fact that Korean showbiz are getting more competitive. And this had been the trend in the Japanese Entertainment industry for many year. At this time Korean celebs had been monopolizing the industry, and I wouldn’t doubt about it. Korean entertainments had improved its quality ten times from the previous years and I appreciate it very much.

The Korean showbiz had set a preparation exclusively for Japanese market, and I think this was how Korean showbiz started in the international arena because there’s the market there for entertainers since Japan has limited artists. And Japanese are entertainment seekers, it’s been in their culture that after work as 5pm strikes people really go out to unwind and seek for something to watch to entertain them and this is a good consistent market to the industry. The Korean showbiz industry prepared for this purpose to cater entertainment to Japan. And so Korean agents set foot in training Korean artist for at least two years before idols can debut. The target market was Japan over other countries.

If in Japan entertainment demand is higher than supply, in Korea they have higher entertainment supply than demand. And so both country’s government Japan and Korea came out to an agreement to cater each other’s needs, and that’s how Bae Yong Joon came into the picture since it’s Winter Sonata was the first Korean drama ever aired in Japan sometime in 2002, I think. But in terms of music Korean music had been in Japan for centuries I think. But the idol groups just came in later years.

I can only speak about my little humble knowledge pertaining showbiz industry of both countries including a little about my country. In one period of a time, in my country there was already rumors and talks that our local entertainment industry starts going down because of the Korean dramas that’s been aired regularly and had been earning excellent TV ratings.

Of course business wise, if I’m a network ceo I would resort on whatever is salable in the market regardless of patriotism, and unfortunately that’s business. How would you resolve the issue? Develop the local showbiz industry and try working out on something new and interesting. And currently, our local drama producers are on their way in producing more local dramas which I think is good. Lately though it seems to me Kdrama in DVD are getting rare or becoming a hard to find item. This make me wonder why too.

Hollywood used to dominate our local TV programs, but since Korean drama came into the picture American programs are very rare be seen nowadays except for cable channels. And how I wish there would be a cable channel exclusively for Korean dramas with Eng. Sub.or local language dubbed!! Because for me, watching it through DVDs takes 24hrs or so to finish 16 episodes which I normally do specially on my holidays!!

What makes a Korean drama interesting? For me, it’s the plot of the drama and the unusual twist that creates audience impact and the actors who are portraying the characters. In a Korean drama everything is set, if the drama is realistic, then it sticks to a realistic plot. If it’s fiction then it is set in a fiction. There’s nothing in between, every plot is clear even the system in producing.

Producing Korean drama is a bit complicated and stressful since actors are given their script on the day of filming in case of script changes which is very normal for them. Why is that? Korean drama producers and directors consider the public acceptance of the plot. Meaning if Korean audience doesn’t like a certain part or actors in the drama, producers do considers it, they are always after the ratings, which I think is natural for Korean producers. And so actors and script writers are affected the most. But Most of these dramas are successful in terms of TV ratings having excellent results.

In the line of music, well obviously Korean idols won the Japanese audience, as Japanese teens and even adult patronize Korean pop music. I can only speak in general, Korean idols have the good looks, and no matter how others would say their looks had doctor’s touch, I would care less, for as long as they perform sing and dance to good music, then it’s fine with me. Japan has the highest market in terms of Korean showbiz demands among other countries. But nowadays I think the demand had spread outside Asia.

I would think other countries might try to suppress the supply of Korean showbiz since Korean showbiz is becoming very competitive, but businessmen are likely to think more on the demand rates to consider in importing Kpop or dramas, than patriotism. And I don’t see anything wrong with that. In fact this idea would even push local showbiz to develop their craft further, just like in my country that local producers now are actively producing local dramas. Nevertheless there should be a good balance between airing local and Korean dramas to provide both market demands.

When Playful Kiss, the second drama project of Hyun Joong, historically marked at on-line viewing rate, that’s something alarming to TV networks. Who among the ordinary people around who doesn’t have a laptop or desk top or whatever technology has to offer in terms of communication,  information dissemination and entertainment. Nowadays, nothing is becoming impossible, if the majority desires for it. Businessmen are just around to grab every opportunity to raise a revenue. Can anyone control that?

It’s not that I’m losing patriotism to my own country, it’s just that ever since I tried watching Korean dramas, I got addicted to it. And now the only celeb that I truly focus on is Hyun Joong. I can’t help it, I’m not against other local artists or any international celeb for that matter, it’s just that I can’t bring myself to watch others at this time. I literally spend my waking hours knowing more about the Hyun Joong and I can’t help it. Maybe I’m just doing whatever pleases me personally. It’s like saying,  be where I could be happy with no strings attached!!

At this point of Hyun Joong’s career and his continues growing fan network, no matter how others may suppress my chances of viewing or watching him from up far, no one can stop me from loving him. Oh I’m just thankful to internet, that I can still watch him anytime I want to. And I’m truly grateful for many of Hyun Joong’s fan in actively uploading his video clips every now and then.

The upcoming MBC documentary will be aired tomorrow night, so we have something to keep in our hearts again. Please do what you can to be able to watch, well I should say this to myself!!! I still can not write about it, but I definitely will. And with that, I’m done with our daily dose, the Daily Dose of Kim Hyun Joong for his fans!!! May I leave you with my parting shot as…

“This is a way when all that one hears and sees can be possible when all the strength are combined together”.      Lee Sora’s message for Kim Hyun Joong……….

                                                                                              LazerKim here writing.

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9 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] KOREAN STAR

  1. I don’t know how to express my joy of Hyun Joong’s success, I’m really happy. Because I got to know him at time when he was gaining success and now he has come to its peak. Still I’m worrying because I couldn’t be in his side during his difficult times, but again come to think of today I’m so happy. He keeps getting rewards for his great commitment, dedication and determination. I’m proud to be a HJ’s fan and know we all do. Congratulations oppa!!
    Thank you Lazer unnie..

  2. omo omo omo.. got so busy watching videos of Hyun Joong ah (even though i have already watched it over and over.. lolz) and doing fan arts even late at night.. lolz.. i got inspired by the fans who make those lovely fan arts that i found myself doing fan arts also.. lolz..

    though i always follow your article, but i realized i haven’t had much time to comment.. lolz..

    to borrow this from you.. “And how I wish there would be a cable channel exclusively for Korean dramas with Eng. Sub.or local language dubbed!!” – oh how i wish there would be more dramas for Kim Hyun Joong-ssi and more reality shows.. lolz.. i am missing him always though i always see him on videos and i keep on downloading his picture. actually my laptop is losing space already because of his pictures.. KHJ syndrome, omo.. lolz..

    well, i guess there’s always an edge for single ladies like me who don’t have anyone to fight with or get jealous when i am all fixed on Hyun Joong ah.. lolz.. as what i have joked to chin one time, “problema talaga yang mga boyfriend na yan eh..” lolz.. well, i could understand their partner’s getting worried, who wouldn’t get jealous of the handsome man Kim Hyun Joong????? omo.. lolz..

    working all day, being able to connect with fans on twitter and seeing Hyung Joon-ssi are some of my way to relax and be stress free 🙂 kekekekeke.. so everyone, enjoy and be happy!!! Have a great KHJ day!!!

  3. hahaha!!..hi Lazerkim,i think your next article reveals untold stories from being trap in HJ’s world..well interesting!! know what ..they say “world without strangers”..and i say WORLD WITHOUT KIM HYUN JOONG!!…lucky me am single no one dare to question me what am doing in the Alien world lol!!well good luck and lets have a feast for tomorrow..our King is coming out!good day!!!…

    • hahaha omega you always make me laugh!!! You’re gue is as good as mine!! Actually fans lives are getting to be very interesting, I was actually doing interviews left and right!!! I’m single to so we don’t have problem to play giggling!! Oh I also have an article about world without HJ to be posted maybe monday! We’ll have a grand time tom. keep on line ha?? hey thanks see you around as usual!! good day to you too God bless

  4. And here is a post that many Korean dramas da 4 a day! 4 series! I really like their culture, relationships between them, especially the respect, but I have a slight disappointment, as I have not seen a true, passionate kiss, or is it not? A passionate kiss is not a disgrace.Even watching KBS music bank and some dramas, that are translated into English. I like Korean girls than boys, are very beautiful and exotic. I wonder if it steps on the red carpet at the Grammy Awards ceremony, KHJ, echo what will have in the media? It will be gorgeous, angelica, an apparition as we see us?

    • Korea is a conservative country & they have many restrictions on TV dramas. But in Korean movies I think is a bit lenient. if hyun joong steps in the red carper of grammy everyone will be ver happy and proud of hyun joong…. thanks for reading, have a nice day and God bless…

  5. Everytime I read your article I feel more close to you maybe is cause we got some commun interest and feel the same way about KHJ and now K-drama and much more! About the industries well I don’t know much but I bet they are pulling for each side to get the higher demand in exposure to the fans all over the world! I’m from Puerto Rico small island part of USA and here K-Drama has many fans all over facebook! I hated to watch tv i preffered to study or read a book or watch videos on youtube! But lately they have seen that many people here are having that grave for K-Drama that are airing them in a local channel plus a drama channel on Direct TV! Only bad parts is some i seen or some are a bit old nothing new air, but i watch them on the internert and the ones on tv also now! They are airing Winter Sonata and Spring Walz and soon The Fenix! BOF just finished yesterday! My mom ask me why do I like them and not the local drama for PR/USA and I tell her MOM they are sooooo diferent in those 16 or 28 episodes they pack so much emotion, love, great plot and everytime scenes that break my heart! How much I wish we can see KHJ on air again but I just play my Playful Kiss drama and it calms me down for a while! Korean actors are getting well recognize all over the world!
    Thanks again for your nice article! God Bless

      • Ok just check on your DM i’ll send it thru. Hey thanks for reading always, a while ago I was doing my interview about fans their partners and HJ!!! that was why i was asking who are married or has a bf, i’l have that topic in my article!! It’s fun talking about it I was laughing about other fans experience w/ their partners and getting jealous of HJ!! Yes, we may be strangers but we are closest by heart bcoz of HJ, that’s the binding factor. take care…God bless see you again!

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