Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SAVE RIDER

By: LazerKim          “Kim Hyun Joong to appear in the upcoming drama City Conquest”. This was the news currently circulating, which brought a lot of excitement to Hyun Joong’s fans. It was said that it’s very likely that he will accept the offer, but KeyEast emphasized that nothing had been confirmed yet, though Hyun Joong is currently reviewing the story plot. It was said that Hyun Joong had a bunch of offers for drama in his hands and is just choosing which one would suit him. Well knowing Hyun Joong for his unique persoality anything would suit him, but he’s made to choose which among the offers is likely to be closest to his heart to work on.

I tried researching on this City Conquest which I was assuming to be a story from a Japanese manga but. City Conquest is originally a Korean comic book that began in 1996 and had nearly 270 issues. The comic is about the main character Back Mir who fights against corruption. I read this information from Hyunies Pexer’s Blog. Apparently this is an action drama, which is what Hyun Joong wants to work on or any action drama for that matter. There’s no further information about the story plot, from at least the original comic book except this picture below.

Viewing from this picture from City Conquest, the first thing came to my mind is the photo above. Do you remember this? It’s Kim Hyun Joong portraying the character Yoon Ji Hoo at Boys Over Flower!! It seems, Yoon Ji Hoo will be back on your screen!!! Why not? It would be like the Yoon Ji Hoo from Boys Over Flower appears again as a grown man in a manly image riding a high powered motor bike to eliminate the city criminals!! The character from the comic book is in black leather jacket that reminds me of Breakdown which is my favorite Hyun Joong’s image. I think the character in City Conquest suits Hyun Joong, oh he’ll be a very handsome rider in a motor bike.

It was said that this drama had been planned for a year or so, and once Hyun Joong accepts the offer it will start with its production as soon. Well I would only assume he can do it right after his Asian fan meeting which is set on May 4 onward. As it’s clearly stated though that KeyEast have not confirm with anything as yet, that we still have to wait. It’s alright to wait, whatever Hyun Joong or KeyEast decides, because we will be supporting him all the way whatever plans he has to work on.

If ever KeyEast may have changes, then it’s alright, it happens, in business you just don’t  grab any chances, timing is also important. I have mentioned this in one of my articles that says Right Timing is one of the most important factor in delivering a project, specially in any drama project. Right time in filming, and right time to air the drama, there are many factors to consider, and one of this is what other dramas are currently airing. I’m very sure KeyEast has a team of strategist to work on Hyun Joong’s projects. Therefore, if changes may transpire, let’s bear in mind that there is a more than valid reason for any changes.

Yesterday, as I was researching for more details about this comic book City Conquest, I happen to read some negative comments about this City Conquest being Hyun Joong as the lead cast. And so I post just this at twitter – “Protect the Prince.” I brushed this out of my shoulder and proceeded to my research. Everyone was wondering what I meant but unfortunately I lost my connection at twitter to reply to them. and so I started writing this article. I took a short break to research for photos, went back to twitter and there was already this noise, commotion among the fans, which I had guessed, they have read the negative comments.

Oh well, am I getting used to this scenario? I’ve seen this before, at Speed, if you remember, that drama was being offered to Hyun Joong but rejected it due to conflict to his schedule. But prior to the rejection, negative comments flows like river rapids!! Now it’s happening again. Is this fair? The guy haven’t done anything yet, neither had he accepted the offer for this drama project and here they goes his loving critics, making noise!! Why?? If a critic would say Hyun Joong can not act. I’m waiting for at least a bit explanation or grounds or basis on why they would say he can not act. They can’t say anything simply because they do not have any grounds or basis to justify that he’s can’t act. That’s all.

And so my co-alien soldiers, this is just the start of it, once Hyun Joong say yes to this project there will be noise again, we just have to save the rider on that bike, he’s our Prince and I really hope he’ll finally accept this offer if Hyun Joong feels like doing it. And if he does this is gonna be another significant event in his carer life as his come back drama. Hyun Joong will not dive in a water with sharks!! I’m sure he prepares for whatever his come back drama and is set to prove himself again.

I can’t help imagining Hyun Joong riding on that bike in black leather suit, that looks so manly and a very handsome rider!! I can picture him in my mind as he portray the role, could be a strong character as he rides on and eliminate the bad guys……sigh…… Of course there has to a love story, as he takes his girl to his back ride to save her from the lawless elements. He will be a hero in this drama and so in his real life as he always win in any battle. Hyun Joong again will have the chance to prove himself, this time in his other talent in acting, as we support him all the way.

I do hope this is the project that Hyun Joong has been waiting for. It was said that there were many offers for him to do drama projects, Hyun Joong of course would be selecting which ever project he wants to work on. In one of his interviews he was saying, he shouldn’t be too choosy, but of course, as I mentioned earlier, right timing is important to his career, that has to be considered.

May I say this again, Kim Hyun Joong, as his fans, we cheer, we support, we protect and save the rider of that bike!!!

                                                                                                  LazerKim here writing

Photo credits as tagged, to Ms. Lina Perez, and Sriz, thanks.


19 thoughts on “Kim Hyun Joong… [article] SAVE RIDER

  1. Hey LazerKIm,
    I am happy. Why? Because my daughter who likes Ho Young Seang and only think of KHJ as so… so…not that good at singing (rated the last best among SS501) finally recognize KHJ vocal skill. Yesterday, I purposely on KHJ OST ‘if you feel the same’ loud loud so that she can hear it .(she was downstair and I was upstair). Later in the evening, she asked me is that Leader singing? I proudly said YES! YES!. She said Nice! If that comes from her, that sure is a compliment ’cause she rarely read about Leader. And she support the best singer in SS501.Don’t even know Uoozin is related to KHJ. Arggh!!!

    Now…. tapping tapping tapping…..How do I get her to be in love with KHJ. Then we can have our mother-daughter great IDOL!

    • hahaha….I was never been a fan of SS501 since the group was no longer performing when I came in, but I do listen to SS501 music everyday of my life, for me they are the best. So your daughter and myself are the same but reversed, HJ will be able to finally cast his magic spell on your daughter!! I learned to love the SS501 as I listen to their music and watch their video clips. It’s just unfortunate that the group had long separated before I discovered who they are, but still have the chance to know them better individually. I’m still wishing one day to be able to watch the group together. Thanks for reading, and see you again!! God bless

  2. What are those self-proclaimed critics so afraid of every time KHJ is being offered a lead role in a drama? Are they afraid that he will becomes even more famous than he already is now? Could it be that someone else may want that role if KHJ turns it down?

  3. OHH God.. I feel like screaming and kicking Jan Di style all this negatives comments of our beloved Kim Hyun Joong they just drive me crazy, but they make me stronger and much more in a protective mode to defend with honor our handsome rider.

    How much more does he needs to do to prove himself? Hasn’t he done enough yet? Hasn’t he been on top of many shows, competitions, polls, awards, etc in this world? Hasn’t he show the world that he is good at what he does and what he does he does it with love and hard work? Hasn’t he been challlange enough? Can some be so blind and don’t see that Kim Hyun Joong has stolen not only Asia, Korea,Japan, and China hearts but the entire world have this major love for him.

    If he get’s the chance to do this new drama he will do it for his fans and for himself not to prove nothing to anyone cause he don’t needs to prove himself any longer. He already have a huge fanbase and many but mannnny followers that support him all the way. It will be wonderful to see him act again to makes us dream of not only a prince but also a superhero that shows when you least expected to save you from any situation. I have as well search from this manga all around the net to see what more can we read about the plot and the actors but not much luck so it will be a totally surprise for us fan if he gets to do the drama that if all his schedule let him do it!!!

    Kim Hyun Joong might hate insects especially dragronflies, but this time he won’t swipe them away or even run from them this time he will face them with a whole army of fans and follower behind him.. he got our support for this drama or any drama he chooses to do.

    Doesn’t he looks gorgeouuuuuuuuus in the bike! siggghhhhhh

    Kim Hyun Joong your fans….


    You very much!

    Thanks again LazerKim!

    • This one is nice!! thanks…Like I said earlier, we reverse his critics, if we see negative comments around, let’s fill up the space with positive comments fleet them with love!! Critics are just around. Happy Easter to everyone!!! Thanks and see around!!! God bless.

  4. If the script is good than leader should follow his instinst , definitely leader can perform and do his best to achieve another level of action pack drama/movie. the producer , director know best who is suitable and choose Leader than we should believe in them and look forward to have a good and exciting drama from Leader KHJ. All the best to him and wish him success in his Asia Concert and drama to come. looking forward to see you in Singapore. God Bless You to have a save and successful Asia concerts.

  5. Another article that makes my heart skips a thousand beats!! ^^ **hands down again** & while reading this article makes me smiLe + maximum goosebumps from the beginning up to the end XD & may I just quote this Line that made me reminisce his Break Down days — “Hyun Joong riding on that bike in black leather suit, that looks so manly and a very handsome rider” — **deep sigh** am Longing to see him wearing his bLack suit again!! 🙂 (OMG! this articLe reaLLy triggers my kiLig moment of his Break Down days) ^__^
    And for those who never faiL to criticize him since at the beginning of his soLo career weLL… just do it with aLL your might.. nobody will prevent you for doing so.. Anyway Hyun Joong receives a LOT OF LOVE & BLESSINGS IN WORLD because of what you’re doing against him & we will be thankful for that! ^^
    Who receives a Lot of criticisms? who eLse? it is someone’s on top of them right? ^^ and that’s definitely our ONLY ONE KIM HYUN JOONG!

  6. so this is what i missed last night, the insects who’s trying to destroy my KHJ.. well, i will spray them with baygon, lion-tiger and all the insecticides in the world.. LOL.. don’t worry everyone, nothing can destroy our KHJ.. as long as we are all together as one fighting for the Love of KHJ.. let’s support him all the way! and no one, as in no one can put him down! KIM HYUN JOONG, FIGHTING!

  7. to borrow this line from you “May I say this again, Kim Hyun Joong, as his fans, we cheer, we support, we protect and save the rider of that bike!!!” – yes, whatever he decides, support him all the way!!! Fighing my Oppa (younger brother.. keke) KHJ!

    can’t wait to see him in that black leather jacket riding a motorbike and protecting the innocents and his lady love.. woohhhooo… he’s so handsome just thinking of it!!! God, Hyun Joong you excites me and you’re making me having goosebumps again, thrilling by just the thought of how handsome you are riding on that bike with your black leader jacket !!! woohhhooo.. we your true follower who loves you will support you all the way.

    whatever your critics say my Hyun Joong, for me you are the BEST! Kim Hyun Joong the GREAT and i will be praying for you success on whatever project you will decide to do.. saranghe my KHJ! AJA! FIGHTING!!!

  8. Eagerly waiting for him in a drama…..This character is a type of character which I like he to be in.. people who can’t bear his presence and stardom are the ones just say nonsense.. We don’t mind, instead of hurting we must be pretty kind enough towards them and help them to undertand the truth and reality..

    Thank you Lazer unnie, Let’s take out the nets and sweep the insects away!!!

    • I would only advise if in case we see negative comments let’s fill up the spaces with positive comment, this is what I mean by fleeting them or reverse them. Let’s be creative instead in our approach I think this is better. Hyun Joong will definitely prove them wrong again, Hahaha ok net of love that’s gonna be it. Thanks for reading and see u at twitter!!!

      • yeah unnie I understand, as long as we know who he is, we should not do the same thing what those people do, we must just prove it in a way where they happen to understand it. Otherwise we get count in the same place they are in.


      • Oh critics! If they are not a fan of hyun joong , they will bash him left and right no matter if it is the truth or otherwise. Same as us, die hard HJ fans, will love him and anything not so good of him, we will try our best to understand him eg. the Hongkong paparazzi fiasco. Anyway, I am always hoping that he remains humble , sweet, respectable and well-liked by everyone. (like what he is now). So much that whenever I go to any blog, I hope there is no negative remarks on him…. so worried at times because as at now everything have been smooth for him.

        About his acting and singing, I feel hurt when people criticize him. For me, his acting is OK. To me, it is easier to act as Gu Junypeo – more lines and happy moments. It is harder to act as Yun Jihu. Imagine, not many lines and have to protray a person who hides his feelings, face expression is very important. Guess many forgot he is supposed to be austistic. For singing, Well, I just love his voice, soft sweet capacinno. Always drawn to that kind of voice like Bryan of Westlife. There is this distinctive vocal which I can’t explain I think you can catch it when he laugh. Just love it.

        BTW, LazerKim, you mentioned about naming the blog something like – United Colours 0f ……. Cool! How about making a table where we can write our nickname, e-mail (if you want), country where we reside, gender and age. Then we can see how many people in your blog are KHJ fans.
        Actually, Where are you from? Singaporean Chinese? I know you are an adult since you are already working. I am Ha ha an Ahjumma!!!

        Thanks for wonderful articles LazerKim, Kudos to you!

        • I’m from Manila Phil. Ah that’s United Colors of Kim Hyun Joong!!! Any nationals are welcome in this blog and can write their comments even in their native language, it doesn’t matter at all, because we do understand everyone’s heart since we love only one HJ. Thanks for reading!!! Have a nice day…God bless

  10. Hi unni,
    Sriz here, just dropped by here n got 2 see wt u wrote; BTW as u said we will always protect our boy from dirty insects roaming around no matter how far or near we are.I’ll always stay by KHJ’s side no matter what happens n datz a promise n a promise must be kept .Distance will never be a barrier between me n HJ.

    For those critics: I think we don need to care about them so profoundly coz we know who HJ is n what he is and we know his strong +weak points too.HJ hasn’t kissed the apotheosis at the young age of 26 in a random way instead his hard works n strong determination has led him to here.As we appreciate him from his deeds to his manners+ everything else related to him, we know his true value.
    I felt bad seeing awful comments on there regarding our boy.So, cudn’t resist to comment there in a postive way.We know barking dogs seldom bite+ EMPTY VESSELS MAKES MORE NOISE.So, let’s just ignore the antiz n jus standby in our boy’s side

    N about the pics , u don’t need to thank me unni, it’s my immense pleasure coz ”Anything for my boy HJ”

    • thank you sriz, i agree w/u to just ignore them, and yes the way u did yesterday was good, filing space for good comments instead. thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts. see you later!! God bless

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